A Short Story for an Old Friend

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(I received some feedback from a woman with whom I had lost touch. She asked, and I could not refuse. I hope she likes it.)


Did you think I’d forgotten you? The fantasies we shared? Of course not. How could I?

I still have the photos you sent me. You know the ones. Mmmm.

I think of you often, and I look at those pics and wonder what might have been.

Would you still like to catch me looking at them? I always loved that one.

You walk up to the door of my office and can see over my shoulder that I’m looking at you as I stroke my very hard cock.

Without interrupting me you slip your hand under your skirt. You’re already wet and swollen. Catching me fantasizing about you – jerking off while imagining your hot sex – does that to you instantly.

You can feel your nipples swell as you watch my hand slide up and down the length of my cock. A small moan escapes your lips causing me to freeze.

“Don’t stop,” you breathe, as you step through the door, closing it behind you, “I want to watch…but maybe you’d like to see something better.”

You move in front of me and perch on the edge of my desk, pulling your skirt up Escort Ankara and your soaked panties to the side. Your fingers flit back and forth over your swollen clit. “Do you like that? Is that better?”

I can only moan as thick drops of pre-cum ooze from the head of my cock.

“Tell me what you want,” you whisper, as you place one foot on each arm of my chair.

“I want to taste you.”

“Mmmmm. Please…lick my pussy. It’s so wet!”

I drop to my knees between your spread thighs as you pull my head closer, spreading your swollen lips open for my tongue.

With a long, slow lick, I open your hot sex and taste you. Up, over, around your throbbing clit, making you moan and gasp.

You’re so turned on. I slide a finger inside your pussy, feeling you pulse and become tighter. In almost no time you are on the edge of orgasm…but I don’t want to make you cum yet.

I rise between your legs, still stroking my throbbing cock with one hand and tease you with the head. Slapping your pussy, sliding the swollen head up and down your dripping opening, coating my cock with your wetness. I slip the head just barely inside, making you try to Ankara Escort slide your ass forward and take me deeper. I slip out and rub the head, again, up over your clit.

I whisper in your ear, “Do you want to taste your pussy on my cock?”

“Oh my god! Yes!”

In one long stroke, I slide my cock deep inside you…then back out again.

“Are you my hot little slut?” I ask.

“You know I am.”

Again my cock opens your pussy and strokes inside you.

“Oh my GOD! Fuck me!”

“On your knees,” I order you, “I want you to taste your pussy on my cock.”

Your eyes are glazed over with unrestrained lust. You’ll do whatever I ask now.

You slip to the floor and engulf my hard shaft in your hot mouth.

“MMmmmm,” you moan as you taste yourself on me.

Deeper, your tongue stroking the underside of my cock. Deeper still, until you have me all the way down your throat.

Your fingers between your thighs, stroking your clit and fucking your trembling pussy. I love the way it turns you on to suck my cock.

I can feel myself getting close. The hunger with which you suck me drives me wild.

I pull you to Ankara Escort Bayan your feet and turn you around, bending you over my desk and flipping your skirt up to expose your perfect, sexy ass.

“Please fuck me! Please…I need your cock!”

I tease your dripping pussy just for moment – just long enough to make you beg once more – then slowly, inch by inch, slide the entire length of my cock deep inside you. Mmmm…I love feeling your hot pussy squeezing me like that.

Slowly stroking in and out, then faster. Your fingers slip down to play with your clit and you moan, “Yes…I love your cock! fuck me! I’m so hot for you…I want your cum inside me!”

I can feel you becoming hotter…tighter…your breath coming in quicker gasps, your thighs tensing.

As you begin to tremble, just at the edge of orgasm, I whisper in your ear, “You’re going to make me cum! Do you want it inside you?”

My words send you over the edge. “Yessssss! In me!”

I can feel you contracting around my throbbing cock as jet after jet of hot cum fills your sweet sex.

Four…five strong blasts shooting deep inside you. You quickly turn again and drop to your knees, wrapping your lips around my still throbbing cock to suck out the last drops.


I think these thoughts whenever I look at your pictures.

And I wonder if such things might still happen.

Thinking of you.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32