A Son’s Curious Mind Pt. 04

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This is the fourth part of A Son’s Curious Mind.

For context, please first read A Son’s Curious Mind Pt. 01, 02 and 03.

All characters in this story are over 18 years old.


It was getting dark, and James was sitting on the sofa, looking at his phone, when his mother came into the living room.

“James, honey, what are you up to?” she asked.

She got closer to the sofa, and he put away his phone.

“Nothing much, mom. What’s up with you?”

She sat down on the other side of him, and said, “So you have some time for your mother?”

“Of course, mom,” James said and smiled.

“You still love me, right?”

James was taken aback by his mother’s question. It was not something he had expected, but he was glad she asked him about it. He answered her with a smile, “Of course mom, you know I do.”

“James, I know how much you love me. But I still want you to know what I have to say. You see, I am not like a normal girlfriend,” she said, looked into James’ eyes and took his hand. “And if you ever want to get another one, you are welcome to find one. No matter who that person is.”

“Mom, I…”

“Just listen to me,” his mom interrupted. “I don’t want to prevent you from finding a normal girlfriend. You will always be my son, and I promise to be a great mom for you.”

He knew how considerate his mother was, and why she was saying this. He knew she was genuine in her concern.

“I know you will, mom,” James answered. “But I don’t want anyone else.”

“Oh, James,” she said. “That’s very sweet of you. I want you to keep me as your one and only. I don’t want anyone but you, but no matter what happens, I will be your mom for the rest of my life.”

James did not say anything, but he held onto his mother’s hand.

His mother smirked at him. “I bet there can’t be many boys who want to fuck their old mothers instead of some young girl.”

James could not help but smile at his mother’s words, but protested, “Stop it, mom, you’re not old. Besides, I am sure lots of guys want to have sex with their own moms.”

“Really?” his mom said, surprised. “Why is it that you think that?”

“Because the mother is any boy’s ideal woman,” James speculated. “I think that all guys are looking for someone to match their mom,” he continued, “simply because they’ll never get the opportunity to make love to their own mother.”

“Well, I guess most don’t get that chance,” his mom responded.

“One’s mother is always very special. Almost like the perfect woman that all future lovers will be compared to.”

“It’s sweet to hear you say that,” his mother answered. “I want you to know that you were the most special thing in the world to me too. I always considered you the closest in my life.”

“I guess that is common amongst all mothers, to feel close to their sons. But a mother actually letting the son stick his penis inside her body, that’s gotta be rare.

“That’s true.” His mother shrugged her shoulders and said “I’ve always wondered why.”

“What do you mean, mom?”

“Well, I just think more mothers should try doing sexual stuff with their sons.” She looked at James, “I mean, I know it’s considered taboo and whatnot, but it’s not like you need to tell anyone.”

“Yeah, sure,” James agreed.

“Because females have sexual desires too. And if you’re without a husband, like me, it’s always more safe and secure to do it with someone you know. So if you have a son, why not have sex with him, as he is the closest person you have. If both want it, I don’t see the harm.”

“That’s the way I see it too, mom,” James said. “It is something that is only natural. A mother has always been the primary educator. She is the one who raised us. She is the most important person in our lives. And the son will always love the mother, no matter what happens,” he continued. “As the old saying goes, ‘Where the heart is, the love flows’.”

His mother smiled at her son. “Yes, James,” she said. “I guess all this stuff is pretty obvious for a mother and son who have already tried making love.”

James did not say anything, but he moved in towards his mother to give her a hug.

As they got closer to each other, his mom kissed him on the lips. A real incestual mother-and-son kiss. James’ mother opened her mouth for him, and pulled him closer to her, so that their bodies could intertwine. He hugged his mother’s warm body tightly. She started kissing him, and her tongue touched James’, as she felt her son’s arms around her, and felt his hands explore her body. James could feel his mom’s nipples Çanakkale Escort hard against his chest, and he could just about make out the scent of her cunt.

