A Visit to Granny’s Farm Ch. 02

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On my journey home I wondered what the hell had just happened but my weenis knew as it stood tall and proud in the confines of my clothes.


By the time I got home I’d wound myself up into a bit of a state and started wanting the alarm clock to start its silly rattling sound at me as this dream felt far too realistic and I needed it to end. To be honest I was scared and starting to feel nauseous that I’d defiled my aunty.

My sister was at home when I got there and I told her about the chicks and ducklings and as expected she went all gooey over them and mentioned Plinky in her nappy sitting amongst them with two in her hair. Almost straight away she went home leaving me alone with Dad, I felt so awkward sitting there and not talking about what happened with his sister but after a short while the conversation turned to football and the difficulty faded.

No more was said anywhere about my dangerous liaison with my Aunty and it was all but forgotten as if it was a bad dream, until the next time I dropped in at the farm.

I got to the end of the track and seeing a trailer parked beside the wood shed I drove on further to park near the small barn and as I was right beside the door I popped in to see the chicks,

“Hello Granny.”

“Hello Terry.” The arms were as always held open in invitation, I stepped forward to accept.

“My oh my, are you sure you’re not still growing?”

“Ohhh yes, I’m sure, been six one for four years now. Will you look at those little beggars?”

“They sure grow quickly.” She checked the time on the battered old pocket watch which lived in a pocket on the front of her breast. “Tea?”

“Don’t let me take you away from anything.”

She checked the time again before dropping the watch back into the pocket. “Fancy preparing the chicken feed while I round the ducks in?”

“Yeah, of course. Three loaves and a mug of each still?”

“That Terry, that will never change.” Granny released the grip on me and I did the same. Her hug always felt so good, especially her big tits against my stomach. Now the hug lasted so long, much longer than somehow seemed proper it felt so good that these days I always got hard and I think she knows that.

We left the small barn together and headed in different directions, I headed for the ‘pen shed’ a long white painted brick building, well at least it was painted white about a thousand years ago, with a six feet wide passageway inside along the front and brick walls four feet high forming a series of eight pens along the back wall, which over the years have housed just about any farm animal you can think of. Right in the middle was an area where feed was stored and prepared; my task was to cut three loaves of bread into cubes on an old wooden draining board laying across a wooden barrel, both of which have not moved in my lifetime.

As always Granddad had kept the massive knife honed to perfection, it was so sharp I reckon I could have a half decent shave with it. The stale loaves, which my uncle James brings in with him from the baker in the village, were soon converted into inch cubes in a five gallon bucket. A two pint mug of water slopped in and stirred with the old chair leg, which had been there as long as the barrel, until if was damp bread crumbs with lumps of crust and a pint mug of protein feed from the blue and white paper sack, the design of which also hadn’t changed in my lifetime, stirred in until well mixed.

“Still got it Terry.”

“Hello Granddad.”

“It’s yerars since yon sore ye dee thar.” (It’s years since I saw you do that).

“Nothing changes though, except the knife is getting a bit narrower.”

“Oyl take ee.” (I’ll take it).

I removed the chair leg and replaced it on the old dresser beside the knife where it’s always lived, when I turned back to face Granddad the bucket was heading through the door with him.

‘Wow half a dozen words and he was gone’ I half whispered to myself.

Curiosity kicked in and I walked along the line of four pens to see what evidence of life there had been since I was last in there. the first pen was as expected loaded with animal feed laying on rodent proof tables, these were actually wooden slatted and very probably a pallet with legs attached and each leg passed through an inverted biscuit tin, a big tin like they used to have for Woolworth’s pick and mix, to stop the mice and rats climbing up the legs.

The second pen was full of crap, rusty old chains, buckets, a rotovator hand tools etc the list could be endless but I suspect not a single bit of it has been touched for ten years. The third pen took me by surprise, it was spotless and had obviously been swept and hosed out fairly recently with some clean looking straw on the floor, walking further I saw something white huddled in the corner come into view. “Hello Jasper.” The white bundle uncurled and the unmistakeable brown patch on the Jack Russell’s head came into view. She got up and bounced over towards me, I opened the gate to make a fuss and she very uncharacteristically Konya Escort growled. I took that to be she had a litter in there and closed the gate.

“There you are.”

“Hello Granny. Just seen Jasper here, I take it she has a litter as she growled when I opened the gate.”

