A trip to the store

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Val drove along the rocky shore, her lips mouthing the words to the radio. “So, where was it again?” She asked, regripping the steering wheel. It was drizzling, and she kept an eye out for any movement. Something caught her eye and she slowed slightly, not wanting to hug anything.

Nyx looked around pausing. “I think it was to the right…” He saw something as he slowed, not quite certain of what it was. “Is that a deer?” He asked, leaning forwards in his seat to see better.

Val stopped, looking forward herself, untill white globs covered the front of the car. She screeched, pulling the car In reverse. “I don’t know!” She panicked. She turning on the wipers to see threw the goop. “Nyx? I think we should revisit another time.” She began to make a turn about.

Nyx stared at the gloop in confusion. “Dah fuck is it…??” HE asked, seeing more coming out of the bushes. “Um… lets go to the bulk store!” He suggested, knowing there was plenty of room there.

Turned around, she pressed on the gas, but the car wouldn’t pull forward. Val breathed, and pressed harder. It was almost like the wheels would turn. She looked out the back window, and didn’t see anything. “What is going on!” She pressed again. “Nyx..” She could hear creaking, as the metal of the car had lists of weight on it.

Nyx looked out the window but couldnt see anything. “We might have to get out and run…” He offered, grabbing his backpack from the back seat. “Something must be holding the axle.

“Get out and run?!” Val stared at him wide eyed, grabbing her bag, and throwing her jacket on. “Seriously?!” She turned off the car. “L-let’s go..” Slowly she opened the door, stepping out. Her nerves were making her shake, and she looked around. “There’s no mud! Nothing!” She looked back at Nyx. Slowly, she felt soemthing cold wrap around jean covered ankles. She looked down, only to scream loudly, the slimy grip pulling her down.

Nyx stepped out but his side of the car seemed clear. When she screamed, he ran to her side and noticed the glob grab her. Nyx stomped the goop arm off and grabbed her arm draggign ehr away. “Come on lets go!”

Val scampered away, holding onto his arm. “What.. What was that?!” She sprinted away, now seeing the the mass under the car. “Where’s the store?!”

Nyx dragged her into the parking lot, seeing the slime balls crawling behind them. “Almost there!” HE told her, seeing the doros growing closer.

Val panted, literally slamming into the doors. She quickly got inside, holding the door closed. “QUICK” She yelled to the cashier. “Lock the doors!”

Nyx moved to grab a cart to drag in front of the door as a confused cashier ran over, locking the doors without any question. He looked outside to see the blobs moving clsoer. “what is that?” He asked.

“I don’t fucking know.” Val fell back into the shelves. Strange enough, her ankle started to feel weird. “Nyx..” She looked down. “My ankle feels numb..” She pulled up her pants, staring at the pink skin. She blob things rested against the door, their skin almost pulsing.

Nyx looked down at her leg seeing the pink flesh where the thing had grabbed her. “Thats not good…” He looked at her leg, not touching the flesh. “I hope thats not bad…” He said aloud, standing back up.

Val panted.. “I hope not.. ” She looked around standing back up. “Should we check the rest of the store?” She looked at the cashier. “I hope you didn’t leave any doors open..” She mumbled, heading behind the counter, not really caring if he didn’t like it.

The cashier’s face went white as he looked towards the back of the store. “Im going to say that the back probably isnt locked.” Nyx sighed, following behind Val. “Shall we get some food?”

“Not locked..” Val scowled, grabbing the phone. “Stuff food into your back pack, and my bag.” She handed him her bag. “I’m calling police..” She picked up the phone. “911, what’s your emergency.” “Yes well you see.. Crazy enough, these.. Globs have appeared.. Neverthe-” Her heart stopped when she heard the sound of suffocation and muffled screaming fill the back room. “Hold on.. S-send help please!” She out the phone down, the tentacle wrapping around the door frame. “Nyx!”

Nyx moved up behind her, stopping when he saw it. “Shit!” He stepped back, trying over a cart and falling on his ass. “How many are there??” He asked, trying to get up.

