A Video for Daddy

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Ashley Alban

The video showed the girl’s naked body from the neck down to her upper thighs. She was lightly tanned and smooth as silk, her skin lightly oiled while her hips rocked and swayed in a graceful tease that highlighted a completely bald pussy mound that was perfectly formed. Her hands were roaming seductively over her classically luscious shape, finally moving upward to cup and squeeze a pair of full, round tits that had to be somewhere between a B and C cup size. The video played for about a minute, and Ted’s cock was well on the way to a full-sized erection by the time it cut off.

He was sitting in his car, having pulled over to the curb right after his phone buzzed with a message notice. He didn’t recognize the number. It wasn’t anyone in his list of contacts, and the girl’s face was being purposely kept out of the frame. Yet her body and slinky moves were devastatingly hot, and he swiped back to the beginning of the video three times in a row as he sat there watching it, furtively rubbing his engorged prick through his pants.

Ted was throbbing and leaking precum into his briefs by the fourth time he watched it. Then a text came through from the same number.

You like? it said.

Who is this? he sent back.

You didn’t answer the question.

Yes, I like a lot. Who is this?

She’s hot, isn’t she? the anonymous texter replied.

Extremely, Ted sent back. In fact, it was one of the hottest things Ted could remember seeing. Now who is this!?

A friend, the stranger texted. Is she getting you hard?

Fuck yes, Ted admitted.

The response was a wink emoji. Ted sent another to ask who it was but the reply avoided his question yet again.

The next part has her face, the stranger texted back. Wanna see?

Oh god, yes.

A moment later, another video loaded onto his phone. This one began pretty much where the last one left off, with the girl’s face hidden from the frame. She was playing with that beautiful pair of tits, twisting and rolling her swollen, oily nipples while her hips kept moving and rocking. There was no sound to give away anyone’s voice, but the view suddenly changed as the other person taking the video moved back to finally reveal the face of the incredibly sexy dancing girl.

Ted’s heart nearly stopped.

The naked vixen in the video was his eighteen year old daughter, Rachel. Her hair was tied up in a twist and she was laughing and talking to whomever was shooting the video. Ted couldn’t believe his eyes. Rachel was shimmying her hips like a seasoned pro, playing with those perfect tits and turning around to show off a naked ass that was more spectacular than Ted had ever seen. She was looking straight into the camera with her sweet, pretty face. She looked completely happy and free, if not a little bit shy about what she was doing. The man was stunned, to say the least, and despite the shock he was feeling his cock was throbbing harder than ever.

The video followed Rachel as she crawled onto a bed in a room that looked like it must have been the bedroom of one of her teenaged friends, not that he could see very much of it. For that matter, he was intently studying his daughter’s every move as she got on the bed on all fours, exposing her asshole and pussy as she planted her knees wide apart and ground her ass in the air as if she were fucking an imaginary cock. In the midst of this, she turned to look over her shoulder at the camera, laughing and rolling her eyes like she was embarrassed but excited at the same time. Then she put her head down and rocked her whole body in a seesaw motion, grinding her slit and rosebud back and forth at the lens in an obscene, pornographic tease.

Extending her hand down under her body, Rachel reached for her pussy and spread herself open wide with her fingers to show off the tight, pink hole that was making her father’s heart race. Ted yanked his hand away from his cock, afraid he was going to shoot off a load in his pants right there in his car, parked practically in the middle of town. His rod was aching like never before, even as he started to feel a hot rage at whomever took that pornographic video of his eighteen year old daughter.

He watched that second video five more times, each time gazing at his little girl’s sweet face and body. He couldn’t believe how luscious her pussy looked and couldn’t help imaging how she would taste or feel with his cock buried deep in her snug little hole.

Finally, another text came through to his phone. Still hard?

As aroused as he was, Ted was ready to punch out whoever was making videos like that of his daughter. Instead of texting a reply, he put in his earbuds and called the number the videos had come from.

“Hi Mr. H,” a young, female voice answered. It sounded vaguely familiar but he was too distracted to place it right away.

“Who is this?” he snapped angrily.

“It’s Lia, Mr. H.” This was followed by a nervous giggle.

“Lia! What’s going on? Just what are you doing with these dirty videos of Rachel?”

“I’m the one who took them,” she admitted. “And niğde seks hikayeleri don’t worry, nobody else has seen them.”

