A Twinkle at Twilight Act 05

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My homecoming couldn’t have been more exciting. Maude met me at the back door dressed only in a short length bath robe. Without ceremony she unzipped my fly and whipped out my rising rod. She knelt and administered the best blow job ever. Then she escorted me into the living room where I was invited to fuck her in the ass. Naturally, I accepted.

With some of the social amenities out of the way, Maude made me comfortable on the couch, and advised me that she had something terrific to tell me. I knew beyond a reasonable doubt that at age 63 she was not pregnant so I listened with interest. At this stage of our encounter we were both already completely nude, and would probably stay that way for the remainder of the day. Maude was idly fondling my pecker as she began her story.

“I met my neighbor while you were away. Her name is Consuela, and she is a beautiful person.”

“Consuelo,” I mused. “That’s Mexican, isn’t it?”

“Probably so,” Maude continued. “But she’s an adorable, warm person. Let me tell you the rest of my story.”

“Okay, Sweetie,” I said affably. “What’s been going on this past week?”

“Well,” she said, “the same morning you left I met her when I put the trash out for pick up. She was new in the neighborhood so I invited her over for coffee and a get acquainted chat.”

“Sounds exciting,” I said.

“Shut up and listen,” Maude said as she playfully slapped me on the upper arm. “We started off talking about things in general, but it didn’t take me long to get around to you and me,”

“You and me? In what way?” I asked.

“It was just us girls talking so I told her all about you. I told her that you were the nicest man I knew, and in time we got around to discussing what kind of lover you were. She listened intently while I told her how good you were in every way. She got really interested when I told her you ate my pussy.”

“Oh yeah?”

“She told me that was her favorite way to orgasm. She told me she not only liked to have her pussy eaten, but she also liked to eat pussy as well. Even though I’ve had my pussy eaten by a master of the art,” she poked me in a friendly fashion in the chest and continued, “I had never had the opportunity to exchange this pleasure with another woman. I asked her to tell me what it was like. You know how curious I am.”

“In my opinion, that is one of your most endearing qualities. You’ll try anything at least once, won’t you?” I smiled and motioned for her to continue.

“Consuelo didn’t hesitate to launch an explanation about all female sex activities. I’m not sure whether she noticed the puzzled expression on my face, or if she just got hat and bothered talking about eating pussy. She stopped abruptly in her explanation, and asked if I would like for her to show me what it was like, I was flabbergasted. This new neighboriss as brazen as I am. I didn’t know what to say.”

“You know you were dying to know, Love,” I interjected hoping to keep her conversation going.

“You bet I was. She already had my twat twitching. Besides, it was a place I had never been. I accepted her offer, and before I realized what was going on she and I were in the shower exploring Bostancı Escort each other’s soap covered bodies. I was surprised at the excitement this new adventure was generating. Her touch was soft, and warm, and penetrating. I was tingling from head to toe, and judging from her heavy breathing, I’m sure she was as well. Since I had never bathed another woman before, I followed her lead as we amorously soaped and caressed each other. When she got around to washing my pussy, she used her bare hand to lather my crotch. She also took the liberty of running her finger along my slit, and briefly penetrated my holes, both of them, as she went about her business.”

“And I’ll bet you weren’t just standing there while she got you hotter than Hell, were you?”

“Like I said, I was playing follow-the-leader, so when she played with my pussy, I played with hers. The first time she kissed me was when my finger slipped into her cunt. Her kiss was warm and passionate, and I returned it the same way. Shortly after we exchanged a few kisses we silently left the shower and dried off each other’s bodies. That’s when I took the initiative and took one of her nipples into my mouth and titillated it with my tongue. We dropped our towels and went directly to my bed where she introduced me to the finer aspects of woman to woman sex. I like it a lot, Randy. Now I need to know your reaction before I go on with our plan.”

“There’s no ball and chain in our relationship, Maude, and I see no need to change that arrangement simply because you and your neighbor decided to start up an affair. That is, of course, unless your plans are to usher me out of the picture. I’ve become very fond of you old girl, and I hope that doesn’t change.

“Oh Randy,” she cried and she threw her arms around my neck, “you’re a wonderful person. I don’t want to lose you either, but I would like very much to see where things go with me and Consuelo. In fact, she is also very anxious to see how things would go with the three of us, and I just know the three of use would be great together.”

“What do you mean the three of us?” I asked. “You may think I am a man of the world, but I don’t know the first thing about woman on woman sex.”

“Let’s learn together, Randy. Consuelo wants to come over and meet you, and share her many feminine charms with both of us. I assure you it will be an unforgettable experience.”

“Well, since you are so hot on the deal, maybe I can give it a whirl if she’s ever over here when you and I are feeling frisky, so to speak.”

“Here’s a better plan, Sugar,” Maude said excitedly. “Consuelo is waiting at her house for me to give the signal, and she will be right over.”

“You gals are pretty sure of yourselves, aren’t you?”

“I know how much we like to fuck, and I know you are awfully good at it. Consuelo loves sex as much as I do, so there’s no doubt that we will be a terrific threesome.” She already had the phone in her hand. I nodded approval, and she dialed the number she had already memorized.

“Consuelo?” Maude asked her phone. “Drop your drawers and come see me. I want you to meet someone.”

Minutes later we heard the back door Ümraniye Escort open and close. Consuelo appeared in the doorway.

