A Train Ride to Remember

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A little note to readers.

All of my stories have been based on either my favorite fantasies (“In the rain,” and “Watching” or actual events in my life (In the Ladies Room,” and “My secret confession.” I struggle big time with just making something up. 🙂

This story is a loose play on both, hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to leave me feedback as I really look forward to reading what you think, the good and the bad. Oh and please vote. 🙂

Thanks for reading.



Jenna shifted on the hard, uncomfortable, and sticky metal bench. She looked up from her book, distracted by a couple of teenage boys passing her. It was obvious that they were completely oblivious to the fact that she was sitting there. She almost shouted at them when the heavier one came less then an inch from stomping on her foot, protected only by the two flimsy straps of her sandal.

They hooted, grunted and whistled their approval and appreciation to a beautiful blonde standing in line for tickets. Jenna rolled her eyes, and sighed in irritation. Was it hard wired that young men had to be obnoxious and ridiculous in the presence of any beautiful woman? She pushed her reading glasses back up the bridge of her nose and pursed her lips as she shifted again and crossed her slender legs. She wished a breeze would come and dry some of the moisture gathering at the back of her neck.

Absently and somewhat bitterly, she recalled a time when she had let her dorm room roommate dress her up in a replica of Halle Berry’s Cat Woman outfit and do her make-up for a Halloween party. She had thought she looked good. Well as good as her, less then a handful, boobs and stick like figure could look. But the only recognition that she was even alive came from the foreign student whose English was barely understandable and whose face reminded her of a monkey.

Jenna shook the memory and allowed her eyes to curiously fall over the woman. She couldn’t see her face, as her back was to her, but from behind she was very easy to look at. Her long silky blonde hair graced her narrow shoulders and flowed down her back in playful waves. The curve of her hips was a slow and easy line to follow before plunging down her long, sun kissed, and literally perfect legs. The little black flowy dress she wore hugged her body and complemented her flawless skin. Her small, delicate feet were decorated in strappy hills and Jenna found herself swallowing a lump of thick and sour tasting jealousy.

She moved her eyes back up the woman’s body, and felt her heart drop and the blood in her face jump fifty degrees in temperature when her lingering gaze met with the blank stare of the man now standing beside the blonde bombshell. Where had he come from? It didn’t matter she was more then embarrassed. A flimsy smile sprang to her lips then fell away quickly as she tore her eyes away and returned her attention back to her book.

For the next fifteen minutes Jenna starred at the words in her book and tried, without success, to get back into the story. Relief washed over her when she heard the familiar sound of the train. Slamming the book closed she watched as the train approached and came to a stop. She felt the butterflies in her stomach swarm, and smiled at her child like excitement and anticipation. This was it. She was going home for the summer. No classes or exams, no teachers, no nothing. She wouldn’t answer her phone, or check her email. She’d just lay buy the river and relax for the next two and half months.

College was tough, she was doing well, liked her friends and even some of her classes but she missed home. She couldn’t wait to go to lunch with her mother every few days, and take the boat out with her father. Her parents, she knew, missed her too. They were having a hard time adjusting to the fact that she was nineteen instead of twelve.

Jenna adjusted the scrunchy that held the thin and dry tail of brunette hair out of her face then dropped her reading glasses in her bag. She scanned the small train station and guessed the train would be crowded. A huge number of people fell into a long line at the entrance to the massive machine that never failed to awe her. Hopefully she wouldn’t have a chatty person sit next to her. She didn’t want to talk, she wanted to eat, maybe read a little and sleep.

Jenna fell into line and when she took the first step onto the boarding platform, her ankle twisted somehow and she crashed into the back of the large man in front of her. She realized she had grabbed a fistful of his jacket in the fall and released it as she tried to regain her balance. The familar heat of embarrassment flooded her cheeks when he turned to confront his attacker.

With a throbbing ankle and a red face, she tried to collect herself and attempted to smile at the man starring back at her, the same man that had caught her eyeing the blonde barbie standing in front of him.

“Oh my Goodness, I’m so sorry,” she said failing to avoid eye contact. Of course the man had to be gorgeous, she thought. He stood easily over tuzla escort six foot tall, and his denim jacket hugged his broad shoulders nicely. His sky blue eyes flashed a hint of surprise before he spoke in a thick southern accent.

