A Special Good-bye

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Hello again. Remember me? My name is Rebecca May Walker. My friends just call me Becky. I previously mentioned that my neighbor, a college guy named Jake, and I had become acquainted with each others bodies, just not intimate. I would give him hand jobs and he fingered me until we would both cum. He would spy on me from his upstairs neighbors window while I swam in my pool naked. I would put on some private shows for him and soon we were doing more than looking from afar, we were touching each other in intimate ways.

This began in August. By September, it had happened dozens of times. We pretty much did everything with each other except doing the deed, or going ‘all the way.’ Not that we didn’t want to. It’s just that we were both freshman in college, and didn’t feel pressure to have a full sexual relationship with other with him living next door, and four years of college to go. Then, something changed, through no fault of our own.

I remember it well in my mind. It has been almost nine years now. As was my routine, I got up, showered and turned on ABC. Many times in my classes, we would discuss what was happening around the United States or around the world so I made sure to keep up on current events. As I made a pot of coffee, I would watch the local news until 7 a.m. when Charlie Gibson would come on with the news on Good Morning, America. It was 6:40 a.m. Good, I could catch the weather report and traffic before heading out.

I was waiting for the coffee pot to fill when I heard a familiar voice on the television. Just not the one I was expecting. The voice on television belonged to Charlie Gibson. I thought to myself, ‘that’s odd.’ I looked at my watch, then re-checked the time on the microwave. It wasn’t seven yet. What is he doing on, so soon? It was Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001.

My eyes were glued to the television set that we kept in the kitchen. My mom and dad soon joined me. What was that he was saying? A jet, fully loaded with fuel had accidentally run into one of the twin towers in New York? My parents and I hung on his every word. Each of us sitting around the kitchen with coffee cups in hand, glued to our kitchen television, joined by millions of others doing the same thing around the world.

I got a page from my school. All classes had been cancelled until further notice. Good. Then, the station switched over to their heavy hitter, their big gun. Charlie Gibson was upstaged by Peter Jennings who normally wouldn’t be seen until the dinner hour. As we watched, to our horror, another plane crashed into the second of the twin towers. Now, the commentators switched from saying it was accidental, to terrorist attacks in New York.

The world was stunned. How could any country have the balls to take on the military might of the United States? US citizens sighed with one collective sigh and all had the same thought: Find the Bastards and Nuke Them! I realized that would be going off ‘half-cocked’ and eventually the President came on the television and said, that yes, we would find out who was responsible and that there would be hell to pay when they did!

For days and weeks afterwards, the country was in shock. Almost 3,000 dead? It was my generations ‘Pearl Harbor,’ which we only read about in history books but found it difficult to relate to.

Jake and I became closer. We spent more time together and we found ourselves talking about our futures. Everything was so uncertain, so up in the air. We held hands, we made out mamak escort every chance we got, and we wondered out loud whether marriage might be in our future, to each other. Like everyone around us, we stopped talking about trivial things. The latest movie. Manicures, the latest fashion in clothes that we just had to have, or maybe that fantastic vacation we were thinking about taking. The kind of trip that only the well-off could take, making others envious. So we could make sense of things, take back control of our lives and sleep better at night knowing that we were masters of our universe. Lots of puffing ourselves up, looking down on others, glad we had the money to go to college and one day be rich.

All of that stopped. Just…stopped. It didn’t mean as much somehow. We were afraid, for the first time in our lives. Attacked on our soil. Could we ever feel safe again? Relationships took on a deeper, more spiritual meaning. Jake was real. He was my neighbor. He made me feel safe. Naturally, my feelings for him changed. I could begin, for the first time, to visualize spending my life with Jake, and having children with him and doing anything to make life normal again.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, my life was about to change again. In retrospect, it’s good we don’t know the future. I think we would react in rather conventional ways. We would give up, waiting to die. We would try to put 60 years a living into the next few months. We would cry daily, wondering ‘why me?’ Or we might find inner peace, or make peace with a higher deity, and devote the remainder of our lives, in helping others and doing good deeds.

At the time, not knowing my future, each day was filled with the mundane. Doing things as I had always done them and trying to remain calm, and sane. Hey, change is tough. You can find solace in the mundane when your world is being turned upside down.

Jake and I were still turning each other on with our nightly rituals of me swimming nude and him jerking off watching me. I really liked exposing myself to him, and he really enjoyed watching, so we were a perfect match. One night, about 12:30 a.m. I gave Jake a phone call.

“Hello, Becky! How are you doing?”

“You’re still awake? Good, what to join me in the pool? Think you can get out of your house without waking your parents?”

“Sure, be right over.”

Minutes later, he came over and joined me. He had left his house wearing only a towel around his waist and a house key in his hand.

“Thanks for coming over, Jake. I really needed some companionship tonight. No school tomorrow so we can sleep in.”

Jake and I went into the pool and swum a few laps to loosen up. Then Jake went over to the steps and sat down. He was on the lower step so his penis was covered by the water, although I could still see through the clear water that he was half-erect. I followed his lead and sat next to him. I was about to reach over and hold his cock in my hand, but he stopped me.

“I want to touch you, Becky. And I love you touching me. But I have to tell you something first. Something important. Something that may change how we feel for each other.”

I had this horrible sinking feeling in my stomach. It literally made me feel ill. A hundred things raced through my mind. How horrible could it be? Was he breaking up with me? Did he find a busty, blue-eyed blonde to replace me? Was he dying? What could it be? I felt horrible. Still, on the outside, ankara masaj yapan escort I remained calm.