He could not believe how great his mom’s touch was. She was an experienced woman, and she could sure feel what a man wanted. He knew she’d probably been fucked by his father thousands of times, although she never wanted to speak about it when James brought the subject up.

As his mom’s tongue moved around in his mouth, James moved his hand up his mother’s leg. She had jeans on, and James’ hand was soon right at her pussy. He could feel her heat through the rough fabric.

He could not resist any more. He wanted to touch her pussy. He slowly moved his hand, and opened her button, then her zipper. His mother got the hint and helped him off with the jeans.

Her panties stayed on, and as soon as her pants were off, James’ hand immediately went back to his mom’s vagina.

James could feel her pussy through the fabric, and the scent was overpowering. She had the most soft pussy, and James felt the urge to fuck his mom. But not with his cock, but his finger.

She took a hold of James’ cheek, and he felt her thumb touch his face. He was amazed how great his mother’s pussy felt. It was hot, and the wetness started to dampen her panties. James’ fingers touched his mother’s slit, and his mom groaned softly.

“Oh yes, do that baby,” she said as she pulled him closer.

“Mom, can I see it?” James askes.

“Oh, James, baby. Of course you can.”

She pulled her panties off, and James gazed at the beautiful hair decorating his mom’s pussy. He started to open his mom’s legs, and he could see how wet her pussy was. Soon, he was looking straight up his mother’s juicy cunt. At this moment, James truly felt like the luckiest son in the world. To him, it was the ultimate satisfaction to be able to access his own mother’s most private hole. The one reserved for pleasure and babymaking.

“Touch me, honey,” his mother asked him. “I am ready.”

His mother was correct. She was definitely hot. His finger could not wait to explore her vagina.

As his hand touched his mom’s cunt, he almost immediately found the wet opening. He pushed his finger against it, and it slipped easily inside her, as if his mother had sucked it in. After a second, he felt her pussy contract, and felt the heat increase.

“James, please,” his mom moaned, and pulled on him. “Please fuck me, James. Fuck me with your finger, my son.”

“Oh, mom,” he said and moved his finger slowly in and out of his mother. “That’s really tight. It feels very warm, mom. It feels good.”

He could almost not handle seeing his own finger sliding in and out of his mother. His mom had a beautiful pussy, and she let him finger-fuck it. His mom was a natural woman. It had dark brown hair around it, and a pretty slit. But James loved his mom’s pussy hair. To James, it was so sexy.

“Oh, James,” his mom groaned.

He took his finger away from his mom’s opening, and placed it on her clit. As he felt his mom’s pussy getting wetter by the second, his fingers went to the womanly pleasure spot. He could feel her heat as he lightly grazed it with his fingers.

“Oh, James, baby,” she said, breathing deeply. “Do it for me, James. Make me cum. Make mommy cum with your finger.”

“Yes, mom, I will.”

His mother started to shake in his arms. As she started to cum, James’ hand quickly went back inside his mother’s pussy. He felt her juices flowing down his finger, and his mom groaned as she got more and more horned up. Her legs were now spread open, and James could see every detail of his mom’s cunt. The clitoris, the pussy lips. He could just about make out the pee hole.

“Oh, James,” she whispered as she continued cumming. “I’m cumming again. God, baby, fuck me.”

James felt his finger sliding inside his mother’s hole. He fucked her, and she was groaning with pleasure. His mother could feel how good her son’s finger felt, and she moaned louder, her eyes closing.

“Oh, James, that’s good. You’re so good to mommy.”

James stopped moving, his finger still buried deep in his birth hole.

His mom was wrapped around his finger, and he could still feel her pussy pulsating, as he saw how her body relaxed.

“Oh, James,” she said, “That was amazing.”

“That was really good, mom,” James said, unable to contain his pride over satisfying his mother.

“I think it will feel even better when you touch my cunt with your tongue, my son.”

“Mom…?” James asked. “Do you want Çanakkale Escort Bayan me to… kiss it?”

