A Summer with the McCoys Ch. 08

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Big Tits

I collapsed in my bed, my head swimming with thoughts of the past couple of days. On the one hand, I was banging every woman in my house. On the other hand, my Mom didn’t seem to like it, and was using me as a whore for her cougar club. While I would normally kill for these problems, they were starting to build up and it was a bit concerning.

Not to mention, I wasn’t making any progress on finding an architecture job. This was clearly going to be the summer of my life, and I’d be lucky to survive it with my dick intact, but I couldn’t go on fucking my biological family for a living. Or their neighbors.

My dick throbbed with a bit of pain, having seen a lot of action in the past few days. I felt a pang of paranoia as I thought about how many strange holes it’d seen in the past few days. What if I caught something? If I was going to keep having unprotected sex all over the place, I really needed a test. I made a mental note to find a clinic or something nearby.

I dozed off and had sex-plagued dreams, weird dreams about strangers and gloryholes and dick-shriveling diseases. Once I woke up I realized that as much fun as this was, it was a real mindfuck. I threw on a pair of gym shorts and sauntered downstairs, still groggy and somewhat depressed.

“Hi, bro,” Vicky teased from the table. She was knitting or some shit. “Sarah wanted me to thank you for yesterday.” She spoke in code, even though nobody else was in the room. I liked to think it was because she was cautious, but she really just enjoyed being secretive.

“Yeah, I may have to call today off though.” She set down her knitting needles and looked genuinely angry. “Vick, I just have to get some stuff done. Believe me,” I chuckled, “this is a ton of fun. But I still need to find a job.” I left out the part about getting tested for diseases, nobody wants to hear that if they’re expecting you to fuck them in the ass later that day.

“Fine.” She went back to her knitting and I turned to the countertop covered with room temperature leftovers. “Just remember I’m closing tonight.” Vicky’s gas station responsibilities were increasing as she got her life together. She was trying to emulate Bella’s success, seeing that hard work and school could pay off in life.

“Ok,” I picked up the phonebook from the top of the fridge and started munching on some cold bacon. “Maybe I’ll come and visit you tonight?” Vicky looked up and grinned. I found a doctor and prepared an appointment.

“Bella?” I knocked on her door. It was kind of funny to think that I knocked on her door to respect her privacy, considering that I’d fucked her in front of our Mom.

“Come in, Jim.” I opened the door to see her inspecting her naked body in front of the mirror. “Do my tits look weird to you?” She picked them up and let them go, measuring the sag distance.

“Not at all; they’re fucking hot.” There was no semblance of modesty in our relationship.

“I dunno. I have to remember I’m not 17 anymore. Sometimes I feel like having big tits is a curse, I feel like they sag faster.”

I shrugged, realizing that she was feeling insecure and that this wouldn’t turn into an erotic encounter at all. “I need the car, Bella.” I hated that I was stuck around the house and had to beg people to drive me everywhere. I was a grown man, but had no car and no means to get around this pathetic town.

“Ugh, damnit Jim. I was going to go meet a girlfriend for a little afternoon delight. Can’t I give you a ride later?”

“No, I have an appointment.”

Bella turned around to look at me, curious at my sudden responsibilities. “What the hell could you have an appointment for?”

“It’s a…doctor appointment.”

“Oh shit, what’s wrong?” I could tell that she wasn’t worried for me at all, but more worried for each of her holes that I’d shot load after load of jizz into. “You don’t have something do you?”

“No, I just want to be safe. I figure, Mom’s whoring me out and I don’t know what those women have…”

Bella laughed as she moved to her dresser to pick out some clothes. “I wouldn’t worry; those women don’t really get any.” She paused and decided between two pairs of panties that were too tiny to be distinguishable. “Still, it’s good that you’re being careful. I’ll take you, bro.” She moved over and licked her lips as she grabbed at my dick. “It’ll cost you though, baby brother.”

I saw the numbers add up in her head as she realized the folly of her plan. “After you pass your tests.”

I bolted out of the doctor’s office with a bit of paperwork in my hand. Bella was sweating in the heat of the car, figuring that running the air conditioner would be too expensive. “Jesus Jim, it took you long enough!”

“Sorry,” I said as I climbed into the car. “Usually they don’t do results in the same day, but I…convinced the nurse.” I winked at Bella and saw a look of betrayal in her eyes.

“You can’t keep it in your pants for a fucking hour, you fucking dick!” The car roared to life as she angrily punched the gas pedal, cutting off the poor schlub muğla seks hikayeleri behind us.