“Connie,” Maude said in the voice of an unmistakably intimate friend, “I want you to meet my dear, dear friend, Randy. He is looking forward to getting to know you better.”

I stood to greet her, and it was then that I realized I was still nude. I made an effort to cover myself, and both women laughed heartily. Connie was quick to seize the moment. She loosened the sash on her bathrobe, and let the garment fall to the floor. I surveyed her nude body approvingly.

She wasn’t a big woman in stature, but she was what is referred to as pleasingly plump. Her complexion was olive, and her smile was radiant. She had ample breasts, but the outstanding quality about her was that her aureoles puffed up above her normal breasts forming smaller tits on which her nipples rested. This was a first for me, but I liked it.

Like Maude she had a mass of hair at her crotch. Obviously she wasn’t the bikini type so trimming or shaving her pussy would have been a waste. She stepped toward me. I reacted normally. My cock began to grow.

“I think he likes me, Maude,” she said not losing her beautiful smile. “I will do my utmost to make you like me much more, Randy.” She was close enough to fondle my pecker so I thought it was only fair to examine her breasts at the same time.

“Okay, you two,” Maude pouted playfully, “don’t forget me.”

“Not a chance,” I said as I kissed her amorously while caressing her enormous breasts. Connie stepped in as soon as our lips parted and kissed Maude passionately. Then she turned and kissed me with equal passion. My dick responded along with my tongue.

“Very nice,” Connie commented as my cock grew in her hand. “Maude, I think something has come up that we should take care of immediately.”

“I agree,” Maude said and giggled with excitement. She reached down and cupped my balls in her hand as she had done many times before. Working as a team they eased me back to the sofa and seated me on the center cushion. Maude settled to her knees, and continued her attention to my cock, which, by the way, was now fully extended. The tip of her tongue was trailing up and down either side of my shaft, up and down the underneath, and occasionally to my scrotum. My erection was as hard as petrified wood.

Connie had straddled my lap, and was offering her luscious boobs to me for my pleasure. I’m not one to pass up an opportunity like this, so while I massaged her melons with my mouth as vigorously as I could alternating from nipple to nipple as evenly as I could under the circumstances. Connie guided my hand down to her wet pussy and pushed my index finger into her hole.

Maude had advanced from tongue stroking my shaft to covering the head of my cock and massaging it with a tongue that was becoming more skilled at the art every day. One hand gripped my shaft and the other fondled my balls.

Connie was not to be upstaged by her new love interest. She managed to disengage my mouth from her breasts and plant a very passionate kiss squarely on my mouth. For a moment I thought Kartal Escort her tongue was going to choke me, but then she surprised me when she stood up on the sofa cushions and pressed her pussy solidly against my mouth. This was a new pussy to me, but the same excitement and sensations raced through my body as I stroked her hole and her slit with my tongue. We were both definitely showing signs of arousal as we continued our oral coupling.

Maude made a sensuous gurgling sound as she took on my orgasm. With my mouth buried in Connie’s pussy, it was not surprising that my climax ranked among the most gut-wrenching experiences of my sexual life. Connie was unaware of the ecstasy from down under, but she did take note when Maude rose from between my legs and positioned herself at the end of the sofa leaning against the sofa arm; legs spread wide inviting attention to her heretofore neglected pussy.

I had moved from Connie’s pussy hole to her clitoris a few moments before where my talents at rocking the little man in the boat were coming into play. Connie announced without reservation the arrival of her thundering discharge. In addition to other animated feats, she managed to slap her pussy against my face with each orgasmic convulsion. Then she eased her body down to where she could give me another of her hot passionate kisses before rolling off of my lap.

I was unquestionably satisfied with my present sexual disposition, and Connie had just openly demonstrated her elation with her recent climax. We could not, however, overlook the needs of our hostess, Maude. After all, she was perched at the end of the sofa with legs wide open. My artillery piece was temporarily but definitely dismantled by Maude’s magnificent blow job. It was entirely up to Connie.

Our new sex partner was indeed a trooper. She quickly regained her composure and slowly crept up between Maude’s legs and up to her upper body. She latched onto the first breast available, and promptly began to nurse Maude’s more than ample breast like a starving puppy. Maude embraced her head with loving care and held her close.

Then Connie moved farther up until she made contact with Maude’s lips. She embraced them with equal vigor and tongue play. Soon both women were showing signs of labored breathing and fondling of the first magnitude. Their pussies’ were evenly matched, and they were making every effort to grind their clits together.

I had moved from the sofa to an upholstered chair across from the girls’ playground so I could get a better view. From my new vantage point, I saw mounds of female buttocks working hidden crotches together and generating the sounds and smells of unbridled sexual arousal. Four sizeable breasts were mashed into an unrecognizable heap, and just above that were two mouths fiercely stoking the flames heating this event to boiling.

When the girls realized I was off the sofa, they immediately moved into a 69 position and delved into each others’ crotches. I realized I was witnessing for my first time female intimacy elevated to it highest level. The participants were obviously oblivious to their surrounds. They had traveled to the depths of each others’ valleys, and were actively reaping the harvest of abundant bounty.

I sat across the room with my tool hanging between my legs unable to inspire any level of engagement, but there was a growing yearning evolving in response to the all nude, all female coupling before me.

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