A Vacation to Remember Ch. 03

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Sometime in the wee hours of the morning he nudged her awake. She was laying snuggled up between his legs, her head resting on his chest and her feet drawn up into the robe. His feet, on the other hand, were sticking out and were definitely chilly, causing him to initiate the change in venue. Once ensconced in the bed they both promptly fell back to sleep closely spooned.

It was still dark later that morning when they emerged from the hotel entrance and walked the short distance to the boat launch. There were 5 dive boats being prepped in the parking lot for the day’s excursions when they arrived. The boats were all roughly the same design since they had to be light enough to launch and haul out each day but be large enough to carry 12 divers and all of their gear. At around 40′ long x 10′ wide and constructed of aluminum they were huge on the trailers but looked relatively diminutive once they were in the water compared to previous dive boats he’d been on. They checked in and then watched the stars fade as the black of the night sky faded to indigo. After they boarded the sky continued to brighten until all of the stars were gone and the brilliant blue was back.

The breeze was chilly as they motored out and she gladly accepted the parkas the crew handed out. (He, of course, stalwartly declined the offer.) Along the shore, the lush vegetation was broken by the black porous rock of lava flows, small beaches, and large houses. Ahead was Molokini, a largely submerged volcano cone. One side had collapsed and the caldera, once filled with molten rock, now offered a sheltered bay in the blue water.

Anchoring was prohibited in the bay but the calm water and shelter from the wind allowed the boat to stop and brief the divers. He went aft to assemble his gear while she listened to the briefing on the snuba. A small battery powered air compressor would float on the surface with a thirty foot air hose that ended at a regulator. A snuba’r could breathe at depths up to thirty feet. After the guide reviewed some additional safety rules the snuba’s struggled into their wetsuits, donned their masks and fins and finally made the plunge into the water.

As she started her slow descent into the warm blue water the clearness of the water became apparent. Where from above the reef look distorted, once immersed in the warm water the reef stretched far off into the distance and it was covered with fish. The brightly colored fish she had seen from above the day before where now seen close-up. They had no fear of her as they pursued their daily business. A triggerfish, its color pattern looking painted Ordu Escort on, darted between some coral outcroppings and disappeared, only to reemerge a little further over. A tap on her shoulder brought her back to reality and he took her hand, leading her along the edge of the reef, 20′ deep on one side, hundreds of feet deep on the other. After the narrow head and gasping mouth of an eel was pointed out to her she soon discovered there were lots of them, some speckled with white, some with larger green heads.

He was pointing out a small group of red and white cleaner shrimp strolling nonchalantly in and out of one the gaping mouths like a dental hygienist when he noticed her attention was directed in another direction. Following her gaze he saw the turtle above them, silhouetted against the brightness of the surface, an impossible massive bird in slow motion flight. Her bright eyes followed it until it disappeared in the distance.

Turning around he found the eel with the cleaning crew had vanished into the maze of coral. They continued along, looking into crevices for small critters until the buzzer on her wrist went off, signaling a return to the boat. Looking around they could make out the bright, LED flashes on the boats anchor line, signaling the direction of their return. They swam slowly towards it, their eyes still full of the life in and around the reef.

After the slow assent to the surface a crewman took her snuba device and stacked it with others before helping her out of the water. She chattered excitedly with others on deck, “Did you see …,” “They were so colorful …,” “No, I didn’t see the turtle …” After the snuba’ers exited the water the few scuba divers climbed out, clumsy under the weight of their gear. After struggling free and stowing his gear he joined her on the bench, the animation of her face and flamboyant hand gestures bringing back the thrill of the first dive for him.

The roar of the boat engines and the rush of the wind as the boat sped back to the dock made further conversation difficult and he sat content with the warmth of her body leaning against him. He was admiring her cleavage when she tilted her head back and whispered, “Are you looking down my top?” A quick admittance of the fact seemed the wisest course and she reached one hand up, pulling his head down to her neck, which he promptly kissed.

