A Waking Dream

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Big Tits

At the age of 19, Abigale had never really been interested in sex, instead focusing on her schoolwork and studies. The thought of having sex or even dating had rarely crossed her mind. It always seemed like something unimportant that would come in the future, if at all.

Like any other person, Abigale had a sex drive, and had learned early on in her teen years how to satisfy it. She enjoyed it, sure, but she never thought about how she might be satisfied by another.

But one night, when she had stayed up late working on a report, Abigale laid down on her bed, exhausted. Staring at the ceiling in the darkness, her hands idly rubbed her petite breasts through her t-shirt. It was a great stress reliever, touching herself like this, and it had been a while since she’d done it. She always started with her breasts, because their sensitivity quickly heightened her excitement and made it easy to get to the most intense parts.

She couldn’t tell the exact moment her thoughts began to wander and she fell into a dream, but what she did remember is when she realized that someone else was caressing her breasts. The person was laying next to her, face obscured by shadow, and though looking at them filled her with joy and comfort at first, it quickly faded into fear and panic as she had no idea who was touching her. She scrambled to get away, rolling off the bed, and the impact of the floor in her dream woke her.

Abigale sat up on the bed, breathing heavily. When she realized it was a dream, she sighed in relief. With one hand on her chest, she soon realized that her nipples were poking into the shirt, and it felt wonderful. Who was that? She thought. Though she had been scared to death, she couldn’t deny that the feeling of someone else playing with her breasts had been amazing. And the way she felt looking at them… It was like pure happiness. As she rubbed her sensitive nipples through her shirt thinking about this, her other hand found its way onto her panties.

She was already wet.

Abigale teased herself through her panties, gently running a finger up and down over the opening concealed within. Meanwhile, her fingers danced with her hard nipples, the friction with her shirt quickly intensifying her pleasure. She laid back down, thinking about the mysterious lover she had met in her dream. A soft moan escaped her lips as she put a little more pressure on her panties.

Abigale didn’t even know if it was a man or a woman. The idea that it didn’t matter hit her then. That person was simply wonderful, whoever they were. Her exhaustion caught up to her before long, and her thoughts drifted into peaceful, dreamless sleep that night.

Ever since then, when the urge to touch herself came, her mind instantly returned to that mysterious lover. Every once in a while, she would dream of them again, and every time she would awaken in the middle of the night nipples hard and panties wet, ready for action. Those nights of pleasuring herself were the best she’d ever had.

All this happened in the background of Abigale’s day to day life. At night, it mattered to her, but by day she was intently focused on doing what needed to be done. She never spoke to her few close friends about it, as usual. It had never been a topic of conversation for her, and she was fine with it. But slowly, thoughts of that mysterious lover began intruding during the day. Could it be a real person? What would happen if I met them? What would I say? Oh gosh, what would I do? How would it feel if it happened for real…?

Abigale caught herself daydreaming in the middle of a class on Friday morning. She had missed most of the professor’s lecture. She gasped when she leaned over to grab the book he was talking about. Her breasts brushed against the desk and told her that her nipples were hard. She looked down, panicked, but was quickly relieved when she realized she was wearing her fuzzy sweater. No one could tell. Still, she snuck a glance this way and that to make sure no one was looking.

Abigale was surprised to find that someone was, in fact, staring at her. A blonde girl with beautiful blue eyes was watching her from across the room. When their eyes met, the other girl quickly broke her gaze to look at something else. Was she… Blushing? Abigale shook her head and opened the book. No way, she thought. That didn’t really happen. Did it…?

Abigale saw the girl again after class. She wore a white blouse and a blue and white checkered skirt with tights underneath. A little traditional, but very cute, Abigale thought. She had wavy hair, a little longer than shoulder length.

She looked down at herself to compare. A dark purple fuzzy sweater and blue jeans. She couldn’t look more drab if she tried. Not that she ever cared before. Why should she now? Because they might be out there? They might be looking at her right now, wondering if she was the one they saw in their dream? No way.

Abigale’s thoughts were interrupted when a voice suddenly spoke close to her.

“Excuse me… Could you Acıbadem Escort help me find room 142?”

