A Small Test Ch. 02

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“Why don’t we go out to my SUV?” Sarah suggested. “I think there’s another cock here that’s ready to go – or is it blow?”

With my wife’s undulating hand snaked though my zipper and massaging my cock, and with Sarah’s smoldering eyes appraising us, the thought crossed my mind that going to the parking lot was part of her plan all along.

“How ’bout it, Michael?” she asked me. “Can I watch Lee jerk you off?”

I looked at my wife, who wore the expression of someone walking in the door for her own surprise birthday party. Her silence told me that ball was in my court. However, as much as I welcomed the chance to come while Sarah watched, I didn’t want to jeopardize my relationship with Lee.

Sarah understood my hesitation and moved her face close to Lee’s.

“Look, I’m not trying to get with your husband,” she said, handing Brian more napkins so he could dab up the rest of his cum. “But now I’m really horny, and I hope you’ll go with us and stroke your husband’s cock while Brian fucks me.”

Running her finger tips through the bits of Brian’s cum still sticking to my wife’s hand, Sarah added, “And if you’ll let Michael cum in my mouth, all the better.”

I just about blew my load when she said that, but luckily Lee stopped fondling my cock at that point – probably in shock. She knows I crave cumming in her mouth, but due to the texture she can’t do it. She doesn’t eat oysters or similarly textured foods, so I’m left to dream about getting my cum swallowed. To alleviate my desire we frequently talk about returning to the swingers club, where Lee jacks me off into the waiting mouth of a submissive girl. While I get off talking about it, to her credit Lee said she’s open to actually doing it.

Now a once in a lifetime opportunity was in front of me – I couldn’t blow it. My swollen cock was begging for release, and the chance to have Lee masturbate me into Sarah’s eager mouth was a dream come true. So, I chose to stay quiet about secretly arranging this encounter with Sarah and Brian, figuring that as long as my wife decided how far things went she’d only do what she was comfortable with.

“Honey,” I told my wife over the pounding music, “whatever happens is up to you.”

“What about the babysitter?” she asked, giving my cock a pensive squeeze.

“We haven’t been here long, but we should go if you don’t feel good about it,” I said.

Lee tossed her hair back and then grinned. “Well, as long as boundaries are respected, I’m game.” “Cool,” Sarah said with relief, turning to Brian as he mopped up the last wet spots on his shirt from my wife’s handjob. “Sweety, think you can get your cock hard again for me?” she asked coyly, caressing his thigh even as her eyes sought the nearest exit.

“Oh, I think I’ll manage,” Brian replied with a smile.

“Well then – let’s finish these and go!” Sarah laughed, slugging down her margarita before the rest of us quickly finished our own drinks.

After Lee zipped me up (not easy with the cock-ringed hard-on I had), we followed Sarah through a side exit door. As the sound of her pumps and my wife’s boots reverberated in the empty parking lot we stayed close together, Lee and I groping each other playfully as we weaved between the cars.

Soon we arrived at Sarah’s truck, a newer Suburban with tinted windows and a raised suspension. She opened one of the passenger doors and ushered us into the plush grey interior. As my wife stepped up in front of me the full glory of her ass was in my face. I couldn’t resist flipping up her skirt to expose her round white cheeks.

“All right!” Brian cheered.

“Hey!” Lee admonished, trying to pull the hem of her silky dress back down. I gave her a quick wet kiss on her ass before she covered herself again.

The four of us clambered into the Suburban and kneeled on the floor as Sarah shut the door. The interior looked custom, and I noticed a small TV panel on the ceiling. It was an impressive ride, but what made it perfect for our purposes was that instead of two sets of passenger seats, Sarah’s Suburban had only the one in back. This left a large space between it and the front seats.

Lee whistled and took my hand. “Wow. Bet this sucker guzzles gas.”

Sarah laughed. “I’m just a sucker for guzzling, I guess!”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Brian muttered as he fed a CD into the stereo.

“Hey buddy,” Sarah chided. “You should be licking my ass, not talking out of yours.”

Turning to me she said, “Michael, have a seat back there so Lee can stroke that cock.”

Eager to feel my wife’s hands work their magic, I jumped into the rear seat with barely restrained glee. With a smile Lee crawled between my legs, her succulent tits practically spilling out of her low cut dress. Sarah leaned over the seat on my left as the opening notes of Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine” pulsed from the speakers.

“C’mon Lee,” Sarah whispered, hiking her skirt up over her bare ass and looking at my wife, “start stroking.” 18 yaş porno

” I’d love to,” my wife replied naughtily, fixing me with her sparkling green eyes as she slowly unzipped my pants. “Are you ready, darling?”