Val pushed the cart away, slamming her fists into the door. “It’s locked!” She screeched, throwing the bag over her shoulder. “Where’s the guy?” She eyes scanned around, untill beg landed on his strangled body cuddled around a think tentacle. The creature not in full view, she ahivered and shook. “We need to get out!” She ran down the small isle, creature charging at them like a giant octopus.

Nyx followed behind her, catching up as he heard the thing behind him. “Jesus!” He yelled, looking behind them to see it getting closer.

Somehow, the creature dodged between them, separating the two. One tentacle shot out at Nyx, the other managed to grab Cal just below her breast. With a loud gasp, the girl was lifted and squeezed. Resisting, Val screamed her arms pulled and tugged at the slimy part cooking around her body.

Nyx felt his arm get snagged and pulled against it, his free hand grabbing the shelf. Looking up he noticed Val was being grabbed around the waist. Nyx shook his arm, grabbing a cookie sheet from the shelf and cutting the arm off his wrist.

“Huh help!” Val screeched. The creature surprisingly let out a high shrill, making her cringe. It now had three good wraps around her midsection, and Val began to feel short of breath as the thing started to travel down her pants and thighs. the creature went in for another swing, thrusting quickly with noticeable large amounts or strength.

Nyx stopped, mouth hanging open as he watched the tentacles slide into her pants like some hentai flick. He blinked as her pants were dropped, and her shirt was puleld up, her skin slick with the monsters slime. “uhh…” He muttered, watching her pants drop too the floor.

“God dammit Nyx!” Val snapped, knowing exactly what he was thinking. “This isn’t some sick porn fantasy!” Her fists began bashing at the thing, the tentacle now sliding up her neck, and pulling at her arms. She felt dizzy, her reactions a little slow from lack of air, and she felt a little nasty at the slimy sliding everywhere. The creature still acknowledged his presence and thrusted again, knocking down a few shelves.

Nyx felt the tentacle hit him in the head and next thing he knew, he was tied down tight. “Fuck!” He cursed, looking up too see Val was above him, just looking in time too see a tentacle snake down her back and under her underwear, the bulge showing it was sliding between her asscheeks.

Val screamed and thrashed. “Ah!” She yelped, the tug tightened. She could feel it slide along her crease and favor around her entrances. “No, Nyx seriously!” She gasped. The creature pulled at Nyx now, pulling him closer to the mass, and sliding up his shirt, around his chest, and back down to his pants.

Nyx writhed flipping out. “Wait, monster thing! You have her! dont do me!!!” He pleaded, wiggling and headbutting it. He looked up once more, noticing the ends working around her holes. “At least it wont kill you!”

Val snapped her legs closed as she felt it penetrate her. “But impregnate me!” She cried, feeling the tentacle reach all the way inside her. “EW AH.” She writhed wildly, feeling her legs be pulled apart by her knees. The creature didn’t stop, but continued to work around Nyx. It need sperm from something. (Hah, damn) Slowly it pulled at his waistband.

Nyx frowned, squirming anwyays, his waistband being pulled down. “I have a bad feeling about this!” He grunted, trying to delay it as he heard Vals cry. Her panties were around her knee’s and he could see it working the appendage deep inside her body.

Val panted, the tight grip around her thighs made it hard to thrash. “Come on please!” She begged, a small sad cry filled the space, a new one sliding around her jaw. She shook her head , managing to push it off. The one inside her, pushed hard against the back wall and her hips shook away. It pushed back and forward, more like a pulsing mass expanding. More lashes wrapped around Nyx, and down his pants. Almost like a hole at the tip, the tentacle began to wrap around his penis.

Nyx watched as her pussy was filled above him, the sight of it pushing so much in and out ruining his ability to stay lucid. He felt his cock get pulled inside of the sheath and grunted, watching another moving around her face.

Val cried a bit, her lips pressed tight together, to not allow the entrance of the thing. She wondered how long it would take for the police to get there.. The creature pushed faster, Val trying not to give in to the whole thing. The creature engorged Nyx, and started pulsing up and down. The other tentacles loosened slightly, realizing his relaxed nature.

Nyx had calmed down, hsi eyes focussing on Val. He licked his lips, watching her body get abused. If he was going to end up raped, he might Escort as well jsut focus on what eh did like.

