A Surprise Waiting at Home

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Big Tits

As I get home after work, my mind is distracted by the thoughts and fantasies you provoked during the day. I can still feel your wetness and the surging passion I felt as I had slipped a finger inside you during our brief encounter at work. Our agressive flirtation had led to me daring you to prove how wet you were and I must admit you were right! You broke the encounter off, though, saying it was too much and too fast for you. I complied to your wishes and headed home with a semi-erect cock. While I was disappointed, I didn’t feel you had teased me. Your sexy scent still clings lightly to my finger and I pause at my door to savor it again. I look down and notice not only my rapidly hardening cock, but that the door is not quite closed fully. Did I forget to lock the door this morning?

My erection just as quickly subsides as I realize there may be someone still inside. I quietly open the door and let it close. Looking in the bathroom I see it is empty, but the light is on. I know I turned it off this morning! I then realize the drapes are open as well on the giant windows. Ok, what kind of burglar checks out the bathroom AND would open the drapes?

As I near the knee-wall that separates the kitchenette from the main space the corner of my bed comes into view and I see a bare foot! Who’s sleeping in my bed? Sure enough I see more leg and a second foot suggesting that the legs they are attached to are spread slightly. I hear a soft moan and continue further into the room getting a brilliant view of one hand lightly rubbing a nice hairy crotch in slow circular motions.

Oh, how I love a hairy pussy! Hitting puberty in the 70’s, it is only natural that my first contact with the softest of female parts would include a lot of hair. I don’t mind lightly trimmed, but the totally shaved thing that is the rage now does nothing for me.

I move ever so slightly into the room, wondering who could be masturbating in my bed! I see the other hand kneading one glorious breast and see the nipple on the uncovered breast is nice and hard! Whoever this is she has beautiful areolas just large enough and dark enough to set them off from the rest of the breast. I must find out!

I move fully into the room and see it’s you! What the? This is beyond fantasy! You hair fans out onto the pillow and your eyes are closed. You must be aware of my presence as you softly tell me it’s about time I got home! Without saying a word I take off my clothes and stand next to the bed at waist level. I slowly stroke myself as a savor the sight of you still rubbing yourself and your breast.

The excitement has started a flow of pre-come which my fist has smeared over the entire tip. I look back to your face and notice your eyes are now open and fixated on watching the tip of my cock emerging from my fist. After a few more strokes you smile devilishly and tell me it looks good enough to eat. I nod that you, too, look the same!

You move to a semi-reclined position and remove my hand, releasing my cock. As it throbs slightly you giggle a bit, quickly saying as you see it slightly shrink that you were only giggling because you could count my heartbeat by the rise and fall! The reassurance that you like what you see makes it grow back to the ¾ size that it was.

Without touching it, you open your mouth and take about half of it inside, smiling as you look into my eyes. You softly tongue the underside of my cock and slowly let it side back out until just the tip remains between your oh-so-soft lips. I recall you saying that you lack a gag response and my breathing quickens. Will you do it? You look me dead in the eye, seeing my need and in one motion take me completely to the base. I see your eyes widen a bit as you feel me grow literally down your throat as I go from ¾ to almost full. You feel me pulsing in your Bağdatcaddesi mouth and quickly back off and start a slow sucking from the tip to half way. I moan and you smile, knowing how good it feels.

I replace your hand with my own and I watch as your eyes roll back slightly with pleasure. You moan around my cock as one finger, then two enter you and I find your G-spot. I watch delighted as I manipulate my fingers inside of you and feel your hips start to buck in rhythm with my motion. I start to feel the first tingling of impending orgasm and you sense it immediately. You know instinctively that to continue would send this to a very fast conclusion. You let me slide from your mouth and innocently ask me, “How was that?”

The smile of bliss on my face is answer enough for you and I move around so I’m lying on top of you. I lower myself into your waiting arms and give you a soft kiss to start. Working my way back down I slide my body against yours as I kiss your neck and shoulders. I work my way to the top of your chest and slowly begin to kiss in-between you breasts. I move first to your right breast and playfully circle the nipple with my tongue. You moan and thrust your hips up into my stomach, wanting to see if you can make me penetrate you. But I know I need to calm down some more before I can enter you, (that is if I want to last more than 5 seconds!) so I rotate my hips back taking the tip you were feeling out of reach. I smile as you pout at me, and then you break into a smile and playful laugh.

