A Taste of Ginger Ch. 02

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Three weeks had passed since my first meeting with Ginger. During that time we chatted online on several occasions. Our chats were never too long as Ginger never seemed to be one to indulge in endless conversations. We had agreed to meet again on her next half day which was always on Thursdays.

When Thursday arrived my mind constantly wandered to thoughts of being with her once more and repeating that fabulous massage experience. Every hour that passed while at work that day seemed to drag on and on. During meetings my mind imagined my hands gently massaging Ginger, giving her pleasure. I pictured my first encounter with her and wondered if there was any way I could improve my massage techniques. I told myself that my goal for this day was to give her a better experience than our last meeting and make this memorable for me too.

I left work an hour early and arrived at Ginger’s door right around 3:30. She cordially invited me inside and we sat on her sofa and started some small talk. She was so pleasant and open about her sexuality that I was completely at ease with her. I had mentioned to her that my wildest fantasy involved seeing two women make love. My eyes opened wide when she told me that she had several encounters with women and that she loved it. She also said that she was always looking for another opportunity to be with a woman. My mind ignited with instant fantasies of me and Ginger with another woman.

“That other woman could be my wife,” I thought to myself. I decided that this conversation could be explored further some other time. Right now I wanted to give her a relaxing massage and receive one in return.

“Why don’t you take a shower and freshen up. There are fresh towels on the rack and I will also take one in the master bedroom,” Ginger told me as she got up off of the sofa.

A few minutes later, Ginger emerged from the shower draped in a short terry cloth robe and entered the room used for our massage sessions. Her robe rose only a couple of inches below her pussy and her tits swayed loosely in the robe as she told me to hop on the massage bed.

“Let me give you one first,” I told her.

“No, I ‘ll give you one first,” she replied confirming that she was in control.

So I ditched the towel around my waist and hopped onto the bed. Ginger took a sheet and covered my body from my butt down my legs leaving my back uncovered as I lay face down. She took the massage oil and poured some onto my back and began to slowly spread the oil over my shoulders. She began by vigorously massaging my shoulders. Up and down she went on my back. Slowly working every muscle in my back and shoulders. As she massaged me, she would tell me every detail of the techniques she learned about massaging. Taking her time, she worked her hands around my neck muscles then down my spine to my lower back. She alternated strokes down from the small of my back to the top of my shoulder blades. With every downward stroke she inched closer to my butt increasing the pleasurable sensations I felt in my loins.

After about 10 minutes of rubbing my shoulders she switched to the side of the bed.and covered my back with the sheet leaving one butt cheek and one leg uncovered. She poured massage oil over my legs and began massaging my upper thighs. i was in paradise as she worked my thighs up and down and inside and out. She would graze my balls occasionally with her upward strokes as she massaged my inner thigh. It felt wonderful and I wondered if she had done that purposely. She worked her way down to my calves and then down to my feet slowly working her way from one leg then switching to my other leg. There she started with my foot. I never imagined that massaging my feet could feel so good and I was savoring every minute of it.

Her hands worked their way up from my foot and onto my calve then slowly up my thigh. Here, just like on my other thigh, she worked her magic again as she stroked up and down. Again, with each upward stroke she edged closer to my balls. When her hands finally reached their destination she cupped my balls sending an signal to my brain of pure pleasure.

“Does that feel good,” she asked as she rolled my balls in her hands

“That feels great,” I replied.

While massaging my balls Ginger took the oil in her free hand and poured it over my ass letting the oil flow into the crack of my ass. Parting my butt cheeks with her hands, she slowly massaged my crack up and down. On occasion I could feel her put a little pressure on my hole as her finger slide across it but never penetrating me.

“Do you like this?”

“Ohhh that’s real good,” I told her.

“I’m glad you like it,” she said in her soft spoken voice.

After a few minutes of shear pleasure massaging my butt, Ginger asked me to roll over. When I did as instructed, she covered my cock and legs with the sheet. Looking down at myself I could see that I was in an aroused state as my cock tented through the sheet.

Ginger moved to position herself at the foot of the bed and began massaging my chest. “You Maraş Escort are very muscular,” she said as she worked every muscle in my upper chest.

