A Travel Story

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It was the vacation they had wanted to take forever. Finally the youngest of their children was off to college so they were free to travel to places that did not have roller coasters or hats with ears. Eve had spent the last 6 months huddled together with her travel agent, best friend Trish who knew all the great places to stay and which things were “can’t miss” and which were tourist traps. Eve had every detail planned and her husband Henry was happy to just go along with what made Eve happy.

Henry had minored in classical history in college and had always assumed he would one day walk the hills of Rome and sail from island to island in Greece. It hadn’t happened though until now. He had some places that he really wanted to see but he waited to see if Eve had them on her itinerary. Most of them were so he told her that was fine.

They would be traveling for 3 weeks. From New York they were flying to Spain and then it was buses, trains, boats and shoe leather the rest of the way until they flew home from Israel. Henry turned away from the airplane window and looked at Eve as she read from her tablet. She had small wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and a wisp of grey just above her forehead. The intensely blue eyes burned as bright as when they married. The silky blonde hair was not quite as light as it once had been but it still suited her rosy complexion.

She sensed his gaze and turn with a smile. Her perfect teeth parted her pink lips. He smiled back and she leaned forward and kissed him. As she leaned he got a view down her blouse of her fabulous breasts.She caught him looking and he expected her to give a disapproving look but she grinned.

A quick glance across the aisle confirmed that their neighbors were dozing in the darkened cabin. She took his hand a placed it between her knees. He moved his hand under her skirt while keeping an eye out for the cabin crew. He had never seen Eve like this but he was not passing on the chance. He wanted to rub her through her underwear but when he moved his hand up far enough he found just her smooth skin.

In all the time he had known Eve she had always kept herself trimmed and neat but never had she shaved bare. His head was spinning. Then it dawned on him that she was not wearing anything under her skirt. Had she been that way the whole time? In the cab on the way to the airport? In the restaurant where they had eaten dinner before jumping on the late flight? Eve whispered, “put it in…just for a second.” Henry did just that and heard her moan.

She clamped her knees together and held him there for a moment. Then she took hold of his arm and pulled his hand out from under her skirt. “I don’t want to stop but…” She looked across the aisle again.

“I understand.” Henry said. His heart was beating fast and he was in danger of tearing a hole through the front of his pants. He brought his hand up and licked the dampness from his fingers while his eyes were locked with his wife.

“I hope you liked that surprise” she whispered in a rasp.

“That was wonderful. I don’t see this side of you often enough.” Eve was never confident in her appearance no matter how sincerely, or how often, Henry reassured her of how attractive she was. It was a rare treat when she would dress in lingerie for him. Although in recent months she had become less concerned about nakedness at home now that the nest was empty.

Henry tried to concentrate on the movie on the small screen mounted to the seatback in front of him. Mersin Escort Every slight movement made by Eve caused him to lose focus and think about her body. He loved the taste of her. He thought he still detected it lingering on his tongue. She never seemed to want him to kiss her there. She thought it was gross. A few times when she was particularly aroused or a little drunk he had explored her with his tongue and she had writhed delightfully. He liked pleasing her about as much as he liked to be pleased. He knew that he would try, try very hard, to go down on her. Henry had never forced his wife to do anything but the desire she had caused to surge through his body made him feel like he might do anything.

The plane landed after what felt like eternity. They had both slept fitfully but were happy to finally return to Earth. They had arranged to have the hotel shuttle pick them up at the airport and were relieved to see at at the curb when they emerged from the airport. The driver spoke to them in broken English but they could not comprehend what he was saying. Henry tried in his version New York-Puerto Rican version of Spanish but the driver made a face, pointed to himself and said, “Catalan”.

Henry tried again saying, “Perdona’m. Es pot trobar nostre equipatge? Som Henry i Eva LaBlanc.”

The driver smirked and said, “Si.” Henry figured he had mangled the language but at least he had been understood. They climbed into the shuttle. It was a van with 2 rows of seats in the back and space for luggage behind. The front row was already occupied by a couple that Henry guessed were German. They must have come in on another flight at about the same time. Eve said, “Hello.”

The couple answered, “Hallo.” Yep, Germans.

The driver returned with their bags on a small cart. Eve counted, came up with the right number of bags and smiled in relief. Henry never could figure why women had to bring every damned thing they owned on a trip. Of course he appreciated that she liked to dress nicely so he didn’t complain.

The shuttle lurched forward into traffic causing Henry to think that the driver might be driving for the first time in his life. As soon as they got moving Eve reached over to his lap and slowly teasingly slid down the fly on his pants. He looked at her but she did not return his glance. She looked forward, out the window or at his lap but never at him. The truth was that Eve thought she would lose her nerve if she looked at him. She struggled to work the zipper around the curve in his pants that naturally occurs upon sitting. She finally had it worked all the way down and wasted no time in reaching inside to find him. She rustled around through the opening in his briefs and found him hard as a rock and as warm as a fevered forehead.

She pulled him into the open air and began to pump him with her hand. She watched the foreskin slide up and down over the head. She flicked the tip of her thumb across the frenulum. He jerked when she did so and the driver looked back at them in the rearview mirror. Eve maintained a calm demeanor, at least externally. She wasn’t sure if Henry had managed it as well. She kept up a slow teasing stroke for most of the ride. Suddenly he grabbed her wrist very hard, almost painfully. He would not let her move and then he pulled her hand away. She knew she had brought him right to the brink there in the backseat of an airport shuttle. “So this is what it is like to be sexually daring,” she thought with an inward chuckle.

