A Snowy Evening

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I get an entire week off for Thanksgiving Break, but Claire doesn’t. We’ll spend most of it traveling to visit family, so we plan a trip during the weekend that starts my break. When we were planning our Michigan trip, Claire had looked at renting a cabin in one of the towns. We didn’t end up doing it, but she remembered it and booked one in Colorado for our weekend vacation. It was only a few hour’s drive west to reach Colorado and our cabin. We left right after school on Friday, so when we arrive, it is dark. After we check in at the main office building we drive around looking for our cabin. I’m surprised to see that the other cabins are spread out across the area. We round a curve in the round and suddenly everything else falls away and it is just our little cabin surrounded by evergreen trees. The car’s headlights flash across the face of the building as we come to a park.

“Looks nice,” I say as we get out.

Claire immediately goes to the front door and uses the key to open it. I go to the trunk and grab out our suitcase and lug it inside. It is small inside but cozy. We walk around touring it briefly. The front door opens to a living area complete with fireplace. To the left is an open floor kitchen area. Across the living room is a door to the bedroom. The bed has a carved headboard and the dressers are all made of real wood. Off the bedroom is a bathroom with a large bathtub big enough for two. There’s a door in the kitchen that leads to a little patio area with a grill.

“I love it,” Claire says sitting down on the couch in the living room.

I move the suitcase from beside the door to the bedroom, before coming back and sitting next to her.

“Have any plans for what we’re going to do?” I ask.

“We could go into town tomorrow. It looked like they had some cute shops.”

I nod. Claire always plans our trips and I’m content to go along for the ride. She is looking at stuff on her phone, and after a while, I get up and snoop around some more. I poke at the fireplace a bit, but I’m not entirely sure how to use it safely. As I open drawers in the kitchen, I find an instruction booklet for the fireplace. It says wood should be stacked out back, so I go out and retrieve some. I stack the logs in the fireplace according to the picture and make sure that the flue is opened properly. After a few tries, I get the kindling lit and soon the fireplace is popping and providing light and warmth. I turn off the lights before I sit back down.

“I’d love to have a fireplace some day,” I say as she snuggles up against me.

“We did growing up, but we never used it.”

“That’s probably what would happen with us too.”

She looks up at me with her big green eyes. She closes them, flashing me with her eye shadow, before she kisses me on the lips. We kiss gently a moment. Then she bites my lower lip and her lips part. Our tongues caress and we kiss passionately and then hungrily and then lustfully. The fire cracks loudly, and I grab one of her breasts through her shirt. She runs her hands up my thigh and gropes my hardening dick through my pants. She breaks off the kiss and pulls away. Her Kayseri Escort shirt is lifted and thrown to the side. I turn so I’m facing her better and thrust my face between her tits. I relish the feel of her warm cleavage against my face and trace my tongue up and down between her tits. She runs her hands through my hair and pulls on it. I reach behind her back and unclip her bra. I pull back as she lets it slip off and flings it to the side.

I pinch her nipples and push her onto her back on the couch. I flick my tongue across her nipples and she moans running her hands through my hair again. I take one nipple in my mouth and suck on it. I bit it gently before putting as much of her soft tit in my mouth as I can. I let go and the soft pop of the suction of my mouth releasing joins with the crackles of the fireplace. I squeezer her other breast and suck on that nipple. I kiss my way down her stomach and bury my face in her crotch. I kiss her pussy through her jeans and she moans louder. I unbutton and pull down her jeans and with a little help take them off completely. She has on cotton panties, and I stuff my face in her crotch again. I inhale the sweet smell of her pussy. As I breath her in, I can practically taste her juices. I run my tongue up and down her slit through her panties and feel her moisture soaking through them. I kiss my way up her mound to the hem of her panties and pull them down with my teeth as far as they go. I grab them with my hands and pull them the rest of the way off. I swirl my tongue around her inner thighs. I kiss my way around her mound until I suddenly thrust my tongue between her pussy lips and begin to eat her out.

“That feels so fucking good,” she says and pulls on my hair harder. One hand reaches to her breast and pulls on her nipples.

I flick my tongue across her clit and she shudders. Just as I’m about to bury my tongue as far as it will go in her, she puts her hand on my head and pushes me away. I look at her confused.

“Take off your clothes,” she says.

I stand up from the couch and pull my shirt over my head. Once it is off and I can see again, I see that she has pulled a thick fluffy blanket from the back of the couch and is spreading it on the floor in front of the fire. I drop my pants and step out of them before finally pulling down my boxers as well. She lays down on the blanket and reaches her hand up to me. I grab it and she pulls me down on top of her. We kiss again and my cock twitches at the thought of her tasting herself on my lips. After a moment, we roll over so that she is on top. She kisses her way down my chest. She licks my sensitive nipples which sends jolts of electricity through my body. She makes her way down to my erect shaft and runs her tongue underneath it. She locks her eyes with mine as she swirls her tongue across the tip of my cock. As she pulls away a strand of pre-cum connects us for a moment. She slips my cock all the way into her mouth and pushes her head down so that she has my entire length in her mouth. She holds it there a moment before sliding her mouth back up my shaft and releasing it with a loud gasp Kayseri Escort Bayan of air.