Granny walked to me and stood beside me. “There’s four in there somewhere, not sure of the sire so we have no idea what they are or where.”

“She was in that corner.”

Granny opened the gate and walked in; Jasper followed as she walked to the corner, bent down picked up a lump of black and a lump of brown and came back to me. Jasper watched her hands intently as the puppies were placed in mine. Jaspers lips curled for a growl but made no sound.

“Goodness, aren’t they small.”

“Sunday mornin’ so getting on for sixty hours. Best put them back.” Granny took them from me and placed them back in the bedding; jasper soon licked them, rearranged them and settled as the gate was closed. “Best start making the chicken feed.”

“I’ve m done it.”

“Oh good.” We walked back to the feed area, “Oh where?”

“Granddads already taken it.”

“In that case we’d best get the tea on.”

The kettle was sitting on the Aga range, after washing my hands I lifted the plate and stood the kettle directly over the heat to boil then Annabella came into the scullery and clamped her body against my back.


“Terry. I’ve been so waiting for you to come back.” She released her grip just enough for me to turn round and she promptly lifted up to wrap her legs round my hips and started snogging.

“Mmnnm hmhnnm, Plinky I tried to say into her mouth.” She moved her head away. “Wow slow down Plinky.”

“Why?” a peck on the lips, “Should,” another peck, “I?”

“Well for one thing Granny.”

“She got in the bath ‘cos she bin in the pigs ‘n, well pig shit ‘n all, you know.”

“In that case…” I put the handle for the Aga down and wrapped my arms round Annabella and snugged her to me, “Wearing a bra today then?”

“Yeah, I didn’t know y’ were ‘ere.” The kisses continued until the kettle boiled, one handed I poured boiling water into the teapot, swilled it round to heat the pot then emptied it in the sink, the difficult bit was opening the tea caddy single handed so Annabella reached out to hold it down on the cabinet, I put one scoop of the loose tea in the pot and filled with water.

“Poot thee pooer laddie doon Annie.” (Put the poor lad down)

“Oh Terry doesn’t mind at all, he’s so strong now.”

I had one of those little laughs where my belly moved and moved Annabella too. She did her usual gentle hop down to land on the concrete floor and I replaced the plate in the Aga using the handle thing.

“How many for tea?” Annabella asked as she started moving mugs, “Dad, Terry, Mum, Me, is Jim in?”

“Nee lass.” Granddad was at the deep brown concrete sink washing his hands.

“Just the four then.”

I passed the milk jug from the battered fridge, the fridge that had been there for as long as everything else, then returned the jug when Annabella had finished with it.”

“Aye, ‘l ev it et me chair lass.” (I’ll have it at my chair) Granddad left the room.

“We’ve got puppies now.”

“I know Plinky, I saw them when I did the chicken feed, Jasper growled at me.”

“I’ll just do Mum and Dads tea then we’ll go have another look.”

The tea was poured, Annabella took one to the bathroom and I took the other to the parlour to Granddad sitting in his chair and filling his pipe with ‘Old Shag’ tobacco.

“Thanks t’ ye laddie.”

“You’re welcome Granddad.”

“Aye.” The way he turned the radio on for whatever BBC Radio four programme was about to start indicated I was dismissed and I returned to the scullery to Annabella.

“Come on, let’s go Terry.” Annabella picked up one mug. “Bring your tea too.”

We left the cottage and headed for the Pen Shed. Bearing in mind it was only a few minutes since I’d been there Jasper and her pups were in a different corner, Annabella stood her mug on the wall between the pen and the corridor, opened the gate and walked in, she waved me to follow and Jasper bared her teeth in warning.

“Isn’t that just the most beautiful sight Terry?”

I didn’t want to get too close or upset Jasper so stopped as soon as I could see the four assorted coloured puppies feeding.

” Just the most special time for them Plinkey. I won’t stop here though it’s upsetting her.” I left the pen and pulled the wooden gate to and Jasper looked more peaceful.

Annabella said; “Good girl Jasper,” in a cheery voice, came back to the gate, opened it and bent down to pick up the water bowl. She headed for the door, threw the contents out, put some fresh water in and went back to the door where she swilled it round as her hand wiped around the inside before emptying it. Back to the tap she half filled it and returned it to the pen before finally closing the gate.