Abigale jumped and stared at the source of the voice, which was soft but very clearly male. It came from a brown-haired boy who was a little startled by her reaction.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to… Heh, scare you…”

The boy’s voice trailed off, and he seemed to be getting more nervous every second she didn’t respond to him. She glanced past him, catching sight of the blonde girl.

For some reason, a feeling of something important happening came over Abigale. She felt like her next move at this moment would seal her fate. Her choices were exceedingly simple, yet felt heavier than any decision she’d ever made before.

Should she help the boy, or try to catch up to the girl?


Abigale settled her mind on her decision and finally spoke to the boy.

“I’m sorry, I can’t. I have to go. I’m really sorry!” With that, she stepped around the boy and quickly strode down the hall. The boy watched her go in silence.

As Abigale briskly walked down the hall toward the girl, her mind raced. What am I doing? She thought. What am I going to say, “were you staring at me?” I’ll sound like an idiot, or some creepy stalker.

Just then, the blonde girl disappeared into a classroom on her right, door quickly shut behind her. Abigale stopped in front of the door, a little confused. The nameplate was empty; there were no classes being held in that room today. The view through the small window in the door was actually blocked, presumably by a poster of some sort. Some rooms had them over the window, though it seemed like a stupid idea to her.

Abigale looked down the hall one way, then the other. Most people were gone to lunch. Classes wouldn’t start again for an hour or so. So why did she go in here…?

Abigale straightened herself up, preparing for the unknown. I’ve already come this far, following her around. I might as well finish it. Can’t chicken out now. Book bag slung over her shoulder, Abigale turned the handle and pushed the door open just enough to fit herself through.

The first thing she noticed in the room was that the lights were dimmed. The blinds were closed, too. It wasn’t scary dark, but unusual for a classroom. She let the door close behind her and looked around the room. It was a rather small classroom, with desks like a high school rather than the bench-like desks most of her classrooms featured.

The next thing she noticed was the person who suddenly swung around from her right side to back her up against the wall. The person put their hands on the wall on either side of Abigale, who stared wide-eyed trying to make out their face.

“It’s you,” the person spoke in a quiet, feminine voice. Abigale gasped, at once frightened and intrigued.

“Me?” She barely squeaked out before the person suddenly planted their lips on hers. At the same time, one of their hands pressed against her breast.

Time slowed down for Abigale as she realized the details of what was happening. First was the taste. Something sweet, with a hint of mint on their lips touched hers, and her tongue as her mouth was open in surprise.

Then, the smell. Abigale was not one to wear perfume, but she knew her favorites from the vendors at the mall who begged her to try samples every time she passed. This person just so happened to be wearing the one she always loved to try. It smelled like a cool breeze in a wintry forest. Almost like a Christmas tree but without the obnoxious parts.

Then, the sensations kicked in. Someone else was holding her breast. She should have been panicked, kicking and screaming for help. But everything felt right. She felt safe despite being backed into a wall by a stranger.

Soon the stranger pulled away, their minty breath still lingering on Abigale’s lips. Eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw her stranger’s face for the first time. Soft features, clear skin, beautiful blue eyes framed with wavy blonde hair. Abigale nervously raised one hand to adjust her glasses, making sure she was seeing clearly. Then, the blonde girl spoke again.

“Definitely you.”

“What do you… Who… Huh?” Words were not easily formed as she stared at the blonde girl, who was very clearly staring back into her eyes this time.

“You’ve been in my dreams. I had to know for sure. Now I do. It’s you.” The blonde girl gently removed her hand from Abigale’s breast and raised both up on the wall, leaning forward to press her own chest against Abigale’s. Her breath washed over Abigale’s face like a wave, warm and sweet. Through the confusion, Abigale found herself longing to lock lips once again and gently pressed her lips against them.

This time, the girl opened her mouth and used her tongue, giving Abigale even more of the mint and sweet lip gloss. Abigale let out a soft moan as the girl pressed against her. The girl’s breasts were a little fuller than her own, Acıbadem Escort Bayan and having them pressed against hers was a sensation she never could have imagined. She could feel her own hard nipples engulfed, which of course ignited her flame.

Abigale reached out to pull the girl tighter against her, too lost in the moment to think anymore about anything but the feelings. What wonderful sensations they were, too, having another warm body pressed against hers. The girl raised herself up onto her toes, pushing her breasts even higher up into Abigale’s.