After gently sucking and biting the right nipple I work over to your left breast. My favorite breast because while doing anything to it you can feel your partners’ heart beat. I don’t know why, but it just makes me feel so close to you when I lay my head on your left breast and feel your heartbeat. It seems we meld a bit right then and there.

I then slowly work my way across your belly, making sure that no spot goes un-kissed and then down to your left ankle, softly nipping at the inside of your foot. From this starting point I make the wonderful journey up the inside of your left leg past the calf and the inner thigh. I pass ever-so-lightly over your lower lips and continue down your right thigh to the ankle. I then start to repeat the journey back the other way. As I pass over your sopping wet sex the second time you thrust your hips upward, daring me to pass your pussy by again! I smile, knowing you are ready.

I lift each thigh up and push them toward your shoulders. Your wetness is fully exposed to me to do what I will with it. I rub my nose in your hairy pussy, inhaling deeply the wonderful scent of your sex. With a broad flat tongue I make one slow sweep from the bottom of your opening up to your fully aroused button. I hear your intake of breath as I enter you with my tongue, then back out and start to suck and lick your clitoris. I enter you with a finger as well, palm upward so that my long finger can curl up and back towards me to excite your G spot.

I hear you moan my name as between the working of my fingers and my lips and tongue you are getting ever closer. Your hips start to buck again in rhythm with my motions and your moans are getting loader. Faster and faster I rub you inside and lick and suck on you. Your movements are getting more frantic and with one huge shudder, you cry out. Waves crash as you come and I feel you grip my finger with your pussy in pulses that match your shudders. I continue to suck your clit and you grab my head, telling me to stop, “it’s too intense!” I comply only to withdraw my finger and with the full palm of my hand rub your entire crotch, trying to let you subside a bit while still keeping you going.

I draw myself up into an upright kneeling position between your legs and lifting your wonderful ass Bağdatcaddesi Escort start to rub my cock along the outside of you, lubricating my torrid erection while still keeping your orgasm fresh. You look into my eyes; you want me inside of you. I place my tip against your opening and in one slow, delicious, excruciatingly long stroke bury myself to the hilt inside you. You cry out again and I start a slow stroking motion. I try to let you feel every inch as it slides not only in but also out again. The look on your face tells me good things, but your next words are priceless.

“You may think you’re average sized, but the way you use it is definitely bigger than your actual size!”

I move on top and put my weight onto you while grinding onto your mons venus and rubbing my chest against your hard nipples. Sliding my arms under your shoulders I then put them over your wrists, pinning your arms above your head. I look straight into your eyes as I continue to slowly thrust into you and can tell the slightly trapped feeling is intense. I then sense a small tensing from you and start to release your wrists but you shake your head no. I physically and emotionally feel you relax, perhaps realizing that I would never hurt you, you are no longer afraid of the trapped feeling. My cock twitches and gets even larger feeling you release like that, making me feel honored that you could let down your guard with me. I thrust deeply and with more vigor in and out of your wonderful body and look in wonder as you tentatively reach up with your lips.

Knowing how we both feel about kissing and how emotionally charged we feel it is, this excites me even more and we truly kiss for the first time, lips parting and at first shyly exploring each others tongues.

I can’t hold back much longer so I know a change in position is in order. Not wanting to end the kiss I bury myself fully and slowly grind against you. It feels wonderful and I can still hold back at the same time.

I break off the kiss and ask if you’d mind if we try another position as this will make me cum too quickly. “What did you have in mind,” you ask playfully, looking up at me with big innocent eyes. Whew!

As I slowly slide out of your wonderful wetness you look at me with an almost hurt expression. You then smile as you know you will be feeling me inside you again and that I just need a breather to make it last longer for you.

I roll you onto your stomach and straddle your thighs. You feel my cock lying on the top of your ass, and again you tense slightly. I murmur that I know you don’t like anal sex and that it’s just resting for a moment.