“I’m always ready for you to stroke me, baby,” I said, tweaking her nipples as she slid my pants to my ankles.

“I bet you’re dying to come,” Lee said, admiring my cock as it throbbed urgently in her hand. “Do you need some attention?”

“You know I do,” I answered. “Are you going to jack me off like a good girl?”

“I’m going to jack you off like a bad girl,” she whispered, gazing at my manhood and luxuriously running her hands up and down its length. I was entranced by the sight of my wife between my thighs, watching her elegant fingers slither around my cock. She put her mouth near my balls and exhaled, holding my gaze.

“I love your cock, honey,” Lee sighed, her hot breath making my sac tingle. A drop of pre-cum emerged from the tip of my dick. “It’s perfect.”

Brian moved behind Sarah and started caressing her back, ass, and thighs. Sarah took a deep breath and arched her back in pleasure.

“Brian, be a dear and lick my ass while Lee works this cock,” she instructed. Without hesitation, he bent over and placed his mouth over Sarah’s puckered hole, making her gasp.

To my delight, Lee started softly tonguing my balls as she rubbed the sensitive underside of my cock with her thumb. Seeing my response, she took my cock into her manicured fingers and slid them softly over my length. She licked my balls harder, and when she ran the tip of her tongue up my shaft more pre-cum slipped out and seeped between her fingers.

I noticed Brian staring intently at my wife’s ass as he licked Sarah’s. Leaning forward, I lifted Lee’s skirt and tucked it into the shiny black belt around her waist, exposing her ass for him as he pushed his tongue deeper into Sarah’s special hole.

“Ooh, yeah. Fuck yes,” Sarah cooed. My wife looked at me questioningly.

“You’re too fucking hot to hide, my love,” I explained, brushing her hair behind her ears so I could see her face better. As Lee spit-shined my balls with her tongue and gently jerked my cock, I asked Brian and Sarah if they wanted to see her tits, too.

“Oh yeah!” they answered in unison.

A bit tipsy (but obviously enjoying the attention) Lee said I’d have to take them out while she kept stroking me. She sat up and I slipped my hands beneath her 36Ds, lifting them free of her dress. Sarah sighed as Lee’s nipples hardened under our admiring gazes.

“Oh Lee, you’ve got some sweet titties, baby,” Sarah said. Brian agreed.

“I love how they move when she strokes my cock,” I commented, gently kneading Lee’s breasts with my palms. “I came on these tits on our second date.”

“I’d love to come on those tits,” Brian chimed in. Lee teasingly shook her tits for us.

“All right, guys,” Sarah playfully scolded. “Let’s focus on the task at hand.”

Halting her motion on my dick, Lee looked around, searching.

“No lube this time, honey,” I said, gripping a handful of her long auburn curls. “Just suck me and make it nice and sloppy.”

Lee bent forward and slurped my prick into her mouth. I put my hands behind my head, reveling in the hot heaven of her wet mouth, enjoying the sway of her tits as she sucked me. Her full wide lips surrounded me tightly and the vibrations of her quiet groans coursed through my throbbing shaft. Lee was a vision as waves of spit leaked from her mouth and sluiced down my cock and balls.

“Deeper,” I urged her, placing a hand on her head and gyrating my hips. Lee looked at me wide-eyed, breathing noisily through her nose as she struggled to take all of me.

“Oh God,” Sarah moaned. She stared at Lee’s busy mouth and fingered her cunt with two hands, Brian nestled between her pale legs and holding the heels of her shiny red pumps as he probed her ass with his tongue.

Lee pushed herself harder on my cock, her nose touching my pubic hair as the spongy head of my cock filled her throat and made her gag. She withdrew from my cock with a gasp, jerking her fist up and down my length while she caught her breath. A thick strand of saliva formed a bridge from her chin to tip of my dick head before breaking and falling between her tits.

Brian peered at Lee over his girlfriend’s ass and I noticed that his erect, uncut cock was out of his pants. I leaned over my wife and ran my right hand over her bare ass. She looked up at me and squirmed, rubbing her thighs against the supple leather of her boots.

“Honey, is it okay if Brian touches your ass?” I asked. Twisting my dick through her spit-lubed hand, Lee nodded.

“Sarah, is that cool with you?” I asked, looking down at her.

“Sure – but that’s all he touches…” she said, winking at my wife.

As I leaned back Brian reached for my wife’s ass, softly sliding his fingers and palm 3d porno over her smooth cheek. Lee closed her eyes and rocked her hips back and forth, putting a hand between her legs and speeding up the twisting action on my shiny wet cock.

