A Special Birthday

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“Good evening Miss Taylor, if you would.” The Chauffer was tall and handsome and was smiling at Alexia as he stood beside the black limo and held the door for her, waiting patiently for her to get inside. The limo was long and sleek, with tinted windows and from where Alexia was standing she saw that the interior was a light grey and looked very elegant. Being a lawyer at an up and coming law firm meant that she was doing well for herself, but no where near this well. Alexia smiled back at him and climbed into the limo, not really knowing what to expect of the evening, but she could feel her heart beating a bit faster with anticipation. No matter what happened tonight, she knew she would have an experience to keep with her for a lifetime.

For Alexia, this night actually started for her several weeks prior to her getting into that limousine. Alexia had worked in the legal field for several years before finally becoming a lawyer herself. She was young, attractive, smart, and had ambition. Those qualities got her several offers from law firms around the country, but her choice landed her in the city where she grew up and where she could live in the hustle and bustle of the every day world. She was a workaholic and truly enjoyed her work. Unfortunately her work and her passion for her work left her very little room for actually being able to have fun, let alone have a social life. She had been dating a guy she met in law school but their paths faded as her pursuit of the fast track did not include him. She had hooked up with a guy now and then, but that was few and far between.

One night, while she was at home eating a take out supper and studying the briefs for her next case her phone rang and she saw it was her old friend Carmen. Carmen and Alexia grew up together and were practically sisters. Holding her salad in one hand Alexia picked up the phone with her other hand.

“Carmen! What up with you.” Alexia heard a laugh on the other end. She knew Carmen way too well, and knew that laugh meant that Carmen was up to no good.

“Alexia sweetie, how are you?” Alexia set her salad down and laughed herself.

“Ok baby girl, I know that laugh, what have you gotten me into now?” Carmen laughed again, and the game was on.

Carmen, through her adventures, had met up with some people that lived, as they say, an alternative lifestyle. Carmen was into experimenting and trying all kinds of new things and while Alexia always enjoyed hearing Carmen’s stories, never really got into that lifestyle herself.

“Ok Alexia, I know you aren’t getting out as much as you should be, and I know for a fact that you have not getting enough attention in all the right areas, if you know what I mean.” Alexia blushed slightly.

“You know me, I have been busy!” Carmen clicked her tongue.

“No excuse girl, and I have set something up for you that I know you are going to love.” Alexia sighed.

“Not another blind date, please? You know how much I hate…” Carmen cut off Alexia before she could finish that thought.

“Blind date? Please. You know me better than that old boring crap. Nope, I have something way, way better planned for you. Consider it a gift from me to you, Your birthday is in three weeks, is it not?”

“Why yes, yes it is.” Alexia’s head was spinning. What was Carmen up to?

“Excellent! Keep your birthday night open. I have plans for you. I know you don’t have plans for yourself, so trust me on this one. You will receive information about your night shortly. Just remember to call me and thank me when it’s all done. And you will be thanking me.”

“But I …” Alexia had tried to protest but Carmen had just laughed again and hung up quickly. Alexia put the phone down in frustration. Damn that Carmen! She was dead right about Alexia not having plans, and to be honest she had forgotten her birthday was coming up that quickly. She picked her salad up and wondered just what exactly she was getting into.

“Here we go ma’am, you are all set.” The driver of the limo had lowered the black screen between them to tell her that they had arrived. She looked out the window and saw that they had arrived at the D’Armand De La Guirdo. It was only the most expensive and exclusive hotel in the entire city. Everyone called it “The Guirdo” for short, but she had never really been inside it herself. She did know that a lot of her clients, when they were in town, stayed here and they always raved about it. She was still staring at the décor of the front of the hotel when the chauffer opened the door and extended a hand to help her out of the limo. She felt like she was in some dream fantasyland, and wasn’t really sure what to believe.

