A Special Birthday

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Part 1: Introduction

James and Lori had known each other a long time, but James moved to another state for a great job so they mostly kept in touch now by phone and e-mail, weekly. They always had a great time whenever they got together. This account is complete fiction.

Lori knew James’s birthday was coming up and he was traveling near her home so she called him up.

“Why don’t you come out for your birthday,

I’ll wear something sexy, and we can get a nice dinner. I have a surprise for you!!”

James was excited the entire flight to Phoenix. He was 40, tall [about 6’1″], blue eyes and ruggedly handsome from working out several times a week. He had an easy-going personality, a good sense of humor, and didn’t worry too much about life. He was wearing black leather shoes, black dress slacks, and a striped business shirt with a black sport coat.

Lori was about 5′ 5″ tall, mid-thirties, curvy and also was fairly active athletically, biking and running several times a week. She had a great big smile, nice white teeth, firm defined nose and beautiful brown- blonde hair with some lighter highlights that was about shoulder length. She showed up at the restaurant wearing a light blue tube dress that was very short, just barely covered her firm sexy butt. Underneath her mini-skirt was a pair of black thigh-high stockings with a darker lace top, and a pair of special silk black thong underwear that James sent her the previous month. The most interesting part about this thong was that it contained a special wireless receiver, that was connected to a medium size vibrator that could be activated from a small remote control!! The vibrator portion covered her clit completely, and had a rubber probe tip attached that allowed it to be partially inserted into her outer pussy lips for added stimulation. She had never tried it out but was excited to try!

Her blouse was a black silk v-neck style, plunging in front to almost her waist, with spaghetti straps that barely covered her recently augmented curvature. James hadn’t seen her in awhile so he didn’t know she had added some implants to increase her bust size to about 36DD from about 32B! She looked awesome!

In fact, due to her larger chest size quite a bit of cleavage showed through the side of her blouse as well! Her 4 inch black spike heels made her butt look stick out a litle further and look even better than it already did, and added a little jiggle to her walk.

She entered the restaurant and they embraced hard, and kissed deeply.

The restaurant was a nice and quiet, dark, Italian with small booths that were separated from each other.

“Man, it’s great to see you”, he said.

“You too”, said Lori.

They ordered some penne pasta with Italian sausage, a salad, some manicotti and a nice Chianti, then they finally had some time to talk. He couldn’t stop staring into her eyes!

“I wore what you sent me”, she said.

“Maybe we should test it out?”

She pulled the controller out of her purse and set it on the table.

James knew what that meant and grinned profusively. He reached over turned up the knob on the controller to about 1 [out of 5] and she felt a faint buzzing in her thighs.

Lori said, “Oh, you are a tease!”

“What’s going on down there he asked?” But he already knew! “Do you like that?”

Yes, she replied! “I’m getting a little swollen! And warmer!”

James turned up the device to level 3 but it still wasn’t able to be heard above the restaurant noises.

“Oh! that’s nice”, she said. “You’re so bad!!” Her eyes closed and she shuddered a bit, and her breathing got deeper. She was close to cumming already!

He turned it up to 4, and her head rolled back to the back of the headrest and she continued breathing heavily.

“Oh….” she moaned, and squeezed her breasts on the sides, moving her hands inside her blouse towards her nipples and stretching the material of her blouse closer towards her chest. She was having trouble concentrationg due to the buzzing between her legs. If it wasn’t so dark, anyone could see her massaging herself. James decided that it was time to send her over the edge and turned it up to 5.

Her nipples were now fully erect and she gave them another slow, hard squeeze. She moaned again, quietly and her breathing became even deeper and her eyelids closed a bit. She spread her legs even farther apart under the table.

“Oh, you have to stop, I’m going to cum right her!! I’m…..”

But she couldn’t finish her words and she came very hard, her hips and her body began to convulse!! Her head moved back and her eyes closed as she gave herself a final squeeze, shuddering again and again, with a soft moaning noise.

After a few moments, when she regained her composure, she gave his cock a squeeze under the table. It was already hard.

“I want some of this later!!

“Just teasing you, getting you ready for dessert”, he smiled!

She could only wonder!

Part 2: The Club

After dinner, they went to a little nightclub down the block from the restaurant. After their first maragarita Escort Sincan James turned the vibrating panties back on to level 3!! She grinned and knew what that meant! Her clit started swelling again.