Lee looked so fucking hot and felt so good, I didn’t want it to end. If it weren’t for my leather cock ring I wouldn’t have lasted that long, but after watching Lee make Brian come in the club; with Lee sucking and stroking my cock in front of Sarah like a porn star; and with Sarah beside me pleasuring her pussy as Brian’s tongue explored her ass; I was near the point of no return. “Stroke me, honey,” I told Lee. “Jack me off like a good slut.”

My wife bent over and spit on my cock, gripping my shaft and sliding it through her gooey fist.

“Oh yeah,” Sarah groaned. “That looks so fucking good, Lee.”

“It is good,” Lee replied, stroking my throbbing cock with one hand while she touched herself with the other.

“I’d love to taste it, covered in your spit,” Sarah whispered, eyes closed, her fingers massaging her clit and disappearing inside her pussy.

“Sorry, dirty girl,” Lee said as she stroked my shaft and grinned. “You get the cum, but the cock is mine.”

“You’re so cruel,” Sarah whined, working her hands over her cunt even faster. Looking at me with her large brown eyes, she called to Brian. “Sweetie, come up here so I can suck your cock. I can’t have this one.”

Suddenly an idea occurred to me.

“Lee, why not let her taste me on your lips?” I suggested, not sure it would fly. “She is hosting this party, after all.”

To my surprise, my wife leaned forward and put her face next to Sarah’s.

“Lick my lips,,” Lee said firmly, still jacking me off with her left hand.

Sarah’s mouth drew closer to Lee’s and Brian uttered a quiet, “Damn.” We turned to look at him, observing that while one of his hands massaged the flesh of my wife’s ass, the other was tugging his foreskin back and forth over his hard cock.

“You should fuck her, Brian,” Lee said quietly, her eyes locked on Sarah’s. “Be a good boy and fuck your girlfriend while she tastes my husband’s cock.”

Brian didn’t need to be convinced. He pressed the mushroom shaped head of his cock against Sarah’s pussy, and as she eagerly licked the mixture of spit and pre-cum from my wife’s lips he buried it inside her depths.

“Oh God yes,” Sarah moaned, humping Brian’s tool as her tongue sought out my wife’s juicy lips.

Lee continued stroking my cock as I watched in amazement, her plush breasts rubbing my thighs as Sarah’s licks soon changed to lusty kisses. I began to lightly pinch and twist Lee’s nipples and in moments she was kissing Sarah back. The two of them had their eyes closed, swapping spit and pre-cum between them as Brian plowed his cock into Sarah’s snatch.

“Are you having fun,?” I asked to Lee.

“Mmm,” Lee hummed with a blissful smile. She turned to kiss me and we sucked and nibbled each other’s mouths, lost in passion, tasting each other and my cock and Sarah’s lips and breathing one another’s quickening breaths.

Lee’s hand never paused as it sensuously slipped and twisted up and around my cock, the wet squishy noises of her strokes matching the rhythmic slapping of Sarah’s hungry cunt against Brian’s animal thrusts. Sarah began grunting as a glow stared building in my inner core. “I’m going to cum, honey,” I warned Lee.

“Mmm, good,” she replied, sitting back on her boot heels to gain better leverage on my cock, placing a hand on Sarah’s ass for balance. “I can’t wait. Are you going to cum in her mouth?” I could hardly think as Lee’s fist glided up and down my cock, but I managed to say I would if Sarah wanted it.

“Fuck yeah, I want it,” Sarah pleaded as Brian’s pistoning hips collided with her ass cheeks. “I… want… that… cum… ”

“Such a dirty bitch,” Lee hissed, crouching to lap the head of my cock with her tongue, stroking it vigorously with one hand while her other hand focused on her clit.

“Takes… one… to know one…” Sarah grunted, her red heels lifting off the floor as she arched her back to give Brian better access.

I watched in surprise as Lee suddenly grabbed Sarah’s hair and lifted her head onto my stomach, squashing the head of my cock against Sarah’s cheek. Lee jerked my tool faster and smeared my pre-cum across Sarah’s face.

“You want cum?” Lee taunted, releasing Sarah to rub my balls while she stroked me, keeping Sarah’s head pinned beneath my cock.

“Unh,” Sarah squeeked. “Of course you do, you little whore….”

I felt proud as Lee took control of Sarah. She stroked me hard against Sarah’s cheek, her luscious tits flushed red from her slutty efforts. My wife’s eyes looked glazed as my cock became the center of her universe. She seemed unaware of the words tumbling from her lips.

“Fuck yeah you want the cum, you dirty bitch girl,” Lee muttered, bouncing up and Porno 64 video down as she slid the palm of her hand over my nutsack in time with her stroking of my cock.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes,” Sarah chanted, her eyes wide, her fingers flicking over her clit as Brian drilled into her sopping cunt.