She massaged my chest for about 10 minutes giving me long slow strokes from my chest down to my abdomen. With each stroke, her tits would sway above my head. I wanted to reach up and uncover her tits and feel them touch my face, but I restrained myself. That is when her downward strokes went all the way to the top of my pelvic bone.

Moving now to the side of the bed she began working on my thighs with upward and downward strokes just as she had done when I was laying face down. With each upward stroke on my thigh her hands would glide all the way up to my balls. Once there she would cup them for a moment, give them a gentle massage, then release them. She then switched to the other side of the bed and worked the same technique into my other leg. Then the moment of anticipation came to an end as she poured massage oil into the palm of her hands and let it fall onto my cock.

My cock ached to be touched by now as I let out a soft moan. With one hand she cupped my balls and oh so very slowly massaged them and also the prostate area below the sack. With her other hand she slowly stroked my cock up and down. When she reached the head of my cock, her fingers glided around the base of the crown sending pure ecstasy through my loins.

Her hands felt so wonderful as one cupped my balls while the other stroked me that I never wanted this to end. I never imagined a hand job could feel so fantastic.

Looking at Ginger’s face as she massaged my cock I could see that she really enjoyed giving me pleasure. She would look me straight in the eye to gauge the pleasure I felt by the expression I must have given. Her oil drenched hands stroking my cock sent wave after wave of pleasure signals to my brain as I felt I wanted to explode with an intense orgasm

Up and down her hand went. Every nerve ending on the head of my cock was electrified with her soft stroking. It was pure ecstasy as she massaged my cock. As I could no longer hold back she could sense that I was on the verge of cumming and cupped her hand to catch my semen. She then concentrated only on the head of my cock as she rolled it around in her palm. I could not hold back any longer as I burst my balls.

“Ahhhh,” I moaned as I shot spurt after spurt of cum into her hand.

“WOW that’s a lot of cum,” she said in a real soft voice looking at her cum covered palm and continuing to milk every last drop.

“Sometimes I like to spread it on my breasts. It feels so nice and warm,” she added.

“That’s something my wife never did,” I replied.

With that Ginger left the room and went into the adjoining bathroom to clean up. Recovering from my orgasm, I got up off the bed and took the bottle of massage oil to the kitchen to heat it up in the microwave then returned to the bedroom.

Moments later Ginger returned from the bathroom and lay face down on the massage bed. I covered her body just as she had covered mine, leaving just left her shoulders uncovered. I felt comfortable now with Ginger so I did not drape the towel around my waist as I assumed the position at the top of the bed in front of her head.

I took the bottle of massage oil and poured the warm fluid onto her shoulders.

“Lou that feels so nice and warm,” she spoke ever so softly.

I began by massaging her shoulders and neck and taking extra special care to work her neck muscles. I wanted to make her feel totally relaxed as I was intent on massaging every inch of her body from head to toe. Following her lead I worked her back first just as she did mine. Ginger’s massage techniques included putting gentle pressure on the muscles she worked on so I mimicked her moves. Occasionally, as I massaged her shoulders she would let out a soft moan every now and then letting me know that I was doing OK.

“My lower back needs attention,” she said,

So my strokes started at the top of her shoulder blades and slowly worked down the middle of her back. There I put a little gentle pressure on the small of her back just above her butt. I used my thumb to softly rotate in circles putting just a little more pressure on her sore spot in the small of her back.

“Oh Lou that feels SOOOOO good.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I said as I continued massaging her in this manner.

Up and down her spine I went. It felt so good touching her body and seeing her reaction whenever I massaged an area that needed extra attention. I then slowly began to expand the area I was massaging as I moved my strokes down her sides massaging her rib cage. Her breasts were bulging out onto her sides and they looked magnificent. I slid my hands to the sides of her exposed breasts and followed through with soft slow stokes along these luscious ivory mounds.

As I did this Ginger again let out a soft moan, “Mmmmmm.”

I followed this up by massaging her upper arm then down to her hands. After a few minutes of this I alternated Maraş Escort Bayan to the other side of the bed and did her other arm and hand.