I reach for a bottle of lotion and squeeze some onto my hands. Rubbing them together I warm the lotion to body temperature and slowly start to massage your shoulders and back. You feel a few drops of leakage as I return to a ¾ state and the lubricating pre-come oozes out of my cock. I continue to massage your back and work down to your beautiful ass. Using strong hands I caress and knead the flesh of your ass commenting on how much I’ve always liked watching you walk up the stairs at work. You giggle and say that this certainly feels nice, but don’t I need some release?

All in good time I whisper.

I get up off your legs and spread them, maneuvering my way between them on my knees. I put my hands under your hips and pull you onto your hands and knees, that stupendous heart-shaped ass in front of me right at cock level. I slide my hand down and spread your lips with my fingers, then take my quickly reviving cock and rub the tip on your opening. As before, your wetness allows me to insert the tip and slowly enter you until I have no more to give.

Right then and there I know that this will end up being our last position! There is simply Escort Bağdatcaddesi no way I can hold back. I start to thrust in and out of you and once we get a good rhythym going I stop moving my hips and start thrusting you onto my cock by pulling your hips forward and back. Such bliss as I feel myself approaching my full hardness and watch as your wet sex engulfs my cock, milking it, trying to get it to give up its’ wealth of cum. I hear your moans start again and stop moving you and start thrusting again with my hips, but now I lean onto your back and reach around and cup one of your fantastic breasts with one hand. I ask if you think you can support some of my weight and you say yes. I reach around and under with my other hand and find your clit with my fingers and start to rub it slowly with the same timing as my thrusts. You shudder as the feeling of your breast being caressed coupled with the rubbing of your button and the sliding in and out of my now fully hard cock sends you closing in on a second orgasm.

You seem to make almost a mantra out of my name. “Oh, Timmmmm. Oh, Timmmmm. Ooohhhhhh Timmmmmmm!”

I increase the pacing on all three points of arousal, and when I softly bite your shoulder blade you cry out and slam your ass back against me, burying my now throbbing cock inside of you. I feel the muscles of your sex in spasm and gripping and squeezing my completely hard cock. I feel your legs tremble and must release your breast so I can support myself. Your shudders continue and I keep thrusting in and out, but slowly now so you feel every bit of me. I sense you are starting to come down from that one so I quickly pull out from you, roll you onto your back, push your thighs up toward your chest and bury my face, completely abandoned to sucking you again.

“Oh my God,” you scream as my sucking and licking brings the previous orgasm back to the foreground and starts to build to another. Or is it just the continuation of the other one? Who really cares! Slipping a finger inside you again and going right to the correct spot you feel the waves crash for the third time. As soon as I feel you start this orgasm I move up and enter you for the third time.

You claw my back as I put my hands under your ass and you cross your legs around my back. Your screams of passion are muffled by my mouth kissing you as we slowly rock and grind together, waiting as you come back to earth. Finally you look into my eyes, an incredulous look on your face. You can’t believe I haven’t come. I let you know that I’m ridiculously close.

You tell me to get back on my knees in an upright position and semi-recline in front of me again. I look down and I look bigger than ever, but it’s probably just my imagination working from the wonderfulness of this experience.

You smile wickedly and take about half of my cock into your warm mouth, softly sucking and working the underside with your marvelous tongue. You then go into a slow motion going from halfway to the base, taking all of me into your mouth and I have to believe some part is in your throat!

You feel me get even bigger as I pass that delicate point of no return. Even though it’s still a few seconds away, I couldn’t hold back now if a bomb went off!

You know I’m going to cum and start going from the tip to halfway down, not wanting my cum to go right down your throat.

My breathing is getting ragged and my legs are shaking and you look into my eyes and I go over the edge! You feel the first blast of cum, warm and thick, on your tongue. The second one is not as much but your mouth is filling and you hold me in your hand and pull back past your teeth so just your lips are touching the tip so you can swallow. I hold back until you suck me back in and then let the final few shots loose in your perfect mouth. You softly suck me until I have to detach you, the intensity too much for me to take, and I rub the end of my cock as one or two drops more come out. I collapse beside you and take you in my arms, holding you. You sigh and ask me, “what do we do now?”

“Give me about a half hour and we’ll do it again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32