“Not here, she said smiling!! Back at the hotel you can do whatever you want!! These are too dangerous, I’m taking them off for awhile”, then slid them off and put them in her purse.

They got another sip of their drink. Lori was getting kind of typsy now from the wine and the margarita, but was not yet too hammered. “Come here”, she said, “I want you to see something else”.

They moved down a back hallway of the bar to the VIP section. The club had two sections with strippers, both men and women. They headed to the section where the women were dancing.

James and Lori sat down in a curved shaped booth that had a shiny brass pole about 2 feet in front of the edge of a dark brown leather couch, which was in the shape of a semi-circle.

“I got you a present”, she grinned.

James smiled, “That’s great!”

Eren, a cute redhead appeared in front of them shortly.

“Are you Lori?”, she asked.

“Yes, we spoke earlier about a special birthday lapdance”.

“Of course, I remember. Shall we begin”, she asked, smiling.

“Sure, said Lori.

Eren was about 5’8”, maybe a size 6, with long red hair and very toned legs. She was wearing 5″ white spike pump high heels that had a 2 inch platform in the front, and a see-through lace tube skirt, that had a solid white elastic top. You could clearly see her enitre freckled, tanned body through the dress!

The Def Leppard song, “Pour Some Sugar on Me” began, and Eren started to slowly grind away in front of them.

She raised her arms high over her head near the brass pole to help her balance, and gradually lowered her legs and hips to the floor, with pressing her butt firmly backward, slowly sliding up her dress over her hips. When she got to a full squatting position, she opened her legs wide apart for a moment to reveal her white, silk thong underwear. Then she closed her legs, straightened up and turned around and faced away from James,

Next, she bent over slowly, all the way to the ground and looked back up at James, extending her curved butt towards James’s face, getting very close! She reached around and pulled her dress up over her hips, slapped her left butt cheek, and grabbed it hard, leaving a small outline. Then she wiggled her hips right up to Jame’s face, getting so close that his nose and mouth were less than an inch from her pussy! Talk about teasing!

His groin started to get hotter, and he could feel a large erection forming. Next, Eren turned around and faced him, and moved her left leg up on the couch and her thong covered pussy towards his face. Her clit and pussy lips were firmly outlined against her underwear, and it was obvious she was enjoying this too! Eren ground her pussy right into his face, touching his nose with her wetness! Then she quickly moved onto his lap for the final part of the song, straddling him cowgirl style, grinding all the time on his now raging boner. Eren pulled the top of her tube top down, revealing two perky breasts, and proceeded to push both warm tits to his face, raised her arms over his neck and embraced him, forcing her chest back and forth over his mouth. She grabbed her right breast and aimed the nipple towards his mouth, and rubbed on his nose and face. Then, the song ended, and Eren covered up, smiling. James tipped her, she said thank-you, got up and left.

Lori was aroused from watching all of this, and leaned over to James and kissed him deeply.

“How was that?”, she grinned. “Looks like you liked that!”, referring to his huge hard-on.

“I bet I could do that just as well”, she said, and proceeded to stand up and lean against the stripper pole. The next song came on, but James couldn’t even hear it, he was so mesmorized by her movements. She repeated the same type of dance as Eren, except she wasn’t wearing any underwear!

As she squatted down against the pole facing him, Lori flashed her pussy briefly, spreading her legs apart, then back together again.

Next she stood up and moved towards him, and lifted her left leg on the edge of the couch. Her hot wetness was right onto his mouth, as she ground her wet lips right into his face, hard! He tongued the outer edge of her lips, then inside her pussy, then he moved his tongue up to her clit and started flicking it lightly with his whole tongue. She held his head from behind, forcing his tongue harder on her clit, as she kept grinding away! Lori felt herself getting more and more hot, and the nerve endings in her pussy felt like they were electric, sending pulses up to her ever hardening nipples! She almost came right there!

Next, Lori slid onto his lap and ground her hips into his still rock-hard cock. She leaned forward and kissed him deeply, grinding along with the song, them moved her right nipple towards his face.

