A Techies Wonderland Ch. 02

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It had been almost two weeks since Amanda had gone against her initial desires and given me the job anyway. Being the only man in this…environment, was presenting its own challenges. As hard as I tried to maintain my professionalism I felt like a few of the ladies were getting a bit frustrated with me. Celia, the receptionist seemed to be taking great pains to tease me, almost as if she was seeing just how far she could push me before I just gave up and ripped her clothes off; not that she was wearing all that much some times.

And then there was Jeanie. At nearly six feet tall her slim body was quite attractive; while she had small breasts, only a large A or small B cup, she seemed to absolutely glow when she flashed them to me in what I’m sure she wanted to be viewed as “accidental” situations. I have no doubt that given the opportunity she would revel in having me undress her completely.

Maria was a bit more my type though. She was tall, slim and had a pair of double D tits that she enjoyed teasing me with. Not that she ever showed them all the way, but she carefully chose her attire so that her ample, well tanned cleavage was constantly on display. If she wasn’t married I might have tried to lure her into one of the store rooms to enjoy that body.

Overall, the technical challenges of my job were enjoyable, but the sexual frustration I felt at the end of each day was driving me crazy. There wasn’t a day I didn’t have to go home and jack off, at least once, at the thought of the ladies here.

“Chris.” I said into the recently ringing phone.

“Chris, this is Elaine. Could you come down to the dress room and give me a hand?”

“Sure. Be there in a moment.” I answered, dropping the phone into the cradle before heading out of my office. Elaine was an interesting study in contradiction. She had the auburn hair, yes in both places I had learned, the light skin and freckles and small breast. She even had a little bit of an Irish lilt to her voice. What she lacked was the firery temperament of the Irish, instead being a bit shy and at times standoffish.

It only took me a minute or so to walk onto the production floor and down the aisle to the large dress storage room, where all the in process and finished products were stored. I opened the door and stepped into the room expecting to find Elaine needing help with something heavy or up high, which was not unusual given her slight stature. What I didn’t expect was to find her with a woman that was very close in height to her, wearing the little black dress Elaine had tried to seduce me in that first day.

“Chris, I’d like you to meet Vanessa. Vanessa, this is Chris, our IT guru and all around sexy guy.”

“Well, hello there Chris.” Vanessa said in a voice that struck me as vaguely familiar. She stepped forward, her well tanned breasts wiggling enticingly inside the shimmery material of her dress. As she held her hand out for me to shake, her right nipple peaked out the top of the angled sash running across her body.

“Hi.” I answered stupidly, taking her hand for a moment while I tried to digest the sights in front of me.

As she dropped her hand the nipple dipped back into the dress, hiding it once again; though the damage was already done, I could feel my cock swelling in my pants. I tried not to stare, but the shimmery material didn’t quite hide her little blond heart shaped tuft of hair that pointed straight toward her pussy.

“So what do you think? Is it hot or a bit too slutty?” Vanessa asked, making a slow turn all the way around, and then continuing so she was facing away from me. She bent part way at the waist and pushed her butt out at me, the material sliding half way up her ass so her pussy was exposed as her meaty outer lips pushed out just below her tight round cheeks.

“Well, I wouldn’t wear it in public.” I croaked, trying to find my voice and trying to keep my suddenly hardening cock from simply jumping out of my pants at her.

“Well, it certainly isn’t for that! It’s for a very special birthday party!” Vanessa responded, standing back up and turning to face me.

“All I can say is, it’ll be good to be the birthday boy!” I answered as I stared at her semi nude form.

“Oh. It’s not for him, it’s for me!” She answered with a giggle, stepping forward and wrapping an arm around my neck. She stepped up on her tip toes and leaned her cheek against mine while her other hand slid down my front and closed around my cock, bulging out the front of my dockers. “I’m turning twenty one and it’s my coming out party! Kind of feels like you want to come out yourself.” She whispered as she unzipped my pants.

“I see.” I answered in a half choke as her hand worked my belt loose and then went after the button holding my pants together.

“You want to come to my party? There will be lots of sexy women there.” She whispered, letting my pants slide down my legs to pool on the floor around my ankles.

“Dressed like you?” I asked, moving my hands casino oyna to her hips, not sure if I should hold her or push her away.

