A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 07

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Authors note:

I seriously want to thank Wax Philosophical for supplying the scenario featured in this story, for supplying the superb title and for the loan of Natasha and Charlotte. I hope I managed to do them justice.



A Night at the Opera

As they entered the dining room of the Hôtel Regina Louvre, Alex glanced at Zabina. She looked beautiful, she had opted for wearing a black Tuxedo, a white dress shirt with the top three buttons undone and black pants with a pair of ankle boots. The raven black hair that extended from her Mohawk reached half way down her back and blended in superbly with the black tuxedo. The suit had been cut and styled to emphasis every curve. As a pair, they drew more than one or two stares as they crossed the floor. Some disapproving, others not so.

Alex closed her eyes for a second and listened to the click of Zabi’s heels on the marble floor. The usual sexual hunger rose on cue causing Alex’s stomach to leap skywards.

The maître de escorted them to their table as if they were royalty and gracefully held Zabi’s chair as she down, before positioning Alex’s chair for her to sit.

Alex was grateful she had pre-arranged for them to be sat next to each other as opposed to opposite, otherwise what she had planned wouldn’t have the same effect. She smoothed the material of her emerald green satin evening gown, cinched at the waist by a golden brocade rope. Then she held her breath as she took her seat.

They were in Paris for Zabina’s birthday surprise. Something that Alex had been planning for several weeks and had all come about from a chance meeting back in Santa Monica.


“How are you feeling?” Alex asked Zabi as they entered Casa Vitelli.

“Excited.” Came the reply. “You were totally serious when you said you were going to try and be more adventurous.”

Zabina was dressed exactly as she was when they first met, the long leather coat, thigh length boots and nothing else but a chastity belt that locked a remote controlled vibrator inside her.

It had been a game of Zabina’s to dress this way on what she had called her torment nights. She would go out and have the sex toy set to a random programme. The keys to the belt were left back in her apartment and she would be at the mercy of whatever the device did to her.

Alex had the idea to replay their first night together after she had vowed to be more adventurous when she dominated her lover. The only difference was that she had the remote for the vibrator in the pocket of the short bolero jacket she was wearing.

The restaurant was fairly busy, but seeing as it was owned by Zabi there had been no problem reserving a table. Normally Zabi had sat over in a corner just in case the torments had gotten too much for her to withstand. Tonight however Alex steered her towards a table right in the middle of the eatery.

“Better be on your best behaviour tonight.” Alex warned with mock severity. “I have you on a leash.”

Zabi grinned weakly then stiffened as Alex thumbed a button on the remote.

“Oh this is going to be interesting.” She said taking a swift gulp of water.

“Time for game to pass the time.” Alex announced. “I’ll point out someone and you have to tell me what you can deduce about them.”

“And if I’m wrong?” Zabina asked letting the question hang.

Alex settled for holding the pulse button down for a short time.

As their wine arrived Alex’s attention was drawn to a couple stood talking to the front of house waiter. One of them being a tall woman in her late thirties or early thirties with striking auburn hair, the other a shorter younger girl in her early twenties with dark hair.

Alex got Zabi’s attention with another short button press. “What do you think of those two? Mother and daughter?”

“No, not a chance.” Zabi replied after a moment’s perusal. “They’re a couple. See how the younger one looks up to the taller. Nothing but total devotion in her eyes.”

Alex had to agree it did look that they were together. “Okay I’ll buy that. What else?”

“The Black Widow look alike has got to be a career professional, she’s wearing expensive made to measure clothes, which shows she has money. Plus she has had a breast augmentation, a very good one at that. The way she carries herself suggests that she is someone who is used to giving orders, hence a successful professional life and she looks after her body well judging by the muscle tone. Possibly an athletic or martial arts background. The skin colour and high cheekbones points me towards Eastern Europe maybe one of the Baltic States.”

Alex gaped open mouthed as Zabina roll of more information.

“The younger girl admires her, and as already mentioned, has a look of total devotion. The way she wears that outfit, which is again not off the rail, makes me think she isn’t fully accustomed to finery. That in turn would give me the impression that she comes from a working class family and her lover buys the clothes for her. She has Anadolu Yakası Escort an Asian background more Chinese than Japanese so I am going to take a wild guess and say Hong Kong, maybe her parents met out there or a services person falling for a local.”