The tenacle began sucking harder on him, like he was trying to suck out his liquids. Val gasped again, the tightness working it’s was up her body. It was hard to not be aroused, and she moaned loudly, the organ swirling around her mouth. She could taste the slime, and it made her sick to her stomach and incredible nauseous. She became weak, feeling her thighs get tugged in a squat position.

Nyx’s cock shot to full erection as he heard her moan, the thick slimy tentacle slidding into her mouth. Nyx grunted himself, his breathing heavy.

Val slowly relaxed, her vision dizzy. The tentacles loosened slightly, so as to give her a bit of air. She wasn’t really sure what was going on, her consciousness drifting around, and she groaned feeling herself pulse. The I my thing pushed back into her mouth keeping her well controlled with the slime. More slime began to rush up her shirt, and pressure tightened around her breast, and a slight tugs. The creature tugged hard on Nyx, his pants now around his knees.

Nyx grunted, gritting his teeth as he watched helplessly. “Val…” He grunted, trying to warn her to loosen up as a rather large appendage moved towards her ass.

Val’s head lurched back. “Mhm?” She muffled, diliriously. Her back became erect, and she screech, it entering her ass. She cried a bit, the tentacle finally exiting her mouth. “Jesus Christ Nyx!” She exclaimed. “Would you cum already?!” She shivered, the mass reaching farther inside than she imagined it too. “Please.” She pleaded, her head rolling to the side.

Nyx grunted, trying his best. He watched it squirm further into her, and he lost it. Nyx’s teeth gritted tight together and he felt himself cum, pretending it was him inside rather then the tentacle. after a couple seconds he relaxed, taking in a deep breath.

Cum shot into her, and Val’s whole body squirmed. “Okay please!” She cried, the things finally loosening. In an instand she was dropped to the floor with a loud thud, and with a yelp, rolled to her side in a coughing fit. The creature let go, and pulled away. Mission complete? Slowly, it took a tiring retreat.

Nyx blinked crawling towards Val as it slithered away. “Are you ok?” He asked, pulling her tight against her. “Was that my cum… or…?” HE asked with confusion, blinking as he looked down at her.

Val glared at him. “No I’m not!” She pouted, “you didn’t help me!” She shook, sitting up. She scooped up some of the cum. “Does that look like yours!?” She snapped. The cum was pale pink, far from white.

Nyx felt his mouth frown and he gulped. “Well…. It would have grabbed me either way…” He sighed, watching her scoop up the pink cum. “Will you have a tentacle baby then…?” HE asked staring at it.

Val shook pulling her underwear back on. “I don’t know..” She quivered, tears streaming down her face. “You should just kill me before then.” She looked down, slime coating her skin. “Took you long enough to cum..” She sighed.

Nyx stared, his mind whirling as he thought of ideas. “Well first things first…” He moved in front of her, pushing his body over her’s as he pushed two fingers into her, scooping out the goo. “The more we get out the better.” He explained, surprised by how much was stuffed inside her.

“Huh Nyx what are you doing?” Val looked up at him. She groaned slightly, looking down at his hand. “W-what if It doesn’t work?” She furrowed her brows, looking back at him appreciatively.

Nyx kissed her, his finger working the last bit out. “Well only other thing i can offer is too use my cum and hope that it wins…” he explained, wiping the cum covered digits on the floor.

“How does that work?” Val asked, biting her quivering lip. “Please.. I don’t care. I don’t want to give birth to.. Whatever that is..” She looked at him sadly, grabbing into his hips. “I’ll try anything.”

Nyx crawled between her legs, trying to stroke himself to erection. “You only have one egg. So if mine beats its…” He pushed between her legs, rubbing her cheek. itll be ok.”

“Do you want help..” Val’s hand reached down to accompany his. She spread her legs around his hips, and gave him a small kiss. “Thank you..” She whispered quietly, resting her head back.

Nyx rubbed his cheek against her’s his cock hard enough to push inside. He moaned softly, pressing it in, pulling her tight against him as he thrust slowly.