She swings her body around and straddles me. I wrap my arms underneath and around her legs and pull her dripping pussy towards my mouth. I shake my head back and forth as I begin to eat her out again. She moans loudly before I feel her take my cock in her mouth again. She bobs her head up and down my cock even as I flick my tongue across her clit. I push my face into her as far as it will go. Her wetness is smeared all across my face as I fuck her with my tongue. I’m so invested in pleasuring her that I don’t come as fast as I normally do with her blowjobs. Her legs start to shake and I can hear moaning as she sucks me off. In a moment she is coming with my cock in her mouth and my tongue in her pussy. I keep lapping at her juices while she sucks on the tip of my penis. She uses on hand to pump up and down it stroking it hard and fast. My hips buck upwards as her orgasm continues to roll through her. In a moment, I’m coming and she’s pulled her mouth away from my cock. She continues to stroke it as I feel strand after strand of cum erupt from me. Once my vision clears she rolls off me and we lay on the blanket for a while. Then she gets up and gets a towel and moistens it with warm water which she uses to clean me up.

“Looks like you made a mess of the blanket,” she says as I sit up.

“I think you had something to do with that,” I say.

“Feel bad for whoever has to do the laundry.”

“Hopefully, they do laundry,” I say and now stand up. “That felt fantastic.”

“With everything else we do, we hardly ever do that anymore,” she says. “I thought you’d like it.”

“I did,” I say and help her to her feet.

We head to the bathroom and start the water running in the tub. On the ledge is some bubble bath and we pour that in. Without the fireplace, we shiver in the cold air of the cabin. She locates some towels and puts them in a handy spot nearby. I find some candles and light them. When I turn off the light, the soft candlelight fills the room. After a few minutes, the tub is full of bubbles and hot water. She steps in gingerly and yelps a bit when the hot water stings her cold toes. The water makes my feet tingle as they are a lot colder than the rest of me like always. We settle down into the deep tub and enjoy the relaxing water. She plays with my dick as it floats in the water, and I use the bubbles to play with her breasts. After a little bit more fooling around, my dick starts to get hard again, and she takes notice. She runs her hand up and down it under the water before turning around and getting on her hands and knees.

“Tease me,” she pleads.

I slap her ass gently and soap bubbles fly in the air. I cup my hands and use the water to clean off the bubbles from her ass and pussy. I trace my finger around her lips before spreading her sweet pink flower open. I rub her clit briefly and her breath quickens. Water runs down my body as I get to my knees behind her. She moans louder when I start to rub the tip of my cock against her pussy. I push it just far enough so that Escort Kayseri the head is in before pulling it out. I do this a few times before I return to fingering her pussy. I thrust a finger deep into her tight hole and I feel how wet she is already. I curl my finger to rub the sensitive spot there. She shudders as I do. I use my other hand to spread her ass. As I finger her, I use my thumb to push on her asshole and she moans again. I rub the sensitive skin around her asshole while I finger her.

“Fuck me, Jake,” she says and reaches between her legs to guide my cock to her entrance.

She pushes me in and I begin to thrust in and out of her. Water laps at my balls as the flop with each hard thrust. I’m so turned on that I don’t take it slow and begin to plow her. She squeals loudly without words as water splashes up over her ass. I look around and see the water sloshing over the side of the tub, but I don’t care. I grab her hips and thrust into her faster. As I take her from behind, she reaches back and plays with her asshole. She inserts a finger to the first knuckle and pushes it in and out fingering her ass slowly. Because I’d just came recently, I last quite a bit longer than normal, so I have to slow down. I continue to thrust into her with long slow strokes. Eventually she stops fingering her asshole and uses her other hand to rub her clit between her legs. The water has settled down and isn’t splashing as much when she begins to come again. She begins to rock back and forth as I thrust into her until we are fucking in rhythm.

“Make me come,” she moans. “I want to come on your thick cock.”

I speed up again so that she can come with my full length in her. In a moment, she’s practically screaming “oh, fuck” over and over again. She twitches and shudders as she rubs her pussy furiously even as I continue to slam my dick in her. Then her hand drops to the water and she is finished. Feeling her pussy tighten and grip around my cock with her orgasm has brought me to the edge however. With a few more thrusts, I’m almost there. I pull out, and she starts to move away thinking I’m done. I grab her hip and pull her ass close to me. With my other hand, I stroke my cock until I can’t take it anymore and my load shoots out covering her ass. I continue to stroke it until every last drop has burst forth. I look down at her cum covered ass. My white jizz drips down her cheeks into the water. A stream of it runs down her crack, over her asshole, and drips off her pussy.

I gently pat her ass and she moves away. We use the cooling bathwater to clean ourselves up before we get out. She quickly wraps the towel around her and heads to the bedroom. I dry off and look for an extra towel to mop up the water on the floor. Once I’ve cleaned up the bathroom, I join her in the bedroom. She’s put on her pajamas and is laying in bed. I kiss her on the forehead before pulling on my own sleepwear. I head to the kitchen to get a glass of water. In a moment, Claire follows me out and sits on the couch. The blanket is still in front of the slowly dying fireplace. As I fill up a glass of water, I look out the window and see white flakes drifting lazily through the air. I walk to the door and open it. The cold air rushes into the cabin and Claire exclaims loudly. She gets up and joins me at the door and we look at as we watching the snow falling to the ground where there is already a layer covering everything.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32