Ted was relieved for that much. And it was natural for teenaged girls to be curious and want to explore their blossoming sexuality, yet Lia acted like a precocious slut most of the time, flirting and dressing inappropriately with him whenever stayed overnight at their house. Ted had always played along with her. He liked it, in fact. Lia was shorter but with deceptively thick legs and ass compared to his daughter. She had a Latino father and Southeast Asian mother, giving her a uniquely undeniable beauty. Her tits were also quite a bit smaller than Rachel’s, but they were maddeningly perky and she dressed to show them off at every opportunity. While jerking off, Ted had often pictured Lia in outfits she wore around his house when staying over with Rachel. The thought of fucking the precocious girl drove him crazy, and he was pretty sure she was well aware of the effect she had on him. However, at the moment, he thought he should probably take the little slut over his knee and spank her until she screamed for him to stop.

“What in the world were you thinking sending those videos to me, of all people?” he snapped.

“Are you mad?” Lia asked, sounding demure for the first time in her life.

“Of course,” Ted nearly barked, yet his cock was still aching in his pants. “I think you and I need to have a very serious talk.”

“Yes, sir,” she agreed. “Can you come get me?”

“Yes, I think now would be a good time. I’m already in my car. I’ll just come to your house.”

“Oh, oh, um, meet me down on the next block, okay? My mom’s home. Can you just text me when you get here?”

Ted agreed and they disconnected. He decided to take a long route to Lia’s neighborhood, wanting to give his cock a chance to go soft before he got there. He ended up taking a lot of detours on the way since his erection proved to be incredibly persistent. It didn’t help that he kept wanting to pull over again and watch the videos a few more times. His cock finally relaxed to the point where it wasn’t making a noticeable bulge, and he pulled over a block down from Lia’s house once he reached her street. Then he texted her as promised.

A couple of minutes later, he saw Lia coming down the sidewalk toward his car. She was wearing a white tank top that was cropped at the belly and a snug pair of pink gym shorts that were pulled up tight enough split her camel toe. Her long hair was done in pigtails, and when she spotted Ted’s car she smiled like nothing was wrong. Her thick, cinnamon hued thighs rubbed together as she approached. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she got in the car.

“Can we go somewhere? I don’t want anyone to know what I’m doing.”

“Yeah, can’t blame you,” Ted admitted, helping himself to a good look at his daughter’s scantily clad friend. “I can’t believe your parents let you out of the house dressed like that.”

Lia snickered. “My mother would kill me, but Dad likes it. Anyway, they’re fucking so it was easy to sneak out.”

Ted looked at the girl in surprise. She just laughed again, then Ted started driving. The rode in silence a minute or two while he tried to think of the best way to approach this bizarre situation. There was also the matter of where they could go so they could talk privately. Ted finally decided just to drive to his own house. Rachel would be out until after dinnertime, and now that he and her mother were divorced it was just the two of them in the house. It wasn’t far from Lia’s house, and when he got there he hit the button on his visor to open the garage door, pulled the car in, and then closed the door behind them.

“Don’t be mad at Rachel, okay?” Lia said. “The whole video thing was my idea. We were just messing around. She has no idea I sent it to you?”

Ted had already decided he couldn’t be mad at his daughter. He didn’t want her thinking there was anything wrong with sexual play and exploration, and as long as no one else saw the video everything would be alright. He’d also decided not be mad at Lia. She was too cute and sexy to stay mad at for very long, but he didn’t want her to know that. Not yet, at least.

“Then why did you send it to me?” he asked, his eyes drifting over her thick, shapely thighs.

“Cuz I knew you’d think she’s hot.”

That one made Ted go silent a moment. “But I’m her father, Lia.”

The girl giggled wickedly. “Yeah, but you still thought she was hot, didn’t you? I mean, she got you hard, right?”

“That’s beside the point,” Ted frowned.

“Um, no. That’s kinda the whole point, silly.”

“Okay, maybe you better start at the beginning and tell me how the two of you ended up doing this.”

Ted gave the girl a serious stare, hoping it might intimidate her a little. Meanwhile, he was trying to keep from being too obvious about the way he was looking at her curvy little body in her skimpy outfit. He probably wasn’t doing a very good job of it, though. She’d unhooked her seatbelt and turned sideways on her car seat, causing her shorts to ride up tighter into the split of her camel toe. He could also see down the top of her tank, nearly to her areolas, and his cock was already starting to get hard all over again.