“If you want to,” his mother said.

“Yes, mom…” James was still hesitant, as he had not expected his mom to allow him to go down on her. “Of course I want to do that, mom. Do you want it?”

“James, I want you to do it for me,” his mom responded. “I want you to touch my pussy with your mouth, my son.”

“Oh, mom, I will.” he said, “I will.”

They started to kiss passionately, and James moved his mouth to his mom’s cheek. He smelled her sweet perfume, and as he started to suck lightly on her neck, his hands with a firm grip around her waist.

“Oh, James,” she groaned. “I want to cum again.”

James moved his hand over his mom’s body, finally returning to her mound. He caressed her pussy hair, and moved his fingers further in, confirming she was even wetter than before.

“Oh, James,” his mom gasped. “Your finger feels so good.”

James slid his fingers in further, but then removed them. He lowered his body, approaching the waiting vagina. As he lowered himself, he was seeing his mom’s hole closer than ever before. He looked at it for a few seconds, before closing his mouth over it.

“Oh, James, baby,” she said. “Oh yes. Please lick me, James.”

James could not respond in any way other than to do as he was told, and James started to lick and suck his mom’s pussy lips. James kept massaging her vagina with his tongue, and it was awesome to taste his mom’s cunt. While the smell of pussy juice was intense, the taste was neutral and not too different from the taste of her mouth. His saliva mixed with his mother’s flowing juices, making a slippery wet mess.

James’ mom grabbed her son’s head, as if to try to fuck his mouth with her vagina, and he let his tongue slip inside her. She pulled on the back of his head as if to get him closer, as if to get his tongue deeper inside her.

James did not mind, as the situation was so beautiful to him. He was not only able to get a close-up view of his own mom’s pussy, but even got to taste her. James got to have his face in between his mom’s legs, and could smell her vaginal scent as he ate her liquids, as he swallowed her cum. As he did, he started to tongue-fuck his moms mouth harder.

“Oh, James, baby,” his mother moaned, and grabbed his head. “I’m close to cumming again, James. Make mommy come again, honey!”

“Yes, mom,” was all James could say, his mouth full of his mother’s explosively horny cunt. He could feel her body shudder once again.

His mom continued to groan, as James could feel her vagina tighten around his tongue.

James moved his tongue out of his mom’s fuck hole, but began to lick her clitoris. He licked her enthusiastically, and swallowed each drop, as if he wanted to make sure the pussy was clean. He could feel that his mother was in urgent need of orgasming in his mouth.

“Oh, James, baby. You make mommy cum again,” his mom groaned.

He started licking as fast as possible, doing his best to satisfy his mother, stimulating her clitoris.

His mom came again, and James felt her muscles contracting, and her cum squirting into his mouth. He felt his mouth get wet, and made sure he would not spill any mommy juice.

James’ mother moaned a few times, and James held hisnouth against her opening, feeling her pussy move with his lips.

After a few moments, his mom finally pulled herself away from James, and he followed as she took his face in her hands and pulled him up. She started to kiss her son. And her son kissed her back.

“James, I have to tell you something, baby,” she said, breaking the kiss.

“What, mom?”

“Your dad…” she began “He never did that.”

“What, mom?” James asked.

“Your dad never went down on me,” she clarified. “I have never come in a man’s mouth before.”

James did not respond, and of course felt sorry for his mother, but could not hide his pride of being her first.

“It’s crazy,” his mom continued, “that the first time I orgasm in a mouth, it’s in my own son’s mouth.”

“I don’t think it’s crazy, mom,” James said and smiled. “I think it’s beautiful. That’s true appreciation between mother and son.”

His mother giggled and kissed her son. She felt her body starting to relax.

“Well, James, you did it, you did your mom’s first cunnilingus orgasm, and even helped your mom give her one of the greatest orgasms of her life. That’s the best gift to a mother from her son, I think.”

“I would have been glad to help you, mom.”