Finishing with her hands, I moved the sheet over her back and uncovered one thigh and one butt cheek. Looking at her thigh and partially exposed butt I could see her ass and pussy as I spread her legs slightly so that I could gain access to her inner thigh to massage her legs.

Pouring oil onto her upper thigh, I let the oil spread and began massaging it into her skin. Being on the outside, I positioned my hands on the inside of her thigh and alternated my upward strokes with first one hand then the other, kneading her inner thigh muscles. I had learned this technique by watching massage videos on the internet.

Ginger seemed to like this and let me know I was doing good by moaning, “Oh Lou”, every now and then.

I vigorously worked her thigh muscles massaging my way down to her calf muscle. I repeated this technique and took special care to cover every inch of her leg. I then started my upward stroke reaching the top of her upper thigh and gently letting my fingers graze her pussy.

“AHHHHHH,” she moaned as I lran the tip of my finger along her slit teasing her. i wanted to excite her and make her yearn to be touched there again and again. I did this a few more times then worked my way back down her thigh.

Reaching for the massage oil, I poured some down her calf muscle and her feet. I then started giving her a foot massage. As I worked her arch and toes she told me that a man she had a massage session with recently had sucked her toes when he massaged her. I took that as a sign she wanted her toes sucked so I took her toes into my mouth and sucked.

“Oooooooo that feels good,” she moaned as my tongue rolled over her toes. This was the first time I had ever done this and it was a real turn on for me. The soft texture of her toes in my mouth felt kind of erotic. I had seen several porn videos of toe sucking on the internet so I just mimicked what I had seen and Ginger’s moaning showed I was doing OK.

After a few minutes of this I moved to her other foot and took it into my mouth and sucked each toe just as I did on her other foot. Then moving up her other leg I started massaging her other calf. I kneaded that one just as I did her other leg and began my upward motion along her thigh. I applied the same technique as I did on her other leg. I massaged her thigh by starting off on the inside and working her muscle outward. First one hand, then the next, I would knead her inner thigh muscle. Every stroke brought a moan of pleasure. When I got close to her pussy her moans grew louder. At this point I reached for the massage oil and poured it all over her butt. Her ass was glistening with oil as it spread and flowed into her ass crack. I was so aroused by the sight of her bare ass that it took all the effort I could muster to concentrate on massaging her butt and not fucking her right there. I cupped my hand and laid it flat against her pelvic bone and massaged the entire length of her pussy upward along the length of her slit and into the crack of her ass.

“Oh Lou,” she moaned again.

I did this over and over and each time moved deeper into the crevice of her pussy. Ginger was so wet by now I did not need any massage oil as she spread her legs wider giving me better access to her pussy. Looking at her beautiful pink pussy like this had my mouth salivating to taste her, but I wanted her to enjoy her genital massage so I held off. I then plunged my middle finger deep into her pussy feeling the mushy top portion of her pussy where her g-spot was located With every outward stroke I would pull out of her pussy and finger her clit. Ginger squirmed at this touch and began grinding her pussy into my hand.

I was overjoyed with the pleasure I was giving her and continued stroking her pussy. I would push my finger deep into her pussy and move it around feeling the walls of her vagina. It felt so soft and warm and made me want to dive in and eat her out but again I held off.

Instead I put my fingers to my mouth and sucked her juices off of them then went back to massaging her pussy again. I wanted to bring her to the edge and pull back with the intention of increasing her excitement and make her impeding orgasm be an explosive one. I then stopped and asked her to turn over so I could do her front.

When she turned over I covered her again. As she lay on her back she closed her eyes and sucked in both lips. I figured she had a mild orgasm from the workout I gave her pussy. I then poured the still warm oil onto her breasts and began a soft massage of both tits at the same time. I massaged in a circular motion and worked my way up to her nipples massaging both simultaneously. Ginger had beautiful pink nipples that I absolutely loved. I bent over and took one into my mouth and began sucking it. Gently at first, then faster and with vigor. She seemed to really love this as I took her nipple between my lips and gently oh so gently suck. Escort Maraş I quickened my sucking and began flicking my tongue over her nipple faster and faster giving her the butterfly flick. Then I moved to her other nipple and did the same sucking motion as I had on her other one. She was moaning louder now and I decided that her lower body now needed my attention.

