A Summer Job at The Fireworks Stand

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Ariella Ferrera

“Come on, man, I promise you won’t regret it!”

“Dude, go fuck yourself. I am not working in a Fireworks stand. I’m a college junior, for chrissake.”

“It’s five hundred bucks for only three days’ work, with fringe benefits and bonuses you wouldn’t believe! Five hundred!” Tony was laying it on thick, using his best salesman’s character voice.

“For working in a Fireworks stand?”

“Yeah, July 2nd, 3rd and 4th. McCluskey’s stand, over on I-35.”

“Man, I dunno, I was going to. . .”

“Dude, you were going to smoke a bowl and not do a damn thing ‘cept watch people on TV do stuff you wish you were doing. Trust me. Trust your Tony! Come on, have I ever let you down?”

“Yes, frequently.”

“Well this is different. Say yes. Say yes. Say it! Yes yes yes yes…”

I started laughing at his silliness and finally said yes. I was going to say yes at the start, but I loved watching Tony talk people into things, even me.


On July 2nd, I was at the McCluskey’s Fireworks Stand. A 50 yard long open-faced building with one end just twenty feet from the eight-lane highway. A large gravel yard surrounded the Stand, with four port-o-potties just past the part of the Stand farthest from the highway.

The Mother of the family who owned the Fireworks Stand was Heidi McCluskey. She she was in charge, and her attitude matched her statuesque Brunhilda figure; 5-11, thick boned, huge fucking tits, blonde hair shot with grey and tied up in a bun. She spoke little, and when she did it was loud and with a German accent that was almost comically perfect for her appearance. Her husband and daughters wound up doing most of the talking. Pete McCluskey was a smiling effeminate man who was great with the returning customers. He was a good looking red headed middle aged guy, who seemed to not care much for his wife, though they were never mean to each other, just cold. The daughters Mary, 19, and Sarah, 21, were a copy of the parents, one a pale red-headed Irish lass as slender as a reed, the other a zoftig German Milk maid, curvy and rosy cheeked with shining blonde hair.

On the first day, Mama McCluskey walked up and down, supervising the Stand while Tony, Pop McCluskey and I worked the customers. To my surprise it was actually fun. I mean it was The Fourth of July, a holiday! So most of the customers were pretty happy and looking to stay happy. And all the excited kids, oohing and ahhing and jumping up and down… I mean how could you not get into that? We opened at 8 AM and by 4PM I was in the groove. The work was easy, but you did need to go fast. I had worked retail and as a waiter, so I was a quick study, which made Mama McCluskey almost smile.

Mary and Sarah stopped off twice by to drop off lunch and drinks, which made Tony me slow down a little, as they were both wearing bikinis with flimsy ripped up t-shirts thrown on top. All the guys waiting in the lot were also looking, staring and ogling. Sarah, the older one had inherited her Mom’s tits, and it took all my will to not stare at how her tits bounced and swayed in their tiny bikini, as the loose T-Shirt cloth draped on different sections of her feminine curves as she moved, gestured and leaned over counters and across customer’s faces.

Mary had a runner’s body, lithe and supple. Her tits were smaller than her sister’s but had a succulent shape to them, like two scoops of ice cream. But her sexy green eyes and thick lips, that always seemed moist, were the real eye stopper. Mary didn’t lean over the counter like her sister, she just chewed on the end of her sunglasses, stretching in the sunlight. I assumed they were just spoiled little girls, being brats to the help, and I decided to just enjoy the show as they walked away, giggling and looking over their shoulders. They walked through the crowd in the lot, smiling and being nice to all the guys, some of whom they knew by name.

“That’s one way to get guaranteed return customers.” Tony whispered close to my ear. He sure as hell wasn’t wrong, and the two sisters charmed the crowd every time they stopped by that day.

By 10 pm, the stand had closed, and Mama McCluskey had shut the windows, closed the books and locked the safe. She told us to wait inside the Shack for her to come and do a final lock up. I walked up and down the long, narrow shack, savoring the smell of nitrate and sulfur of the fireworks, the deep scent of pine from the baking of the Shack’s cheap wood in the summer sun, and was feeling tired, but relaxed, and looking forward to a summer’s night on a patio with a beer and the extra twenty bucks or whatever the bonus was in my pocket. Mama came back in, but only poked her through the door.

“So, Mr. Jake, you do good work. Now, you get the bonus. Tony? You do okay too. So, let’s get going. Girls!” She stepped back and made way for her girls.

Mary and Sarah came into the Shack and this time were wearing just their bikinis and flip-flops, and they walked straight towards me and Tony. The smell of pot instantly filled the hallway-like building Girne Escort and Tony and I watched as the two sexy Sisters strutted toward us like strippers looking for a pole.