“Good girl Jasper, see you later.” She picked up her mug, Konya Escort Bayan “Come on Terry let’s go… I could watch them forever they are soooo sweet, I wish I knew who the daddy is, the only dog as roams around ‘ere is the chocolate Labrador up the lane. He’s often around here but I can’t imagine the two of them breeding, he must be far too big for her.”

“Yes he always seems to be wandering around the lane; I can’t imagine a stocky lab like him and Jasper at it.”

“Talking of breeding… come on Terry.” We headed straight for the barn and climbed to the top of the bales. There’s a convenient wooden beam which we stood the mugs on and stripped naked. My T-Shirt, trousers and pants took ten seconds including shoes and socks then I helped Annabella with the silly number of buttons on her pink cotton blouse then the white bra. Next the skirt which was dead easy as it happened to be an elasticated waist and just pulled up and off over her arms to reveal her Brigit Jones’s. I dropped the skirt to the bales, hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her knickers and slid them rapidly down, quick as a flash she stepped backwards to be as naked as those times we used to paddle and more recently swim in the duck pond in the warm summer.

From my position kneeling on one level of bales below Annabella I looked up to her knees and shapely thighs a little more muscular than the rest of her body, to her fanny completely covered in dark hair, up further to her breasts those little breasts with those small but very prominent bright red nipples.

It seemed right to slide forwards and kiss my auntie’s feet, both feet twice each then both shins a couple of times and to the knees. I couldn’t reach any further until I moved up from the lower bale where I was kneeling. I continued by licking from a knee to her hip.

“Oh Terry.” I looked up to see my aunty rubbing her breasts with flat palms. “You make them go all tingly.”

I smiled and dropped my tongue to the other knee and did the same again, knee to her hip and I felt her shiver and rub her breasts again. “Fwhoo, ooofff.”

I positioned my thumbs on the top of her feet and middle fingers on her ankles then fairly slowly moved them up her legs, all the way to her waist, down to her ankles and back up to her waist then on to her pretty chest bumps, deliberately moving my thumbs together to run up between her breasts with all eight fingers running up the outside and nothing touching the front or her nipples. She shivered and I watched those little pink buds pucker up.

While kneeling I straightened to full height at the same time as dropping my hands down to her waist level, again she shivered and those darling little red bumps puckered even more, finding they were just about mouth height I moved in and licked, flicked my tongue around it for a few moments and nipped it with my lips covered teeth.

Aunty Annabella yelped, not in pain or so I hope, and held onto my head to pull it close, allowing me to flick the rock solid nipple with my tongue. The pressure against my head increased immensely when my hand found the vacant breast, it started with my palm flat against skin sliding up from her waist and over the softer part until the nipple was in the middle of my palm then moved away from my head and nipped the nipple with my thumb.

“Oh my giddy aunt. What are you doing to me Terry?”

I couldn’t answer, my mouth was busy. However I had a free hand which I moved from her waist down the outside of her thigh and shuffling my knees across left enough space for it to slide up the front and towards the inside. When it reached the top my thumb was furthest round so I wiggled it and her knees started shaking.

“Owowow Terry.”

I felt weight applied to my head as she held tighter and I started struggling to breathe. I stopped moving my thumb as I concentrated on air.

“Ohhhh nno nno nnohh don’t stop.”

My thumb now felt trapped and instead of wiggling it I twisted my whole hand round the front of her upper thigh which moved my thumb in and out and the inevitable happened. The movement on the top of soft bales of straw and losing control of muscles during an orgasm meant a controlled fall found the two of them tangled in a pile accompanied by the wail of “Ohhh Terrrrrrreeeeeee.” My hand was trapped and I felt some action against the bent round thumb as Annabella continued with a series of groans and other unrecognisable noises.

Then it all went very quiet apart from the both of us breathing deeply.

Annabella was the first to speak; “Oh my… Oh my, oh my Terry I had no idea it would feel this good. Let me… let me just, move, and, that.” We untangled limbs and sat up against a bale. “Tea.” She passed me mine and downed hers.

I drank some of mine. “I can’t believe you Plinky.”


“Worried about our parents finding out.”

Annabella returned our mugs to the wooden beam. “Now breed me.”

“I’m also worried about you getting pregnant Plinky.”

“Don’t have to worry about that Terry.”