I pulled away from her breasts and reaching for the oil, poured some over her stomach. I began massaging her abdomen and rubbed it into her skin. I worked my way to the top of her pelvic bone and back to over her abdomen and up to her breasts again. I did this for a few minutes and could tell that she wanted more so I covered her stomach as I proceeded to massage her legs. I moved down the length of one leg kneading it as I did on the back side and then with slow upward strokes I made sure I came closer to her pussy lips. With every upward stroke I would push a finger into her pussy, but I was not ready to get her off. At least not yet. So I again moved downward towards her foot and began massaging her foot again. This time I did not linger too long there as I was becoming anxious to do something I had on the back of my mind. I wanted to eat her pussy. I quickly moved to her other leg and quickly yet thoroughly made my way up her leg until I reached her pussy.

With her eyes closed and enjoying every stroke I was giving her, I lowered my head over her pussy and stuck my tongue inside. Ginger moaned as my tongue touched her clit for the first time. I found this position awkward so I climbed on top of the bed and positioned myself in between her legs. When I did this Ginger spread her legs apart and brought her knees up and gave me easy access to her pussy. Looking at that fantastic view I lowered my head until I was positioned right in front of her pussy.

I spread her pussy lips apart and looked at the pink paradise in front of me. I stuck my tongue out and slide it into her slit. Then in one motion I gave her pussy one long stroke with my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the tip of her clit.

“OH Lou,” she moaned as she took my head and held it against her pussy.

Her pussy was so wet. I began lapping up her pussy juices which tasted so good it made me almost go into an eating frenzy. I latched onto her clit and began a sucking motion where I grabbed her clit between my tongue and lips and flicked, sucked and gently gently chewed. My fingers were deep inside her pussy now pumping in and out. Ginger started grinding her pussy into my face with a downward push

“Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?” she said holding onto the back of my head.

Unable to talk with my mouth latched onto her pussy, I dove my tongue deep inside to get as much juice as I could. Then I replaced my tongue with first one finger then a second as I plunged them deep inside her pussy. I made sure my two fingers got a lot of pussy juice on them and then took them out of her pussy and put them up to her mouth. She hungrily took my fingers into her mouth and sucked off all of her pussy juice off of them.

“MMMMMMMMM,” she moaned as she licked her own pussy juice off my fingers. Just like a little kid licking a Popsicle.

I then went back to eating her pussy. I wanted to open her up more so I lifted up her legs up off the bed and spread them wide open. This gave me total access to her entire slit. I ran my tongue down the entire length of her slit. Lingering over her hole I would stick my tongue deep inside to get more pussy juice, then slide outward again along the length of her slit. With each downward lick I ventured closer to her ass hole. When I got there I flicked my tongue over it.

“OOOOOOOOO,” she moaned again.

I repeated this upward and downward licking, from clit to ass, until she screamed it was time for the toys.

I stopped my licking and reached for her clit vibrator and a rubber vibrating dildo. I position the clit vibrator on top of her clit as I began a piston motion with the dildo in and out of her pussy. Every now and then her legs would clamp down on my hand and she would shiver.

Ginger said it takes her some time to reach orgasm. I was enjoying this so much I didn’t care how long it took to make her cum. I watched her body react to the simultaneous motion of clit and pussy action at the same time and wanted to give her an explosive orgasm.

Ginger’s hands moved up to her tits and she took her nipples in between her fingers and pinched them. She was working her tits as I worked her pussy and clit. I could sense that she was getting close as her breathing changed. Her body started convulsing as her orgasm hit. Her legs started shaking uncontrollably, her eyes closed, and she began moaning. Her legs clamped together as the hand that held the dildo lodged inside her pussy now became lodged between her legs. i looked up and saw her face as she again bit her lips and rubbed her tits as her orgasm hit. Her legs began shaking and it was a beautiful sight to witness. I just lay there as I had rolled out from between her legs and lay along side of her. After a few minutes of just looking at her she grabbed me and pulled me up to her face and kissed me plunging her tongue deep inside my mouth. She licked all her pussy juices off my lips and we just kissed for a few minutes.

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