Henry Mersin Escort Bayan fixed his clothing as soon as his swollen member had softened enough to allow it. He did not know what had gotten into his wife but he did know what was going to be in her as soon as they reached their room. That adventure was delayed, however, by the front desk wait and sign here, sign there dance. Then the bellman brought their things to the room and showed them where the bathroom and light switches, etc were. Henry thought, “I guess there are people stupid enough that the have to be shown such things.”

Finally they were alone. Henry turned to Eve and seized her and tossed her over his shoulder. She squealed with delight. Henry through her roughly onto the bed and rolled her onto her stomach. He raised up her skirt and delivered a smack on her bare ass. “You’ve been a naughty girl.” He said.

“Umm I have. Spank me again so I will behave.”

Henry certainly did not expect that. He swatted her again. He cheek was reddened and she ground herself into the mattress. “Ummmm, I’m a bad girl.”

Henry rolled her over and through her feet over his shoulders. He brought his mouth to her mound with no preamble. Just lips and tongue on her already moist pussy. “Oh, yes. Lick me baby.” Henry couldn’t believe this was his wife. “Put your fingers inside while you do that.” He happily complied. Henry could hear how wet she was. His tongue massaged her over and over until finally he heard her moan. Her legs stiffened and she gushed onto his hand.

Henry kept licking until she pushed his head away saying, “no more.” He stood and moved around the bed. He took his cock out of his pants and grabbed the hair behind her head and pulled her toward him. She giggled and opened her mouth for him. Her mouth was imitating the motion of her hand earlier. He rocked his hips forward and back, never letting his hand leave the back of her head. He motion started to waver and she knew he was close. She used her hand to stroke his balls and suctioned him just a little more. He groaned loudly and erupted into her mouth. She let him move her head back and forth as he wanted and swallowed. He pulled away and collapsed onto the bed next to her.

She crawled up his body and kissed him deeply. He returned the kiss but wrinkled his nose at her. “Don’t give me that. I taste me on your mouth, ya know .” Henry laughed and stroked her back through her blouse. Neither one had ever gotten any clothes off. “We left at night and now it is night again here.” Henry thought. I’m ready for breakfast and everyone is going to bed.

“Let’s go get something to eat before everything is closed” Henry said. Eve straightened her skirt with some difficulty and fished a comb out of a bag to fix her hair. Henry opened the door for her and as she walked past he smacked her ass one last time. She squealed and gave him that giggle that made his heart to somersaults.

The hotel was accustomed to jet lagged visitors so they were able to get a nice meal with an excellent Spanish wine. Afterwards they walked to the inner courtyard of the hotel that somehow stayed much cooler that the air outside. Maybe it was the shade from the towering palms that grew through the cobbles. The courtyard was maybe 50 feet square and was overlooked by small balconies from the inner rooms of the hotel. Their room was in the center of one side of the hotel and had a balcony over the courtyard and over the ocean. Henry Escort Mersin remembered Trish saying something about this but had to admit he had not paid attention.

“Do you want to explore a bit in the city?” Henry asked.

“I would rather explore a little bit in that big bed upstairs,” Eve said.

“Again?” Henry asked with a huge smile.

“Well I didn’t really get what I was thinking about all the way across the Atlantic yet.”

Henry took her hand and guided her diagonally through the palms and back to the door where they had exited the restaurant. “If I live to be a hundred, I will never understand that woman.” Henry thought. “I never imagined she thought like that.”

They reached the room and Eve vanished into the bathroom. Henry undressed and played some music on his phone. He laid down on the bed and waited. Finally he heard the door opening and then the lights went out. He groped at the bedside lamp and found a switch that turned on a dim bulb but he figured that was enough for the occasion. He turned to find his wife in a purple mesh garment that compressed her breasts wonderfully and barely covered her lovely areas below the waist. She gave a little spin and he saw that it hugged her bottom as nicely as it did her top.

He smiled and crooked his finger playfully at her. She returned the smile and crawled slowly from the foot of the bed towards him. Their lips met and they kissed like new lovers. She ground against his stiffening cock and pressed her breasts against him. Henry reached for the hem of her lingerie and lifted it upwards. She raised her arms and let him pulled it upwards and off. She immediately returned to kissing him and he began to let his hands explore her. “Lay flat,” she said. He did as she desired and she reached between their bodies and guided him into her.

She shuddered.

He felt so good inside. She loved to be on top. To press down as much or as little as she liked. She started to rock her hips back and forth. She ground her sensitive nub against his body. She moved faster as he guided her hips and said, “oh, oh, oh” over and over.

A movement or a light caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. She turned and saw that the balcony on the opposite side of the courtyard was occupied. A couple stood side by side blatantly watching the show. Eve felt a surge in her abdomen. It was surprising and even a little frightening but she gave into it and thrust even harder. She leaned back and cupped her breasts. She toyed with the nipples. Henry was pulling her hips with urgency, forcing her to go even faster. She pulled her left breast up to her mouth and tongued the nipple. She looked across the courtyard and watched as they watched her lick herself.

She came.

It was sudden and dramatic. Her abdomen seized up and her juices ran onto Henry’s body. He could hold out no matter and he burst into her with a groan. She kept rocking on him and had another nice orgasm before collapsing on his chest.

He kissed her hair and held her as he softened. “Wow,” he finally spoke. She was embarrassed by what she had done. She was uncertain what to say to him. Eve knew she had to be truthful.

“We had an audience,” she said.


“There was a couple across the courtyard. I don’t know when they started watching but they saw at least the last 10 minutes or so.”

“Huh. Are you OK?”

“Yeah….look…um…I saw them there and it turned me on.”

“Oh yea? I’m not sure what got into “vacation Eve” but I am wondering if I can bottle her and bring her home.”

“You’re not freaked out?” she asked.

“Hell no. I like that you feel like you can cut loose with me.”

Eve smiled and said, “OK, because I made some other plans for the rest of our trip.”

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