“No problem, you okay?” He asked, a sloppy grin pulling at the corners of his lips, and a large hand pushing through the messy mop of sandy blonde hair on his head.

“Yes, thank you,” she told him attempting a smile. Her face felt as though it would catch fire at any moment.

The blonde woman, now standing beside him, turned and looked at her strangely. She had large blue eyes, a shade or two darker then his, under wispy bangs, and pouty lips. Jenna seen her eyes flicker what looked like recognition. She knew she didn’t know the couple; in fact the woman looked like she’d just stepped out of the cover of a Victoria’s Secret Magazine.

“Oh, I’ve been there,” the woman said. “If you’re wearin’ even the slightest heel, you gotta watch your step.” Her southern accent was as thick as the man’s. A pretty smile spread across her porcelain like face, showing her pearly white teeth. “I’m Kay and this is my husband Jason,” she said thrusting her hand towards Jenna.

Jenna smiled and nodded her head, trying not to wonder if the woman noticed that she wasn’t wearing heels. “Yeah, I guess I should pay more attention, I’m Jenna,” she said taking the woman’s petite hand. Should have worn my jeans anyway, she thought smoothing out her plain cream colored dress.

Jenna inspected the platform and let out an exasperated sigh. The toe of her sandal had been caught in a crevice. “Damn it,” she muttered under her breath, cursing whoever or whatever left the gapping hole in the floor. Limping slightly she moved along with the crowd until she found an empty seat and sunk into the padded chair, blowing her limp, dark brown bangs from her eyes with an upward directed sigh. It was late and she was starving, but grateful to finally be on the train. Now she could relax and watch the city disappear behind her, a sight that she had been looking forward to.

The couple she’d just litterally ran into sat across from her, laughing and giggling while Jenna stuffed her face with the bologna sandwich she’d made earlier. It was a little squished but it tasted like steak to her at the moment. She watched joyfully as the rest of the passanger’s boarded and listened to the train hiss as it jerked forward and began to move.

Jenna stifled her giggle of excitement and ate her bag of gummy worms two at a time as she watched the city go by until it thinned out then disappeared. Not even twenty minutes later she was dreaming of sun, sand, and a fluffy oversized towel.

When Jenna’s eyes fluttered open, it was dark outside. The chatter of the people around her had ceased, and she heard several people snoring. Her neck was sore, so she didn’t move right away; instead with her head still resting against her chair she slowly rotated it, winching at the stiffness.

It took her a moment to realize what she was seeing, but when she did she almost gasped in surprise. Jason sat across from her, his long legs splayed out in front of him with his jeans undone and his soft cock in the palm of his hand.

Her eyes darted to his face to find his eyes closed and his sharp, strong features relaxed.

She snapped her own eyes closed, her mind reeling in shock. What the hell was he doing? There were people everywhere, asleep or not! What if someone walked by or something? Where was… what’s her name? After the initial shock had passed she wanted to laugh. The irony of the situation was just her luck. Jenna stifled a smile, and wondered if he was just beginning or just finishing. It had to been one of the two. Well he definitely is not shy, she thought.

Jenna thought about making a noise, yawn or mumble or something to let him know that she was waking up, but decided it would be too embarrassing. Instead, she opened her eyes just enough to see past her eyelashes. Her mouth seemed to get dry instantly.

Jason pulled and twisted his hand up and around his hardening cock, the muscles in his strong arm contracting in a rhythmic motion. His wide chest rose and fell in a steady motion with deep but calculated breaths. She was fascinated and it surprised her. Her mind told her eyes to close and her head to turn in the opposite direction; however, she continued to watch his hand twist around his hardening flesh, up and over the tip then back down to repeat the motion.

She felt a flutter in her chest and realized she was enjoying it. She had never watched a man masturbate before but she always thought they did it rougher, or faster. Jason’s movements weren’t fast or rough, he moved tantalizingly slow, like he was making love to himself. His cock was fully erect now, and although she knew she shouldn’t, she prayed that he wouldn’t stop. She felt a spreading heat in her core and swallowed hard. She wasn’t a virgin but she was still unfamiliar with the way the opposite sex ticked.

A tuzla rus escort layer of something shiny covered his shaft making it slick and as she watched his cock slip through his loose fist easily, she wondered if it was spit or something else. A faint tingle accompanied the heat between her legs, and she felt her nipples harden against her cotton bra. She liked the excitement, the naughtiness of watching this brazen man please himself. She felt a twinge of guilt, but she wasn’t about to stop watching.