Val groaned, kissing his ear. “Make sure you’re all the way in when it comes, okay?” She asked, her tears drying on her cheeks. “At the entrance to the womb..”

Nyx nodded, the inside of her cunt sticky. He lifted her legs higher to get a better angle. He panted a bit, trying his best to get close.

Val clentched down on him, hoping to get him comfortable. “Please let this work..” She panted, a small moan coming from her throat. Her lips played around on his cheek, and she nuzzled him like a cat.

Nyx had cum just 10 minutes before, but he wasnt going to give up. He just focussed and brought back the image of her holes being stuffed before. Soon enough he came himself, and lay on her panting hard before rolling over, his cock sore.

Val groaned slightly, lying in the same position for a bit, before putting her legs down. “Thank you.” She grabbed his hand, pulling closer to him. “Really..” She sighed, lifting her hips up slightly, “What do we do now?” She looked around, realizing they were still in a grocery store. And monsters were everywhere.

Nyx sat up, pulling his pants up and shirt down. “Honestly I dont know… Perhaps get food, fill backpacks, and find somewhere to hide out?” He suggested, looking around.

Val pulled her pants back on, and grabbing her jacket and bag. “Yeah..” She looked at him a little embarrassed, and then began throwing food into the bag. She figured medical supplies would be handy too. “Okay..”

He gave her hair a rub before helping, grabbing some bottled water was well. When his bag was full he hiked it up over his shoulder. “Lets check the staff rooms. Might be a key to security, which will have a nice steel door.”

Val hummed slightly. “Okay.” She moved behind the counter. The phone she had left out left a dull ringing noises. Phone lines must be down. She moved into the back rooms, taking a look around. “You were right.. But, I think that guy had the key..” She looked over the storage of items, then at him. “Is his body still here?”

Nyx looked around but couldnt see it. “Honestly I’d rather not look… Lets just go find a hotel. the key’s will be in the main room that way.”

Val felt an uncomfortable tug in her stomach, clentching it. “Okay..” She said uncomfortably, sure the pain would go away. “No no, let’s just stay here for tonight.. It’s already getting late..” She said, leaning against a box.

Nyx nodded looking outside. “Yah your right, he pulled shelves and bags of flour together, attempting to make a small hut for them, that they would feel safer. When he finished Nyx headed down the pillow isle, grabbing two and some blankets for them, putting it on the bottom. “Hows that?” He asked, rubbing her side.

“Fine..” Val said quietly, looking down. She bit on her lip blocking out the pain. “Come on.” She put her stuff down, and grabbed his arm, pulling him down on the blanket.

Nyx let her pull him down with a smile, pulling her body tight against his, kissing her gently. “You ok?” He asked, rubbing her side gently. It was supposed to be a casual day out, and now all this shit had happened… hopefully she was alright.

She tucked a leg around his waist, and the other between his legs. “No..” She said, resting her hand under her chin. She blinked slowly. “I hope your plan worked..” She rubbed her gut uncomfortably.

Nyx rubbed her side some more, looking down to her stomach with concern. “We could try to find some plan B pills… but I doubt they have them anywhere but a pharmacy, and frankly all I brought was condoms.” He explained, feeling a twitch under his hand, but blamed it on his imagination.

“Condoms?” Val giggled slightly, which quickly turned into a sigh. “Let’s just sleep..” Her stomache twitched slightly, and she softly yelped. “I’ll be fine.”

Nyx nodded, pulling her tighter as he slowly closed his eyes. “Alright… sleep well.” He nuzzled his face up against her’s dozing off.

Val slept soundly, until she whimpered loudly, startling awake from her tentacle dream. Her stomach ached immensely, and she ran a hand down it. “What?!” A huge pudge had formed, and pressure kept building. “Nyx, nyx!” She grabbed his arm, “help!” She squeaked.

Nyx bolted awake, looking down where her eyes were aimed. He quickly put his hand over over stomach, feeling something writhing inside her. “Oh shit…” His first concern would be that it would eat its way out, but quickly realized that was absurd. Nyx grabbed her arms and pushed her onto her back, ripping off his belt to attach her arms to the shelf behind her head. “Im sorry but otherwise you’ll hurt yourself.” He quickly pulled her Escort Bayan pants and underwear off, rubbing over her stomach.