And Escort Konya so we did it, Annabella turned over onto all fours, crawled to the step down while I stood and stepped down onto the lower bale and she backed onto my erection. That was it; I was in and started humping. I confess I surprised myself with how long I lasted bearing in mind how turned on I was playing with such a sexy slim younger girl, a girl I’d known all her life and played hide n’ seek and chase and, well all of those childhood games we played. Wow amongst all that thought was the bundle in a red cloth the first time I saw her. I was lost in thought and it didn’t really register my aunty was getting very animated and loud as I plodded away humping into her rump.

Then the stars started flying in my head as I shot my bolt and filled Aunty Annabella’s love hole to overflowing with my fertile little tadpoles.

I love the guttural sound she made, almost like a reduced volume fog horn as that sexy slim bum crawled away with my cum running down her leg She resumed her position against a bale and this time I didn’t hesitate to find a clean tissue from my trousers and handed it to my little Plinky, she promptly wiped her leg and as much as she could from her pussy lips then looked up at me with those big sexy dark eyes like bottomless caves and beckoned me closer with a forefinger.

When I was close enough she grabbed hold of my head, pulled me in and planted a big hard kiss on my lips. “Oh how I love you Nephew.”

“I love you to Aunty. But you know this is wrong don’t you?”

“Says who? All the animals do it all the time, they don’t care a fig who their breeding. We’ve had two rams here for at least five or six years and breed their own daughters every year.”

“Hmm, Hmm yeah Plinky, yeah.”

“Let’s go see the chicks.”

“Yeah, let’s.” I threw my clothes on, checking carefully they were in the right way then helped with the stupid number of Anabella’s blouse buttons, watched as she put her apple catchers on and her skirt then I grabbed our mugs and we climbed down the bale steps. We left the barn and into the adjacent building by my car to the Chicks.

“I can’t believe how much they’ve grown.”

“I see them everyday so I don’t notice. I think they’re so cute.” By then she was sitting on the bale with her feet inside and had a duckling on her lap

“At this rate that’ll soon be ready for the table.”

“Oh don’t Terry, that’s rotten. He didn’t mean it Donald.” She bent her head down to whisper to the darkening set of duck shaped feathers and stroked along its back. Are you stopping for dinner Terry?”

“Oh no thanks Plinky, I’ve still got another visit to make.”

She looked up at me with a massive grin on her face, stuck a tongue in her cheek and added; “Shame, we’ve got duck for dinner.” Followed by a giggle.

I bent forward and stroked the duckling; “There, there Donald the nasty lady didn’t meeeeean it.” using a childish voice. Right I think I need to get going Plinky, thanks for the f… err entertainment…”

She put the duckling back with the others and stood, held onto my hand as she stepped over the bale and hugged in for a kiss, a simple couple of pecks, “Thank yooooou Terry, I’m starting to reeeely look forward to your visits.”

“H, hmm yeah, me too but we really shouldn’t you know.”

“Too late for that now Nephew, the bottle’s been well and truly popped now.”

We hugged for another kiss which turned into a veritable Smorgasbord when Annabella climbed on me as she always has with hands everywhere. We held that position for several minutes before Annabella reluctantly released her ankle grip and as daintily as ever hopped down to the ground.

“I’ll just say goodbye to Granny and Granddad.”

“Yeah, best to.”

I moved to collect the mugs standing there with the handles still in intimate contact.

“No leave them there; I’ll get them after you’ve gone.”


“Say we forgot them.”

I frowned.

“Put Dad & Mum off the scent.” She moved them a couple of times a little way away from the chicks to make it look like they’d just been put down after use.

“Right.” I answered hesitantly.

We both checked the other for tell tale straw and left the building, headed for the cottage and found Granddad with his pipe in his mouth sound asleep and granny knitting. She held her finger to her mouth and put the knitting down, left the chair and headed for the scullery.

“I’m err, those chicks are so cute and the puppies, I could stop and watch them all day.”

“The novelty’s worn off after all these years Terry.

“I must be off now I’m afraid. I have another call to make on the way.”

“Take some eggs will you,” I followed to her sewing room where the eggs are kept, along with demijohns of bubbling wines, welly boots, various work coats, jackets and overalls and of course four shotguns leaning against the wall with boxes of cartridges standing on the shelf right beside them. “These are yesterdays.” She filled a dozen size box with eggs and handed it to me.

“And beans too I have loads.” In the pantry she pulled at a cardboard tray, the sort of thing the supermarkets use for vegetables, half filled it from a massive boxful of runner beans, added a handful of broad beans and topped it off with a cauliflower.

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