The chauffer helped her out of the limo and nodded to the bell attendant who ran out to the limo to greet them. The chauffer closed the door behind her and told the bell attendant that Ms. Taylor had arrived. The bell attendant nodded and ran back inside. The chauffer then smiled to Alexia and nodded his head, and then went tuzla escort back to the driver’s side of the limo, got in, and then slowly drove away. Alexia was standing in front of the hotel feeling rather confused and disoriented. People were going in and around her and she didn’t notice them and they didn’t seem to notice her. She took a deep breath and pulled a card out of her purse. It simple said:

“D’Armand De La Guirdo. 1407.”

Alexia entered the hotel and saw the most extravagant lobby in a hotel she had ever seen in her life. Part of her mind refused to believe that she was even in a hotel. As she was studying one of the many grand fountains that would put casinos in Las Vegas to shame, an older man in a fine suit approached her.

“Miss Taylor?” He was smiling and she nodded to him, not able to really speak at this point. He didn’t seem to mind her not responding and he bowed to her. “I am Fernando, if you would be so kind as to follow me.” Without looking back Fernando turned and began to walk away from Alexia. Her mind wanted her to ask him where they were going, but her body took over and her legs began to move forward and she found herself following him. They went to an elevator that he used a key to unlock and he ushered her inside. He did not look at her or speak to her on the ride up, and she was grateful for that. She saw the numbers of the floors go by and she knew that they would stop on the 14th floor.

Once they go to the 14th floor, Fernando got off the elevator and turned to his left, again without looking back. Alexia followed and saw Fernando go to a door and use another key to get in. Only, there was something odd about all this. As Alexia was walking to the door that Fernando had opened and was waiting for her she realized something. That door was the only door on the entire floor. She had never seen a hotel floor with only one door. Alexia had always considered herself usually pretty fearless, and very few thing intimidated her in life. She had to be honest with herself in that she was a bit intimidated now. Fernando stood smiling at the door and she entered the room. The room was larger than her apartment, larger than most houses that she had been in. Fernando pointed to an expensive looking mahogany desk that was by the entrance to the room, and on the desk was a large, white envelope with the word “Alexia” in fine black print on it. Alexia turned back to Fernando to ask him what was going on but the door already had been closed behind her. She frowned at this and thought “well, I have come this far” so she picked up the envelope and pulled out a card from inside. The card read:

Welcome Alexia, to my humble abode. I trust you will find everything to you liking here. You will find some champagne in a bucket with some ice by the foyer, please help yourself. That is also where you will find the next note.

Alexia read the note and walked down a few steps and saw a bottle of champagne with a crystal glass in front of it on a display table also made of crystal. The champagne had been recently opened and was steaming slightly from its mouth, as champagne likes to do when served properly. She shrugged and poured herself a glass. The amber liquid filled the glass and the bubbles began to dance and swirl around, teasing each other with their games. She carefully took a sip and was not surprised that it was very good. As she was taking another sip she noticed another card lying by the bucket of ice for the champage. She read this card and it simply said:

“Enjoy a glass. Next comes the powder room.”

Alexia finished her glass (and poured and drank a second glass, she was nervous at this point and figured another glass wouldn’t hurt at all) and then went to the powder room. It was a large bathroom of sorts that was straight out of a movie set. She saw a note on the wash basin that was next to a large Jacuzzi set right into the floor of the hotel. There were candles lit around the Jacuzzi and it was full of white bubbles, apparently just recently filled. She picked up the next note and read it.

“Now it is time to relax. Please hang your clothes on the hooks to your left. Enjoy the bath for as long as you like, there is a towel right on the edge for when you are finished. Once you are finished, just keep the towel on and go to the bedroom.”

Alexia had to read the card several times. A bath? Now? She had spent the last week prepping for this night. She had her nails on her hands and feet done, got her hair made up earlier today and even got that special waxing taken care of. She didn’t know what to expect tonight, but she wanted to be ready for anything. She wasn’t sure about the bath part, but a part of her mind told her to relax, to let go, and to enjoy. It was her birthday after all, right?