It was awkward. I mean, Bella was clearly mad, and I wasn’t sure why. She knew that I fucked other women, namely her mom and her lesbian friends. And even our mom’s friends. “Is…something wrong, Bella?”

She fumed and I saw her flex her grip on the steering wheel. “You were supposed to fuck me, Jim. We were going to fuck, but apparently you couldn’t wait. Or I wasn’t good enough for you.” I felt like she was glossing over a lot of details, but could tell that she wanted to vent more. “Well,” she glared at me. Clearly I was supposed to respond.

“What? No,” I couldn’t sound sincere. “I just, I figured that we needed the results so that we COULD fuck. I mean…I did it cause I really couldn’t wait to fuck you.” It was a bullshit lie, if I’d ever told one.

Bella let out a passive-aggressive sigh, and I could tell she didn’t buy it. I couldn’t think of anything else to say, and she kept quiet. We sat there in silence for awhile until I realized that we were in a strange area that I didn’t know. Bella pulled to the side of the road and looked at me. “Get out of the car.”

“What?!” There was no way I was going to let this little bitch abandon me in the middle of nowhere, just because I ate out some nurse. “No way, you can’t leave me here!”

“Get out, now.” She unbuckled her seatbelt, her arm glistening with sweat in the midday sun. I remained in my seat, and she got out of the car.

“I’m not leaving this car,” I protested. She came around the side of the car and opened my door, taking my hand and leading me towards a small cluster of trees. “What the hell, Bella?”

I realized what was happening as she started to unbutton her little shorts and slinked out of them. She still had her boots on and pointed at the ground. “Lie down, Jim.” I was pretty turned on, but couldn’t tell if she was mad or horny or both. I got on my back and looked up at her hovering above me, her sweaty legs and ass standing directly over my face.

She wasn’t going to piss on me, I’d consider punching her for it. “Bella, you’d better not — “

I didn’t get the sentence out as she squatted down and put her knees on either side of my head. She wasn’t pissing on me, she was riding me. Her sweaty ass surrounded my face and I could smell the stench of it. Normally I loved eating cunt, and sort of liked eating ass, but this was different. Instead of an erotic tango, this almost felt like a rape. Instead of smelling her sweet musk, I was surrounded by sweaty, smelly swampass. “Eat it.” I squirmed and tried to angle my face away, but she pinned my arms down and said louder. “EAT IT!”

I could probably have overpowered her. She wasn’t that big, and though I was slight in build, I was clearly the stronger specimen. On some level, I must have wanted it, because I reached my tongue out and started to taste the salty trail that ran between her pussy and asshole. Having eaten and fucked both holes, I shouldn’t have felt so uncomfortable. But I felt her moan as she started to slowly grind back and forth. “How’s that,” I tried to mumble into her flesh.

“Shutup and eat,” she responded. She released my arms and started playing with her tits through her shirt, and I felt the leather of her boots start to chafe my head. I took my hands and started to fish my cock out of my pants, only to have her slap them away. “I didn’t say play with yourself, you fucking whore.” I was starting to get turned on, mostly because I could tell that she meant it.

Her fluids were running down my cheeks now. Sweat, spit, and her natural moistness mixed into a cocktail that ran down into the dirt and dust that pillowed my head. With a grunt, she spun around on my face and looked down at me. I could barely see the bottom crescents of her breasts, seeing only her pubic bone as she continued to slide forward and back against my tongue.

“You don’t get to play with yourself.” I moaned into her cunt, figuring that she was serious. “You already got off, remember? Inside that slutty fucking nurse.” I tried to correct her, but she just pushed her cunt down hard against my face. It wasn’t erotic anymore, it was painful. “So I’m going to get off, or you can limp your blue-balled dick home.”

So that was the game. I realized that I either had to comply, or get left here in the woods. She was wrong about one thing — my dick was as soft as an Eskimo’s. I wasn’t getting turned on at all. I indicated my submission by wiggling my body under her, better positioning my tongue at the bottom of her cunt.

“Oh, so you like the rules, huh Jimmy.” She leaned back and braced herself on her arms, presenting herself to me. “Eat, bitch.” I’d done this enough to know how. I leaned my head forward, straining my neck to reach her cunt. I started sloppily licking around, lapping up every inch around her cunt and thighs. She quivered, wanting no finesse and getting none. “There you go Jimmy, eat this cunt!” I moaned and felt my jaw and neck locking up. She must have felt me slow down, because she scoffed and pushed my head into the ground, plowing her pussy right into my mouth.