“Do Escort Çanakkale you know what else?” she asked. “The more you kiss your mom, the better she feels.”

“So I should continue kissing you all the time?”

“Yeah, baby, I hope you will.”

“I would like that, mom.” James nodded. “And I will, mom. Thank you.”

James could still feel the taste of his mother’s cunt on his lips, and was completely amazed over what he’d just experienced. Sucking the cunt of his own mom was the best experience he’d ever had, he thought.

“Mom,” he said and looked at his mother, “I want to do that again, soon. I think I… I think I belong in your pussy, mom.”

“Well, of course you do, baby,” his mother said. “My vagina is the place you came from. You came from my body, James, and of course you feel the desire to go back into me.”

“That’s what I think too, mom. I came from you, and inside you is the safest place there is, mom.”

“It is very natural when you think about it, James. Your desire to put yourself inside me is simply your brain’s way to saying that you know where you belong.”

“That’s what I am trying to say. When I eat your pussy, I feel like I am at home, mom.”

“James, we are the same, you and me,” his mom explained. “We basically have the same DNA. You came from me, and as my son, you belong to my body. Having you inside me is more than natural.”

“Mom, I love you.” James said, as he kissed his mother.

“You are the love of my life, James,” his mom replied. “Don’t get me wrong, I loved your father too, but… but I love you more.”

“Mom…” James said with a grin, “I think our relationship are deeper than a husband-and-wife relationship can ever be.”

“You know what, James? That’s true. You and I are very similar. We have a relationship of real equals.”

“Mom, can I ask you a question?” James said, and his mother knew where this was going.

“James, you can ask me anything.”

“What would dad say if he knew what we did together?”

“I told you, he would accept it. Maybe he would be shocked at first, but I am sure he would understand,” she explained to her son.

“But what would you say, mom?” James asked.

“About what?”

“I mean, if I was a girl,” James said. “If I was your daughter, and dad fucked me. Or had me suck his penis.”

“Well, James, you’re not, and your dad is not here. So that is difficult to imagine,” his mother said.

“But would you accept it, mom?” James asked.

“If both of you were willing, then yes, I think it would be wrong of me to prevent it happening,” his mother said. “If you desired your daddy inside you, that would be okay.”

“I just don’t think everyone is as open and sympathetic as you about this, mom,” James said. “Would you really be able to understand him in that situation?”

“I think I know how your daddy would feel in that situation, James. I do know how that desire feels.”

“That’s true. If I were a girl, I guess your relationship with me would be different. The difference between a girl and a boy, I would think, is very crucial in a mother’s raising.”

“And I think you can understand me, James, because I understand how you feel. I understand how you need to come back into my body to feel alive. I know that I am home to you. I am the source of life for you. My vagina was the gateway to life to you, and now you want to relive that. I am very happy that you are my son.”

“Mom, I am glad that I came from you. I now understand why I felt the need to be close to you, to kiss you, and to be inside you.”

“James, that is what sex is. Sex is a very natural instinct, a ultimate proof of trust and closeness. That is also what holds together the family unit. In our family, sex should be a very beautiful and natural thing.”

“I agree with you, mom. And besides, it is wonderful to be able to fuck my own mother,” James smirked, and his mother laughed.

Back in his room, James’ thoughts turned back to his sex with his mom. He remembered how he had felt her on his mouth as she came. He wanted to feel it again. He wanted to feel her insides again. He imagined that she was all around him. That her vagina would embrace him.

His own mom…

He could still not believe that he’d actually done all those things to his mother, the person who gave birth to him and raised him. Was this just a one-time thing? Would she welcome him inside her again? James wondered. And could he bring her pleasure again?

He could not wait to get back into mom’s panties, to feel her cunt on his lips, her clitoris inside his mouth, and to see her cum again. He wondered if he would be able to bring her to the edge again. James wanted to hear his mom moaning and grunting, wanted to feel the taste of her juices flowing into his mouth.

He decided that he would try to go back to his birth hole as soon as he got the chance.

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