“Uh huh.” She answered, pushing the front of my boxers down, exposing my hard cock to her soft hand and gentle touch. “I sure would like to fuck this right now. But I have to wait two more days.” She said with almost a pout in her voice.

“Uh. Ok. Why two more days?” I asked curiously, trying not to think about her soft hand stroking my cock.

“Because my parents made me a deal when I was twelve. I’d get a birthday present of ten million dollars when I turned twenty one if I was still a virgin. I can tell you, it’s been a really hard nine years, but I’m still a virgin. Of course that doesn’t mean I can’t play!” She whispered, letting go of my cock and sliding her hand down my arm to find my hand. She pulled my hand off her hip and drew it down across the skirt of dress and between her legs pressing my fingers against her wet pussy. “You know what I’ve learned in nine years?” She asked quietly.

“No, what’s that?”

“That there are a lot of ways to make a girl climax besides with a cock inside her pussy. I may be a virgin but I love to cum. Would you like to make me cum?” She asked as she slid her hand back to my cock.

I looked over her shoulder at Elaine who stood there with her hands clasped in front of herself and a crooked little grin on her face. I gave her my best “what the hell do I do now?” look, which she apparently understood, mouthing “make her cum!” in response.

I was really at a loss here, not sure what to do, and at the same time being driven nuts by the soft hand that was stroking me. Almost without conscious thought I started to let my fingers stroke the soft pussy lips they were resting against, slowly spreading her moisture and working between them to find her already hard clit.

“Hmmmmmm that’s nice.” She cooed, pressing her little tits against my chest. “You know what my favorite way to cum is?”

“No, what’s that?” I asked a bit breathlessly.

“With a tongue licking me. I think women lick the best, but some guys are pretty damn good too. Would you like to lick my pussy?” She asked sweetly. Without waiting for me to really answer, she let go of my neck and stepped back, pulling me by the cock to one of the long padded benches that were in the middle of the room. I shuffled my way along until I was standing next to one of the benches, she then turned me around and pushed me backward. I looked over at Elaine for help, but she just stood there grinning at me. “Come on now, don’t be bashful. I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Trying this dress on has just made me so horny! I guess it’s the thought of all those guys that will be staring at me, wanting to fuck me and wondering who I’ll pick for my first fuck.”

“Yeah, I guess that would be a turn on.” I answered nervously as she pushed me back so I was lying on the bench. She quickly stepped over the bench, straddling it and me, facing my feet.

I looked up and saw the tips of her soft flowery inner lips protruding from between her rounded meaty outer lips, her little heart of blond curls pointing toward her wet softness. Her round smooth ass was framed in the shimmery black material as she carefully lifted first one knee and then the other onto the bench, balancing herself over me with her pussy hovering inches from my face.

“Ohhhhh.” I groaned involuntarily as a hot wetness enveloped my cock. I reached up and pulled her hips gently down, lowering her soft pussy to my face while her tongue swirled around and around my fat head.

“Damn. This cock is huge.” She muttered as I reached my tongue out for its first taste of her juices. I pressed my tongue between her lips, her little rosebud puckering inches from my nose as I slid my tongue along between her lips, searching for her hard clit. “OHHH! SHIT!” She squealed as my tongue bounced across her hard nub.

I licked up and down her wet pussy, stroking my tongue the full length of her lips, flicking her hard clit with each stroke. Her moans grew in intensity as I continued licking up and down her slit, pressing my tongue deep into her on one end of the stroke and running around and around her clit on the other, sending tingles through her whole body that soon had her legs trebling.

At the same time my cock was enjoying her youthful mouth, her tongue swirling around my head before each plunge down my shaft, my fat head hitting the back of her throat before she pulled back again.

“God I want this cock in me so bad right now!” Amanda moaned. “Elaine. Come over here…please!” She almost begged.

I couldn’t hear what they were whispering about so I continued to work on Vanessa’s pussy, stroking it with my tongue and lapping up her juices as they oozed from her excited body. I decided it was time to ratchet things up a step and try to get her to climax, before I did in her mouth. I slid one hand from her hip to her round firm ass and began to gently stroke slot oyna across her puckered pink rosebud.

