A Son Comes Good

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Will looked again at his mother, she was of course gorgeous in his eyes, and that was because she was gorgeous, all of his pals thought so too, his dad did, his dads friends did, every one who knew her thought the same! And every time he checked her out his prick lurched dangerously in his pants, and he would have to take evasive action in case she glanced it again. He had drifted into this, loving and wanting her as he had grown from a boy to the 18 year old young well built young man he now was.

He remembered the times before when she had glimpsed the bulge, he had actually done it on purpose because he wanted to let her know what effect she was having on him, but it hadn’t gone down too well. His most daring time was the one that nearly got him decapitated by her. He had been in his room with a stolen photo of her on the beach in a skimpy bikini, he was jacking off and savouring the imagined feel of her hand sliding up and down his full shaft and caressing the thick ball end of it, he had heard her in her room doing things that mothers do, he knew she would walk in on him soon.

And she did, he had turned his back to the door slightly so he could say he never saw her enter, and she saw him jacking, also her photo in his left hand as he did, she stopped dead in her tracks before reacting, the first thing he heard was a loud gasp, he jumped as if surprised and turned letting her get a full on shot of prick in hand. She screeched at him, demanded to know what the hell he was up to, and then she saw her photo, she almost went green then bright red, then the anger, she raged at him.

Will spluttered and stuttered, he hadn’t expected this, it was a scenario he hadn’t thought of, his mother gave him the mightiest of rollockings, calling him all sorts of names and then rushed from the room crying. His prick deflated in seconds, he was mortified. Minutes later he knocked on her room door and waited, he heard her say come in and he entered head down grovelling. She asked what on earth he thought he was up to, stealing a photo of her, ‘even if it was a very flattering one,’ she said.

‘I’m sorry mum,’ he told her, ‘and it isn’t flattering, it’s you, but I have this fixation that won’t go away, I love you, and I love you like a son shouldn’t, and I’m sorry, but I just do.’

‘Well young man,’ she replied, ‘don’t get any ideas, we will not be going there, and you can take that to the bank, and any more of it and your dad will hear about it, okay?’

‘Yes mum,’ he had answered as he slunk out of her room and back to his own. The problem now was, the incident had cemented the idea and his determination to seduce her one way or another.

Each time he looked at her he would groan inwardly, she was truly beautiful, her heredity was Nordic, her great grand parents were from Sweden, and theirs had been from Iceland he had been told. She had silver blond hair down past her shoulders that looked like silk gossamer, eyes that were so ice light blue they took your breath away, they could be seen as light smoky grey in certain light, her nose was classic Nordic, long and straight, but pert, her cheek bones were high and proud, as was her forehead, her lips were very slightly thin but full, and her smile could light the dark sky.

At 37 she was terrifically in her prime, around 5ft 5″ tall, her body was a little fuller than it was 20 years ago, but it enhanced her natural beauty, full firm tits, proud dark stand out nipples that could still make her dizzy when handled correctly. Her waist was still there it hadn’t filled out, yet. Her hips were in fine shape and she still liked to sashay when it was required, she was still fully alive sexually even if she didn’t get any where near as much as she used to, or still wished she could, but her husband had tailed off the last couple of years.

She still liked to entice him if she could by wearing the requisite underwear, stockings and the like, and this had enticed her son too, unknown to her. He had seen her many times over the years in all sorts of dress and undress, pyjama’s, negligees, slips, swimwear, the lot. Lena had always had lots of attention from men and boys alike, and recently a few of Will’s friends had started ‘being nice’ to her too, she loved this; it made her feel special, wanted, and still attractive. And she had quietly checked out Will’s best friend Jeremy’s butt a couple of times and thought lewdly, ‘now I wouldn’t mind some of that!’ He really had grown along with Will into a fine good looking young man. But she never ever gave any encouragement to them except for still dressing in the stylish elegant feminine way she always had.

Her biggest problem was lack of sex, she had never even entertained being unfaithful to her husband, it just wasn’t in her to even think of it, but yes, she was sexually starved, and this is what was to open the door eventually for Will, although he didn’t know it until the day she gave in to temptation.