Mama shouted down at the girls, “Don’t wear them out. They need to work in the morning. And lock up after you cum.” Mama shouted over her shoulder. She shut the door, and me and Tony were left alone in the fluorescent light surrounded by Fireworks and two hot chicks.

“Okay, you did Tony last year, so let’s switch.” Said Mary, standing with her hip askew, which accented her long legs and muscled thighs – and she knew it.

“Cool.” , said Sarah who then turned to us and said in a very formal, contract like manner. “Ok, here’s the deal. You’ve worked hard, so we are your Bonus. Tonight you get hand and tit jobs.

“And the bonus’ are progressive, if you know what I mean.” Mary added, staring at Tony’s crotch and licking her lips.


Sarah closed the distance between us and started stroking my cock through my pants, and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “Progressive, we go farther every night, based on your . . . performance.” My cock twitched in my pants right under her hand, making Sarah giggle.

Mary then took over. “You will ask permission before touching us and we are not going to date you after the 4th. And if you breathe a word of this to anyone, you’ll never get to come back and My Mother will kill you. And that is not a euphemism. Okay?”

“That’s true, and they’ll never find the body.”, Sarah added in a terrifyingly perky tone.

I looked over at Tony, who was already string right at me and grinning. “Would you have believed me if I had told you?” He asked.

“Not in a million years.”

“Exactly.” He turned back to the sisters. “Mary, you are looking lovelier than ever.”

“Shut up and assume the position.” Mary growled like a sex panther. The two girls moved us to lean side by side on the counters, facing the wall of fireworks. They pulled out two cushions and placed them by our feet, and as Mary slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of Tony, languidly pulling down his pants and underwear as she did so, Sarah, in a very business like manner, had pulled out my cock and was giving it a serious look. I was already pretty fucking hard, and then to watch Sarah’s barely covered tits, which had to be at least 40 D-cups, that were jiggling only centimeters away from my rapidly engorging dick, brought me to full life almost as soon as my johnson had escaped my trousers.

“Hey, this is a nice one, Sis! Thick and long, like I like them! Take a look!”

Mary peeked over. “Mmm, yeah, I guess. Too thick for me. I like a slender dick I can relax and cum on.” Mary had both hands on Tony’s long prick, and she moved them both up and down expertly. Tony and Mary had been looking in each other’s eyes the whole time.

“Too big? Bullshit.”, said Tony with a laugh.

“You’d be surprised.” Sarah said, starting to jerk my cock up and down with one hand, while pulling her tits out of her bikini cups with the other. The straps supported her large tits, and formed a shelf of boobs that got me to drooling. She continued, “Most girls aren’t size queens, they like one that fits, not destroys. Yeah, Jake? You like those tits? You want to cum on them?”

“Girl, I’ll cum on anything you tell me to!”

“That’s my boy!” Sarah spit on my cock and began to use both her hands, twisting them in opposite directions. This chick knew exactly what she was doing! Every stroke rubbed the crown of my cock perfectly, a killing stroke, the kind that a sex worker would use to get a client to cum fast. I couldn’t help but cry out.

“Oh goddamn, what the hell are you doing!” My hands gripped the counter as I resisted her furious attempts ti get me to cum.

“Trying to get you to cum, silly.” Sarah said, still working my cock with both hands.

I tried to express something like, ‘but i don’t want to cum so fast I want to enjoy this and I never have been in danger of cumming so quickly before so I’m impressed with your skills’, but as a lot of the blood from my brain was in my dick, all I got out was, “Uhhhh…ohhhh, argh! Gah!” Sarah’s entire body was moving with her arms and hands as she jacked me off, her curvy ass rising and falling above her plump calves, and her tits undulating with every twist of her fists on my thick prick.

Over at Tony, Mary had taken off her top and was leaning backwards, while still on her knees, stretching her self out like a cat, and running her hands over her body while Tony jacked himself off and ogled at the beautiful girl. His hand pumped his cock slowly, like he was in no hurry to cum, until Mary started squeezing her tits and pulling on her own nipples. His hand began to move faster and faster. Mary smiled at his excitement and pulled harder on her thick red nipples, pretending to pull herself up from her reclined position, all the while gasping in short little bursts of breathe from the delicious pain she was causing Magosa Escort herself. Tony’s hand was flying across his cock as Mary stopped her tugging to halt six inches away from Tony’s dick.

