A Snowy Mounatin Road Part 2

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Chapter 2

Linda woke up as the sun began to rise, casting an orange cast over the inside of the car where they had slept soundly, despite the freezing cold. She almost didn’t realize that Harlan’s cock head had somehow ended up just inside her lips (considering the position they were still in, she blamed herself for that). Realizing how cold it was now that the car had been off overnight, she quickly pulled herself off of her new fuck toy and reached over to the ignition. Firing the Subaru back to life awoke Harlan, whose first sight was Linda’s incredible ass bent over the center console of his car. He was tempted to plant his face back in between those luscious lips and get an early breakfast, but thought better of it, considering they were still trapped in his car in a snowstorm.

“How’re our clothes? Are they still soaked?” Harlan was confident the answer would still be yes since the heater hadn’t been running all night.

“They don’t feel dry,” Linda replied, backing out of the front seats. She turned to face Harlan, who was still laying on his back. “Despite almost dying, that was the best thing that’s happened to me in years, hun. I felt so alive”

“Me too, no girl’s every made me cum like that.” Linda cooed at the thought of being called a girl by a man much younger than herself. She turned around and pressed her body against Harlan’s while the car’s heater struggled to lift the temperature inside. It was no longer snowing, but the air outside was still freezing cold and the gusting of the wind audible through the glass and steel that surrounded them. Not that they needed any additional precipitation; two feet of snow must have fallen overnight.

This wouldn’t have been too much of a problem if Linda didn’t have to pee and it did not look like the doors were going to open. The two stranded drivers hadn’t left the confines of the Subaru in over 12 hours, and while they also hadn’t eaten anything in that time (well, not nothing, but certainly no hard food) they had both consumed liquids, including most of the water in Harlan’s bottle. Now it was time to figure out how they were going to deal with the consequences. They couldn’t open the doors as the snow had gotten too high and they couldn’t just roll down the glass as the openings were too high up to urinate out of, especially for Linda. Peeing in Harlan’s bottle was also agreed to be a terrible plan, as they could melt snow inside it to drink, water being their only abundant resource.

Their only option was to open the rear hatch, but neither of them wanted to admit it. They knew if they opened the rear door it would let in a ton of cold air; and with no dry clothes that felt like a terrible plan.

Linda had a thought on how to make it less terrible. “What if I stand behind you and hold you while you piss and then do that for me? That way we can still share body heat?” escort izmit Harlan couldn’t argue with that. And he really needed to deal with his bladder. It was somehow worse when he was naked, as if he could start dribbling at any moment and there was nothing to keep the cork on that bottle. Freezing cold be damned, he needed to pee.

They shuffled over to the rear hatch, hunched over on their knees, necks crooked. Linda pressed herself against Harlan’s back and draped her arms across his chest, finger running through his dusting of chest hair. He took a deep breath of the warm interior air and pushed the hatch open. The freezing air nearly pushed Harlan back into the relative warmth of the Subaru but he shuddered, and bolstered by his lover’s hands on his torso, perched himself just over the threshold and pressing his hands into the roof of the car to support himself. His cock was shriveled again from the cold. Linda sensed his hesitation.

“Stage fright?” she asked. Linda then realized it was a more practical problem of not wanting to get any piss in the car, in which they still had an indeterminate amount of time to kill. She began sliding her hands down his chest. Her left hand continued down this thigh, then slid it further to cup his balls. The right hand rested on his pubic hair for a moment before she extended her thumb and pointer finger to start rubbing Harlan’s knob. He let out a grunt as blood flowed to the frigid organ. Her breath flowed across his right shoulder, then his ear, warm against the chill outside air. She thought about nibbling his earlobe, but thought the shock might jolt him right out of the car and into the snow.

Linda had never so much as seen a man pee, let alone feel it happen. She felt his pelvis muscles flex, then the further engorgement of Harlan’s member as it filled with urine. It rushed out of him like a fire hose. Linda loved the power of it, and the power she had over Harlan. She peered over his shoulder and aimed the flow to draw yellow figure-eights in the snow. Harlan hardly noticed Linda’s enjoyment, so strong was the feeling of relief. In that freezing air it felt like his bladder emptied for an eternity, though the experience couldn’t have lasted more than sixty seconds. As the last few spurts of piss left his semi-hard penis, Harlan was brought back to the realization that there were a pair of heaving breasts pressed against his back and a pair of feminine hands firmly warming and squeezing his rod and sack.

