A Surprise Welcome

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I spread a velvet blanket across the hardwood floor and watch the freshly lit fire dance behind the glass in front of the fireplace. The lights are dimmed and champagne is chilled perfectly. I fluff a couple of pillows up and make sure that the small picnic dinner is ready. I slip out of my robe as I walk upstairs to take a shower. I step into the bedroom and look around, making sure everything is perfect and ready for tonight. I step into the bathroom and hang my robe up, slipping into the shower, turning it on and adjusting it perfectly.

I close my eyes and imagine your fingers on my body as the water washes away the sleep from my body. I wake from my daydream suddenly, realizing that I need to hurry and get ready. I slipped from the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I brush my short hair out and style it quickly as I decide whether to wear any jewelry or not. I decide on a plain gold chain and anklet set that you had given me on Valentines day and the simple diamond ear studs that I love. I pull my robe on and go back downstairs and check the fire again, making sure everything is in place. I wander around, lighting strategically placed candles and turn off the lights as I wait for your arrival.

I slip off my robe as I hear your car outside and lay on the velvet blanket, positioned so that you can see just how much I missed you. As you open the door, I smile at you, Malatya Escort allowing my back to arch a bit, thrusting my breasts up a bit and spreading my legs so you can see the glistening wetness in the candle and firelight.

“Welcome home lover,” I whisper as you stand there.

The look on your face expresses more then the incoherent words that are forming at your lips. I blush just a bit and smile, wondering if you’re going to come in or just stand there all night. I lower my body back to the floor and stand gracefully, walking towards you. Your eyes scanning my body with every step I take. I finally reach you where you stand and slip your coat from your body, tossing it aside. I slip my fingers into your hair and massage the back of your head gently as I place soft quick kisses on your lips. I feel your arms come around me as you pull me against your still clothed body.

I pull back slightly and you release me so I can step back. I reach up and slowly unbutton your shirt, teasing nails lightly against your flesh, teasing each exposed bit. I finally unbutton the rest of your shirt and push it from your shoulders, watching your face as my hands caress your chest slowly and gently, brushing your nipples a bit with the tips of my nails. Your shirt drops behind you and you gasp as I touch your nipple with my lips. I can feel your pulse under my lips as Malatya Escort Bayan I nip at you.

My hands find your waistband and belt quickly, unbuckling it deftly. My eyes never leave yours as your belt frees and I pull it from it’s loops. I drop the belt to the floor and slowly unsnap your pants, finding the zipper with my fingers, sliding it down slowly as I watch your face. I push your pants and briefs down your hips at the same time, impatient to see your body as naked as mine. I slide them down until they fall to the floor freely and step back, letting you step from your clothes as my eyes scan your body slowly. I graze my eyes down your chest and flat stomach as a smile plays across my lips. My eyes venture lower still to your cock and my smile grows as I realize that you’re already fully erect. I scan back up your body and wink at you, turning quickly away.

I wiggle my ass slightly and walk back over to the blanket spread on the floor and kneel down, pulling the bottle from the ice bucket. I pour us both a glass of champagne and smile, extending a hand with a glass in it as you walk over to me and sit down. You take the glass from my hand and sit down beside me. I watch you as sip at the champagne.

“Would you like anything to eat, lover?” I whisper softly, watching for your response. You shake your head and smile, setting your glass down. Escort Malatya You reach for me and I set my glass down. I smile as you pull me close, your hands finding my waist, pulling me into your lap. I wrap my arms around your neck and press soft kisses against your lips. I feel your lips part slightly and I take advantage, slipping my tongue into your mouth. I turn slightly and straddle your lap, wriggling in close. I jump slightly as I feel you move a bit, your arms coming around me to pull me closer.

I gasp a bit as your hardness presses against my opening. I squirm slightly, adjusting myself to allow your cock to slip gently inside me. I hear you groan as I shift, letting your length sink deeper inside me. You thrust deeper and I lean back, taking more of your throbbing cock inside of my pussy. You start to thrust faster and I grind against you, squeezing at your cock hard, trying to keep you inside of me. You pull back and thrust again, pulling me down on you hard. I moan deep in my throat and shudder, knowing that I can’t hold back long with you. You thrust faster and deeper. I squeeze down on your cock again, harder this time as an orgasm rushes through my body. I moan out and shudder, taking you in deeper as your cock throbs inside me. You thrust again as your cock explodes inside of me, filling me completely. I shudder in your lap and groan, taking you completely.

I feel your body tremble as orgasm subsides. I shudder and curl up against your chest, keeping your cock inside of me. You smile at me and reach for the basket of food. I drift off there, snuggled in your lap while you eat. Content, happy and satisfied… at least for the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32