“Wait what?!” Val whimpered slightly, tugging her hands at the bar. “Nyx, hurt myself?” Her eyes went wide in fear. “What are you doing?!” She yelled, her legs held tight together from the pain.

Nyx saw the lump move again, his teeth clenching. “We are going to help it get out, and im making sure you dont do anything stupid.” He explained quickly, reaching down to spread the lips of her snatch, a slimey fluid oozing out.

Val cried slightly, highly uncomfortable. “Stop!” She screeched, the pain increased. She looked down at him. “Nyx… Get it out now!”

Nyx gulped, spreading her lips wider, a finger dipping in to see if her water was broken. He stomach twitched and the bulge straightened out, the slime flowing faster. He felt something gooey touch his finger and quickly retracted it. “Its coming out.” He announced, the end facing her pussy squirming now.

Val squealed, her hips and legs squirming. “Ewww!” She breathed. “Pull it out!” Her back arched and she panted wildly, feeling the slimy drip out of her.

Nyx bit his lip, seeing the end of what appeared to be a larva, push its way out of her cunt, a much thicker body behind it. He gave a heavy tug on its fleshy body, watching her hole stretch as its thicker body was pulled out. With an audible pop the forearm thick baby popped free, it was the same as its parent, only its tentacles were just nubs. the second it was free it took off, running off to the other end of the store. Nyx stared in amazement before undoing her hands.

Val screamed slightly, biting into her arm. she didn’t feel the need to look down, but she knew feeling disgusting with her own body was a correct statement. As soon as her hands were free, she curled into a ball, sobbing quietly into her arm. “What the fuck..”

Nyx rubbed her side, pulling her tight. “Its out now, your ok…” He explained, looking around the store. “We cant stay here though, if it can mature that fast…”His mouth closed as he thought.

Val sniffled. “I’m not okay..” She pushed away from him, pulling her clothes back on. “Not okay..” She pulled her jacket on, and grabbed her bag. She gave him a following look, then began to walk out to the back door, wiping her face.

Nyx grabbed his bag and packed up quickly. Seeing she was already out the door. He moved along after her, looking around. “Val?” He asked, almost at the back door.

“What?!” Val turned around, looking at the back door. “Hurry up..”, she turned back around, but tripping into a bush she hadn’t noticed before.

Nyx sighed and shut the door behind him, turning too see her in a bush. “Really?” He asked, frowning as he reached down to help her up. “I havent see a bush like this-” He felt one of the vines suddenly smash into hs face and fell back, his arms and legs being held down. “What the?”

Val jolted up. “Nyx?!” Her wrists were pulled back by tight vines. Val screamed, trying to sit up, but feeling something unpleasant slide over her chest.

Nyx looked up as the tip of the vine sliding over her chest opened up, a pink flower spraying a mix of aphrodisiacs into Vals face before wrapping itself around her throat. A much larger one moved underneath of her, lashing out, the hard vine smashing into her ass with a hard clap. It would push against her ass, trying to press through the pants, before lashing at her ass again, in frustration. A lower down tendril found the bottom of her pants and yanked them down, exposing her pantie covered ass.

Val squirmed, untill she breathed and tasted mixes of liquids. Quite sweet actually. She immediately relaxed and giggled, her vision hazy. “Nyx what’s going on?” She moaned, playfully yelping at the smack.

Nyx opened his mouth but closed it unsure. “Um… Your having fun?” He offered, hearing her giggle. The thick tendril moved behind her ass, moving her panties to the side, squirming against her ass.

“Why not?” Val blinked dizzily, her hips bucked against the tendril. “Are you?” Her eyes gazed up at the sky, the dark cloud swirling in her vision.

“sure lots.” He offered in return, her small hips pressing back against the large vine, the tube began to get slippery, a thick oil being secreted from inside of it. It pressed harder and some of it wormed its way up inside her ass. Nyx’s eyes were wide open, watching some of it slide back and forth inside her.

