A Taste of Ginger Ch. 01

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I met Ginger from a posting of mine she replied to on an Adult personals website with the email titled “Hello Neighbor” which was in reference to the city we both lived in. From the moment I replied to her email until the first time we met in the parking lot of a Starbucks coffee shop was about two weeks. We sat and chatted for about 20 minutes and she told me that she was involved with a man but lived alone. I by the way am married and was seeking to find a special relationship. The conversation was very pleasant and we held hands during that time and I complemented her on the softness of her skin. The time seemed to go very fast when she informed me that she would be late for work if she did not leave then so she gave me a quick peck on the lips and left.

Afterwards she left a lingering image in my mind as I thought about some pleasant possibilities that could come about with a woman who lived so close by. As the days went by we exchanged a few emails and talked about our likes and dislikes. Ginger it seems was not one to rush into something so fast and the days turned into weeks without our meeting again. Then it happened. My wife and daughter were planning on leaving on a Wednesday to go out of town with a friend and I was supposed to pick them up the following Saturday.

Ginger let me take advantage of the opportunity to meet her at her house on Thursday after work. It seems that she had most Thursday afternoons off and gave me her address. During the course of our chats Ginger disclosed that she enjoyed being massaged and also giving massages. We sat on her sofa and talked for a bit. She was so polite and nice I felt like reaching out and pulling her to me for a kiss but refrained. I told her about a adult shop where my wife and I buy her toys and flavored massage oil so we decided to drive out there and buy some. The drive to the store was very pleasant with her and I felt very comfortable with her. When we got to the store she was amazing. No apprehension whatsoever as she checked out everything from dildos to vibrators to adult movies. I was really liking Ginger and her openness and couldn’t wait until we left to go back to her house. I bought the oil and off we went.

When we got to her house I wanted to give her a massage first but she insisted on giving me one first. I relented and she took me to a room she had set up with a raised bed that was almost like a massage table. She took off her clothes and put on a small robe and told me to undress and get under the sheet. I took my clothes off and laid them on a chair she had next to the bed then proceeded to get under the sheet. She had me lay face down and poured the oil on my shoulders (which we heated in the microwave) and began massaging the oil into me. Wow did this feel great. We talked as she massaged my shoulders and lower back and it was quite pleasant.. Every section of my body that she finished she ankara escort would cover with the sheet. Slowly she worked her way down to my butt cheeks and gave them a nice deep massage. Slowly she worked her way down to my legs. She poured warm oil over my legs and slid her hands over and into my thighs. As she worked her hands on my inner thighs she would slowly work her way closer to my balls. All the while she would be talking to me as her hands glided up and down my thighs, but my mind was focused on her hands and they continued to touch my balls with each upstroke. She was an artist. i could feel my loins building up pressure and I started to play a mind game with myself as I did not want to prematurely cum when she had not even touched my cock yet. So this seemed to work for me as I got my cock under control and relaxed as she worked her way downward to my calves and feet. I felt as if I was in seventh heaven as she massaged me there. I hoped this would never end.

When she finished with my calves she instructed me to turn over. I did as instructed and she covered my abdomen and cock with the bed sheet and moved to the head of the bed and began massaging my chest and arms. With each downward stroke on my chest toward my abdomen her tits, although covered, would graze my face. I so wanted to rip it off her and have her tits float across my face, but I refrained and enjoyed the sensation of her hands massaging my chest. After ten minutes of the chest massage she uncovered my cock and pour warm oil over it and slowly began massaging my cock. As she massaged my cock she would look straight into my face and talk so softly. Her hands were working absolute magic on my cock as she stroked so slowly. With the build up of the sensual massage on my inner thighs I new I could not hold off much longer so I willed myself to last.

Ginger didn’t just stroke my cock, she massaged my balls ever so gently, cupping them and roiling them in hands. She stroked below my scrotum and told me that the prostate is right here and slid her fingers past my balls and down into my ass crack and put her finger right on my asshole. It sent a shiver through me as she did this and said ” A prostate massage can make you cum hard”. But then moved back up to my balls and shaft.

When I came I exploded she cupped her hand and milked every drop of cum out of me telling me that I came a lot and that she liked the feel of cum on her body. As she finished with me she told me to relax and “Enjoy the moment” then it would be her turn. I lay there completely drained.

A few minutes later she came back into room, took off her robe and got under the sheet.

I heated up the oil again and came back and began pouring it on her back and shoulders. This was the first time I ever massaged anyone and i was enjoying the feeling of rubbing the oil into her skin. She instructed eryaman escort me a little but then it seemed to come naturally as I worked her muscles by her shoulders and neck. With each stroke I was getting the hang of it and took my time. She moaned and told me that I was doing a good job.

