A Taste of Cuckcake

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You are kneeling on the floor next to the bed you have shared with your husband for the fifteen years we have been married. Your hands are folded neatly in your lap and your eyes are looking down at the floor while you wait. You are trying to be the very model of patience. You are completely nude except for your heavy leather collar, but you still feel hot. Nervous and a little embarrassed, actually. You glance up at the clock across the room. They were supposed to be back over an hour ago. They were were just going to meet for coffee and come right home. Just coffee to start.

You hear footsteps coming down the hall. Your back straightens and you raise your head to attention. The door opens. Your husband is standing on the other side and smiling at someone else. He holds the door open like a perfect gentleman on a first date and in walks another woman. Long red hair, curvaceous hips, full breasts barely covered by the plunging neckline of her black mini-dress, black leather pumps. Fuck-me pumps, you think to yourself.

You don’t know this stunning woman’s name. You weren’t allowed to know her name. You could only see the nickname on their chats, or at least the chats they let her see. RedVelvetCuckcake. They let you read snippets of their messages back and forth, enough to raise your curiosity about what had gone on before and what could be coming next before your husband would take away the phone and only let you watch from across the room. You would watch the bulge in his pants grow as they chatted. If you sat quietly and behaved your while they flirted back and forth, he might let you stroke his cock, and once he let you take him in your mouth while he scrolled through her pictures. He didn’t even look down at you kneeling between his legs. He just kept looking at the other woman’s pictures instead of his wife trying so hard to please him. It was humiliating to be just a hole to masturbate into while he fantasized about someone else. Your pussy was dripping wet the entire time.

The pictures were the worst. The first was just her face, but they started getting naughtier and naughtier with each message. First a sultry look, then a low cut top, another where she is looking back over her shoulder just to show off her firm round ass. By the end she was sending pics of her laying back on a bed barely dressed inviting with her eyes to slip away and join her. Never completely nude. No, she wanted to keep him hungering for more, keep herself always on his mind.

You knew this was your own doing. You were the one who confessed in the privacy of your bedroom how much you loved the way women looked at him. You were the one who admitted you would masturbate thinking about him sliding his cock into some tight young thing with big firm tits like you used to have. It was your fantasy to see him with another woman—and in your head, a younger, sexier woman with a firm body and a tight pussy—but who could blame you? Didn’t a strong, handsome, powerful man like your husband deserve the very best? The more you talked about it, the more you wanted it, and of course he was game. What man would say no to the offer to do whatever he wanted with the woman of his choice with his wife’s blessing, the only condition being that she be allowed to watch? But the further this all went, the more nervous you got but also the more aroused you became. The night you finally put up a Tinder profile for him, you thought you might cry but fingered yourself to a screaming orgasm instead. At first you would swipe through the pictures together, giggling about which were hottest and you would describe what you imagined them doing together. But over time, he would peek at Tinder alone and start up conversations with women you hadn’t seen. Until finally you were just a spectator.

When he wouldn’t let you see the messages anymore, your mind filled in the details with the worst, but somehow even that didn’t prepare you for this. She was in her mid-twenties. Her tits are perky and her round ass is high and tight. An evil smile on her red lips. She knows exactly what she is here for as she steps through the door. She surveys your bedroom and anal seks hikayeleri sets her clutch down on your dresser, shoving your pictures and jewelry box aside. Then, as if an afterthought, she looks down at you kneeling on the floor next to the bed ready to serve.

She strides over to you confidently, towering over your kneeling body. You look up at her slowly, your eyes tracing from her feet, up her long legs, over her hips and breasts, until you meet her eyes. “Well?” she asks impatiently and pushes her left foot forward. You had discussed this, what you would need to do if you wanted to stay in the room instead of waiting in the hall straining to listen and letting your imagination run wild. You understood. You agreed to this. You quickly look back down. Yes. This is real. This is happening. You reach around her ankle to undo the strap of her shoe. She raises her foot to allow you to slide it off and set it on the floor in front of your nightstand. Then she presents her right shoe, which you also remove and set gently next to the first, treating even her shoes with more dignity than she had allowed you these past few weeks. You start to stand up, but before you can she puts a foot on your shoulder and firmly pushes you back down to your knees. She holds her foot with her neatly pedicured toes in front of your face. You take her foot in your hands and lower your lips to her toes, kissing each one. Kissing the feet of the woman who is seducing your husband in front of you.