I sat there opening and closing my mouth, darting my tongue in and out as fast as I could. I didn’t even know what I was getting, I just felt her moan and sigh and gyrate on my face. Her pace quickened as I felt her arms start to buckle. She had a weak orgasm and collapsed on top of me, her stinky ass only inches from my face. I tried to wiggle free to get out from under her, receiving no help. She was dead weight on top of me.

“You fucking prick,” she gasped from on top of me, her head somewhere between my ankles as she looked at the canopy of the trees. “Don’t you ever say you’re going to fuck one of us, and then fuck some slut.” She got up and pulled her shorts on and looked back at me on the ground, paralyzed with guilt. “I told you that you couldn’t eat pussy like a woman.”

Bella and I didn’t talk at all on the way home. I felt genuinely guilty, but I wasn’t sure why. I mean, we never agreed to be exclusive. Then again, how would I feel if Bella went around fucking a bunch of random dudes? I wanted to disappear in my seat as Bella and I pulled into the driveway. She got out of the car and slammed the door as she walked to the house. I noticed a stain on her ass, unsure if it was from the sweat or the juices or both.

“Bella,” the cool air conditioning greeted me with a kiss as I stepped into the house. “Can we talk about this?” Bella stopped at the kitchen table and looked at me with a face filled with rage and pain. “You’re right, I shouldn’t be messing with other women.” She crossed her arms, expecting more. “Especially not when you’re waiting in the car to fuck me. No matter the excuse.”

“It’s really disrespectful. I mean, how would you feel if — “

“Awful,” I cut her off. “That’s what I started to think about and that’s what made me realize that you’re too important to me. I hate the thought of you fucking some other guy and then coming out to me for seconds, and I feel terribly that I put you through that.”

Bella came in to hug me, and I felt her soft tits press against me. My cock throbbed against her. “I’m glad you understand. I’d never do that to you; please don’t ever do that to me again.”

“I only did it so that we could…” I realized that I was just going to reopen the wound and dropped it. “If it makes you feel any better, we didn’t fuck. I just went down on her.” Bella smiled and nodded, with hints of tears in the corner of her eyes.

“Oh my god,” she gasped with an open mouth. “You haven’t gotten off yet! And I sat there teasing you this whole time in the woods, oh god Jim I’m sorry, you must be horny as hell!” She started unbuttoning my pants; I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she’d just violated me in the woods and made me smell her sweaty asshole.

“I have an idea,” I put my hands on hers to stop them. I figured now was as good an opening as any to see how she felt about Vicky. Bella cocked her head curiously, recognizing the fiendish look in my eyes. “Did you know that your sister — “

“Our sister,” she corrected.

“Our sister,” I smiled, “has…curiosities about other women?” Bella stepped back and crossed her arms.

“And how do you know this?”

“She told me when she…was asking me about some noises she heard when Mom was taking her toll.” It was a bold-faced lie, but I needed all of my weapons in the fight to make this happen. Trying to get some sympathy for the fact that Mom was using me couldn’t hurt. “She asked what was happening, I told her I was watching a video…and it came out that she wanted to experiment with a girl.”

“Well, she knows about me being a lesbian and everything.”

“Yeah, so I was thinking…it’s probably better that you show her around and stuff. You know, don’t let her find out from some random girl or something. She’s getting curious.”

“Little Vicky…a lesbian?” Bella was mulling it over. “Mom would never stand for it. We had to lie to convince her that I was straight, remember? Imagine if she found out that both of her daughters were dykes. She’d be pissed!”

“I know, I know. That’s why I think we need to do this in secret. She doesn’t want me touching Vicky either.”

“Have you?” She glared at me.

“No,” I lied.

“Well, then why do you want me to break her in?”

“I dunno, we have a good thing going here. If Vicky brings home some random slut, Mom’s going to go wild, and that can’t be good for anyone.”

“Good point. Should I call the girls over?”

“No,” I shot back. “Mom said no more parties. Besides, don’t you think it should just be us, so that she doesn’t feel overwhelmed?”

“Us?” She looked at me suspiciously. I’d gotten too greedy.

“Hell yeah,” I thrusted my pelvis towards her. “I need something to watch because I really need to get off!”

“Fair enough.” She bought it. “Plus, maybe she’ll be open to playing with you later.” Bella smiled at me and gazed down at my crotch. “Ok, she’s closing the gas station tonight. Why don’t we pick her up and find somewhere to do this.” I smiled and squeezed her ass.

“You’re a good sister.”

