A Surprise Visit Ch. 02

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My bare chest exposed, her hands run up and down my abdomen as the next stage of our decadent first night together prepares to continue.

My body shivers, still trembling from the volcanic orgasm she so expertly coaxed out of me. I sit there on the sofa, trying desperately to regain my senses, the feel of her hands rolling my super-sensitive nipples through her fingers not helping the situation any, nor does her tongue slithering about over my neck either.

I run my hands up her back, feeling the small of it curl in as my nails trickle upwards over her velvety skin. I open my eyes to see her head rock back and forth, her hair shimmering in the glow of the soft light in the room, falling feather-like over her glistening shoulders. I can see again, the once blurry vision of my beautiful partner now clear as crystal as she sits atop my growing excitement, body rocking back and forth on me, causing me to grow uncontrollably faster. As she leans her body back, resting her hands upon my thighs, I lean forward, taking her luscious breasts into my grasp, kneading them slowly, softly, before lowering my head to her chest to lather them up with my hungry mouth. Wider my lips part to accommodate the size of her, then closing down to devour the perky nub, hardening between my lips. My tongue flutters over the nipple, now fully erect, swirling circles around it before moving on to the other, as my fingers replace my lips over the previous. Sensitive she is there as her body careens Escort Eryaman and gyrates as I pleasure her breasts, soft sighs and whimpers escaping her pouty lips as I continue to tease her, gently starting to rock my hardened shaft up into her moistness.

She reels her head forward, hands wrapped tightly in my hair, tugging tighter with each nibble on her nipples. I plant my hands under her ass now, lifting her gently upwards. Taking the hint, she rises ethereally, as if floating on an erotic high. Her body slithers up mine, my tongue trailing downwards from her breasts, over her belly, her navel, until the prize if before my eyes. I smile briefly, taking a second to inhale the succulent scent of her sex, realizing now the sweetness I have only heard of. My hands wrap around her thighs, one braced on the armrest to my right, the other propped against the headrest to my left. Her hands slide down her body delicately, coming to rest on her lips, fingers parting them as if to beckon me forth, I oblige.

My lips purse, leaning forward to kiss her lips tenderly, as if gritting them for the first time. Her body shudders lightly, feeling my lips touch hers for the first time. My mouth now in place, her hands run up her body, I watch as they disappear from my view. My mouth opens, pressing forward, covering the majority of her pussy, my tongue snaking out, lathering her up nicely. The flat of my tongue presses upwards, coating her already moist slit with Eryaman Escort my own salivation. My mouth waters profusely, the scent of her excitement driving me mad with desire, wanting her more, wanting her now. I dive in.

My tongue lashing about over her slit, parting her lips, tasting her nectar. My head reels as her juices flow onto my waiting tongue, a taste so sweet, so intoxicating, my head reels with excitement. I delve deeper into her, sliding my tongue into her hole, twisting and turning, my hands gripping her harder as I try to reach her depths. I feel her hands tug at my hair as my tongue invades her, deeper, tasting a new kind of sweet now. Her body rocks harder against my face, urging me on in a rhythmic fucking motion, riding my mouth. I slither a finger into her, her body shudders violently, I can feel her head thrash, her cries of pleasure louder now, audible from between her shuddering thighs. My finger twists inside her as my mouth drapes over her clit, swollen now, easy to flutter with my tongue. I vibrate it with my taster as my finger continues to probe her. Her body shaking madly now, moans of delight echoing in the room and my head. Her hands brace against my head as she holds me to her pussy, moans of approval shouted out to me as her body starts to tremble, her hips bucking against my face wildly. I suck her clit hard, kissing it, suckling it, my finger twisting in and out of her rapidly until I feel it, the flow of her sweet juices onto Eryaman Escort Bayan my drenched digit. Replacing my finger swiftly with my wanting mouth, her orgasm flows freely onto my tongue. Muffled groans of pleasure echo into her as I accept her cum down my throat. I lap at her delicately, as her body continues to shudder out the nectar of her ecstasy. Drizzles down my chin, soft spasms squeeze out stream after stream of cum, slowing to a trickle down her inner thigh, which I lovingly lick up.

Her body regains control of itself as she floats feather-like back down to straddle me, her hands coming to rest on my heaving chest as her head rests gently upon my shoulder, as my hands run gently through her locks. her breathing still frantic as I raise her head to mine to plant a kiss upon her lips, allowing her to taste her own excitement on my tongue. She moans approval into my mouth, knowing she can taste herself on my lips makes me twitch with pleasure, a gesture she can feel pulsing against her still damp pussy. She smiles knowingly at me as our kisses become heated, fierce. Her hands rip through my hair as her tongue darts in and out of my mouth.

As if possessed by animalistic urges, she growls at me hungrily, looking down at me through parted strands of hair and dark lashes. She climbs off me, crawling to the opposite side of the large plush sofa on all fours, planting her hands firmly on the opposite armrest. her back arches, legs spreading slightly, as she thrashes her head about, her long dark hair floating above her angelic body for a moment before coming to rest on her smooth backside. She turns her head back to me, beckoning me to her with a mere gleam in her dark eyes.

I oblige without further hesitation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32