“I know you want to do something about this”, she grinned as she slid down one strap to her waist, revealing more Sincan Escort of her perfectly shaped tits. James opened his mouth and sucked hard, taking in as much as he could. He reached up and squeezed both sides of her tits, forcing them into his mouth even harder. Lori’s eyes closed as he sucked, and she felt like she was in heaven. Then, the song ended, and she realized how wild she was getting. Quickly covering herself up, she said, “lets get out of here! This needs to be continued in a more private setting!”

“Ok”, he said, but first I need a break. I’ll be back soon”. James got up and headed to the restroom, leaving Lori at the couch.

Right after he left, two of the male dancers walked by their table. Derrick was about 6 foot tall, white, well built and very lean from dancing every night. Dwayne was about an inch taller, black and also very well built. Both had very large arms, a couple of small tattoos and tight abs. Both wore the red house g-string, that barely covered their packages, which looked to be substantial.

Derrick asked, “How would you like a complimentary dance”?

Lori responded, “I don’t know, I’m just about to leave”. She was actually not even looking them in the face, just gazing at their crotches!

Derrick said, “It will only take a few minutes, and I guarantee you’ll love it!”

Lori thought about it, and was already turned on from the whole evening, and thought, why not?

“Ok, just one”.

What Lori didn’t know was, both dancers wore a body lotion that in addition to making their muscles stand out and appear shinier and more defined, included a custom pheromone that was designed to turn woman on and make them aroused sexually. Lori smelled something when they first walked into the club, and as the dancers got closer to her, she could smell something musky, and undefined. But her pussy was definitely getting even more aroused and responding to it!

“Why don’t you stand up and dance with us “, said Derrick. Lori stood up, acting semi-hypnotized. She couldn’t really believe this was happening, but it seemed ok at the time. The next song from Nine Inch Nails called “Deep” began. Derrick began to grind away in front of her, and Dwayne from behind, only a few inches away. Then, they both moved closer and brushed her legs with their hands as they moved their hips back. Derrick got closer and closer until his barely covered cock was right next to her now thong-less pussy.

He rubbed his growing hardness into her crotch, sending some waves of stimulation through her. Dwayne also got closer behind her, and he too started rubbing his groin into her ass. Lori was getting more and more aroused, as she felt their cocks harden and grow, and didn’t realize that her dress was slowly climbing up, inch by inch, revealing more of her ass and thighs as they ground against her harder and harder. In fact, in back, her dress was almost over her hips!

Dwayne reached down and put his arm around her, and pulled her against his hard-on, then spun her around to face him. Smiling, he then put both hands on her hips, and lowering his hips to the same level as hers, and pushed his ever-hardening cock towards her pussy. The entire tip of his fat, jet black phallus was now exposed, having climbed out of his g-string, and he pushed it right up against Lori’s pussy lips, and continued to grind away on her clit. He could feel her wetness start to coat his penis as he thrust his big black cock against the hot opening, up and down, rubbing her clit and the entire length of her pussy lips with his enormous cock. He wanted to fuck her right here!

Then, he moved his mouth to hers, and began to kiss her on the lips, probing her mouth with his tongue. She gasped a little, and his tongue darted inside her. She couldn’t help but to start kissing him back, deeply. She couldn’t believe this was happening!

He lifted her left leg up and moved his cock closer in an effort to penetrate her. But, the tip of his cock was too wide for her, so he ended up just driving her even more crazy with lust as he spread her pussy lips with the giant, wider and wider, almost inside her. He was almost there, and had half of the tip in, but couldn’t get more than that. They he pulled back and guided her hand down to his erection, and started moving her hand onto the shaft, stroking it slowly.

Meanwhile, Derrick moved up to her neck and began to tongue kiss her on her right side, and at the same time, he too released his cock from its confinement. Then he grabbed Lori’s right hand and placed it over his and began to use her hand to slowly jack himself harder to its full length.

Lori was a bit stunned from the pheromones, and completely in the power of these two dancers! She was very turned on, and needed to be fucked soon, as the pressure in her pussy grew and she became flushed. She couldn’t believe she was stroking two ahrd cocks in a bar!!

Dwayne next slid down her left spaghetti strap down, revealing her beautiful nipple, and began to suck on her left tit. He sucked as much as he could into his mouth, then swirled around her entire boob with Sincan Escort Bayan his fat tongue, then resumed sucking and squeezing her chest.

Derrick slid his hand inside her blouse on the other side, so now both her tits were being groped by strangers! Lori felt weak and powerless as her pussy swelled with excitement! What was happening to her?!!