“And just how can you tell all that just by looking?” Alex asked incredulously.

“Blame Dominic, he has a gift for it and I sort of picked up a few things along the way.” Zabi said casually. “And I bet they’re in a Domme relationship.” She added.

“Seriously?” Alex asked. “How can you tell?”

A shrug. “Just a feeling.”

A smirk touched on Alex’s lips. “Do you want to bet on it?” She asked giving a slightly longer press on the remote button to remind her of the stakes.

A slight tremor shook Zabi’s hand as she reached for her wine. “We may not be able to find out. I don’t think there’s a spare table.”

Alex glanced around and surely enough the front of house waiter was shaking his head and gesturing to the reservation book.

“We could offer to share our table with them?” Alex suggested turning the power up slightly. “But obviously you will need to be good.”

Zabina gasped then let out a long breath. “Well it will up the stakes a little.” She replied blissfully.

After they waved to the waiter and offered to share their table with the two newcomers. Who introduced themselves as Natasha and Charlotte, Natasha being the taller.

“One of Charlottes collage friends is playing in a band at a club near to here.” Natasha explained. “And we thought it would be nice to get a bite to eat first. Although I have to say, I didn’t think it would be this busy. It looks like a very popular eatery.”

“Thank you.” Zabi said enjoying the fact that everything she had guessed was so far turning out to be correct. “It’s owned by my family.”

“Then I hope the food is as pleasant as the owner then.” Natasha replied smiling politely.

Food was ordered, more wine brought to the table and the conversation flowed easily. Alex found that she was openly enjoying the newcomers company. It turned out that, as Zabi had guessed, Natasha was of Czechoslovakian heritage but born in the US. Alex gave one of the remote controls buttons a prolonged press just for her being too clever.

“What are you studying Charlotte?” Alex asked out of genuine interest as Zabi squirmed in her chair.

“I’m doing a Masters in Jazz.” Charlotte answered. “I majored in English literature and took a minor in music playing the Piano. Music is my first love.” Her voice was intelligent and more confident than Alex had expected which led her to believe there was a lot more to Charlotte than just being eye candy for a rich woman.

“It’s one of my class friend’s bands that’s playing tonight and I wanted Mistress to see them.”

Alex’s glass paused halfway to her mouth. If she hadn’t known before, the unconcealed use of the title lit it up in neon lights. Alex glanced towards Zabi whose face was split with a smug grin.

“Apologies. When Charlotte has had a few glasses of wine she gets carried away and sometimes forgets herself.” Natasha sighed in mock annoyance.

“No need for any apologies, we’re quiet liberally minded.” Zabi replied still grinning.

Alex settled for pressing the button on the remote again and the grin turned to a grimace.

“My dearest Zabina, I guessed exactly what sort of people you two are as soon as we began talking.” Natasha replied warmly. “You have the confident air of a Domme but are obviously practically naked under that coat, and your lover.” She smiled at Alex. “Has you on some sort of leash but is quiet inexperienced.”

Alex choked on half a mouthful of wine and thought she would catch fire her face glowed that hot from the embarrassment and when she looked across Zabi was hastily checking her coat was buttoned correctly.

A gentle peel of laughter drifted from Natasha. “Apologies again, I didn’t mean to embarrass you both.”

Another glance to Zabi and they both began to laugh. They had been completely outclassed and their secret aired to the table, but there was no feeling of shame involved.

As the evening wore on conversation became more relaxed and both Alex and Zabi were glad they had invited the pair to share their table, especially as Alex continued to torment Zabi through the entire meal.

As they were leaving it transpired they were all heading towards the Ascension club so they offered to walk together. It was during this walk Alex noticed Natasha reach over every now and then to give a gentle tug on Charlotte’s belt causing her to straighten her back abruptly. With her curiosity aroused Alex made a mental note to find out just what was happening between the two.


The band, a three piece with a girl a little older than Charlotte taking the lead vocal role, were quiet impressive, even by Alex’s standards who considered herself well-travelled in the live music scene. They performed a several cover Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan songs that had the four of them singing along, and some of their original work, which Alex thought showed a great deal of promise.