Linda still really needed to relieve herself but was enjoying the control she had over the man in front of her too much for her own good. She pulsed the muscles in her right hand, feeling him grow again until Harlan was stiff as a board. He let out a small moan as she rubbed his balls, occasionally taking a break to feel the inside of his thighs and run her fingers through his pubic hair. She began jerking izmit escort him off, starting slowly but quickly building to a rapid pace, her hand occasionally venturing up to the head of his penis. It wasn’t the easiest hand job she’s ever given, with no lubrication, but the difference in temperature between her hands and the outside air helped elevate every sensation. She wasn’t sure if he was shivering from the cold, from ecstasy, or from both. He grunted and moaned, then froze, a streak of cum shooting out into the frigid morning air and into the snow.

“I thought you needed to pee too” Harlan remarked, less a question of Linda’s intentions and more an inventory of the experience he had just had. He inched himself back into the car, suddenly aware of how cold he was from exposing half his body to the elements for several minutes.

“I gotta piss so bad but I had you in my hands and watching you piss was so hot, I just couldn’t help it” Linda cooed as she maneuvered around Harlan to position herself at the car’s hatch. Unfortunately, without a penis, she wasn’t sure how she’d be able to avoid creating a pretty unpleasant problem for the both of them.

Harlan suggested that she lay on her back and inch her way out of the back until her ass was entirely past the bumper of the car; that way there was no chance of any urine fouling up their shelter. Linda was incredulous. She asked “how am I not just gonna fall out of the car if I do that? I got a pretty big ass, honey.”

“Your massive beautiful tits have got to balance everything out, right?” Harlan’s comment was half-serious, half-joking, but the logic was sound enough to convince a near-to-bursting Linda. She laid down at the edge of the car and began her slow scuttling over the lip of the hatch until her ass was nearly entirely free from the car. Harlan could see she was struggling to keep balance, and scooted over top of her to keeping her from toppling out of the car. In doing so, he positioned his balls just over Linda’s face; if it wasn’t so cold they would have rested on her nose. He hunched so he could rest his hands on her breasts and get a good view of the impending waterworks.

Linda had never urinated in public- at least never sober enough to remember the act- and it took a moment for her to break down the awkwardness of her situation, ass out and legs in the air, with a guy she had known for less than 24 hours basically sitting on her face. When the dam finally burst, it was almost as orgasmic a feeling as when Harlan first probed her clit; fluid shot out of her like a laser beam into the snow. So focused on the relief to her bladder, she inadvertently let the bottom of her feet make contact with the frigid snow, sending a shockwave through her spine and jerking her face into Harlan’s sack; she reached back and gripped his upper legs to stabilize herself as she finished izmit kendi evi olan escort her business.

Harlan never thought that he could be turned on by a woman peeing with her legs in the air, but he was rock hard when the waterworks finally ran dry. He pulled her back into the car and closed the tailgate, then crawled his way back over to the driver’s seat and powered the car back on; their bathroom break had cost them all the built-up heat in the cabin while Linda sat cross-legged, the two gym towels wrapped around herself, careful to leave one of her breasts exposed; she liked watching Harlan stare. They shivered separately for a few moments and the car’s heater worked to restore the inside of the car to a livable temperature.

“We should probably go back to sharing our body heat, we can’t leave the car on too long,” Linda reminded Harlan, though her mind was thinking more about his cock than about the conservation of their fuel reserves; though she consciously tried not to stare at him, instead focusing on keeping eye contact. She unfurled herself from the towels and stretched out along the length of cargo area. Harlan smiled.

“Me on top this time?” He wondered if the smell of her pee would enhance the erection he was sustaining from watching her go. It would be a weird trip, he thought to himself, if all he got out of this adventure was a brand new sexual fetish. Linda, however, did not intend to start another round of sixty-nining. Despite their desperate situation, she had never felt such a sexual hunger before. She cast aside the two towels; she wished that they had more space in the car to give him more of a show; especially since her initial disrobing had been so awkward. Breasts fully exposed, Linda ran her fingertips in circles over her large areolas, their dark nipples as hard as Harlan’s prick. She took a moment to pinch their extruded centers, twisting them between her fingers before bringing her hand down to cup and squeeze the seemingly endless bounds of her jugs. She licked her lip, then brought each of the nipples to her mouth, teasing herself.

“What part of me do you find sexiest,” Linda asked in between licks. “do you want my tits of or my pussy next?”

Harlan could watch no more of this display. He crawled towards Linda on all fours, head level with her chest. He nearly headbutted her in the process, but managed to make impact with his lips over top her left nipple. he borrowed his face into her pillowy flesh, hands reaching around to embrace Linda and take in her chocolate skin, pushing her back onto the floor of the car. His cock stood at attention mere inches from her love hole as he explored her breasts with his face. She held him against her chest with both hands, head pressed back and eyes closed, focusing on the emptiness of her sex and imagining what he would feel like inside her.

Harlan and Linda were moments from beginning their first proper round of coitus when the crunch of snow and the tapping of gloved hand on glass burst their sexual bubble. They were no longer alone.

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