Abigale moaned a little louder this time, their lips briefly parted to catch a breath.

“Shh…” The girl whispered, placing a finger on Abigale’s lips. The girl stared at her as the hand fell gently from her face to her shoulder, then running the palm down to her chest. She pulled her body away in order to place her hand over Abigale’s breast and lift, giving it a slight squeeze in the process.

Abigale’s knees nearly buckled as pleasure emanated from her chest and tickled her every nerve. She moaned rather loudly with a closed mouth, trying not to let anyone hear.

“It’s just like my dream…” The girl whispered. She lowered her head and kissed Abigale’s neck. Abigale didn’t do much, instead silently begging for more of her touch.

“Will you meet me at the dorm? Building A? Tonight?” The girl didn’t even offer her name, but Abigale didn’t care. Right now she would do anything to get more of these overwhelming sensations. She nodded her agreement.

“Good… I’ll see you then, stranger…” With a final peck on the lips, the girl made her retreat, taking the piece of paper she’d taped to the window with her as she exited the room.

Abigale stood alone in the room, her world suddenly turned upside down by her first intimate experience with another person. But not just any person. That girl felt the same way as the one in her dream…

Her dream! The girl said something about a dream too… Could that really happen? Her logical side said no, that’s silly. But her heart… Her emotion… Her pleasure said otherwise. Her mind racing, replaying the events and words spoken, she quickly made her way out of the room and to her next classroom.


Finally, the evening came. Abigale made her way across the courtyard to building A, a short walk. This night in particular was rather cold, but she had on her same fuzzy sweater that always kept her warm. She wore pink sweatpants instead of her jeans, hoping the girl wouldn’t think she looked too silly.

The girl, she thought. I have no idea who she is or what she might do to me. Was she even in my class before today? As she entered the main door into the dorm, her thoughts stopped as her gaze caught those beautiful blue eyes staring at her again from the hall. The girl beckoned, this way, and backed into an open dorm room. Abigale nervously walked down the hall, stopping to check the nameplate. Sophie was her first name, apparently. No roommate. She entered the room cautiously, though it wasn’t nearly as dark as the classroom had been.

“Sophie?” She asked as she closed the door behind her. A wall divided the entryway from the rest of the room, so she couldn’t see her host.

“Come on in!” That same voice called out, this time sounding cheery and unrestrained.

Abigale rounded the corner into the main room and saw the blonde girl, Sophie, sitting on her knees on her bed in a big t-shirt and presumably underwear beneath that.

“Hi…” Abigale gave her a little nervous wave.

“Well, hi! I’m Sophie, as you guessed. What can I call you besides my dream girl?” She giggled, holding both her hands on her lap and looking up at Abigale.

Abigale smiled, a little relieved to finally be having a normal conversation with the girl.

“I’m Abigale… Or Abby, if you want.” She stood there awkwardly, arms crossed over her fuzzy sweater, her long brown hair flowing into them.

“Abby… The dream girl.” Sophie smiled, not trying to hide her staring at all now. “I like your outfit. But isn’t it a bit warm in here for that sweater?”

Abby nodded, but didn’t move.

“Well, take it off! Don’t be shy…” Despite her words, Sophie lost her nerve and stared at the floor, only glancing up as Abby pulled the sweater over her head to reveal her loose lavender nightgown. Sophie swung her legs over her bed. “Wow… You’re even cuter without all that cover, you know…”

Abby blushed and crossed her arms again, looking anywhere but at Sophie.

Sophie stood and took a step toward her.

“I’m sorry for basically attacking you earlier… But I had to know if it was you in my dream…”

Abby looked over at her.

“You saw me in a dream?”

Sophie nodded. “Mhm. You did the same thing in my dream when I… Touched you.”

The memory of that touch flooded back to Abby. She wanted to cry about how amazing this was. Could Sophie be the one Escort Acıbadem in her own dream? It seemed likely, but… How is that even possible? To dream about one another?

“I’m sorry… You probably think I’m a weirdo who goes around grabbing people now…”

Abby shook her head. “No, no… It’s just… I think I’ve dreamed about you, too.”

Sophie’s eyes widened. “Really? That’s amazing!” She stepped closer, only inches away.

“Yeah… And when you… Kissed me… I knew it had to be you.”