I massaged her back and lower back with deep long stroke. Each stroke would get a soft moan. I worked my way downward and upward and every once in awhile I would stroke her sides where her breasts were protruding outward. I massaged the sides of her breasts which she seemed to enjoy again and gave a soft moan. This encouraged me as I now moved downward to her butt. I got on one side of the bed and was in a standing position and began kneading her butt muscles and down to her thighs. I had watched some massage videos on the internet (porn of course) and applied the techniques I saw there. Looking down at her ass while I massaged her gave me the biggest thrill. Not knowing Ginger that well I wanted to take my time and let her enjoy this as much as I was in giving it to her.

I kneaded her thighs and calves and and moved down to her feet. I poured oil onto my hands and massaged first one foot then the other. I massaged all of her toes which she enjoyed and slowly worked my way up her other leg. As I did this, Ginger slowly opened her legs wider giving me a view of her beautiful pussy and ass as I saw her totally uncovered.

Looking at her now was getting me excited again and my cock began to grow unhindered by any clothes. I massaged my way up her inner thigh and up towards her pussy. This caused a reaction as she opened her legs even wider giving me total access to her ass and pussy. It was a magnificent sight to behold as I poured oil onto her ass crack and let it ooze down towards her pussy. I let my fingers massage up and down her slit over and over and with each stroke Ginger emitted a soft moan indicating to me that I was doing OK. I slid my hands from her asshole down to the opening of her pussy and slowly inserted a finger just inside her then back up her entire slit and back to her asshole again. I asked her if she minded my finger there and she just said “Am I complaining?” which encouraged me to slowly massage her slit in long strokes from ass to pussy.

Then I slid my finger deep into her pussy feeling the soft velvety texture of her inner walls for the first time. With a finger I touched her clit and she really loved that. After about 10 minutes of massaging her pussy in her face down position, she rolled over and I got to see her tits in all their glory. Her nipples were a rosy pink and about a half an inch long. I poured massage oil on them and started kneading each tit. I slowly worked each nipple and made circular motions around each mound. She was now moaning more so I stuck a nipple into my mouth and began etimesgut escort to suck. At first I was giving gentle sucking action then began to flick her nipple and knead it between my teeth and lips. She seemed to enjoy this immensely which to me indicated I was doing a good job. I poured more oil onto her abdomen and worked my way down her legs from the top and again kneaded her thighs avoiding touching her pussy for now. Slowly I massaged my way back up her legs and back to her pussy. She told me to grab the clit vibrator which I did and placed it on her clit. The vibrator had 8 speeds and I slowly increased the speed and pushed it on and around her clit. With my other hand I slid a finger into her pussy and probed upward towards her g-spot. I finger fucked her as the vibrator was making her squirm as she called my name ” Oh Lou, Oh Lou”.

The inside of her pussy felt so good on my fingers that it made me just want to bury my whole head inside her pussy. I felt upward toward her g-spot and gave it a little pressure causing her to moan even more. I continued probing with my finger and massaging her clit for several minutes when I reached for a solid plastic dildo and slowly inserted it into her pussy. By now I climbed on the bed and was between her spread legs pumping the dildo in and out of her beautiful pick pussy. She managed to take to clit vibrator from my hand and was now in full control of massaging her clit leaving me to concentrate on fucking her with the dildo. Ginger had one hand on her clit and one hand pinching her nipples and I was enjoying this erotic display more than I could have imagined. After several minutes of this action I could feel her close to cumming as she kept saying “Don’t stop, don’t stop” and I was pushing the dildo up and into her making sure I was getting her g-spot.

Suddenly she began convulsing as her legs began to shake and her orgasm hit. It seemed as if she was cumming in waves as I let her “Enjoy the moment”. She looked so good laying there with her feet between my legs and touching my cock that she made me hard again just looking at her. Then I took my cock and pressed it against the toes of one foot. I asked her if she ever gave a footjob and she said no but would try anything . With that I took both her feet and wrapped them around my cock. I didn’t have to say anything else. She began stroking my cock up and down between her toes and then back and forth. The sensation of her feet on my cock was incredible. There are different sensations from blow jobs to hand jobs to foot jobs as each has its own distinct pleasure. As she was stroking me she made the comment that this was a good workout for her legs. The view of her legs open wide while giving me a footjob gave me a perfect view of her pink pussy and even though I had cum an hour earlier the texture of her feet on the head of my cock was bringing me to the edge again. I tried to hold off as long as I could to enjoy it some more but I didn’t want her to get tired so I concentrated on the pleasure of her toes wrapped around my cock. That is when I exploded onto her feet spurting cum all over her toes and she kept pumping and milking ever drop out of me.

That was the first time with Ginger…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32