Her fingers twitched as the delicious tingle between her clenched legs got stronger and she couldn’t help but to wonder what would happen if she pulled her dress up to touch herself? How long would it take for him to notice and what would he do about it? Jesus Jenna! Get a grip, her mind screamed at her.

She watched intently as his hand picked up its pace, squeezing and pulling. The muscles in his denim covered legs twitched, and she couldn’t help but to wonder what he was thinking about or who rather. Jenna allowed herself to imagine that he was thinking of her, but quickly cut the thought short. It was all she could do to keep her hands relaxed at her sides instead of roaming her own flesh.

The whole thing had a shock value to it. The way her body was reacting to what this stranger was doing. It was almost a form of torture. He was making her want to touch herself, to touch him, and he didn’t even know it. She felt sexual tension inch through her, and the heat that had consumed her was now dancing along her body like a hungry fire, tightening her muscles and quickening her breath.

She watched, her eyes now wide with wonder, concentrating on keeping her body still but feeling her muscles twitch. Her nipples ached. The whole thing was so hot, and she was hornier then she’d ever been in her life. His whole body was tense now, and his cock as hard as a rock. She liked the way his hand slipped around it, twisting. And the way he would slow down every once in awhile and squeeze just under the head. The excitement of him not knowing that she was watching and that she could be caught at any moment, had her heart thumping wildly.

She wondered as a pool of her excitement gathered in her panties, what his reaction would be if she slid to her knees and took his long, hard cock into her mouth. The thought practically had her rocking her hips. Flashes of what it would look like, and feel like flicked in her mind. Her mouth watered. She imagined working her lips, the way his hand was, feeling it hit the back of her throat and swallowing his cum. She wanted to taste it.

Her skin tingled and she felt good. Jenna licked her top lip and sucked in a sharp breath when Jason grunted quietly. The twinge between her legs rippled through her and she felt her back arch slightly against the back of her chair.

He gripped the base of his dick and squeezed. “Do you like what you see?” He asked his voice thick, hoarse.

Jenna’s heart flipped and her eyes flew to his face. He grinned at her, his icy eyes watching her intently. She didn’t know what to say and again felt the heat of embarrassment flood her face. Her mind worked franticly to think of something to say but she came up with nothing.

“I like that you’re watching me, I was hoping you would wake up,” he said quietly.

He was smiling at her. Say something! Her mind screamed, but nothing came, she forgot how to form words. Unable to stop herself, her eyes dropped when he began stroking himself again.

“Keep watching, it really turns me on,” he whispered.

His words were pitchy. Jenna listen to him breath unevenly and watched him watch her. Her heart raced, but she allowed her eyes to drop again. She wanted to watch his hand move. She couldn’t help it. She jumped when Kay sat down beside her and rested her hand on Jenna’s leg.

“He’s good at that, isn’t he?” Kay said with sexual over tone to her southern accent.

Jenna looked at Jason. He smiled playfully and her heart slammed against her rib cage. She didn’t understand. She started to move away, but froze when Kay’s hand slid up her thigh. The sensation was riveting. Her skin felt like it could be on fire where the woman’s soft fingers touched her.

“I um… I don’t…I mean… I can’t,” her words stalled in her throat when the woman’s warm lips skimmed her cheek. Jenna felt her stomach muscles contract, her pussy pulsing with excitement. She felt the warmth of Kay’s slender fingers push her dress further up her legs until the paleness of her naked skin was revealed. Her rapidly swelling clit pulsed against the soft cotton of her panties. Absently, Jenna spread her legs just a little further apart.

Her mind didn’t want to work, she couldn’t think straight, she could only feel. Her skin was so sensitive, and she couldn’t seem to stop watching Jason. It was like he was hypnotizing her. The erotic way his hand moved around his ever growing cock made every part of her tingle and ache. His eyes held hers, as Kay pushed her tuzla sarışın escort soft hand under the bunched material of Jenna’s dress and softly caressed the wet cotton of her panties.

“That’s it, keep watching him,” Kay whispered in her ear, “that’s exactly what he wants.”