“Okay, okay,” she started. “I guess you gotta know girls talk, right?”

“Of course.”

“Okay, so one time we were talking about how you and my dad look at us when we stay at each other’s house. And Rachel even said how my dad doesn’t just check her out but me, too. She said she wished you’d look at her the way my dad looks at me. I kinda admitted that me and my dad…um…do stuff together.”


Lia blushed but actually looked proud of herself. “It’s nothing too bad,” she explained. “We make out sometimes and he feels me up. He’ll just finger or eat my pussy, and I’ll suck him or jerk him off. I really wanna fuck but he says we shouldn’t.” Now she pouted briefly.

Ted was shocked, but his cock was already hard as a rock again. All he could think was that Lia’s father was a lucky man to have a girl like her. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t thought of Rachel the same way. Or Lia, too, for that matter. But as bad it might sound to some people, there was something special between a man and his own daughter. Who else could ever have such a special bond?

“Anyway,” Lia continued, “we already took some pix and videos of each other just for ourselves, but I got her to take some special ones of me just for my dad. I wanted to be able to send him something hot when he was at work or whatever.”

Ted could hardly believe it, but knowing how bold and precocious Lia was, it wasn’t too hard to get past his skepticism. Looking at the barely dressed girl sitting beside him in the car, he realized her father must be constantly hard. His own cock was pulsing like mad.

Lia finally explained that she and Rachel were just playing around naked the day before. Rachel had taken some video of Lia to send her father, and then Lia said Rachel should do the same thing. Ted now realized why his daughter had been so quiet and pensive the night before.

“She said no way at first,” Lia explained. “She didn’t think you’d like it even though I told her you’d probably love it. But she was really embarrassed, except I know she really liked thinking about it. So we made the video just for fun. Just to see what it was like. She made me promise I wouldn’t show anybody, especially you. And I wasn’t gonna, but then I was thinking about how you look at us both anyway and I was so sure you’d really like it. So…here we are, I guess.”

Ted did his best to think logically against the distraction of the rock hard throbbing in his pants.

“You shouldn’t have broken your promise to a friend,” he finally said.

“I know,” the girl pouted. “I promise I won’t do it again.”

“Hmmm,” Ted thought, “I suppose it would be okay as long as you only ever send videos like that to me.”

Lia giggled. “You want to me send you more hot videos of your daughter?”

Ted’s cock was doing all his thinking now. “Yes, that would be okay. As long as it’s only me, and we just keep this between you and me, okay? Our little secret.”

Lia giggled, obviously loving the idea.

“You could send me those videos of you, too, if you want,” Ted added, staring at the hard nipples denting her little white top.

Aware of her friend’s dad’s attention, Lia took an exaggerated breath, pushing her pert titties out for Ted’s enjoyment.

“I can send you a bunch of them,” the petite young vixen told him. “I’ve been wanting to for the longest time anyway.”

Then she picked up her phone off the floor of the car while Ted watched her thumb and swipe at the screen. A few seconds later, his own phone buzzed with an incoming message. He smiled at the girl and picked up his phone, opening the video she’d just sent him. He opened the video immediately and watched it while she was sitting right beside him, aware of the way she was watching him the whole time.

Lia was completely in view from her knees all the way up to her face in the video. She was only wearing a skimpy pair of white lace panties that barely covered her entire pussy mound. For the first fifteen or twenty seconds she was doing a little dance where she was swaying her hips and playing with her insanely perky tits while pouting at the camera. Then she leaned closer to the camera, showing her pretty face and tits up close.

“Don’t stay at work too late, Daddy,” she cooed sexily. “I need you to come home and love me with your big, hard cock, Daddy.”

Ted nearly squirted in his pants without even touching his cock. It was even worse when Lia made a show of sucking on her finger, teasing her father with the promise of her supple, pouty lips around his cock. Then she stepped back again and pulled the front of her panties aside and exposed her smooth, completely bald pussy. She reached down with her other hand and spread herself open, rubbing at her slit and clit while she whimpered and cooed. “I need your tongue so bad, Daddy,” she said in the video. “I need more, too. Won’t you give your baby girl that big cock where she wants it the most?”

