A Taste of Wildness

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She could feel the bass pounding, reverberating throughout her body. She was glad she’d come, even though her snake of a boyfriend had only gotten the tickets because he knew she loved Hurt. “Probably trying to make up for a guilty conscience” she snorted to herself. Smoothing her silky skirt over her hips, she moved with the beat of the music. Glancing over at Chris, she noticed he wasn’t enjoying the music as much as he was the view in front of him – two scantily clad rocker chicks grinding on each other. Rolling her eyes, she moved a bit farther away from him and lost herself in the music. Emma knew he wouldn’t be happy that she’d gone that far from him dressed as she was, but she didn’t care, she just wanted to dance and let the music fill her until she forgot that her “loving boyfriend” was banging some slut at his work.

Emma had almost forgotten about Chris when a set of large hands started caressing her hips from behind. She froze, thinking it was Chris, she started to turn when she felt a set of lips brush her right ear.

“Under the seats near exit 25 – 5 minutes” The deep voice that caressed her ear was unfamiliar, but sent shivers racing through her body. Her mouth was suddenly dry as cotton, all she could manage was a jerky nod before the hands squeezed her hips and pulled her back briefly against a rock hard body, and an even harder, throbbing erection that ground into her lower back. “5 minutes” The voice reminded her, then she was alone in the concert. Head slightly spinning, Emma went back to where she had left Chris and found him grinding with one of the rocker chicks he had been watching earlier.

Turning quickly, she headed toward the exit labelled 25 and veered off, ducking underneath the seats that lined the outside of the arena. It was even darker than in the pit of the show and she stumbled a few times in her heels. Wishing she had sneaked her phone in so she could see how much time had elapsed, Emma leaned against Escort Bayan the wall and closed her eyes briefly. Suddenly, he was there beside her, sliding his hands around her waist and turning her around. Her eyes few open as her mystery man pressed her against the wall. He ground his throbbing manhood against her lower back as he ran his hands up her silky thighs. Leaning forward, his lips caressed her ear, lightly sucking and licking her earlobe. “Well arn’t you a slut, meeting some stranger who’s face you’ve never seen under the stands like this?” His voice rasped into her ear. Emma moaned in response, she had never felt so excited in such a short amount of time – her nipples were hard and her pussy was already dripping wet with anticipation.

Sliding his left hand up from her thigh, he tugged her tube top down and started pinching her left nipple, rolling and plucking it with his fingers. Emma arched and pushed her breast against his hand more, reaching back and sliding her own hand over his denim covered erection. He let out a harsh groan and ground his hips against her hand, pinching her right nipple. “You really are a hot little bitch, arn’t you? I bet you’re already soaking wet for my cock.” Pushing her hand away from his groin, he slid his hands down the front of her body and pulled her thong to the side, growling in appreciation when he found her completely shaven. Lightly rubbing the seam of her pussy, he lightly bit Emma’s neck, sending shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her. Applying more pressure he rubbed her pussy lips and tugged on them gently. “You’re so tight and wet for me, my little slut. Do you want my cock in here?” He asked pressing a finger just barely inside her. Whimpering slightly, she nodded. She did want his cock, and damn the consequences. Chris had cheated, why couldn’t she cheat on him? And she wanted this mystery man so badly.

Her knees almost buckled as he pressed his finger deeper Escort inside her. He started fingering her slowly, rubbing against her G Spot. Emma shrieked and ground back against his finger, the amount of pleasure this man was giving her was amazing, unlike anything she had experienced with past lovers. “Mmmm, I love how responsive you are to me” He moaned grinding his dick against her ass. Fingering harder and faster, he started plucking her clit with his other hand, pushing her quickly over the edge. Screaming her release into the concrete wall, she bucked wildly against his fingers. He removed his hand from her clit, but continued fingering her gently as she came down from her orgasm. Finally sliding his finger out of her pussy, Emma sighed her disappointment as she leaned weakly against the wall for support. “Suck” he commanded, sliding the finger that had been in her pussy into her mouth. She pursed her lips around his finger and sucked her cum off, swirling her tongue around the digit. She moaned around his finger, wanting more.

Quickly unbuttoned his jeans and sliding them down his legs, he chuckled “Don’t worry my slut, I’ll fuck you properly.” Impatiently yanking her thong off, he rubbed his bare cock against her ass. Emma moaned as she felt the huge cock slip between her cheeks. He was so big! Much bigger than Chris, and certainly bigger than any she’d had before. Picking up her left leg, he slid the head of his dick all over her pussy, rubbing between her lips and nudging her clit. Her juices coated the head as he teased her entrance. He was driving her wild! Emma was in a haze of pleasure and needed his cock filling her. She pushed her hips back against his dick, her eyes rolling back into her head as he slide the head into her pussy. Keeping the penetration light, he slid his right hand up and teased her nipples while he gave her time to adjust to his size. “Slut, you’re so tight around my cock head, I can’t wait to feel Bayan Escort you fully around it and feel you cum on it. I’m going to fuck you until you have my cum pouring out of you.” He said in a low voice. She bucked against him, wanting him to fuck her, take her. Taking the hint, he pulled the head completely out of her and put his right hand on her hip and thrust into her in one smooth stroke. Emma shrieked in pleasure, she had never been so full before, she felt on the edge of bursting. He grunted as he bottomed out in her and started fucking her at a slow, but punishing pace. She pushed her ass back against him to meet every stroke, whimpering in pleasure. He slowly picked up speed until he was slamming into her, grunting with every thrust.

Emma’s senses were almost overloaded, her nipples scraping against the concrete walls, creating a delicious friction that added to the completely full feeling she had from her mystery man’s cock inside her. Grabbing her hair with his right hand, he dropped her leg and slid his hand to her slit. He started strumming her clit, pushing her closer to the edge. “Mmmm, you’re about to cum for me aren’t you, my slut? Cum for me” He yelled, pinching her clit hard and thrusting deep into her. Emma shattered around his cock, milking it as he fucked her harder and faster. “I’m going to cum!” He grunted finally exploding, shooting hot, thick ropes of cum deep into her pussy.

They stayed joined for a few minutes, catching their breath, his forehead resting on her back. He slowly pulled out, turning Emma around and looking at her for the first time. She stared at the stranger before her for two long beats before he breathlessly kissed her, their tongues tangling against each other, their hands roaming all over each other’s bodies.

They parted, both panting slightly as they wordlessly got dressed and straightened themselves out. Guesturing her to proceed ahead of him, Emma walked away from her mystery lover with a wide smile painted on her face.

Chris was right where she left him, sans skanky rocker chick. She rejoined him, smiling briefly. He grabbed her hand and spun her in front of him and they swayed together, enjoying the final song of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32