The answer would come soon enough. Dwayne grabbed her hand, and led her towards one of the open booths, with Derrick right behind. He stood in front of her, and began french kissing her, and squeezing her ass with both hands. Her resistance was almost gone by now! He reached down to his cock, and started to stroke it on front of her, and said, “Don’t you want some of this”?

She nodded, and bent down towards the fully erect black rhythm stick, and placed the tip against her lips, and began to give him a nice, slow, deep, blowjob.

As she bent over, Derrick positioned his raging hard-on against her pussy from behind, and since she was soaking wet, pushed it right inside her!! Lori came almost immediately as Derrick continued to stroke her hot pussy with his cock! He was almost all the way in, then pulled back out almost completely, so that his cock was coated with her juices. Then he resumed fucking the sexy blonde, picking up the pace of his strokes as she continued to moan and shake with a big dick in her mouth.

Dwayne said, “That’s it, suck that cock. Take it all”. Lori did her best, getting a sucking and stroking motion going with both her hands and mouth, getting about half of it inside her, as she continued to taken from behind.

Derrick felt his balls tighten up as he picked up the pace of his attack, and he knew he was close to blowing a huge load into her. He held off as long as he could, then he reached the point of no return as he looked down on her sexy ass quivering in front of him. With one last stroke inside her, at the deepest point, he grabbed her hips tighter, and unleased his sperm into her willing, unprotected pussy! He continued to unload his full balls into her, pumping until he shot his entire load, as deeply as he could. The minute the first spurt entered Lori, she too came, and her pussy muscles clamped down on the monster inside her. She felt weak and wobbly as the orgasm over took her, and her mouth opened just a little wider for the intruder in front of her.

Dwayne took that moment to push his cock deeper into mouth, groaned and exploded down her thoat!! Lori felt her mouth fill up, swallowing as much as she could as Dwayne unloaded an even larger load than Derrick into her sweet mouth. Both cocks kept pulsating as they came again and again, then moved slower and slower, until they were spent. When they had caught their breath, they gradually pulled out of her, and pulled up their g-strings. Lori wiped off her mouth and neck, pulled her dress back down over her butt and said goodbye.

Meanwhile, James had returned from the restroom, but when he got back to their original booth, Lori was nowhere to be found. He retraced his steps, going back to the restroom area, and saw Lori coming out of the ladies room, flushed.

“Is everything all right?”, he asked.

“Yes”, she replied. “Let’s get out of here!”

Part 3: The Hotel

When they got back to his hotel, Lori’s pussy was still throbbing from dinner and the bar.

James started kissing her on the mouth deeply, then moved to her neck, squeezing her very gorgeous firm tits at the same time. He laid her down on the bed, then he moved both her arms to bedposts of the bed, and restrained them with a soft, thick purple rope, like the kind used at movie theaters. She was tied up now, firmly but not uncomfortably. “Is that ok?”, he asked.

She nodded silently and smiled. She didn’t know this was coming!

Then James placed a blindfold over her eyes, and moved down the bed towards her legs, and pulled up her legs at the knees for better access. She still had her spike heels on, so her butt was slightly elevated from the bed.

He moved his face down between her legs and started to eat her pussy. Up and down he licked, then in circles around her clitoris. She got hotter and wetter, and more swollen as he did this!

Next, he spread her legs further apart and put one finger inside her, still sucking on her clit with his molten tongue. She came quickly, fast and hard, bucking her hips against his face, her whole body shaking and immediately wrapped her legs around his head to prolong the pleasure. His tongue continued to penetrate her as deeply as possible, then came back out to feast on her throbbing button. She pressed his face harder into her pussy with her legs as her lengthy orgasm continued. Finally, she stopped shaking, and relaxed her grip.

James next got out a huge black silicone vibrator, with a very fat, phallus shaped rubber tip, and turned it on. It had a slight curvature to simulate the real thing. He placed it on her pussy lips, and clit, rubbing up and down, then he eased it inside her. He fucked her with it slowly at first, just a few inches at a time, then faster and deeper, up to the half the entire length which was 9 inches long. Her hips were moving back and forth in rhythm to the vibrator violating her womanhood, and her breathing began to get deep and heavy again. Next he moved his tongue back to her clit and continued sucking on it.

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