“UHHHH” I grunted into Vanessa’s pussy as I felt a hot wetness envelope my cock. That was no mouth, but then I wasn’t going to complain either. I continued to stroke and lick her body while the pussy enveloping my rock hard cock rode up and down me, barely leaving my mushroom head inside before sliding down again.

“OH SHIT! I’m GONNA CUM!” Vanessa squealed as I teased the tip of my finger into her ass my tongue attacking her clit relentlessly now.

“Mphff” was my only response as I continued licking and sucking her clit, my lips pursing around it and squeezing it tightly.

I felt her whole body start to tremble and shake above me as her juices leaked over my face and ran down my neck. Her squeals of pleasure filled the room along with the panting moans of the woman riding my cock. Up and down she bounced, driving my cock crazy. It had been weeks since I had any sex, well, other than my own hand that is, and I felt like my cock was about to explode inside the incredibly soft hot pussy that enveloped it.

Vanessa lifted herself off my face and sat back, on the bench, my head between her legs, her body leaning over me so her tits were dangling in my face. I looked toward my waist, expecting to see Elaine bouncing on my cock, but was surprised to see Celia sliding up and down my cock, her C cup breasts that I had admired so much, bouncing wildly while her hands pulled and tugged at her own hair.

“Awww shit!” I groaned as my cock swelled inside her, the sight of her tits swinging and bouncing more than I was prepared for. “Here it comes!” I moaned as Vanessa sat on my hands and preventing me from reaching out for those bouncing tits while she used her hard little nipples to tease my cheeks.

“Yeah! Do it! Almost there!” Celia squealed breathlessly, little trickles of sweat running down her chest and sides as she continued to ride me wildly.

“UHHH!” I grunted, my whole body jerking spasmodically as my cock gushed a huge squirt of cum into her pussy. Time and again my body spasmed, sending jet after jet into her, her own cries and clenching pussy adding to the height of my climax. It seemed like hours before my body wanted to give me control back, my cock slowly wilting inside Celia as she sat astride me and the bench, a look of utter contentment on her face.

“Well, that was more than I expected today.” Vanessa said with a grin, sliding back a bit more to release my hands before leaning down to give me a soft wet kiss. “Thank you for making me cum. I really do think you should come to my party. I think you might well be the one that I choose first.”

“I appreciate the offer, but I doubt I have anything appropriate to wear.” I answered breathlessly.

“Oh all the guys are wearing the same thing. Mesh bikini briefs. And the girls all get to wear anything they want, but it has to show either pussy or tit at all times. I think you’d love it. I’ll get a special little brief for you if you come, just to help make the other guys jealous and the girls pant for your big cock.”

“What guy wouldn’t want to come to a party like that?” I asked as she climbed off the bench and gently stripped off the dress. “But I doubt I can afford the plane ticket to wherever it is you live.”

“Oh don’t worry. I’ll send you one.” She said with a wink as she held the dress out to Elaine. “You know. It’s a good thing that your friend here came in to sit on you. I’m not sure how much longer I could have kept from climbing on. You have the biggest cock I’ve even touched in person.” Vanessa said as she stepped into a pair of tiny thong panties.

“Yeah. Good thing.” I echoed, looking at the devious little smile pasted on Celia’s face, feeling utterly had at that point.

I lay there and watched Vanessa pull on a little yellow print sun dress that was surprisingly normal, other than its extreme shortness, compared to the new dress. With Elaine in tow, the two headed out the door, Vanessa blowing me a little kiss before closing the door behind them.

“So why do I get the feeling this wasn’t an accident?” I asked Celia.

“Because it wasn’t. I knew Vanessa was here and what the dress was for. It didn’t take much of a suggestion while she was waiting for Elaine to get her to want to try it out on a guy…well all I had to do was wait for the inevitable.”

“So you just waited for her to be ready to fuck and then helped her out by taking me off the instant market?”

“Something like that. Hell, I’ve been trying to get you to seduce me for two weeks. Haven’t you noticed my lack of panties and bra?”

“Yeah, I have. I wondered how you were getting out of the house that way without your husband seeing.”

“That’s easy. I’ve been changing out of them in the car so that I was all ready when I got here.”