I was barely holding out. My eyes were squeezed shut. My teeth were clenched. I was thinking of every Orgasm-preventing-cliche I could as Sarah worked my cock like a machine, but I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

“Oh Jesus! It feels so fucking good!” I opened my eyes for a second to see Sarah looking up at me, her eyebrows arched in wonder.

“Dude, I can’t believe you haven’t cum yet! I’m working you like a Dusseldorf dock whore. You should have spoojed all over me by now.”

Tony shouted from his spot, “You’ve lasted longer than me, bro!”

“Don’t …call…me…bro…aaaargghhhh!” Tony’s admission I lasted longer than him somehow ended my need to keep going. I actually felt my balls churn as I came like a Twenty Dollar Sparkling Fountain Shower of Fire (Buy one get three free) Sarah aimed my cock at her tits, lacing ropy strings of my cum between her massive, young titties. She giggled a bit and dabbed her tongue with a sperm coated finger and nodded appreciatively. “Hm. Not bad. Hey Mary, you want a taste?” Sarah called to her sister. “Yeah, I’d better, just so I know.” Mary leaned towards Susan, stretching her pale white body to it’s full feminine length, and licked a huge glob of my cum off of Susan’s right nipple. She then got back to her spot in front of Tony, licked her lips and while looking straight in Tony’s eyes said, “Yummy, that’s my kind of cum.” Tony groaned, and then begged, “Oh shit, let me cum on your ass! Please!” Mary smiled wide, turned around and let stuck her ass high up in the air. Tony, without putting his hands on her, slid his cock along her ass crack, and in three or four strokes he started to cum, but he came so hard he actually overshot Mary, and sent a stream of cum on the fireworks behind him, as well as on Mary’s shoulders and back.

“Well, those’ll be on discount tomorrow.”, said Mary. And we all laughed and cleaned ourselves up. Both girls gave us a little hug before we all left the shed, like we had just been at a church meeting, and then we all went home. And for one of the very few times in our lives, Tony had been right about something. But tomorrow was another day…


So, do you really care how the sales went on the Third? Are you wondering if Tony and I made lots of friends and loved seeing happy kids and parents all day? Perhaps you’d like to know what our biggest seller was? NOPE! You don’t care at all, just like me and Tony —our eyes were on the prize: the McCluskey sisters and our Bonus! I had to admit, It was cool to work for a different motivation than money, just for once. And this time, when the girls stopped by to cock tease us and the customers, we both started to show off our sales skills, fighting for customers and showing off our charm. They saw us doing it, we knew they saw us, and we all knew why we were doing it. Which made it was hot as hell!

It was also actually hot as hell, and to beat the heat, Mary and Susan had showed up in these daisy duke denim shorts and the matching shirt tied up in a bow just under the tits, wide straw hats and not a stitch else. The guys waiting in the lot to buy fireworks gathered around them like flies on shit, but to their credit, none of them got out of line. Mama and Pop McCluskey didn’t bat an eye at their daughter’s slutty ways, they even seemed to approve of the attention the Buxom blonde and Irish Temptress brought to themselves, and the Fireworks Stand. Long story short, we worked like demons, made lots of money, and at 10PM Mama Opened the door for the girls and said the same thing, “Don’t wear them out. They need to work in the morning. And lock up after you cum.”

The girls were still in their daisy dukes and low-bowed shirts, with their naked bellies and legs glistening with perspiration from the warm summer night. As the door closed, we all felt the stifling warmth of the Shack’s lack of ventilation and the heat it had stored all day that still seemed to radiate from it’s cheap pine panelling, and Susan spoke first. “Mary, it’s way too hot in here. Let’s turn off the lights and open one of the windows. Boys?” We propped open one of the windows as the tube flourescent lights flickered to black, and the cool night air rushed in, bathing all four of us in the sweet relief of a night’s breeze.

“Ahhh…that’s better. Now, let’s get that bonus done.” Tony and I got in the same same positions we were yesterday, and The Sisters kneeled on the same pillows. Tonight, though, Mary was holding my cock in her slender fingers and Susan was one-handedly pulling Tony’s long schwanz out of his pants while fiddling with her celphone. Mary gave my dick a smooch on the tip, and looked over at her sister.

“Ok, ready, Susan? Start the clock on Three, two, one…..go!” Susan clicked on her celphone and both girls began to suck our dicks like it was Lefkoşa Escort a race. Which, I was about to find out, it was! Susan was bobbing up and down with a slurping fury on Tony’s cock while diddling his balls with her fingertips. Her spit soon dripped down onto her tits, and she rubbed it into her cleavage and then ripped off the shirt, all while keeping Tony’s cock in her mouth. Meanwhile, back at my dick, Mary was slowly swallowing my cock, her thick lips stretched around my fat johnson, while she used both her hands to stroke my shaft. Then Mary began to hum, deeply, which sent a vibration all the way down my cock to my balls and back again. I wiggled like a dork and Mary started to work on my cock even harder, sensing she was about to ‘win’, but I was thinking something different. . .

