A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 35

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[This story features significant disciplining and involves bodily functions. If you find this bothers you, please read no further. All characters are over 18.]

A new coalition in the legislature of the Women’s Republic had come to the view that even the strong presence of the Correctional Service had not sufficiently improved the behavior of men overall. This resulted in the enactment of several statutes to address the problem.

President Vivian had not favored punitive legislation, at least at the start. But she wanted to head off more extreme measures that were being bruited about the Capitol, which included revival of not only chemical but physical castration for male sexual offenders. After discussing the landscape with her closest advisers, she decided that a new program proposed by two of her policy staff would address the need.

She would introduce a new mandatory ceremony to initiate a new practice. All women had the privilege of sending their husbands or male offspring to re-education camps or centers. The camps (see earlier chapters of this series) were designed to retrain men to respect women during the one or two weeks the offending men were sent to the camps. The centers were located in major cities and were designed for more short-term correction, including some retraining, but at a less intensive level than at the camps.

Now all men would be initiated into female supremacy as a coming-of-age occasion. When a boy was about to attain majority at 21, he would be required to be taken by his mother or sister to one of the re-education centers. There he would receive an intensive course in respecting women. This would be reinforced by his being measured and provided with a punishment uniform. This would be selected for him by his mother or sister.

The President called Janet, executive vice president and guiding spirit of Goose Cookers, the designer and producer of imaginative women’s clothing based in the Republic’s second city and told her she wanted the company to submit a proposal for designing and producing the new uniforms. It was clear to Janet that Goose Cookers would have an edge even though other bids would be entertained.

President Vivian explained the concept and advised Janet that there could be no more contact between them or between any government and Goose Cooker personnel until a contract was awarded. She said as neutrally as she could that she hoped Goose Cookers would come up with an imaginative design and show that it could manufacture the massive quantity of clothing this initiative would demand.

Janet was delighted because she knew that working with Eleanor, her creative genius, and the whole excellent staff she had assembled, that the company could win the contract and maintain the program. If this worked, it would guarantee continuing work and income for Goose Cookers for years.

Eleanor was amazed at the possibility that they would design a punishment uniform that every man would be required to have in his possession in the event his wife, mother, or sister ordered him to wear it when she decided he had misbehaved and required some correction. It would obviate the need for a woman to take the major affirmative step of sending the man to the re-education center or to a camp.

Eleanor had sent her former husband Jackson to both those facilities. She wasn’t sure they had really accomplished their goal. In the end, she and Jackson had moved apart, and she had agreed to divorce him. To some degree this divergence could be attributed to Eleanor’s moving to the capital city to be with Annette. Now she was married to Annette, the chief of staff of the Correctional Service with the rank of General. She also had assumed that Jackson, who was now living in Eleanor’s apartment in the second city, would likely soon marry Eleanor’s sister Meredith, who was also living in that apartment.

Eleanor had taken her sister in when Meredith appeared, having lost her job and after she had been forced to turn tricks to live. She finally approached Eleanor, with whom she had not been in contact for several years. Eleanor agreed to allow her to stay in the spacious apartment, and she also outfitted Meredith with appropriate clothing and had her examined by her own gynecologist. This resulted in a program of treatment for Meredith’s gynecological problems that resulted in her return to good health in her lady parts.

As Eleanor did not expect to return to the apartment any time soon, she retained ownership but was happy to allow Jackson and Meredith to live there rent free until they both had jobs that would allow them to pay a fair share of the cost of the apartment.

Eleanor arrived at her office in the capital city the next day and called in her staff. She told them on condition of total confidence that they would be working with her on this new project. She needed another creative in the office, Beverly, to work closely with her, and also Nancy, their legislative and government liaison.

She ostim escort began conceptualizing the punishment uniform and decided there should be two styles: one should feature a short, pleated skirt, which would be suitably embarrassing for a man wearing it as befitted a punishment outfit, even before adding bright pink panties that would readily be seen under the brief skirt. The other uniform would feature a longer skirt under which the man being disciplined would wear bright-colored bloomers that would be visible below the hem of the skirt.

The wife, mother, or sister who would require the husband, son, or brother to wear either punishment outfit would decide which one she would feel could best accomplish the goal of securing improved behavior by the man being punished. The outfit, she decided, should also include a bra appropriately sized for the man’s chest but designed to resemble a training bra and would be worn under a translucent white blouse that would expose the bra to view. She felt that short white socks or thick thigh-his in either red or yellow, or maybe pink, would complete the clothing to be worn. Sandals with straps would be worn with it.

The woman ordering the wearing of the outfit would decide how many buttons on the blouse would be unbuttoned. She might also decide whether the buttons on the sides of the skirt would be left open or buttoned. If the man were made to wear the skirt with the slit opened, either the bloomers or special pink panties would be visible all the time. Eleanor enlisted some creative staff at Goose Cookers headquarters through Janet to come up with a range of wigs that women could select to have the men in their family wear when being punished.