She had got over the shock of finding marmaris seks hikayeleri her growing son jacking off in his bedroom, and over her too! But thinking back, she had decided that he had maybe done it on purpose, to let her know certainly that he was sexually attracted to her, being his mother or not. She smiled at it later as the thought of him laying there, her photo in hand and jacking off his quite impressive cock, ‘the dirty little so and so,’ she giggled.

She had let him off, she told him she had forgiven him, but he had better tread careful in future, she warned. He was more than grateful, and hugged her tightly, his prick standing to attention so quickly he didn’t realise that it was sticking right into his mother’s pussy. Lena held her breath when she felt the growing pressure of it, it also felt just so so good, even if it was her sons cock; it was still a hard cock! ‘He is a young man,’ she said to herself, ‘growing into a real man, and their libido was more than active, it controlled their bodies, not the other way round,’ this she had remembered from her own youth.

Will let go of his mother, kissed her cheek and tried hard not to hobble off, his prick at full erection and him blushing because of it as he realised that it had been jammed into her, not knowing it had been jammed right into her most prized place. He disappeared and never saw his mothers face go beet red with her own embarrassment, and not some little sexual arousal.

She couldn’t help but understand that the cock she had seen in his bedroom was bigger than her eyes had taken in. She had had plenty of them sticking into her over the years trying to create an impression at dances or other social events when she had been asked to dance etc.

‘Lena Bradley!’ She exclaimed to herself, ‘behave, he’s your son, don’t even think about it,’ but she did, she didn’t know it but she was on the downward spiral of her seduction by her 18 year old son, he would succeed where others had failed miserably.

As the weeks went by he paid lots of attention to her, making her feel that she was the only woman alive who could make him feel and be happy. He got braver and braver, her admonitions got louder and louder, but lesser in intensity, he had the feeling that if they were in battle he was winning somehow, although he couldn’t be sure. But he was persisting in his quiet surreptitious way of hugging and touching her, kissing her cheek in passing, and paying wonderful comments, saying things like.

‘Mum you are the most gorgeous beautiful woman I have ever seen.’

‘Will, you are getting more and more naughty each day,’ but it was always said with a smile, and sometimes she would hug him back, and he would press his hard on into her again, building her up on the pedestal that she would fall off very soon.

‘But mum you are beautiful and, if you don’t mind me saying so, very sexy as well!’ he said brazenly, ‘come here please,’ he said, and he took her arm, walked her to the mirror in the hall.

‘Look in there mum and tell me I’m wrong, go on tell me?’ He challenged. She couldn’t, she knew he was right; she was beautiful, although she would never flout it or say she was. He stood behind her, put his hands on her wrists and lifted her own arms out wide, ‘just look at you mum, you are fabulous,’ then he snuffled her soft hair to one side and kissed her neck.

This was one of her hottest erogenous zones, it always got to her, she closed her eyes without knowing it and tilted her head to one side, he kissed her again and a small moan escaped her lips.

Lena suddenly took charge of her senses, she pulled away in a hurry, her mouth slack, but under control.

‘Will, stop that I am your mother!’ Will, not really knowing what had happened apart from his mother seemingly collapsing for some reason, knew he had scored a direct hit somehow, just how big he didn’t know.

‘Mum, I was only loving you,’ he said innocently, ‘I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m sorry,’ He was crestfallen.

The look on his face softened her stance. ‘Its okay honey, I reacted too quickly, I’m sorry too,’ she told him. ‘But I am still your mother, so no more, okay!’

‘Yes mum, I’m sorry, hope I haven’t upset you too much, but I can’t help the way I feel about you.’

‘Oh you haven’t baby, but we can’t go on like this, it’s wrong, and what’s more you know it is too?’

‘I suppose so, but it really doesn’t feel wrong to me, I love you mum, so as far as I’m concerned, that makes it right.’

Lena relented in the face of such reasoning. ‘I understand baby, how you feel, lots of boys get the hots for their mothers, but not us, you have to realise that?’

‘But I don’t know of anyone who has a mother who is as nice as you, and certainly no where near as beautiful and sexy as you, you drive me nuts mum!’ He told her. She had to smile at his words.

His gentle loving tirade was working on her, he had always thought that if he got her it would be her flying into his arms, telling him of her love for him, and begging him to take her to his bed, where she would surrender to him forever.