Ted felt Lia’s hand on his cock, beginning to rub his aching shaft through his pants while he watched the last half minute of the video where she sat on the edge of her bed with her legs open, rubbing her wet pussy for her own father. When the video ended, he put his phone down and looked at her, sighing with pleasure.

“I guess you liked it,” the girl giggled happily.

“You’re amazing,” Ted sighed truthfully. Then he unzipped his pants and let his daughter’s best friend take his painfully swollen cock out. She stroked his shaft like she was obviously well practiced in the art, making Ted sigh again.

“God, it’s so nice,” Lia cooed. “It’s even bigger than my dad’s.”

Ted just groaned in response.

“If you want, I could suck it for you while you watch that video of Rachel. I’d love that.”

“Oh my god, baby, I shouldn’t say this but I love the dirty way you think.”

Lia giggled happily. Ted was practically in a trance when the teen leaned down and took the tip of his cock into her mouth. She worked her lips up and down over the first few inches and then worked the base with her hand. He watched her suck his shaft for a while, sucking and stroking him like his rod was made of sugar. He finally picked up his phone again and started the video of his daughter again, watching the girl shimmy and shake while her best friend sucked his cock.

Meanwhile, Ted reached behind Lia, fondling the backs of her thick thighs and ass. Her shorts had ridden up tighter than ever into the split between her pussy and ass. She was already dripping wet and the fabric of her shorts and panties were soaked with her creamy girl-dew. Her flesh felt so supple and smooth, and Ted soon worked his fingers under the crotch of the girl’s shorts and started fingering her slick pussy. She whimpered around her mouthful of cock as his fingers probed her snug hole, bringing a fresh rush of her slippery girl juice.

At the same time, Ted was mesmerized by the sight of his own daughter on his phone screen, swaying like a seductive young porn slut, never imagining her dad would actually see her playful pleasure game.

Lia sucked Ted’s cock steadily while he watched the video of Rachel a couple of times. Yet taking his fingers in her pussy was making her moan and whimper with lust, until she released his throbbing cock just to pull in a gasp and let out a long, deep moan. This is when Ted opened his car door and got out. He walked around the car with his rigid pole swaggering out of his open zipper. Lia was giggling at him as she watched him take every step around to her side of the car and open her door.

With the doors closed, they were shut in with complete privacy. The garage had two stalls, and Ted had some old furniture that had been replaced a few months before still stashed in that half. There was an old couch and easy chair, along with a scarred coffee table and some shelving. Lia followed him over to the couch. She took hold of his cock and kept stroking it while he undid his belt and pushed his pants and briefs down. Then he sat on the couch and took his shoes and pants all the way off, sitting there in just his shirt with his big, swollen dick sticking upright.

“Why don’t you show me some more of what you were doing in that video you made for you dad,” Ted asked with a smile.

Lia giggled happily and immediately peeled her top off over her head. The braless teen’s perky, cupcake sized tits stood out with stiffly swollen nipples. Ted couldn’t take his eyes off them as she ran her hands all over and around them, teasing him with their luscious shape and firmness. He would have loved to get some more of her eager and well-practiced cocksucking then, but she was so hot to look at he just wanted to savor the view before anything else.

“C’mon, baby, dance for me,” he nearly growled, taking his rigid rod in hand and openly stroking it while his eyes roamed freely over the teenaged treat that stood before him.

“Mr. H!” she cried. “You’re so horny!”

“That’s all your fault for teasing me like a hot little porn starlet.”

Lia giggled, obviously pleased by the man’s sordid compliment. He was already unbuttoning his shirt with his free hand while stroking his rock hard pole with the other. The way the girl’s eyes were glued to his stroking fist left no doubt as to how much she enjoyed seeing a grown man play with his excited meat.

The teenager rocked and swayed her hips in a sexy little dance for her best friend’s dad, just the way she’d danced in her video for her own dad. She was so hot even if she was blushing, and it was obvious she loved the much older man’s rapt attention.

Within a couple of minutes, Lia turned her back to Ted and made a show of slowly bending over as she pushed her skimpy shorts all the way down her petite but very shapely legs. She left her panties on, which had nothing but a slim, lacy thong running between her fully rounded ass cheeks. As she bent low, her pussy puffed out against her snug panties. The gusset was soaking wet and there was even some juice clinging to the bare skin all around her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32