You put her toes in your mouth and caress them with your tongue. You raise your eyes along her outstretched leg. Her skirt has hiked up and you can just barely make out her bare pussy. Of course she isn’t wearing any panties. You try to make out she is already dripping with cum. Before you can make out whether those are dribbles of cum high on her thigh or just a shadow, she takes back her foot and turns around. You stand up behind her, unhook the clasp of her dress and slowly lower her zipper. The dress is thin and had already been straining against her tits. Now it just slips down off her shoulders and falls to the ground. Underneath she is completely nude. Her skin is smooth and fair and her body fit. More fit than you have been since you and he first met. As she steps out of the dress and turns around you see she is a natural redhead with a tiny tuft of red above her otherwise smooth shaven pussy.

She looks down and shouts angrily, “Don’t leave my dress on the floor, you fucking cunt! You put it on a hanger before it gets wrinkled.” You kneel back down and carefully pick up the dress. Before you can get to your feet, she pushes you over with her pedicured foot and laughs. You slowly stand back up and take the dress over to our closet knowing that both of them are watching you and waiting. There are no free hangers. Instead, you have to take one of your own dresses off a hanger and drop it on the floor to make room for hers. Her dress is nicer than anything you wear.

Satisfied that her clothes are being treated with the proper respect, she lays down on your bed. Even laying on her back spread out on what had been your side of the bed you see her tits are still firm and perky. “You know why we’re late?” she asks you. “Your husband couldn’t keep his hands off me all night. I texted him that I didn’t want to bother with coffee and we met for cocktails instead. I figured we would have more fun if we loosened up first. It only took five minutes before were making out in the back of the bar. His hand was up my dress. He was sucking on my tits. He would have fucked me right there, but we wanted you to watch. I just don’t know if my pussy is going to be too tight to take his cock. What do you think?”

She spreads her thighs. You crawl onto the bed between her legs. As you do your eyes trace up her legs looking for evidence of what she just said, as if you would see your husband’s fingerprints tracing up her legs leading to her smooth soft pussy. You tell yourself you are looking for proof that he had been groping her her in some bar as you make your way slowly to her pussy, but you are secretly savoring this chance to service her just as she is about to service your husband. You lower your mouth to her pussy. You kiss it. It’s a thing of beauty. A beautiful pussy for a beautiful cock, you think to yourself. You move down and trace your tongue from the bottom of her pussy lips slowly up to to the top. You taste her wetness and feel the heat of her pussy against your face. You don’t taste his cum. Yet. You slide your tongue further into her pussy making sure she is wet, moving in slow circles around her inner lips and working towards warm, wet center. You slide your tongue inside her and hear her sigh. You hold her pussy open and move your mouth up to her clit. Nibbling and sucking on it, rolling it on your tongue, feeling it grow in your mouth.

You reach up to slide a finger inside her, and she immediately sits up and grabs a fistful of your hair. “Don’t you dare! I need to be tight for your husband’s cock! Doesn’t he deserve a tight pussy for once? You can use your tongue but the only thing that is going to stretch this pussy is his thick cock.”

“Of course,” you whisper and go back to her clit. You know he is behind you. You spread your legs apart as you service her pussy, showing him your own, how wet and ready you are. He could just slide his cock into you. But of course he won’t. Not tonight. You feel her shift under you. When you look up, she is smiling over your shoulder. You look behind you and see his cock already hard and eager. You take his balls in your hand and lick along the shaft up to the very tip and back again. You take the head in your mouth and work up and down the shaft of his cock. You raise your eyes and see while you are servicing his cock your husband is watching her instead no doubt imagining how warm and wet and tight she must be. You take as much of his cock in your mouth as you can, hoping to get his attention while you get him wet for her, but you know you are not supposed to go too long or too far. His cum is only for her tonight. Instead you pull your mouth back from his throbbing cock and guide it with your hand to her wet and waiting pussy.

You kneel back down at the side of the bed and watch his cock slide into her. Slowly at first. “Oh, my god,” she whispers. “Your cock feels incredible! I don’t know if my tight pussy can handle it. I just hope your wife made me wet enough for you.” She looks over at you and plays with her tits as they bounce in time with his thrusts. “I bet she did. She loved worshiping my pussy. Oh yes! Harder. Fuck me harder. This pussy can take it. I know I’m tighter than her but your cock makes me so wet I can take it has hard as you want.”