Eleanor had given Beverly a poor rating on her last job performance evaluation. She was pleased that Beverly had come through with good support in the conceptualizing process. She discussed with Beverly an idea Eleanor had had while working on the designs. She wanted to bring Jackson to the capital to model the outfits. She checked this with Janet who approved. Then she telephoned Jackson to discuss the prospect of his travelling again to the capital where they had recently met at her apartment to discuss the divorce that she had then proceeded to expedite.

When she spoke with Jackson, she could tell that he was not very pleased with her request. But he understood that he was in debt to his ex-wife because he was living rent-free in an apartment she owned and that he was about to marry her sister Meredith. He agreed to travel the next day—and Eleanor said she would send a message to his office stating that he was needed in the capital on official business.

Eleanor decided that she would have him model the test patterns that had been developed at headquarters and transmitted to her. These were based on her designs and her work with a favorite creative staffer at headquarters as well as Beverly. Jackson appeared in her office at the time she had suggested, having come directly from the airport. Eleanor said she would pay for him to stay over at an excellent hotel and would have dinner with him if he were so inclined.

Beverly and Eleanor arranged that only the two of them would be in the office during the fitting, accompanied by a seamstress sent from headquarters by Janet. Jackson was uncomfortable wearing the humiliating outfits, but this confirmed in Eleanor’s mind that the designs seemed to work well for achieving the desired results. She had the seamstress make some adjustments so that the fit for him was now excellent.

After they had completed all the work, she thanked Beverly and explained to her that she needed to have dinner with Jackson alone. Beverly lived with a submissive woman, Ann, and understood Eleanor’s situation. She also assumed that her work on this project would lift her in Eleanor’s eyes and possibly lead to a much-improved rating on her next evaluation.

Eleanor told Jackson they would go to dinner if he still were happy to join her. Jackson again decided that this was in his best interest. Eleanor took him to a good restaurant where she had become known to the women who managed it. She had reserved a table in a discreet location so when they arrived, she was greeted pleasantly and escorted by the manageress to their table.

Jackson updated her on his plans to marry Meredith. Eleanor resisted the temptation to be slightly annoyed with the speed of this marriage and told him she was pleased for them both. She said that if they had a small ceremony she would like to attend. Jackson realized that agreeing to invite her was a wise move on his part in terms of future relations with her, since she clearly had acquired some powerful standing now in the women’s world of the Republic.

Jackson found himself entranced by his ex-wife. He invited her back to the hotel room she had reserved for him and for which she was paying. She did go with him but then told him that she was ankara otele gelen escort not staying with him that night. She found herself telling him that as they were effectively no longer married, she did not want to stay with him. She saw that he was disappointed and sincerely wanted to make love to her one last time.

She forced herself to decline. This was a challenge because Eleanor was a very sexual person and knew how much she enjoyed fucking. But in her current milieu, she could not afford to let this happen. She still thought about her carrying on with Graham that had gotten her into such horrible trouble, even though she didn’t deserve what happened to her. She was intent on preserving whatever reputation she had been able to acquire. She also didn’t feel sorry for him because back in the second city, he was screwing her sister Meredith, whom he would soon marry.

He understood that, she felt, and even appreciated, she thought, that her unwillingness to stay over with him also arose from when they first met. Back then Jackson had married her after her conviction and service of her humiliating sentence. She still felt an obligation to treat him as she felt he deserved for all that he had done for her, despite their later falling out.

The next day he departed on the flight she had booked for him. Janet arrived later in the day, bringing with her the package they would present at a meeting with the President and her staff, including her procurement officer. Eleanor and Janet rehearsed how they planned to deliver the package at the meeting.

Then they went to lunch at a club in the capital for prominent women. Janet was a full member and Eleanor had been nominated by her and would soon be promoted to full membership. They sat in the main dining room and Janet was visited at the table by the many important women who were members or guests and all of whom knew and liked her. Eleanor too was now acquiring close relationships in a network of women in the capital.

They were approached quietly by a reporter for the Women’s Republic Transcript who had found out that the President had called on them to conduct the project. Janet told her she would fill her in on what was going on but that she must not go beyond what she was given, because the project was at a sensitive stage. In return for getting an exclusive, she agreed to hold off on publishing the story until Janet alerted her that the proposal had been approved.

The meeting the next day with the President and her entourage went well. Janet exuded confidence and felt she was advancing a well-designed package in response to Vivian’s request. The President had gone over the entire matter with her own staff and the procurement officer who was on board. The officer said that she had solicited two other bids but although she couldn’t comment on them prior to the award decision being made, she made it clear without saying anything definitive that she had been as impressed as Vivian had been with the proposal.

Janet stayed over and when she and Eleanor were in the capital office where Eleanor now was the director, Vivian called to advise Janet and Eleanor that the officer and she had given approval to their proposal. Janet thanked her profusely and assured her that they would proceed on development, presentation of the products, and then implementation in close coordination with her staff.