Jenna stiffened slightly when Kay slid closer to her, positioning her body flat against hers, so that she could feel her breasts against her arm. To her bewilderment, she liked the way it felt. Her lips quivered when Kay’s fingers found her nipple through her dress and her bra, twisting it softly between her thumb and index finger. And when Kay kissed her, Jenna kissed her back, hesitantly and softly at first then hungrily.

Jenna whimpered and tried to control her heavy breathing as hot flashes of pleasure echoed through her trembling body. Jason’s eyes, glued to her own, seemed to darken and his jaw clenched as Kay pushed her panties aside and slipped her finger through the wet, hot valley between her pussy lips. She spread her legs further apart, consumed by the need roaring in her; bucked her hips forward, moaning quietly as Kay’s soft finger tips gently greeted her clit.

Jenna’s mind tried to wrap around what was happening to her. She liked it so much, had never felt more passion and sexual need before in her life. Besides kissing a girl once on a drunken dare after finals last year, she’d never experienced an erotic moment with a woman. She loved it. Kay’s lips moved around her ear lobe and neck while her fingers caressed the folds of her sex, teasing her clit, and dipping into her soaked cunt. And Jenna melted into her touch, she felt her orgasm twisting through her body, felt the sweat form on her heated skin. God, it felt so good. She wanted the sensations to last as long as possible.

“Do you like it?” Kay asked. Her voice was husky and her blue eyes deep, alluring.

“Yes, I like it,” Jenna said finally. Her own voice startled her; it was raspy, strained almost and sounded nothing like her.

“Good… I’m going to make you cum while you watch my husband.”

Jenna nodded her head. She was breathing hard, fast and already very close to climax. Hell would freeze over before she said no. Her hips gyrated against Kay’s fingers as pure sexual pleasure raced over her heated skin. Her eyes followed Jason’s hand, moved over his hard body and got lost in the way he watched her. She watched the head of his cock pop from his fist faster now and held his gaze when their eyes met. Kay was touching her as if she knew exactly what she wanted. Tiny explosions of pleasure started exploding at her center, and her toes curled. Kay stopped then and Jenna had to bite her lip in order to stop herself from screaming in disappointment. Her chest heaved and her eyes widened as she looked at Kay.

Jason smiled a toothy smile, and winked at her when she flicked her eyes back to his face. She felt as though she had been dropped like an anchor from a ship and every muscle in her body screamed in objection.

“Lick her pussy Kay; make her cum in your mouth. I want to watch your tongue work its magic baby,” Jason said thickly.

His glossy eyes danced with what Jenna thought might have been amusement, and he grinned broadly at her. She said nothing. Even if she wanted to, she knew she couldn’t. Instead she swallowed hard then leaned over and kissed Kay. The warmth of her mouth again sent her body quivering. She felt Kay’s soft hands clutch her thighs and they shared a passionate hungry kiss. The thought of getting her pussy licked sent electrical pulses running rough shot through her. She’d always loved being on the recieving end of oral sex, but had never experienced it from a woman.

Kay pulled away and gave a surprised but pleased giggle as she wiggled her way between Jenna’s thighs. Jenna sucked in a breath when Kay pushed her dress all the way up until it gathered just below her neck. Her heart stammered and she could feel Jason’s stare on her exposed flesh.

“Watch Jason,” Kay said before pulling her bra down and taking Jenna’s nipple into her mouth.

“Beautiful,” Jason mumbled.

Jenna gasped at the softness of her mouth, and watched Jason’s face. His eyes watched Kay as she sucked tenderly, licking softly. Fire erupted through her chest and her nipples, now hard little pearls at the ends of her breast tingled in response. Pleasure swirled through her. She didn’t care about anything but what she felt at that moment. She didn’t care if the whole train woke up and watched, she just didn’t want it to stop.

Jenna opened her eyes as Kay’s lips moved over her nipples, and met Jason’s lusty gaze, dark and gleaming. He still held his cock but only massaged and moved it tantalizingly slow through the palm of his hand. And as Kay moved down the flat and contacting muscles of her stomach, Jenna knew that she’d have him before they were done. She realized that she was being used by this couple and couldn’t be more grateful.

Kay’s lips closed around her clit and Jenna bit her lip to keep the scream gathering in her throat in. She threw her head back and spread her legs as far as she could. Kay’s tongue flicked and sucked her clit, while two of her long slender fingers fucked her gently. Jenna moved her hips against her, her orgasm swam like lava through her body. Her face was hot.

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