Val moaned loudly, her hands gripping At the vines around her wrists. “Nyx, you should get in on this.” She hummed, lifting her hips up slightly with a soft grunt. “Ohh godd”

Nyx stared in awe, a good foot of vine sliding in and out of her with ease. When she gave her suggestion the vines lowered her down, still pumping her, but now not high off the ground. The vines on his hands and feet loosened, allowing him to move. He got up, walking towards her, in front of her he could see the bulge push up on her stomach every time it slide inside.

Val bit her lip in a whimper, her stomache feeling nicely loosened. Her thighs twitched dad she leaned forward to kiss Nyx. “Do something silly..” She stared at him with lust, her waist tugged at the tentral.

Nyx unbuttoned his pants and lowered them down, deciding he didnt have much choice. A second vine moved behind her, pushing inside her already well stretched out, the bulge on her stomach getting larger as more of both delved deep inside of her. “Silly?” Nyx asked, his hard cock in front of him.

Val kissed him harder, a loud moan vibrating through her lips as she forced her tongue in his mouth. “Yes silly..” She chuckled, her stomach squirming around the tentrals uncomfortably. Her brain couldn’t register it with the chemicals, but any normal person should know it couldn’t be healthy.

Nyx kissed her back, stroking the back of her head as he reached down, placing her hand on his cock. The tendrils sped up, probably disappointed that they couldnt go any farther than where they were. “Do you like that hun?”

Val smiled, wrapping her legs around him. “Of course!” Her mouth attacked his again. “Come on baby please, go to work.” She pleaded with her eyes, the thrusting making her whimper more.

Nyx grunted, unable to hold back, he pushed the head of his cock into her cunt, able to feel the thick vines working through the thin flesh. He began to bounce her, his hands holding her ass as He kissed her roughly. The vines changed their pattern, one sliding in as the other slid out.

Val bucked her hips against his, licking up the bridge of his nose. “Mhm you like that huh?” She furrowed her brows, the change in pattern making her pulse harder, her mouth forming a big O. “Fuck…”

“Your taking so much…” He groaned, feeling her work herself on him. “Have you, had practice?” He asked, biting the edge of her neck in wonder. Her ass had opened so easily. He gripped her ass hard, nails digging into them.

“Do you like it better when I cry and groan?” Val pouted. She growled lightly which turning into a high moan. “No, why?” She looked back at him, her cunt wetting him so much it spread in the side of her thighs.

“Fuck yes!” He answered, licking up along her neck as he continued to thrust inside, his cock dripping wet. “I was wondering how much cock youve fit in it.” He told her, watching as something wide traveled down the vines, heading towards her ass.

“Uhhhh..” Val moaned, biting onto his shoulder. “Come on babe..” She panted, her thighs quivering. “Fasterr.” She begged, her eyes widened as something think slipped inside her. Her grip tightened on his arms, nais digging in.

A few more of the round thigns slipped down the vine, up inside her ass, about the same thickness as an orange. the other tendril began to pulse, thick and thin. “Ones pushing eggs up your ass… the other is cumming I think.” He told her, his cock ready to blwo from the tightness of her wet cunt.

“I don’t care…” Val moaned loudly up to the sky. Her legs tightened around him, toes curling under, her nails dragging up his back, her snatch clentching hard on him, and the tentrals. “You can blow some into meee.” She hissed, kissing him again.

Nyx began to cum, kissing her hard. “Oh fuck yessss.” He felt his own jizz pump into her well used cunt, mixing with her girl juices and the slime. The thick jizz oozed out from around his cock as he slowed down, the tendrils themselves sliding out of her messy asshole.

Val kissed him all around, small cute whimpers echoed from her. “Your cum feels so good..” She squealed, pressing back into him, her lips sucking on his. “Nyx.. I love it when you do that..” She giggled.

“When I fill you with cum?” He asked, watching the plant around them suddenly wither away. “I enjoy filling you up.” He chuckled, kissing her back greedily.

“We should do it more often..” Val pulled him closer, gently bucking her hips against his gut. “So warm..” She bit his lip, feeling excessively lazy and tired. Her grip loosened on him, as she began to slip.