You watch his hips rock back and forth against her. You can hear his balls slapping against her and you know he is fucking her hard and deep just like you always loved. You imagine what it must be like to have your pussy filled like that again. Your hand begins to slide down towards your pussy. You are already so wet and just want to touch your clit a little bit. She slaps you across the face. “What do you think you’re doing, you worthless bitch?! Do you think you get to cum tonight?” She grabs the ring on your collar and pulls you off the floor towards her. “Here. If we can’t trust you to keep your fingers out of your cunt, you can make yourself useful and hold onto my tits. Yes. That’s it. Squeeze them. Suck my nipples.”

You lay on the edge of the bed with a tit in each hand. You move your mouth from one to the other in turn. She glances over at your tits hanging down. She squeezes and pinches them enough to make you wince. Then she slaps them, hard, just to watch you jump. You present your tits for more abuse, but she brushes them away dismissively and instead massages her own. You go back to sucking on them. When you can, you discretely look down at the sight of your husband’s cock, glistening with her juices, plunging in and out of her pussy. You remember how tight she was around your tongue and wonder how he could hold out so long without climaxing inside her. But you know he will soon. Sometime tonight you are going to watch your husband push his cock into this beautiful sexy woman one last time, thrust it deep inside her pussy, and fill her with his cum. She is going to pull him deeper inside her and squeeze every drop of that cum from his cock with her young, tight pussy. And you are going to watch it happen. You are going to help it happen. You can’t touch yourself again or they might throw you out of the room while they finish, so instead you rub your legs together while you fondle and suckle at her tits hoping to give even a little relief to your throbbing clit.

She pushes you aside and sits up. She raises one one leg over his head and around to flip over on her knees. You know he loves this position. She is so graceful and flexible in her movements that he doesn’t even have to slow his rhythm.

She grabs your collar again to lift you to your feet and just points down to her pussy. You know what she means. You walk around behind, taking a moment to enjoy the sight of his ass flexing and thrusting as he fills this beautiful woman’s pussy with his cock, and slide between his legs and under her body. You position your mouth right below her pussy. You run your tongue back and forth between her clit and the shaft of his cock. Her hips are uncomfortably high—she would never shift positions just for you—so you have to strain to keep your mouth busy on her pussy and his cock. You pull yourself up by grabbing hold of her ass. Firm and curvy. He is fucking her so hard you can feel her ass shake in sync with the cock slipping past your tongue.

“Are you going to cum, for me?” she says. “Are you going to flood my pussy with your cum? Oh my god, you are so deep. I can feel your cock pressing right up against my cervix. Fill me with your cum, baby!” You feel his balls retract and his cock begin to pulse. You know he is shooting load after load of cum inside her tight pussy. You feel her pussy clench under your tongue, squeezing all the cum out of your husband’s cock.

He pulls out of her pussy and lets his cock run across your lips. You hold your tongue out to catch any stray drop of cum that might leak from his deflating cock and he lets you take him in your mouth to clean her pussy juices off it. But you see your real job hanging over your face. His cum is already beginning to drip from her pussy. You catch the first drop on your tongue. She pushes her pussy down over your face. She is squeezing her pelvic muscles to push drops of cum into your waiting mouth.

“You are going to clean my pussy out,” she tells you. “Lick every last drop of cum out of my sloppy, dirty pussy. You want your husband’s cum, don’t you? Well this is the only way you are going to get it. By eating it out of the pussy he just fucked.”

She pushes her pussy into your face. You thrust your tongue inside her, scooping out all the cum you can reach. You are straining to go deep enough. You remember how hard he was fucking her and how she pulled his cock deep inside her. You don’t want to leave any behind. You want to take back every drop and will suck her pussy dry if you have to. She is grinding her pussy into your mouth to make you get her off while to reclaim your husband’s cum from her. She is squeezing your face between her thighs and rocking back and forth fucking your tongue and rubbing her clit into your mouth. Moaning, “Yes! That’s right. Suck my pussy clean. If you want his cum you have to come and get it from me. Yes! Yes!” She has clamped her legs around you so tightly you can’t breathe but you won’t let go either until you have every drop she will give you.

Finally she leans back and climbs off your face. Without a word, she walks to your closet to get her dress. While she looks for it she throws more of your clothes on the floor and just walks on top of them without any thought. She slides her shoes back on—her he-fucked-me-and-loved-it pumps—walks over to him, kisses him deeply right in front of you and squeezes his ass with both hands.

“Thank you,” she tells him, touching his chest and smiling. “You were amazing. Now why don’t you get dressed and I introduce you to a friend of mine.” They quickly pull their clothes back on while your husband excitedly asks about her friend. When they are dressed and ready, they walk out the bedroom door without so much as a glance at you or your aching pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32