“So Tony, they are racing to see which one of …ungh, oh fuck that feels good…them can make us cum first…unnhh…”

Tony’s eyes were rolling in the back of his as Sarah started to put one, and then both of his balls in her mouth and gently caress them. “y…ye…..Gaaaaaahhh….oh suck’emsuck’emsuck’em…..Yes, that is correct, So if you will excuse me…!!” Tony growled.

“No, I won’t. Ladies, we earned our basic bonus, right?” Both girls nodded, keeping our cocks in their mouths. “Good. But I heard Mama McCluskey say you had your best sales day….ever.” The sisters turned to each to each other and shared a quizzical look, their cock-filled lips still moving up and down our dicks. “So, my associate and I think we deserve an extra bonus, in the form of an off-the-clock blowjob. Not a contest but a nice leisurely suck, in honor of our hard work and this beautiful night and our beautiful companions.”

Susan popped Tony’s dick out of her mouth. “Aww, that’s kinda sweet!”

Mary pulled mine out from between her sensuous lips and riposted, “Susan, shush. Don’t make it personal.”

Tony was shooting daggers at me. “Hey, fuckhead, are you trying to talk us out of the best blowjob I have ever had?”

Mary sushed Tony as well. “Hey, he’s just ambitious, and he likes what he sees. The McCluskey’s respect that. Sarah, text Mama, these boys may deserve the big bonus.” Her voice was rich with intention.

“Oh shit, I didn’t even think of that.” Susan started to send a text with just one hand while she kept Tony’s dick hard with the other. She then propped the phone up and started to softly lick and nuzzle the end of Tony’s cock. Mary sighed and started to do the same to me. Her tiny little tongue danced like a flame over the length and breadth of my dick. Her hands caressed my balls, and my thighs, and finally they crept around to my ass. As her hands gabbed my cheeks she exclaimed, “Whoa, that’s a tight ass, Pal.” She squeezed it and fondled it, and her eyes clouded over and she lunged down on my cock, her hands holding on to my ass like handles and pulling me back and forth into her mouth, while she stayed completely still on her pillow.

“Oh damn, a tight ass is her kryptonite.” said Susan, who turned back to Tony to say, “And I know what yours is…”, as she used her tongue on Tony’s balls, licking and teasing and sucking them, while jacking off his cock with both hands. While making Tony writhe like a dervish, Susan’s phone buzzed. Susan stole a glance and with a momentarily testicle-free mouth she said to her sister, “It’s on, girl!”

The words woke Mary from her face fucking reverie and she whooped with delight as she kissed me on the face and chest in spontaneous joy. “Okay you two, just relax and go with the flow, ok? There may be a lot of cash in this for you, so stay sharp!” Mary then leaned forward and pulled the crown of my cock just inside her mouth, and sucked as fiercely as she could, which was pretty fucking fierce! In the middle of that and Tony’s wet balls, the Fireworks Stand door swung open and Mama McCluskey came striding in.

Tony and I froze, and both of our cocks went a little soft.

“Okay big sellers, you want the big bonus? Hah?” To our shock, Mama was smiling, and she was carrying the same wafty cloud of marijuana stench about her as her daughters had.

Susan yanked on Tony’s dong. ” Say yes.” she whispered.

“Youch! Ah, yy. . .yes! Mama, we want the big bonus.”

“Okay, so, first….” Mama took off her jacket to reveal she was wearing a black leather bustier with shoulder straps and a plunging center line that made her huge Germanic breasts into almost a second ass. “Get cocks hard while Mama watch. Go!” Mary and Susan began a basic fellatio on us both, as we tried to adjust our consciousnesses to what was or might happen. Mama had squeezed in between her two cocksucking daughters to watch them as they did us. Nodding in approval, and peering intently at our hard saliva covered cocks, like the inspector Twelve of blowjobs, Tony finally had to say something.

“Mama, can I please stick my face in those amazing titties!”, he blurted in an anguished tone.

“Oh ach Ja, my liebchen. About time you asked!” With a surprising agility, she stepped onto a shelf under a counter and tossed a leg over Susan to straddle her and Tony, and then using the top window edge as a handle, pressed her huge cleavage into Tony’s delighted face, while Susan continued to suck Tony’s dick. It was the nastiest, sexiest, dirtiest thing I had ever seen!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32