A Thief in the Night

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It was after one in the morning, the thief was about to make her hit, this would be the sixth house that she broke into. It wasn’t this neighborhood but the others nearby and word spread quickly of the break-ins.

The house was dark, no car was in the driveway, and there was no garage. The thief chucked to herself, “I wonder what goodies lay in this house.”

The thief makes her way to the unsuspecting the house. She takes out a crowbar and aims for the window. It took a few minutes but she is able to get the window open. She throws a bag inside and then leaps up and a second later she’s in the house. She makes her way slowly through the house. “There’s such a treasure trove of goodies.” The thief begins her shopping spree.

Out of nowhere a person appears and their eyes meet. The thief pulls out a gun but the owner of house is quick and kicks the gun out her hand. The owner tackles her. The two roll across the floor. She’s on top and starts bashing the owner’s head but he’s able to roll on top of her. She kicks him off and takes out a knife. The owner trips her before she could make a move. She gets up but he gets her in a sleeper hold and after a few minutes of struggling the thief is down for the count.

The female thief regains conscious and finds her arms restrained and her clothes save her black bra and black thong removed.

“Struggle all you want you’re not getting out.”

The illegal bahis thief turns her head to see the man staring at her.

“I thought you were a man at first but imagine my surprise to know that the person responsible for the break-ins is a woman, a very attractive one at that.”

“Who are you?” The thief while struggling.

“My name is Bob, the owner of this house, whom you wish to steal from.”

The thief continued to struggle.

“You’ll only tire yourself out but then again go ahead it’ll make things much easier for me.”

Chase approaches her and put his hand on her chin. “You’re so beautiful.”

Bob goes behind her.

“What… what are you gonna do to me?!” The thief said in a panic.

“You stole from others and you attempted to steal from me so I’m gonna steal something of yours!”

The owner starts by removing the black thong the thief was wearing.

“No stop, I know where this is going, you can’t do this!”

“Oh you think stealing is just and let’s not forget you came at me with a gun and knife so that would come out to be gee I don’t know MURDER!”

Bob’s hands undid the front clasps of the thief’s black bra that causes her tits to bounce on release.

“Please don’t!”

“Don’t worry about pregnancy I’m stealing your anal cherry!”


“It’s too late!” Bob spreads her legs, spits in her asshole, and inserts his illegal bahis siteleri hard penis in nice and easy. Which his left hand he grab fistful of long blond hair and begins the anal invasion.

“No please ahhhhh!”

Bob starts increasing his thrusts. “Oh yes, I needed this yes! Never did a Hispanic chick before! What luck that you decided to pick my house!”

Bob kept going. The thief knew this was the biggest mistake of her life, the tears stream from her eyes clearly showed that. She hoped the anal invasion would be over soon. He kept thrusting and cheering, pausing slightly but then picking up the pace. He slaps both ass cheeks and continues. “Oh this is it! Oh, oh, oh, here it comes!” With a final thrust he ejaculates into her ass. “Oh yes that was good!” He reaches under her and pinches her nipples. She felt no pleasure in any of this, only humiliation.

Bob gets up, cleans himself up, and gets dressed. He soon returns and unties the thief.

He takes by her hand and tells her to put on her shoes but that was it. She still had the bra on but her tits were still exposed. They head outside and walk to the next door neighbor’s truck. “My car is currently in the shop and my neighbor is on vacation, he said I could borrow his truck. Where do you live?”

“Huh? You’re not gonna turn me into the police?”

“No, just return everyone’s stuff and we’ll call it even.”

Bob canlı bahis siteleri drives until he reaches an apartment complex. He parks in front of her apartment door and steps out, goes to the other side and grabs the thief by the arm. As soon as they were inside he pulls her toward her bedroom. Once inside he threw her face down on her bed. She knew not to resist, he could change his mind about reporting her to the cops. He ties her arms to the bed poles. He took his time looking through her closet. He soon returns and unzipped his pants. He removes the belt and ‘SMACK.’ The thief lets out scream. He beats her naked ass nine more times. “Naughty thieving bitch!” He anal invades her again. He thrust fast and hard. He didn’t care if it hurt the thief or not, this was punishment, pleasure for him pain for her.

After he is finished he removes cash and a debit card from the thief’s wallet. “I’ll be holding on to your debit card till tomorrow night, Nina Cortez and I’m taking your phone so you won’t get any stupid ideas! You will have dinner prepared for me and you will be wearing a black bra with black thong, stocking with suspenders, high heels, lip stick, and nail polish for fingers and toes, all black. I’ll also personally supervise you returning everyone’s stuff the next night so prepare your ass for that night and as many nights as it may take to return everyone’s stuff. I’ll be keeping your thong from this night as memento.”

The owner untied her and left. He would withdraw all the money out of her checking and saving account. Nina could do nothing but prepare and hoped that she could return everything on the third night.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32