But it wasn’t that that was happening, she was weakening because of his insistence of his love and desire for her, his very persistence, his seemingly dire need for her, he was crying out for her to love him, he needed her so terribly badly, she was his mother, she loved him unconditionally. What was she to do?

He saw some sort of hesitancy in her, a light had switched on in her head, she looked at him in a way she had never done before. Lena turned her back to him again and leaned against him softly. Will closed his arms around his mother again and repeated, ‘just look at you in the mirror mum?’ he said, holding her arms out once more.

‘Mum,’ Will’s guttural voice boomed softly into her ear. ‘I love you mum.’

‘I love you too baby, but…’ And her son kissed her once more on her neck, Lena almost fell down, it was too much!

‘Will please don’t do that,’ she whispered, but tilting her head once more to give him greater access. Will, unaware of what she was going through, only had the thought of his mothers luscious mouth, body and sex on his mind, it was all he could believe, he was in lust mode, she was his mother, but who cared, he certainly didn’t. He wanted her and what she had, he wanted to fuck, he wanted to be fucked, she was his mother but now that was now inconsequential!

Without knowing what he was really doing, he let go of her wrists and cupped her tits, squeezing her nipples in the same movement. Lena’s gasp of arousal was out, her body was dragging her down, her desire for love and to be loved was taking over her senses, her son was forgotten, the cock pressing into her ass wasn’t.

‘Humph,’ escaped her lips, as her ass pressed back at the invader now ensconced in her crack at her rear.

‘Darling you have to stop now; I’m your mum baby, please?’ But her body wouldn’t let her move away; it was if she was super glued in place. They were half a foot away from the mirror, the stair rail to the left, he softly pushed her sideways and forward, his prick was now fastened into her, all Lena could do was hold on to the stairs rails. Will was on automatic; his mother was on need and desire for sex, sex she hadn’t had for approximately two months.

Thankfully her husband was away on a business trip, he was the financial director for a large construction company, and often had to be on site for meetings, what Lena didn’t know was, his secretary often went with him.

Will bit her neck gently again, then moved down nibbling her shoulder where it joined. Lena felt the charge of electricity; it was taser like, it knocked her senses askew. His fingers had already taken control of her nipples, the downward slide had begun. Will was still unaware of the power he was exerting over her, and especially her body, it was that which was responding, not her mind, and she was sinking faster and faster.

Will let go of her nipples, but continued kissing her neck and driving her more and more into lust, his left hand collected the hem of her skirt and lifted it, his right hand cupped her wanton and now very wet pussy. Her moan was loud and audible, her ass pushed back to him where it gratefully reconnected with his strong young prick. His left returned to her nuclear tipped nipple. She knew that what was happening was wrong, but the very fact that it was, was making her submit to the moment further.

‘Will please baby stop, oh Will,’ was all she could mutter as his finger found her entrance, it slid easily in and another moan and gasp from his mother followed. His mouth glued to her neck was more than she could defend herself against.

‘Darl…, oh oh hmmm, Will I am your m…, oh ye…, oh no…, hmmm.’ The words stumbled in bits from her mouth, her defences crumbled, her hand slid around her back and searched for him. On taking hold of the huge bulge that was fixed into her beautiful crack and her fingers closed around it, Lena fell into the abyss of her son’s conquest of her.

Will tugged her gently into the lounge, he didn’t have the time to try and take her upstairs, Lena was dizzy, her body was on fire and blazing out of control, his finger still stroking the lips of her pussy was driving her mad, she wanted them in, not on the outside, in where they would do her some good. Will’s other hand was back on her left breast strumming the hard sensitive nub beyond her distraction. His mouth taking on her neck wholesale as he lowered her to the large comfy sofa, she flopped down on it, turned and held out her arms for a loving embrace, their first..

Will fell into them, he attacked her neck and nipples once more, unknowingly keeping her on the boil and from fighting him off. He took the plunge then, he guided her hand back to his prick, she grasped it like she was never going to let it go.

‘Oh baby this feels so big,’ she mumbled to him, he looked into her eyes as he gloried in the feel of his mother’s warm hand encircling him. He kissed her then, it was their very first kiss, Lena stiffened as his mouth closed over her lips and then she was gone, she kissed him back, no resistance was possible now, the battle had been won, and won handsomely.