“You’re going to get incredibly lucky when we get back to the room,” she teased as she pushed his eager lips away from her neck. “But not before …”

She expected him to rush back to the room but he surprised her when they Ordu Escort Bayan stopped at the hotel’s restaurant for lunch. He ate slowly, appearing to savor every bite of his lunch, hoping he was now teasing her, “You think I’m helpless to your feminine charms,” he said, “But I can resist …”

She glanced around the patio before slowly licking her lips and then took a slow, seductive bite of a strawberry. “You are, are you?” She languidly selected another strawberry and licked it before briefly sucking on it. She smiled at his rapt attention, interest in his plate forgotten. She slipped her foot from her sandal and slid it up his leg, bringing it to a stop and letting it rest in his lap. She next wiggled her foot and felt him firming, “Resistance is futile,” she said.

A few minutes later they were kissing in the elevator, her hand rubbing him through his thin shorts while her tongue explored his lips and mouth. Once within the room she allowed him to remove her top and she wrapped her legs around him when he picked her up. She let her head fall back as he kissed and sucked her hard nipples. She struggled free then pushed him back and darted into the bathroom, the confused look on his face: priceless.

She showered slowly then toweled off, half expecting to find him sitting puppylike by the door when she opened it, still naked from her shower. Instead, she saw him out on the patio, looking out over the water. Pulling the bedspread off she stretched out in the middle of the bed then called, “Your turn.” He turned eager eyes towards her naked form but was headed off by her pointing to the bathroom, “Shower first.”

His eyes didn’t leave her form as he strolled, as calmly as possible, around the bed towards the shower. In a wanton display of her control she spread her legs and slid a finger through her wetness, “Better hurry, or I’ll finish without you.” She heard the shower start a nano-second later. “Around my little finger,” she said to the closed door.

He emerged mere moments later; missed beads of water still dripping down his body as he once again approached the bed. She sat up and swung her legs off the bed, “Come here, puppydog,” she teased.

He stood in front of her, his rock hard erection pulsing with his heartbeat. Her eyes looked up into his as she stroked him, her handing sliding up and down the length of him then used it to pull him closer. Her other hand slid under his balls as she continued to stroke him. “Are you ready to be incredibly lucky?” A grunt of affirmation was the best he could do as her mouth closed around him, her cheeks curved Escort Ordu in as she sucked, her smiling eyes never leaving his. Her tongue got into the action, rubbing side to side across the bottom of the now throbbing member even as she sucked.

His were the eyes that broke first, closing in concert with the moan that escaped. A few more seconds and she pulled off and resumed working him with her hands, one sliding up and down the shaft while stroking behind his testicles with the other.

“You did very well today,” she said, still looking up into his face as his eyes popped open, “I can’t remember having so much fun…” She looked back at her hands as they continued their work. “But, really, you can resist me? I don’t think so.” She stood up and, continuing to stroke him with one hand, pulled his face down into as passionate a kiss as he could remember, her tongue alive in his mouth. Just when he thought the combination of her kiss and the stroking of her hand would cause him to swoon she broke away and resumed working him with both hands.

“I really don’t think you can resist me at, if I put my mind … and hand to it. We’ll just have to see how well you resist,” and she knelt back before him. She leaned in, licking his tentacles then moving up the bottom of the shaft, running her tongue back and forth along the length of it. She felt him shudder again when she took him back in her mouth, moving her head back and forth, stroking with her tongue and lips.

She broke away mid-stroke, “Well, do you feel lucky?” Her hands stroked faster as she waited for an answer. He grunted affirmation.

She took him back in her mouth, taking him as deep as she could, holding him there for a few moments before pulling away again. “Really lucky???” she teased. Another grunt in response.

She toyed for a few minutes, licking, stroking, sucking, bobbing her head as her tongue and lips caressed him. She would suck him deep then tickle just below the head with the tip of her tongue.

Eventually he lowered his hands to either side of her head and stroked in and out of her mouth until she felt his balls draw up. He pulled back and she watched, fascinated, as her now slowly stroking hand brought him to climax. His body trembled and jerked and she felt his warmth spurt onto her chest. She continued tickling the base of his balls while she stroked and drew his climax from him until he mumbled for her to stop and he settled back onto the bed, exhausted.

She rose, planted a brief kiss on his lips and headed for the shower to rinse off his climax. “You’re so cute,” she said, “thinking you can resist me.”

He was curled up on the bed making sleeping sounds when she came out of the shower. She curled up and slowly backed into the curve of his body. His arm wrapped around her and pulled her in close. Very quickly they were both asleep.

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