During the intermission Alex excused herself as she needed the bathroom, and Charlotte asked if she minded company. So the two of them headed off to the restrooms while Natasha and Zabi got more drinks.

When they reached the restrooms Alex took the opportunity to ask about the belt.

“Can I ask a question Charlotte? I noticed Natasha pulling on your belt now and then. That isn’t unusual, but your reaction was. Is there something special about it?”

A slight flush crept in to Charlotte’s cheeks. “Well actually it was my idea as something to excite Mistress.” She undid the zipper at the front of the dress to reveal a length of string that passed between her legs then back around her waist to re-join the belt. “When Mistress pulls my belt it tightens up against my clit. She can do it anytime, anywhere and it can get quiet heated.”

The principle looked very simple, but at the same time very erotic.

A plan began to form in Alex’s mind.


Alex took her seat at the table gently. She had put a lot of thought in to tonight’s outing. First off she had spoken to Jinn about the idea. She had shown Alex how to tie a crotch rope so it would be bearable for the majority of the time but when pulled on would cause a significant reaction.

Then she had secretly booked the hotel, one of the best she could get them in to on the chosen dates, booked tickets to see one of Zabi’s favourite operas, Un Bal Masqué, with a limousine to take them and return them to the hotel afterwards.

Next she had purchased the beautiful evening gown and carefully sewn loops in to the inside to take the rope. She had experimented with several different types of rope but struggled to find one that wasn’t too uncomfortable but looked part of the outfit. In the end she had settled for the brocade.

Although now she was sitting down she was regretting that decision, as every slight movement caused the rope to rub over her clit sending tremors through her entire body.

Up to now Zabi was totally unaware of exactly what was going on. She knew they were going to have the meal and then the opera but that was as far as it went.

Alex had pre-ordered a bottle of Moët & Chandon and a few moments after they had been seated it arrived and was poured.

“Happy birthday Zabina.” Alex said as she toasted her lover.

“Thank you Alex.” Zabi returned the toast. “I honestly can’t tell you what this means to me, you’ve gone to so much effort.”

“Well I do have one or two more surprised in store for you.” Alex said trying to keep her breathing under control.

The studded eyebrow lifted out of curiosity. It was funny how even after this amount of time that tiny facial expression still excited Alex.

She shifted slightly on her chair trying to move the rope in to a more comfortable position then took out her phone. Inside was a pre prepared text message which she sent to Zabi’s phone.

My beautiful Zabina.

This entire night is dedicated to you because I love you with all my heart. While you are enjoying your meal and listening to your favourite opera I want you to consider something.

I will be feeling very uncomfortable due to what I am wearing beneath my dress (see attached photo). I want to prove to you that I am taking being adventurous seriously, so anytime you need to be sure just give a pull on my belt.


Taking a sip of the chilled champagne Alex watched as Zabi took out her phone to read the message. To give her credit the studded eyebrow only mildly twitched as she did so. Then she glanced over to look at the rope belt around Alex’s waist. Her thumbs flew over the key pad and Alex’s phone vibrated in reply.

My very precious Alexandria

I am completely honoured to be your lover. And words cannot express how impressed I am over what you have managed to organise for me.

Just so you know I am going to be taking some pictures to remember the night by. I have a feeling it is going to be eventful for me and possibly uncomfortable for you.


A tear formed in Alex’s eye as she read the reply and when she looked up from her phone Zabina snapped a picture of her and winked saucily.

Leaning in closer she placed a light kiss in Alex’s cheek while her hand snaked across her thigh to touch the rope between her legs.

Again the studded eyebrow tweaked upwards and the hand followed the rope back around her waist to one of the trailing ends which received a gentle tug.

Alex was more than slightly shocked by just how much the rope tightened and immediately her thighs clenched together and her heart began to beat harder in her chest as it became very apparent that is was going to be a very difficult time.

Zabi’s thumbs flew over her phone Escort Anadolu Yakası keypad once more.

My little puppet on a string

We are going to converse about your predicament via text only. As I think it will be slightly more erotic. I’m not sure what is going to be more difficult. You sitting still in the opera while I tug on that rope in time with the score, or me trying very hard not to rip your dress off and taking you here and now.