Her hand worked its way into his pants and grasped his extra hard young cock, the softness and tenderness was too much for him, she moved up and down. Will lost the power he had, he surrendered to her. He went from holding her to holding on to her. Soon he jerked and jumped, his face buried itself into her neck, he came, his hips thrust forward, she felt him explode in his shorts.

The feeling of utter satisfaction swept through her, she had made him cum. ‘No one on this planet could have made him do that,’ she thought, ‘no one but me!’

‘Darling, I know what’s just happened,’ she whispered into his ear, ‘and it’s okay baby it’s perfectly natural,’ all he did was grunt in response, he couldn’t trust himself to speak.

‘Darling listen to me honey, go upstairs, get undressed, clean yourself up and get into my bed, I will be up in five minutes.’ He slowly lifted up from her, stood, looked at her briefly then walked to the door, he turned to look at her again, she saw the worry in his face, ‘go on baby, I’ll be there I promise you.’

He went and did as she had told him and waited. True to her word she appeared like a vision and sat on the bed facing him. Her heart was in tune with him, but her mind was still wondering why she was doing this. Lena placed her hands on his chest and looked into his eyes, his very own ice blue eyes. She saw sadness, and she knew if she stopped this, then that sad lonely look would be replaced by one of desolation for him.

Lena was caught between a rock and a hard place now. The rock was her loving son who had drawn her to him, coaxed her toward him in her desire and pure need for love and attention, one she could not deny was overtaking her senses. And the hard place was her maternal need to care for her son, he needed her, he loved her, she loved him, her instincts were to care for him, to feed, to nourish her son, to deny him what he wanted was against all she believed in, how could she possibly say no to him now?

The answer was she couldn’t, her mind was made up, she wasn’t going to.

Lena leaned down and softly kissed his lips, then stood, the fear in his eyes banged at her. ‘It’s okay Will, don’t worry, I’m not going any where.’

She faced him, fixed her eyes on him and held them, she undid the buttons on her blouse, and slid it down and off her soft round shoulders and let it fall to the floor, next she reached behind her and unhooked her bra allowing the straps to slip to her elbows, tantalising him before dropping her arms, the bra dropped to the floor revealing her magnificent upturned breasts, her hard nipples pointing to the wall above his head.

They felt so hard to her that they could crack, shatter and fall to the floor in fragmented pieces, she also knew that as soon as she went to her son, the moment he touched them, kissed them or sucked them she would orgasm, they were that sensitive. She turned her back to let him see her undo her skirt, push it and her panties down over her slim hips, and stood erect the skirt and panties fell to the floor.

She stepped out of them and he saw her for the first time ever naked, his heart hit the top of his head. She really was utterly gorgeously beautiful, so sensuous, feline, graceful and soft, oh so very soft. Angelic, her hair, backlit from the sun outside shone like a golden silver halo around her face, her lips red filled with blood, her cheeks flushed, her eyes were ablaze with her arousal, Lena was out of her personal control now, love and lust filled her from the tips of her toes to the top of her beautiful head. Will’s prick nearly broke in two!

He was opened mouthed, his amazement total, his erection was like an oak log. Turning back to him he glimpsed her blond triangular honey bush for the first time in his life, he saw his hand reach out and stroke it tenderly, his finger tips drifted over her pussy lips, she moaned and her eyes rolled in her head and it moved sideways in surrender.

‘Move over honey, make room for me?’ She whispered huskily. He slid sideways she got in next to him, she was trembling like a leaf in a gale, as she turned he sucked a nipple into his mouth and grasped the other in his fingers, it shattered Lena immediately, the orgasm drove through her unremittingly, she had nothing to fight it with, it decimated her. She shook and trembled almost violently, it continued to roll and wave through her until it gently ebbed away, it left her lying back on her bed, her arms above her head, she was done in.

Will looked at her with some alarm, not realising just what he had done to her, put her through, made her do, he had unleashed Lena’s biggest ever orgasm. If it wasn’t her biggest ever, she thought, then she could not remember another one that had left her like this, immobile!

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