“Well, I did ask you if you’d ever thought of having sex with a married woman, and you said no. canlı casino siteleri So I had to do something.”

“Well, you seem to have gotten your way. We’re not going to have a problem with your husband, are we?” I asked in concern.

“Oh certainly not. I’ve had a few friends from work over at the house and he seems to enjoy trying to get them to fuck him. It’s only fair that I get some too.”

“Oh Lord.” I muttered.

“Don’t worry.” She said, leaning down so her tits pressed against my chest. “We’ll just keep that we did this our little secret.”

“Yeah, like that’s going to happen.” I answered knowing full well that by now half the women in the plant had to know that Celia had gotten me.

The afternoon was thankfully quiet. It appeared that Celia had gotten away with her little play and surprisingly word hadn’t gotten out about it. A small kernel of me wondered what would happen if it did, but the larger part was deathly afraid of getting into the middle of a huge issue. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of lots of women and lots of sex was…well, “hell yeah”! But after being out of work for so long, I didn’t want to screw up this job. Amanda had given me a nice increase in pay after everything had worked out so well the first week that I was actually making more now than I had at my last job. She seemed to be genuinely concerned for me and my well being, as she was for all her employees. I was quickly learning that she was a terrific boss to work for and I really had no desire, sex or not, to screw that up.

Her words still echoed in my head. She has nothing against workplace relationships as long as they don’t get in the way of the work, and I had a LOT of work to try and get done. Ten hour days were going to be my norm until I could get this order system worked out and everything firewalled. The camera servers were my biggest fear. Even now they were at risk until my new router got here and I could isolate them better from the main systems.

I looked up at the clock and realized that the reason I was so hungry was that it was well past dinner time. I decided to go hit a fast food place and then come back for a while and start writing the use case statements for the order system. That was a task that required quiet thinking time, and I wasn’t going to get that during the day, especially not with Celia scheming to jump my bones every time I turned around.

I logged out of my workstation and headed out of my office running into Amanda heading toward the front door. She looked incredible, wearing a white dress, if you could call it that, which went from below her armpits to mid thigh. The front and back were solid pieces of some kind of white iridescent stretchy material that clung to her body like a glove. The front and back wrapped around her body except for about four inches of bare skin on each side, broken only by a half dozen narrow delicately braided straps of the same kind of material that the front and back were made of. It was obvious to me that the only thing under her dress was a tiny white panty, indicated by a tiny string looping up and over her hip and a hint of its outline through the slightly thinner back half material.

“Chris! What are you still doing here this late?” Amanda asked, pausing for me to catch up.

“Just heading out for some dinner actually. You look pretty spectacular tonight, headed out for a date?” I asked her trying not to stare.

“Well, I was. But it seems my date stood me up, again.” She said as we walked past Jennifer, the night receptionist, with a polite nod and wave. I had to admit that as security goes, she was the hottest guard I had ever seen. The dress she wore did a poor job of hiding her firm muscular body or her probably double D chest. Officially she was the night receptionist, but the majority of her job was security, a job she was well suited for, being a former Marine MP.

I pushed the door open and held it for Amanda, smelling the soft flowery perfume wafting from her body. I followed her out, allowing the door to close behind us, enjoying the view of her walk toward her convertible BMW as I walked to my much more modest crossover SUV.

“Hey Chris!” She called as she stood with one hand on the windshield of her car and her butt resting on the top edge of the door.

“Yeah boss?” I asked across the top of my SUV.

“You interested in dinner? I still have reservations at Antonio’s. My treat!” She asked.

“You sure? I’m not exactly dressed for a fancy restaurant.” I answered.

“Yeah, I am. It’ll give me a chance to get to know you a bit better.”

“I guess. I was just going to grab some fast food someplace.”

“I think I can do better than that. Come on.” She said with a smile, turning to open the door.

“Ok Boss.” I answered her as I walked around my car and heading toward hers.

“But you gotta promise to stop calling me boss!” She called from inside the open passenger compartment of her convertible while she watched me walk around the front to the passenger side. I opened the door and dropped down into the low slung car.

“So Chris. I see that Celia finally succeeded.” She said as she backed the car out of her reserved parking spot. “I’m surprised.”

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