Before she knew she was doing it, Alexia was removing her evening dress and getting ready to get into the bath. There was a full length mirror in front of her and she ucuz escort watched herself undress. She was about 5’7″ and had long, black hair. Her skin was tanned and she had dark, fierce eyes. Her parents being from Venezuela and Norway gave her a very exotic look. She liked to keep in shape and loved her legs. They were long and muscular and smooth as silk. She removed her black dress and stood in the mirror with her black, low-cut bra and black, lacy thong and thought to herself “damn, I am hot.” She kicked off her stilettos and unhooked her bra and removed her thong. Now she was naked and standing in front of the mirror, and she felt wonderful. She had never done anything remotely this crazy before in her life, but somehow she found it all very natural. She was beginning to understand a bit of why Carmen loved an adventuresome lifestyle.

Alexia climbed into the Jacuzzi and the water felt amazing. It seemed to be at the exact perfect temperature and the suds seemed to reach up and caress her as she lowered herself carefully into the water. She let her hair down (she had it up to go with her dress) and laid back and just sighed a sigh of pure content. She saw to the side of the Jacuzzi a small tray with a small bottle of champagne (in a bucket with ice, of course) and some chocolate covered strawberries, all within arms reach. She laughed and clapped her hands. That really was a nice touch. She reached out of the Jacuzzi and poured herself another glass of champagne and popped a few strawberries into her mouth. After a few glasses she finished off that small bottle. By this time she had a real good buzz on. She laid her head back and closed her eyes, truly enjoying herself.

A few minutes later she heard a mechanical click and a whirring sound, and before she could react the jets in the Jacuzzi kicked in and the water began to swirl around her in a fast motion. She laughed in half-surprise as jets shot water over her body from her sides, from right behind her back, and a thin line of small jets shot water up between her legs. The water pressure, while strong, was not rough, and it felt like she was being caressed by many pairs of liquid hands. The water was still hot and the suds were now clinging to her body like another layer of skin. She found herself adjusting the way she was sitting so that the jets were now shooting across her chest, and it seemed that the jets below her were angled just precisely to find their way between her legs.

Her nipples, while not very big, were extremely sensitive and before she could do anything sexual they had to be played with. The key to turning Alexia on was to get her nipples hard and fired up, and right now this Jacuzzi was doing just that. The jets were spraying rhythmically across her nipples and she was turning her upper body slightly from left to right to get maximum exposure. The jets that were below her were sending various waves of water between her legs, and it felt like a giant tongue was licking its way up her increasingly hot pussy.

She laid her head back and began to moan. She had never been seduced by a hot tub before, and while a part of her was concerned about what was going on, the majority of her told her to give in and let nature take its course. She was still buzzing strong from her champagne and she was so relaxed that in the end she decided not to fight it. She spread her legs wide and extended both her arms to either side and held on to the sides of the Jacuzzi while the jets worked her over. The great part about these jets was that they did not just shoot the water out in a constant motion. Instead they worked as a team and shot the water out in intervals, so that the pressure and the sensations on her naked flesh was not constant, but rotated and made it feel like she was being pleasure by many different fingers and tongues all at once.

In her condition, it did not take long for Alexia to have her first orgasm. She had not had one (at least a good one) in quite some time, and when this one hit her whole body spasmed and she cried out. After she came the jets began to slow down and eventually stopped altogether, and she was left breathing heavy and lying in the hot tub, wondering exactly how she could get a tub like this into her place.

After a few minutes of coming down from that ride, she realized she was suddenly way too hot and needed to get out of the tub. She felt her pussy was still on fire and was twitching again, and she knew that she was now officially horny as hell. She got out of the tub and grabbed the towel from the side and wrapped it around her. She walked out of the bathroom and into the cooler air of the bedroom. She breathed easier once away from the steam of the room but the view in the bedroom quickly took her breath away again.

The bedroom was absolutely amazing. First and foremost was the large sheet of glass that was a wall across from where she was standing. It offered an amazing view of the city below. She could ümraniye escort see high rises all around her and the street far below where the people were ants and the cars but mere toys. The skyline view was just simply awe inspiring. The décor of the room appeared to be a cross between modern design and old European design. This was not really her expertise (Carmen would know all about this, as this was her profession) but she found it very warm and inviting. She also knew that every piece in the room probably cost more than she made in a year.