Then Janet passed the word to the reporter and the following appeared in the following day’s Transcript:




By Ann Marie Criswill

Goose Cookers, the imaginative clothing and related producer based in the Republic’s second city, is being awarded a major contract by the government to design and produce punishment uniforms for the government’s new program.

President Vivian announced the award yesterday, noting that this project had proceeded in response to strong support for its development from legislative leaders and the major women’s interest groups in the Republic.

“Those desiring these uniforms believe that all women in the Republic—whether wives, mothers, or sisters—need this option to require men so related to wear if and when the woman feels that the man has misbehaved and merits appropriate punishment,” the President explained to a group that included the legislative leadership and prominent women involved in advancing this program.

It was learned that the creative star of Goose Cookers, Eleanor, was leading the company’s development of its proposal. Eleanor was promoted to director of the concern’s capital office several months ago and is now based here in the capital.

The award was accepted by Janet, the firm’s well-known executive vice president, who told the group that their input was highly desired and that they would be consulted throughout the design process.

One feminist leader asked whether this was ankara rus escort realistic if the proposal with design had already been approved. Janet and President Vivian responded that there would be ample opportunity for those present to participate as the uniforms were fully designed.

A prototype was displayed featured two designs—one was a short, flared skirt with accompanying bloomers, training bra, white translucent blouse, socks, thigh-his, and sandals with straps. The other had a shorter skirt to be worn over pink panties.

“I was delighted that Goose Cookers have come up with charming punishment clothing for men that we in the administration are pleased to provide to the women of the Republic for their use when they decide that discipline of the males in their households is required,” President Vivian declared.

No date for distribution of the clothing was announced. But it was learned that Goose Cookers has afforded this project its highest priority. As the President’s office will be directly involved, it appears certain that this project will aim for approval of design by this summer and distribution before the year’s end.

The same feminist leader allowed that she hoped the provision of these punishment uniforms would lead to better male behavior in the Republic. “If it doesn’t,” she insisted, “we will move strongly for reinstitution of chemical and physical castration as appropriate punishments for egregious abuse and physical harm visited upon our esteemed female citizenry. And we will also demand equally firm treatment for women who offend: reestablished punishments should include temporary or permanent infibulation.”

All of these now-banned punishments were excised from the statutes last year in reform legislation. As is generally known, Goose Cookers played a role in securing passage of this legislation and their creative guru, Eleanor, had been one of the most prominent individuals who had once been sentenced to a year’s infibulation. Her case had caused great concern when it was learned later, after the sentence had been served, that she had not been guilty of the charge of adultery for which she was sentenced.


Janet suggested that Eleanor, Beverly, and Nancy join her for lunch and she took them back to the exclusive ladies’ club, known as the Sisters. Janet again arranged for a well-located table, this time where they could be seen by the many other prominent women who lunched there.

Many came by to offer Janet and Eleanor their congratulations and Beverly and Nancy were overwhelmed with the number of well-known women who made sure to stop by, even briefly, to let Janet know how happy they were for her.

One prominent executive in a company with whom Janet had done significant business confided to her that she would be interested in being a subcontractor for some of the included articles of clothing that her company specialized in making. Janet smiled at Jackie, the executive, and said quietly that she was sure they would come to a good understanding.

Jackie smiled and told Janet how much she and her colleagues had always enjoyed working with Janet and then introduced herself to Eleanor and complimented her on what she had brought to Goose Cookers. Eleanor responded by thanking her and introducing her to Beverly and Nancy.

When they returned to the office, Janet called them together for a brief meeting and told Beverly and Nancy that she appreciated their work on the project thus far.

“You played a key part in our winning this,” she complimented them. “I hope you now appreciate that Eleanor’s grading you severely in the recent evaluation was to me a major factor in your rising to the demands this project placed on all of us. I hope it shows you that Eleanor has a clear view of what we need to do to flourish and that you are now a key part of our team.”

Both women hastened to thank Janet and express their gratitude for the chance to show what they could contribute.

“I personally think that you will continue to be a great source of input on this work,” Janet went on to say. “But I want you to know that it is entirely my doing that you will make sure Eleanor is entirely aware of all of your activity. We manage to succeed because we all work together and don’t go off on our own. This is not a threat, but I am authorizing Eleanor to discipline anyone who does not comply with these rules. I hope you understand what I am saying, or do I have to be more specific?”

Beverly responded immediately that she understood and could speak for Nancy who felt the same. Nancy nodded her agreement. Then Beverly smiled and said, “If I screw up on this, Janet, worrying that Eleanor will yank my panties down and whip my bottom will be the least of my concerns.”

Janet smiled in return and let out a laugh. She told Beverly that she greatly enjoyed her assurance. The meeting ended on this major show of cordiality.

Eleanor returned to her apartment after bidding Janet good-bye as her boss left for the airport. Janet was going to spend a few days at home with her family. Eleanor was looking forward to letting her hair down with Annette, who had returned that day from a tour of several major installations of the Correctional Service around the country.

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