“Would you… Let me do it again?” Sophie brought her face even closer to Abby’s, who could already smell the same minty sweetness.

Abby nodded, and uncrossed her arms to take Sophie into an embrace. She was slightly taller, and it meant that Sophie’s breasts would push up underneath hers as they kissed. This drew a light moan from Abby already.

Sophie understood what caused it, and decided to pull away from the kiss to try something new. She put both hands on Abby’s breasts and pushed them both up, squeezing lightly. Abby nearly cried, tears welling up in her eyes as her whole body tingled.

“You’re too cute when you do that…” Sophie could feel her nipples hardening through the light gown and her bra. “Can I see them?”

Abby looked down into her eyes. It was like a dream come true, literally. This angel asking if she could… She nodded, nearly whining in response. “Mhm.”

Sophie smiled and lowered her hands to Abby’s waist, reaching under the night gown to pull it up. Abby raised her arms to let it come off, her petite breasts now in sight, held by a plain pink bra.

“Cuter and cuter…” Sophie reached behind Abby’s back to unclasp the bra, holding it on for a brief moment before pulling the straps off her shoulders. Abby’s bare breasts were now in plain sight, her nipples perky and hard.

“Ooh…” Sophie cooed as she took one in her hand, squeezing it and then teasing the nipple. She looked up at Abby’s face, which was locked in an “Oh!” expression at the first touch of her breast by another person.

It was just like her dream. In fact, everything about Sophie reminded her of the dream lover.

When Sophie suddenly took her other breast in her mouth, she knew it had to be true. Abby threw her head back and squealed out a sigh, eyes closed and watery, stuck in this moment of pure bliss. Her arms rested on Sophie’s back as Sophie danced her tongue around the nipple.

Without even thinking about it, Abby hugged Sophie to her body. The contact with Sophie’s stomach below the waist only added to the pleasure flowing through her. The feel of Sophie’s breasts squeezed into her own stomach felt strangely satisfying, too.

Sophie switched breasts, leaving one hard and wet nipple exposed to the cool air while she sucked on the other. Abby raised one hand up to Sophie’s head, burying her fingers in that beautiful, wavy hair. Tears were flowing as she cried in happiness and pleasure.

Sophie finished the other breast with a pop, and gave it a lick before standing up to put her face up to Abby’s.

“Aw, you’re crying…” Sophie gently removed Abby’s glasses to save them from the tears, set them on her night

stand. Abby was immobilized, and might have looked scared to an onlooker. “Are you okay?”

It was all she could do to keep from breaking down into a wail. Instead, she managed to rush herself into Sophie’s arms, hugging her tightly. Of course, this pushed Sophie’s breasts into her own again, causing her to squeal and cry as she buried her face in Sophie’s shoulder.

Sophie held her tight, a little confused by this reaction but endeared all the same.

“I’m glad I found you, Abby…”

Abby sputtered out some words, trying to speak through sobs. “You just… I can’t…” She took a deep breath. “You’re my dream come true.”

Sophie pulled away to look into Abby’s eyes. “Your dream? You said you saw me in your dream too, didn’t you?”

Abby sniffed, smiled, and nodded.

Sophie’s eyes grew wide. “How can that be?”

Abby held Sophie’s head in both hands, feeling braver than she ever had before. “I don’t know, and I don’t care. All I know is…” Her bravery was short-lived as she came up to the words she wanted to say.

“What is that, hm?” Sophie smiled and gently ran her fingers down Abby’s bare back, sending shivers down her spine.

Abby gasped and sighed, then managed to finish her thought aloud. “… I love the way you touch me.” Abby wrapped her arms around Sophie and pulled her in for a deep kiss, not entirely sure what to do but enjoying just exploring with her tongue.

Sophie let her hands slide down Abby’s back, hoping she wouldn’t mind as they settled on her butt. Abby jumped slightly at the touch, but otherwise continued the kiss that left her breathless.

Abby knew she had to be wet, and maybe even soaking through her sweatpants, and could only hope she didn’t gross out her amazing new friend. Was she only a friend? No friend of hers had ever made her feel this way. But she knew she had only just met her and couldn’t just jump to something more.

Abby found her attention on the kiss fading despite the wonderful sensations as her logical mind took over her thoughts. Sophie noticed the change and pulled away to speak.

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