Next to the large bed on a nightstand was another note and a blindfold. Hanging from a hook on the chair in front of the nightstand was a silk robe. She picked up the note and read it.

“Please drop the towel, put on the robe and the blindfold, and lay down on the bed. No peeking!”

Alexia dropped the robe, put on the silk bathrobe, and sat down on the bed. She put the blindfold on and lay back, having no idea what was next. She was truly amazed at herself at how she was going along with everything so easily. Deep inside her she began to realize that she enjoyed being told what to do. To be given instructions and orders made her feel warm inside and she was discovering that she liked it.

As Alexia was lying on the bed she noted that the blindfold fit perfectly and the silk from the robe on her skin felt wonderful. Her pussy was still throbbing and without realizing it her hand had found its way down there and was slowly rubbing up and down. She was still terribly wet and her fingers began to tease and tickle herself slightly. She played for a few minutes and then her nose began to twitch. She smelled something. A new scent wafted across her nose and it took her mind a moment to register what it was.

Cologne. A man’s cologne.

Alexia pulled her hand away from her pussy and went to remove the blindfold. Before she could a voice, male and very strong, called out to her.

“Stop!” Alexia’s hands froze before she could remove the blindfold, though she had no idea why they stopped. Her mind was pleading with her to get a hold of herself and take the blindfold off, but her hands refused to move.

“Alexia, my darling, listen to me. You are safe here, I am but your humble servant, here to pleasure you, and to make you happy.” The man’s voice had a slight European accent to it, and it was very deep and soothing. Alexia found that all she could do was lie there, unable to move, unable to speak.

“Tonight is a special night for you, and I will make sure of it.” Alexia felt a touch on her left ankle. A strong, powerful hand was on her leg, and the hand began to massage her leg slowly. The voice continued while the hand rubbed her leg.

“Your pleasure is my pleasure, and if you give yourself to me, you will see that there are no limits to what we can accomplish.” Now his other hand was rubbing her other leg, and it felt amazing. His voice was low and hypnotic, and though this was against everything in her very being she found that she simply wanted to lay there and let him take her. She felt a fire building inside her loins and realized that whatever he wanted, he would get.

His hands slowly slid up her legs to where the bottom of the bathrobe was below her knees. The hands parted the bathroom and she could feel the silk slide away from her skin. Her legs were now bare and while a part of her was embarrassed she found that she did not care. He used the tips of his fingers to trace lines up her calves to her thighs and it sent shivers up and down her spine. The hands continued to part the robe from her body and soon it was resting to either side of her, and she was lying completely naked before him. Her mind could not comprehend how she was lying naked in front a complete stranger, especially since she had no idea what he looked like. Still, here she was, and the robe was no longer protecting her, but was now underneath her.

“My lady, you are so amazingly beautiful. Your skin, she is so soft, so warm.” The fingers ran up over her stomach and to the bottom of her breasts, and she could feel herself breathing faster and wishing that he would run those fingers to her nipples. The fingers traced up around her breasts and over her neck and stomach, but did not touch her nipples. The light touch of the fingertips was almost maddening to her. She could smell his cologne stronger now as his hands worked up her body. She had never smelled that fragrance before, but it was very stimulating.

“If you please, roll to your stomach.” The voice commanded her, and she willingly obeyed. The hands then began to rub her neck and shoulder and they knew exactly what they were doing. She sighed softly and began to rub her legs together, trying to create some friction for the fire between her legs. She felt his weight join hers on the bed as he sat above her and rubbed her shoulders and back and worked his hands down lower to the small of her back. At that point she felt a strong tongue kissing the small of her back and she gasped slightly. The tongue then began to work up her back slowly and up over her shoulder blades. She was shivering in anticipation and was loving it. Eventually the tongue worked its way to her neck and to her ears and the voice began to whisper softly into her ear, licking and swirling and teasing and driving her wild.

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