As Alex read the message there was a light pull on the tasselled end of the belt and she had to bite her lip to stop from screaming. She didn’t doubt Zabi knew exactly what she was doing by planting the images in her head and just contemplating them sent adrenaline pumping around her system as she could feel herself getting more and more aroused.

Her phone vibrated again.


You really should see just how far your nipples are sticking out. Are you getting wet?


Flushing again Alex sent a reply.


You honestly have no idea what this is doing to me. Every movement sends waves of torment through me and I am getting more aroused by the minute. I just hope that I can last the night out.


A uniformed waiter appeared at the table. “Are Mademoiselles ready to order?” He asked, his English very accented.

“I think we would like a few more minutes.” Zabi informed him, then smiled wickedly at Alex. “After all we have plenty of time.”

With a sigh Alex realised it was going to be a very long night.


The pair of women stepped out of the main entrance of the hotel. Zabina’s hand resting gently upon Alex’s waist, or rather the rope ‘belt’ around her waist. They had eaten a beautiful meal of crab pesto followed by a gorgeous fillet beef served with spices. They had opted out of a dessert, but Zabi did insist on coffee. Possible more to prolong Alex’s torment than any desire of an expresso.

A long black Mercedes awaited them. Its driver, a pretty woman in full chauffer attire, who introduced herself as Michele, opened the door as they approached. Zabina ushered Alex in to the rear seat before walking around to the far side. Once seated next to she ran her hand along the fidgeting Alex’s thigh.

“How are you coping puppet?” Although the comment was meant suggestively, Alex did pick up on the underlying concern in Zabi’s voice.

“Regretting my choice of wardrobe slightly, but otherwise I’m hanging in there.” She replied smiling.

The wandering hand brushed against the hidden rope bringing forth a slight whimper. “Just as long as you aren’t hanging out.” Zabi winked.

As the car pulled away from the hotel Zabi indicated the statue of Jeanne d’Arc, which stood in the Place des Pyramides. “Well it could be worse, you could be riding a horse.”

A short laugh escaped Alex’s lips. “Now that would be uncomfortable.”

“Have you ever ridden?” Zabina asked seriously.

“Once, when I was at summer camp as a kid.”

“Interesting.” Zabi said thoughtfully. “I may have to get you on a horse, it can be quiet fun.”

This time it was Alex’s turn to be surprised. “You’ve ridden?”

“Yes many times. My Aunt and Uncle have a vineyard in Tuscany and we used to ride around the fields when we visited.”

An image of Zabina in tight riding jodhpurs and black boots jumped in to Alex’s head and her stomach resumed its journey towards breaking orbit.

She sighed once more, a half contented, half tortured smile on her face.


“So what exactly is the story about?” Alex asked, hoping that the opera would distract her from the situation.

“In a nut shell. Riccardo is the king, he fancies Ameli who is married to Renato. There is a plot to kill the king and Renato knows about it. He starts out trying to warn the king but then discovers the king loves his wife and ends up bumping off Riccardo himself.”

“Sounds like an episode of a bad soap.” Alex replied with a half-smile.

“Don’t worry about the story just sit back and let the music carry you away.” Zabina instructed as she patted the concealed rope once more.

With a wince Alex had to admit the venue was fairly spectacular and she was determined to keep an open mind about the performance. That was if Zabina stopped flicking the rope, every time Zabi touched the rope it sent more quivers through her body lifting her arousal higher. She was seriously regretting not doing a dry run to see just how long she could take it.

Silence fell upon the audience and the performance began. Five minutes later Alex had absolutely zero idea what was happening. Doing as Zabi had instructed she closed her eyes and just listened. With rhythmic tapping of Zabi’s fingers sending small shudders to the pleasure centre of her body she began to get lost in the music as it ebbed and flowed around the perfect acoustics of the opera house. It came as a shock when Zabina took hold of her hand and she noticed the first act had finished.

“See I said you would enjoy it.” She said happily.

“I have to admit.” Alex conceded. “I didn’t think I would enjoy the music as much as I have been. Although you percussion accompaniment has helped. ”

“It’s more about the love of the music than the story.” Zabina explained. “Once you get caught up in the passion of the opera you will be forever in love with it.”

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