A Walk With Wanda

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Sitting with my back to the door, I was watching the patrons mull about by looking at the mirrored wall behind the bottles. All those bottles. In those glass vessels were any elixir one would ever need. What was in those bottles were anything from love potions to make you (think) you’re irresistible to liquid muscle so powerful you’d be able to kick anybody’s ass that pissed you off. For others, there were rivers of relaxation and escape.

For me, I was drinking beer. Occasionally I may have a Cutty, but usually my choice is good cold beer just because I like the taste. I raised the bottle to take a sip of beer and almost spilled it onto my lap. I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror! This incredibly beautiful woman, wearing a carnation colored dress with dark auburn looking hair streaming over her exposed shoulders, made me stare in disbelief. I could see she was tall. Tall and slender. I’d guess probably around six foot – maybe six two, but her body was incredibly well proportioned.

I saw Joe, the bartender, acknowledge her entrance and he immediately went about fixing what I presumed to be her drink. I couldn’t tell what it was, but I knew I was buying it for her. “Joe!” I called just loud enough for him to hear me. He looked at me. “If that’s for that lady that just came in – I’m buying, okay?”

“Sure thing,” came his reply. Within a few moments Joe was taking the drink, a napkin, and a handwritten card to the lady who had seated herself at one of the tall, two person tables along the wall. I turned as she finished reading the card. She looked up at me and had a faint smile on her face. The card, which had been given to me by Joe so I could write a personal message to her, simply said ‘May I join you?’.

She looked at me for several seconds then motioned me to join here. I stood up and walked toward her table. As I approached her I could see she had her right arm resting on the table, her other hand resting high on her left thigh. Her left leg was crossed over top of her right leg with the side vent of her dress gapping just enough for me to see all of her seductive leg and thigh. Finally at her table I held out my hand. “Hi. I’m Art,” I said as I lifted her left hand, lightly kissing the back of it. I looked at her and stated, “I’m very pleased to meet you!”

As I looked at her I saw her face is perfectly shaped and her hair accentuates her dark, alluring eyes. Her lips were so inviting I almost lost my decency but managed to refrain from kissing them. Hells bells – I didn’t even know her name yet!! With a quick scan I saw the rest of her beauty. Her breasts were tastefully exposed by the halter style top and the wrap-around style of the dress hugged her curvaceous body, accentuating her slender waist.

“My name is Wanda,” I heard her soft, confident and sexy voice telling me. I melted in my shoes. “Please, sit down,” she invited but I didn’t want to let go of her hand. It was soft and warm. Her long, slender fingers felt astonishing wrapped around my hand.

Forcing myself to let go, I sat down across from her. She turned to face me and I was still amazed by those eyes. Then there was her lips. Oh those soft, full, tempting lips!

“I’ve never seen you here Tekirdağ Escort before,” she stated, taking a sip of her drink. I was sinking fast into the ocean of sexual arousal as I watched her lips wrap around the sip stick in her drink. “You new in town?” I heard her sliding the question into my ears.

Forcing my eyes away from her mouth I looked again into her dark, soft, eyes. “I’m only in town on business. I get here three or four times a year and always stop here for a drink or two.”

She smiled as she glanced down at the table and began playing with her napkin. “So why do you stop here for drinks? I mean, Bully’s is not really a singles bar,” she questioned me as she raised her eyes to look at me. I picked up my beer and took a sip, stalling a bit.

“I come for dinner then usually sit on the deck for a few hours. Most of the time the view out there is better than in here, but not tonight” I replied honestly. She blushed ever so slightly, knowing what I was saying.

“You’re very kind,” she said in a voice so soft it was barely audible. Taking a chance, I reached out and placed my left hand on top of her right hand. She didn’t pull away but the look in her eyes had changed. Unable to determine if it was anger, fear, excitement, or something else, I forced myself onward.

“I see there’s a table available out there. Would you please join me?” I asked, watching her for any kind of hint as to what she was thinking. It seemed like hours before she answered.

“That would be nice,” eventually came the answer. We stood up and I saw she was indeed a tall lady. Topping out at five foot ten, I was about three or four inches shorter than she. As I picked up our drinks, she turned and looked at me. “Doesn’t my height bother you?” she asked, almost seeming to expect a retraction of my offer.

Smiling at her, I was a bit confused. “No,” I stated. “Why would it?”

Again, that seductive slight blush colored her cheeks. “Well, it seems to scare a lot of men off.”

As we walked to the deck, I of course let her go first, being the gentleman that I am. (And how dare you think I wanted to look at her ass! I was being polite. That’s it! Polite!)

Well, my eyes did happen to notice the sway of her hips, which caused me to have an immediate physical reaction. I now heard a parody of a Bangles song playing in my head as if to give me musical instructions. The song? “Walk With An Erection”

Arriving at the table along the rail of the deck, I sat our drinks down and held the chair for Wanda as she sat down. Her dress was hugging her slender, firm body in a way that made me wish my hands were her dress. We sat there for several hours talking about a wide variety of things.

After returning from one of my trips to the restroom I asked if she’d want to go for a walk along the beach. Her answer was silence as she reached down and removed her shoes. Following her lead I removed my shoes and socks. We stepped off the deck and our feet touched the sand.

As we walked along the beach we continued to talk. The topic of sex stayed poised on the ledge, ready to jump in at any time, but remained veiled for the time being. When a larger than average Tekirdağ Escort Bayan wave crashed onto the shore, it washed over our feet. It soaked my jeans and splashed up onto her dress.