“Slap her ass, Lee,” I told my wife, feeling the cum rising in my balls as my cock slid through her gyrating hand. “Slap her ass till she comes.”

Relinquishing my balls and looking into my eyes, Lee tagged Sarah’s ass repeatedly with short stinging slaps. “Like that, honey?” she asked, delivering more smacks to Sarah’s bottom.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Sarah hissed, pushing her ass higher and harder against her boyfriend’s thrusts, moving her head around my dick to spread a sheen of pre-cum across her face.

“You’re gonna come,” Lee said with satisfaction. “You’re so fucking hard – I can feel it.”

I nodded and closed my eyes, overwhelmed by the sensations Lee was sending through my cock, unable to last much longer.

“He’s gonna come, Sarah,” Lee warned her.

“Come, make him come” Sarah begged, her and Brian’s bodies colliding faster.

“Are you ready for me?” I asked, moving her hair away from her face.

“Fuck yeah,” Sarah groaned, her hot breath on my cock. “Cum for me, cum for me…”

“His cock is soooo full,” I heard Lee whisper. “I’m putting a finger on his ass so you get every drop….”

“FUUUUUUUUCK!” Sarah cried out as she went over the edge, her lips rubbing my cock as Lee tugged and aimed my prick into Sarah’s mouth.

“Come on, honey – come in her!” Lee encouraged me, slithering her fist around my manhood like a woman with something to prove. Sarah’s lips encircled the tip of my cock and I opened my eyes.

“I want her to swallow you,” Lee reassured me, “because when she’s done, she’ll get more of this,” and she reached over to fondle Brian’s balls as I watched him fuck Sarah like an animal.

“Brian’s balls are so heavy,” Lee informed Sarah as Brian grimaced with pleasure. “After you take my husband I’m going to jerk Brian off into your slutty mouth….”

Sarah unexpectedly came again, her scream muffled by the head of my cock. Brian swore out loud, trying not to come as his girlfriend’s cunt clamped tight around his cock. My wife smiled, pleased, massaging Brian’s balls with one hand while the other vigorously glided up and down the part of my cock that wasn’t between Sarah’s puckered lips.

“Is this what you wanted?” Lee asked me softly. “To cum in a girl’s mouth?”

I couldn’t take anymore and I expoded with a yell through clenched teeth, buckets of pent up cum erupting from my inner core. My hips lifted off the seat as Lee tightly held my pulsing cock inside Sarah’s mouth, urging me to let it all go. I watched in awe as Lee jacked me off into another woman’s mouth, my reddish-purple shaft pulsing in her slippery grip as Sarah swallowed shot after shot of my jizz.

“Fuck yeah – take it, baby,” my wife told her soothingly, milking my seed into Sarah’s thirsty throat like a practiced expert. “Take his cum….”

I almost blacked out as Lee pumped jets of cum straight into Sarah’s greedy gullet, gradually slowing her strokes when every movement of her gyrating hand made my hips involuntarily convulse. When I finally recovered my senses, I found my wife holding my twitching cock in her left hand and Brian’s uncircumcised rod in her right.

I smiled at her, validating her intention.

“Get over here, Sarah,” Lee instructed gently, her beautiful tits swaying slightly as she slowly caressed Brian’s cock.

Sarah, exhausted, smiled and wiped her mouth on her arm, leaving a trail of saliva and my sticky seeed from her elbow to her wrist. Gazing into my wife’s eyes, she obediently got down on all fours, crawled over to Brian, and engulfed the top of his prick with her lips.

Lee held my half-hard cock as I knelt beside her.

“I love you,” she whispered. She smiled when I kissed her neck, and as I sucked on it I grasped the back of Sarah’s head.

“I want to make sure you get it all,” I said to her. Sarah blinked at me through her disheveled hair and nodded.

I watched Lee begin sliding her hand back and forth over Brian’s dick, and he had to press his hands against the roof of the Suburban to keep his balance. My wife’s fluid strokes were quickly lubricated by the slippery juices that Sarah had left on his cock, and I held Sarah’s head tight as Lee’s pumping fist thumped against her ruby lips.

Sarah started moaning and Brian’s breathing became shallow. Sensing the nearness of his orgasm, Lee twisted her hand faster around Brian’s cock, her tits swaying with the motion of jacking him off.

I heard Brian grunt and saw him come in my wife’s hand for a second time. Lee suddenly kissed me deeply, her body shaking as she masturbated Brian’s meaty cock inside Sarah’s mouth. Sarah looked at Brian with her dark brown eyes and gulped down every spurt of his cum, and when he finished in breathless spasms she released his dripping cock from her gooey mouth.

Spent, Sarah and Brian sat back on their heels, sweaty and unable to speak.

I couldn’t even guess what would happen next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32