Bella and I pulled up in front of the gas station. The lights by the pumps were out, and the glow from inside the convenience store cast an eerie set of shadows on the pavement. Inside, we could see Vicky bouncing around the store. She was singing and dancing to herself, straightening items on the shelves and locking down various cabinets.

I got out of the car and decided to sneak towards the window. I motioned for Bella to come over, and she walked up nonchalantly to the door. I crouched down as she tapped to get Vicky’s attention.

“Bella!” I recognized Vicky’s high-pitched voice. “How sweet of you to come pick me up! Come on in, I’m almost done closing up.”

Vicky opened the door and twisted the lock on the doorknob, gesturing for Bella to come inside. The pneumatic door slowly whined shut as I managed to sneak in.

“Vicky, I didn’t just want to pick you up. I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Mhm?” Vicky was oblivious to Bella’s oozing sexuality.

“Well, you’re starting to get older. You know, becoming a woman instead of a girl.” Vicky looked mortified, figuring that Bella had learned our secret. “And as you know, I found that becoming a woman was…difficult. I found that my womanly cravings were better satisfied by other women, than men.” Vicky’s bewilderment was clear. “Do you ever please yourself?”

Vicky shyly nodded. “Sometimes.”

“And have you ever had a man please you?” Vicky hesitated and then lied that she hadn’t. “Good. You know, I know my way around a woman’s body. I think it’s important that I teach you how to do it, so that you don’t feel obligated to jump into something with a man.” I could see Vicky’s face through a rack of candy bars, and felt my dick start to rise at the thought of my two sisters messing around.

“Well, I’ve gotten myself off before.” Vicky said matter-of-factly.

“I’m sure you have. But it’s really different if someone else does it for you.” I noticed Vicky’s eyes twinkle; she knew that fact all too well. Bella started to slip off her shirt. “Do you like my breasts, Vicky?” Vicky’s eyes widened at the sight of another naked woman, her sister no less. “It’s ok. We’re not really sisters, and there’s nothing wrong with liking the female form.”

Vicky was entranced by her sister’s enormous breasts, swaying as she approached her. “They’re so big; way bigger than mine!”

“Let me see yours hon.” I pulled my cock out in time to see Vicky pull her gas station apron off. She lifted her t-shirt over her head to reveal her small, but perky, breasts. “Oh sweetie, don’t worry, you’ve got a gorgeous pair of breasts!”

“Really?” Vicky seemed appreciative to have another woman’s opinion. “Believe me Vick, I’ve seen a lot of tits. Size is one thing, but yours are so cute and perky. See how mine sag?” Bella took Vicky’s hands and cupped them around her breasts, inviting her to enjoy their heft.

“Mmm, but I love the way these fill my hands.” Bella purred at the feeling of her sister’s caress. Vicky rubbed her thumbs over her sister’s nipples and I started to slowly pump my cock to life. “Does this feel good for you?”

“Yessss,” Bella let out an exaggerated coo, trying to get her sister in the mood. She reciprocated by fondling Vicky’s breasts, tweaking and teasing the nipples. “Just like that does. Do you like to play with your tits when you please yourself?”

“Mhmmmm,” Vicky moaned as she turned around, putting her back towards me and Bella. Bella’s breasts were pressed against Vicky’s bare back. From the positioning of their arms, I could tell that Bella was still fondling Vicky’s tits as Vicky’s own hands wandered down to start playing with herself.

“It’s so nice to have someone lend you a hand, isn’t it?” The two writhed together and wiggled forward to the stainless steel countertop that housed the hotdog cooker. As Vicky bent forward, Bella worked her hands downward and started to tug on her shorts. “Let me show you something else, sweetie.” She turned Vicky around to face her and opened her shorts, stripping her lower half naked.

“What are you doing?” Vicky was playing the perfect innocent. Her coy attempt at virginity was pretty believable.

“I’m going to kiss you, Vicky.” Bella pulled Vicky’s panties and shorts off from around her feet, and gently pushed her backward onto the countertop. “Put your legs up.”

At this point my cock was almost screaming to get off. I removed my hand to pace myself, knowing that I could ruin this if I had an audible orgasm. Plus, I kind of wanted to get in on this if it seemed feasible.

I heard a familiar moan from Vicky as Bella lowered her face to her sister’s crotch. Bella began expertly lapping, and I quickly found myself wishing I’d picked a better vantage point. Bella clearly knew what she was doing, and Vicky was beginning to quiver in a way I hadn’t seen before. This was different than the raw cunt-punishing I usually gave Vicky. This was a tender dance of finesse between tongue and twat. This was just delicate ecstasy, a matter of bonding and pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32