A Sexy Shower

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Tiptoeing into your room, I here the shower going in your bathroom. As I silently slip into your bathroom, I see your button down nightshirt on the floor in front of the shower. Smiling, I quietly slip out of my clothes. First, my shirt, then my shoes and socks, followed by my jeans and boxers. I quietly peel back the shower curtain, and I see you…all slick and wet with your back to me. Licking my lips as I gaze upon your hot little body from behind. “Hey little girl, you want a piece of candy?” I softly growl to you. Upon hearing my voice, you start and turn your head towards me in shock. As you see who it is, your look of shock gives way to a devilish grin. “Aren’t you a naughty boy?” you coo at me…your gorgeous brown eyes looking me up and down. Stepping into the shower the curtain falling back into place, my arms slide around you from behind, and my lips go to the back of your neck…kissing…suckling…moving to your ear. “Yes, I am a naughty boy. I can’t help it.” I growl into your ear…my teeth playfully nipping at your ear lobe.

You smile and your body sinks back into mine. My arms are tight around you as the hot water cascades down our bodies. My lips suckle your neck, and my hands move to cup your tits…squeezing them..my fingers tweaking and rolling your nipples feeling them harden under my touch. You crane your neck giving me better access. My tongue swirls on a sensitive spot on your neck, and I hear you gasp a little bit. I turn you around to face me, and I kiss you hard…my tongue teasing along your lips. Your mouth opens and you suck my tongue into you, and we share a slow, wet, sloppy kiss. Our wet bodies melting together.

My stiffening cock is pressing against your thigh, and I feel your leg moving around my waist…pulling me tighter to you. My hands move into your hair…my fingers kneading your scalp pushing your hair back as it is all slick and wet from the shower. Smiling down at you, I take the shampoo…opening almanbahis the top and pouring some into my hand. Then my hands start slowly working the shampoo into your hair..my fingers kneading your scalp….scratching your head. You groan and place your head onto my shoulder to allow me better access. My fingers slowly wash your hair…all the while you are softly kissing my chest and shoulder. I plant gentle kisses on the top of your head as my fingers work the shampoo into your hair. I move your head back under the shower spray…rinsing the shampoo all out of your hair. I make sure that it is all rinsed out. You look up at me and smile. I smile back at you, and we share another slow, wet, sloppy kiss on the lips.

Smiling back at you with a devilish grin, I take the regular soap and I start lathering it up in my hands. My slick, soapy hands start sliding all over your body. Up and down your arms…down your chest. My hands squeeze and knead your tits…my fingers teasing your nips. Feeling your nipples hardening under my touch, my soapy, slick fingers start rolling and tweaking your nips under them. Your eyes close, and you back up against the shower wall. Your hand glides down my thigh and starts stroking my rock hard dick. Instantly, my cock swells under your touch, and as I let out a deep groan, fingers tug at your nips…pulling them out…rolling them…pinching them.

Kneeling down in front of you, my slick soapy hands glide down your body…over your hips then around your front to wash the fronts of your thighs. My fingers tease up and down along your inner thighs then down your legs…teasing the backs of your knees….then your calf muscles. My slick fingers glide back up between your legs and start teasing over your pussy lips. Feeling them swelling and getting wet , I look up at you and smile. You are looking down at me…biting your lip..your eyes closed halfway. I turn you to face the shower spray…making sure to rinse off almanbahis giriş all of your front.

With your back to me, I lather my hands again, but this time I start working them down your back. My fingers knead your shoulders then move down to your middle back firmly massaging your muscles. Kneeling down, my strong but slick, soapy hands start gliding over your ass…kneading..rubbing…my fingers dipping down between your thighs to tease your pussy from behind. I hear you whimpering a little bit over the noise of the shower. My hands work their way down the backs of your legs. Moving you so that the shower spray rinses the soap off where I have just washed.

Kneeling down again, I move under you from behind. My fingers slide up and gently spread your pussy lips apart, and the tip of my tongue starts teasing around your tight entrance. I hear you gasp, and you lean against the wall for support which causes your ass to stick out more. Smiling, my tongue slowly circles your tight entrance before pushing inside of you getting it nice and wet with your sexy juices.

As my fingers peel your lips apart more, I see your swollen clit appear. My slick tongue starts slathering your juices all over your clit…pressing into your clit…flattening it…swirling in slow, tight circles. With my tongue on your clit, I can hear you gasping and moaning. You are leaning against the wall more. My hands grip your ass…kneading it and firmly holding you still while my tongue swirls faster and harder on your swollen clitty. Your hips are moving against me…grinding your clit into my tongue. My lips close on your clit…sucking on it and alternately flicking it with my tongue, and the fingers on my right hand start teasing just inside your tight pussy. My left hand firmly grips your ass…holding you against me. When you feel my fingers teasing inside your pussy, you thrust back against me which makes my fingers enter you.

Sucking hard on your almanbahis yeni giriş clit…flicking it with my tongue, my fingers start to steadily fuck your wet pussy. Your breathing becoming ragged…your body is rhythmically bucking back against my fingers…fucking yourself. With each forward movement though, you grind your clit into my mouth…your movements becoming more and more wild..your gasps and moans becoming more high pitched. My head starts bobbing back and forth which makes my slick lips slide back and forth on your stiff clitty. Smacking in your wetness, my fingers fuck your tight little cunt with the same rhythm as my bobbing head. Your gasps and whimpers echo throughout the showers.

Suddenly, my tongue presses hard into your clit and starts swirling fast and hard…my fingers start fucking you faster…harder….you respond with a deep, gutteral growl, and I feel your body tensing up….keeping my tongue swirling fast..hard on your stiff, swollen clitty. My fingers plunge in and out of your wet, tight little cunt like a little jackhammer…smacking in your wet pussy.

Your moans growing louder…your body violently bucking back against my fingers and my tongue. Quickly my lips suck hard on your clit..my fingers fucking your pussy fast and deep. Your body tensing up…your moans becoming louder. Suddenly your body tenses up…”ohhh fukkkk” you scream as your body starts shaking, and a massive orgasm ripples through your small, sexy body….your pussy spasming around my fingers…your cum almost spraying down my hand and arm..my tongue slurping your sweet honey as it flows. My tongue moves back to swirling on your clit…my fingers keep fucking…. as your moans become almost primal growls….I feel another smaller orgasm rippling through your body…your pussy spasming..I have to stand up quickly and hold you tightly to keep you from falling.

As I stand up, my arms envelop you tightly as you relax and start coming down from your orgasm. My lips suckle at your ear whispering how beautiful you are. My arms tightly holding you….the hot water still cascading down our bodies. “I think somebody enjoyed her shower.” I whisper teasingly in your ear

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32