Nyx lifted her Bayan Escort into his arms, and got both of their backpacks, carrying everything across the street to the hotel, he found a key sitting in the parking lot and snatched it up, heading too the imprinted room. He flopped her onto the bed, before locking the door and upacking.

“Mhm your so strong..” She buttoned her pants back up, and rolled over into the bed, the aphrodisiacs still affecting her. “Babe cuddle me..” She begged rolling onto her side, her arm holding up her head, her legs rubbing against each other. “And kiss me, and grope me like you always do.” She flipped onto her back restlessly.

Nyx moved over and sat next to her with a chuck;e. “I suppose I could…” He teased, gasping a breast. “you sure that would be fun?”

“Duh!” Val giggled, pulling him down next to her. “Just love me.” She pawed at his cheeks softly like a cat. “Nyx..” She sung softly, like a siren. “Play with me. I want to play with you..”

“Open your mouth and get on your knees.” He told her, giving her cheek a kiss before getting up. “There is soemthign we havent done yet.”

Val grabbed his hands, and getting on her knees by the edge of the bed. “What is it?” She grabbed onto his knees, rubbing up his thighs. “Show me baby!”

Nyx undid his pants once more, putting his cock in front of her face. “Im going to make your ass ncie and red, you take this deep down your cute little throat ok?” He told her, gripping her hair as he licked his lips.

Val hummed. “Yes mister..” She opened her mouth wide, taking in his large head. She dribbled some spit on him, it running down his shaft. “I love giving you head..” She giggled, taking more of him in slowly, rocking her head back and forth.

Nyx fucked her mouth slowly, letting her do most of the work. “Uh god… so wet.” He groaned, reaching behind and rubbing her taut ass, his figners kneading every inch.

Val moaned closing her eyes and she took him in further. Her noises slowly turned into gags as her hands began to pet his testicals. She breathed heavily, thrusting him in and out faster.

His hands got too her legs and he was surprised to feel cum oozing down her thighs. He could feel his cock oozing precum in the back of her throat as he went, the gagging getting audible. “Thats a good girl, all the way down.”

Val coughed around his dick, swallowing air and precum, drool dripped down her chin and onto her chest. She pulled him out, using her hands. “Good girl?” She cocked her head down to lick and nip at his balls.

“Good in the sense that you’re a perfect little slut.” He chuckled, moaning as she gave him one of the most messy blowjobs ever. His figners curled tighter in her hair, his head rolling back.

Val grinned, knowing how much he was enjoying it, the grip on her hair making her a little more viscous. She bit and licked the inside of his thighs, working back up to the base of his shafted. Once there, her tongue slowly ran up to the head. “I like being your slut.” She bit on his skin lightly. “Come on baby, cum again. Rub it into my cheeks.”

Nyx groaned watching her lick and play with him. He had already been close, but watching her work him over like a nasty little vixen sent him over the edge. “Oh yessss” He gripped her hair hard, letting her jerk his cock all over her delicate cheeks and face.

Val moaned with a chuckle, rubbing him faster. Her tongue ran up his stomach, where she began biting down to his shaft again. Her hand tugged on him hard, her thumb pressing on his head. Her lips sucked hard around his groin onto his testicles. “Ohh come on.”

Nyx bite down hard, hot gooey cum flying from the tip of his cock to coat her face, lips and chin. He breathed out deeply, groaning loudly as she finished him off.

Val giggled getting up to kiss him, her hand slowing down, but not stopping. Her fingers began rubbing it into her skin, while her tongue licked the bit around her lips. “How was that?” She asked, suckling up the bit that rubbing into his cheek.

“Fucking awesome.” He blurted out, pulling her tight to him. “You were awesome.” He commended, scooping up a bit too rub into her lips.

“Really?!” Val brightened up. “Are you done?” She asked, a dirty glint in her eye as she straddled him again.

“If you want more it’ll take a bit… but I dont mind playing with you.” He offered, reaching behind and pressing a finger against her gooey ass.

Val cooed, arching up as she pulled up his boxers. “Oh play with me!” She pulled her shirt off and grabbed his wrists, forcing him down playfully. “Play..” She smiled down at him.