“Oh God! Now I’m all wet!” she proclaimed without thinking. I instinctively turned and looked at her with a grin on my face being one of a school boy on Valentine’s Day. Trying desperately to remain serious, she knew what I was thinking. Still grinning, I assured her that I’d be good.

“But will you behave yourself?” she asked me, taking me quite by surprise.

“As long as you don’t tempt me too much,” I responded as we stood there for a moment just looking at each other.

“Would this tempt you too much?” she asked as she lifted her skirt, looped her thumbs under the elastic of her string bikini briefs and pushed them to the ground. She stepped out of them and toward me.

Her sensual body was now against me and she placed her arms around my neck. My hands ran over the fabric of her dress. I was enjoying the seductive contours of her body but I soon reached down and lifted her skirt up around her waist. Now able to enjoy the feel of the smooth skin of her ass as well as the seductive curves, my cock was begging to be freed from it’s cage. With her breasts pressed against my chest, my hands running over her ass, the desire increased with every second.

She reached down and quickly unzipped my fly then unbuttoned my jeans. Pushing them downward she released the eel within my pants. When her hand grasped my shaft it sent a rush of pleasure through me. She wasted no time in positioning the head of my cock against her well trimmed bush. The touch of her phenomenal body against my eager tip was heavenly. “Turn around and bend over,” I instructed her, which she did without any hesitation.

She had her hands on her knees and I lifted her short skirt up over her back which fully exposed her enticing ass to my view. Expecting me to slide my hard cock into her pussy, she gasped loudly as I dropped to my knees and instantaneously licked her puffy lips. I licked them again as my hands slid slowly up her thighs.

Pressing my face tight against her ass, my tongue went to work. Her juices had already saturated her pussy and my tongue slid easily into her slit, touching the orifice of her vaginal opening. “OH GOD!” she gasped several times as I ran my stiffened tongue around the inside of her wet, hot, enjoyable private paradise. Reaching my arm around her hips as I tongued her pussy, I slid my fingers slid into her crotch. With my fingers stroking her clit and my tongue licking her pussy from behind, her body was tensing as the tsunami of her orgasm raced toward us.

She bent down further which made it a bit more difficult for me to play with her hard clit, but I managed to keep my fingers in contact with it as I moved my other hand to her pussy, sliding two fingers into her wet hole. She was pressing her ass tightly against my face as I did something I had never done with a woman before. I ran my tongue over her anus.

Her gasping screams of satisfaction coupled with her body trembling violently as the orgasm hit her with the force of an EF-3 hurricane. I knew Escort Tekirdağ I was hitting all the right spots and as her cum flowed down over the fingers of my one hand, I still tickled her clit with the fingers on my other hand. The speed of my tongue flickering over her anus increased as she rode out the wave of her orgasm.

When her climax began to dissipate a bit I stood up and took aim at her. I thrust my aching cock into her pussy going all the way into her in one easy stroke. I pushed into her so rapidly that I almost knocked her down. Her hands shot out in front of her and with her in this extreme position, my balls were soon slapping her as I rapidly stoked the length of my cock back and forth.

Grabbing her hips to help prevent myself from pushing her to the beach as I continued to pound her tightness with my engorged cock, she was enjoying more orgasms as I got closer to one of my own. My cock was swelling bigger and thicker. Her pussy tight around me.

Her firm ass checks slammed against me with every thrust I made. My fingers were digging into her hips as my orgasm got closer. Closer. Closer!

In a very unexpected flurry of activity, she slipped out of my grip, turned around and now had my full length in her mouth. All this happened so quickly I didn’t know for sure HOW it happened, but I knew WHAT was happening.

Her hands were on my ass pushing my cock deep into her as my eruption began, injecting my cum down her throat. She worked every drop of my juice from my body before she stood up.

Standing there, totally drained, my eyes were still closed from the intensity of my orgasm. Gasping for breath, I felt her lips touch mine. Grabbing her around her shoulders we devoured the remnants of each others orgasms as we passionately kissed for several minutes.

“Apparently, that did tempt you too much, but you were more than good, you were fabulous!” she whispered in my ear. Her body tight against me as she pressed her wet crotch against my drained cock, my hands of course, went back to enjoying her ass.

When we realized how late it must be getting we headed back. Returning to the deck she sat down and I stood beside her for a moment, regretting the knowledge the evening was coming to a close. Ordering a final drink for each of us, I pulled my chair over beside her.

Seating myself to her left side, I looked out over the water for a few moments. I felt her hand touch me lightly on my shoulder. Turning to look at her, she was smiling. The way her smile lit up the night was unfathomable.

“Yes?” I asked. She leaned toward me and kissed me lightly once on the cheek.

“I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful evening,” she whispered, keeping her head close to mine.

“You’re a very sexy and endearing lady,” I whispered as I ran my hand over her cheek. The lights went dark one by one and we knew it was time to leave. Holding hands as we walked to the parking lot, we said our good-bye to each other. She sat down in her car and I couldn’t resist. I leaned down and kissed her one more time.

“Good bye, Wanda,” I said, still holding her hand. “I had an extremely wonderful night.”

As I closed her door and turned to walk away, I heard her call my name. I turned and saw her motioning me back to her car. She handed me a piece of paper through the open window of her car. “Call me, okay?”

Taking the paper, I glanced at it and saw her phone number on it. Smiling uncontrollably, I assured her I would.

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