“Okay, no playing around. We will just sit here close to each other, totally naked with my erect, plump nipples all wet and slippery in dire need of attention. But okay, what is it that you have to say?” I was scared but I shut up and listened.

“I’m going to be leaving soon. I did it. I joined up.”

“What do you mean, you joined up? Joined what? Where are you going?”

“I joined the Army, Becky. After our twin towers went down, I knew I had to do something. I knew that I just couldn’t sit back and let someone else take care of it. I want to be a part of it. I want to pay those terrorist bastards back. So, I joined up. I’m shipping out in a few days. I have already told my mom and dad about my decision and they are behind me 100 %. My dad was in the Army and his father before him, so I am just following a family tradition.”

He shut up an let his news soak in. I was stunned. I was numb. He was the only one I had ever let in, to really get to know me, to show my body to him. And now, he was leaving?

“Jake, are you sure about this? They use real bullets over there, you know? People get killed…you may not come back. Why does it have to be you? Can’t someone else do it? What about college? We are only freshman”

“Becky, if everyone lets someone else do it, no one would do it and nothing would get done. I’ll be back, with medals all over my chest! As far as college goes, when I get back, I’ll go back to college. The Government will even help pay for it. It’ll be alright, Becky. I’ll be back before you know it.”

I started crying and Jake put his arm around me to comfort me. I cried for a few more minutes feeling conflicted. Here we were, both totally naked. I felt sad that Jake was leaving, and yet I was being turned on too. The water was warm flowing over my pussy and the moon was full overhead. How could an evening be any more romantic?

I stopped crying as Jake lovingly wiped my tears away. While he was holding me, I took his hand and placed it over my very bare breast. I reached over and began playing with his cock under the water, feeling it growing. It felt good in my hand, but I knew that it would feel better somewhere else. Some where secret. Some where special. Inside me. We began kissing while my hand remained where it was and Jake’s hand was gently massaging my breast. Wow, did that feel good. Every now and then, he would take a finger of a thumb and rub it over my nipple. That did it for me. Playing with my nipples always pushed me over the edge. I stood up and took Jake’s hand.

“Follow me, Jake. You are going to be leaving in a few days. I want to give you a special good-bye.”

He followed me into the house and into my bedroom. With my bedroom and bathroom on the opposite side of the house from my parents, they didn’t have a clue Jake was even there. We were both still totally nude, not even taking the time to dry ourselves off from the pool. We were both still wet, at least from the waist down.

I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled Jake over to me. I played with his cock until it had once again reached it’s full potential. Here I was, a college girl, and Jake was the first erection I had ever played with for real, and not just in my horny imagination. The water drops left on his cock made it easier to stroke up and down. To say the least, he was enjoying mithatpaşa escort the special attention I was giving it. But I had done that before. Tonight, was going to me special. I was going to ensure it.

For the first time ever, while I stroked him standing before me, I put the head of it in my mouth and began to suck on it like it was a lollipop. He went week at the knees. I didn’t think he could last long, especially feeling my tits while I was sucking.

Suddenly he stopped and ask me to lay down. He mumbled about doing something he had wanted to try for a while. I lay down and purposely spread my legs apart. Tonight, if he wanted to see me, he wouldn’t have to use a binoculars. He surprised me. He lay down between my legs and started licking all around my pussy. I was so glad I had shaved it smooth yet again, with my morning shower.

For never being with a woman before, he showed remarkable enthusiasm and creativity. He continued teasing me, kissing and licking all around my pussy. He surprised me further by gently spreading my lips apart and licking up and down over my now erect clit, begging for more. He took his tongue and began darting it in and out of my sex.

“That was it,” I said to myself. “No more teasing.”

I reached up and pulled him on top of me. His cock found it’s way inside of me, and he began pumping up and down like this was his last day on earth! I began to raise my hips up to match his probing thrusts until I had the strongest, most intense orgasm of my life, as I held on to his hips the whole time. It was strange but I could even begin to feel him grown larger inside of me. I knew he was close to exploding, but I wasn’t done with him yet.

I had him pull out, and lay on his back with his legs together. I got up on top of him straddling him. I slowly lowered myself onto his shaft until I felt he was completely inside of me. Once again, we were one, in that special way. Instinctively he reached up and began playing with my tits. I started pumping up and down on his swollen dick. Then Jake began rubbing both of my nipples at the same time. That did it. I was a goner!

I started going up and down on him as fast as I could. The more he played with my nipples, the faster I went. Then he raised up and started sucking on one of my erect nipples. You could have dialed a cell phone with them. That did it! I came like a wild woman! Jake could no longer hold back. He let out a gasp and raised his hips clear off the bed. I could feel his warm cum splashing the inside of my cervix. Could anything feel better? Let me answer for you…NO!

I collapsed on top of him as I waited for each wave of my orgasm to subside. My first time without Enterprise. I am definitely going to have to change his name now. Jake kissed me on the lips like he had never kissed me before. I think he finally knew that he had fallen in love with me. I knew that I was in love with him.

A half-hour later, and after we had each cleaned up in the shower, Jake slipped back outside and returned to his own home. He left a few days later, but not without first coming over and kissing me good-bye. He promised to write me as often as he could and I promised the same. He did continue to write, during boot camp, and later when he was shipped overseas, although not as often. Then, the letters stopped.

I found out later, through his parents, after some time had passed, that a sniper had killed him only two months after he arrived. Jake. My Jake. My neighbor, my friend, my first, my lover. The first and last man I ever had sex with. I still look back on those times with him with fondness. Nine years have since past, but he is still with me, in my heart and in my dreams. Swimming nude, making love in my bedroom. Good times, and my special good-bye to my best friend.

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