Nyx pushed his tongue into her mouth, before flipping her over, dragging his tongue along her neck. “I bet we can make you squirm.” He suggested, squeezing her nipple as he pushed the finger deeper into her ass. “Too bad your plant friend didnt fill your throat with cum too.”

After a while, the aphrodisiacs wore off, her last few hours of memory fuzzy. “Plant friend?” Her hips twitched back and forth as she giggled. “I dare you to make me squirm!” She push back on him with her legs and arms. “If you can hold me down long enough!”

Nyx smiled at the dare and quickly pinned her down, moving between her legs, his tongue pressed onto her clit as a second finger joined the first, pushing into her gooey butt. His teeth grazed her clit, his free hand dragging its nails down her side.

Val panted trying to press her feet into his shoulders and push him back. Her legs became weak instead and she arched her back moaning, a hand running through his hair. The sensation making her quiver, and stop resisting.

He smiled as she gave up, his tongue now licking close to the entrance of her pussy. “you want me inside hun?” He asked, rubbing his gooey fingers around her ass before sliding them back in.

“Uh huh.” Val panted, feeling extremely horny as she gripped his hair. “You’re getting me all worked up!” She begged, her thighs wrapping around his head.

With a grin Nyx pushed his head down as far as he could, impaling his tongue into her tender cunt. He could feel his fingers working on the other side, all of her holes oozing wet. His fingers began to twist, his free hand still groping her body.

Val moaned, her other hand gripping the comforter. “Ohhh..” She panted delicately. Her grip tightened, her thighs held tight against his ears. “I love your tongue..” She heaved.

“you love anything that can give you a good fucking.” He teased, his tongue squirming back inside to lick along the walls of her cunt. He slipped it back out to lick her entire outersnatch. “cum for me baby.” He ordered, slipping back in.

Slowly, Val’s cries increased, probably heard in another room. “Fuck..” She gripped his hair harder feeling him work around in her. “Your fingers.. Are great..” She cringed and released, her thighs twitching with a loud wail. “Uhhh..” He kept working her up untill she pulsed hard enough to send her crying and shaking all over. Her hips lift off the bed and closer to him.

Nyx drank down her girl cum with relish, licking and slurping all over her twat. He pushed his tongue in once more, before pulling back and licking his lips. “MMMMMMM” He smiled kissing her cheek.

Val gripped his hair. “Nyx.. You make me so hot..” She said weakly, her body sinking into the bed. She ran her tongue lightly on his ear. “I wouldn’t mind giving you head more often..”

“I wouldnt mind dumping a load of cum in you a few times a day.” He chuckled, pulling her tight as he rubbed his cheek agaisnt hers. “that was fun.”

“That was sexy..” Val smiled, rolling on top of him. She stuffed her face into his neck, and curled up like a cat. “Meow..” She played, rubbing his collarbone.

Nyx pet her hair, rubbing the small of her back. “Why hello wittle kitty.” He joked, rubbing his nose agaisnt the top of her head.

Val sighed deeply, accounting what had happened in the past night, the sun now rising, the light glaring through the heavy curtains. “You can be my owner..” She walked two fingers up and down his chest like legs.

“I’d like that.” He pressed his face against her’s exhaustion setting in. Before he knew it his eyes had closed, and he passed right out.

Val watching him with a smile, gently rubbing his hair before she finally felt comfortable enough to relax into him. “My pretty baby..” She kissed his neck, before closing her eyes.

Nyx opened his eyes, the light shining in the window, he felt her weight and scent immediately, looking up. He smiled, laying where he was contently.

“Mhmm..” Val stirred, her back arching. Her lips smacked together, and her eyes fluttered open, landing on the small freckle on his neck. “Good morning..” She giggled slightly, rubbing a hand around his collarbone.

Nyx kissed her gently, his hands rubbing her soft skin. He could hardly believe it had been 6 months already. His eyes returned to looking at her face and he softly kissed her mouth once more. “How did you sleep?”

Val smiled, her legs curling up against her enlarged stomache. “I slept as good as it can be by this point..” She buried her face into his shoulder. “You?” She grabbed onto his hand.

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