A Satanic Halloween

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The party was being held in an old barn that had been fixed up to look like some sort of crazy meeting hall. There was a five pointed wooden altar, raised up in the middle of a giant pentagram, which had been drawn on the floor. As I turned the corner from the hallway into the main room the first thing I saw was a blonde with her witches robes open down the front revealing naked breasts which looked like two perfect melons. Her nipples were erect, and she was being supported by two huge brutes, each one holding an arm. Her bottom was resting on a bale of hay and her legs were wide open. The largest dildo I ever saw was being pushed into her by an older woman who had it strapped to herself, and was trying to ram it into the pussy of the helpless blonde.

The two brutes put a hand under each knee and held her up so that the woman could get the dildo into a better position.

“Take that you whore. This will teach you to fuck a man. If you want a big cock to fill you up, I’ll give you one.

The blonde was wiggling and screaming “Yes, Oh yes, give it to me. Fuck me Jane. Ram your dirty cock up my cum filled pussy.

This was certainly not, what I had expected.

As I looked to my left I saw a young man of about 18, kneeling on a bale of hay with his robe pulled up over his backside , revealing a perfect ass. A large bearded man, who looked more like he belonged in a biker bar, than with a robe on, had the fattest cock I had ever seen buried deep into the young mans ass.

The young boy was crying out and I was having a hard time trying to figure out if it was pleasure or pain that he cried out it. As I glanced around the entire room , everyone was engaged in some kind of sexual activity. I have to admit, I was both repelled and curious. I’d never seen anything like this before. I work in the library of Whittier University and its not exactly an adventure a night. So when Professor Cox asked me if I would like to attend a Satanic Halloween Party, I figured “Why not?”

I was mesmerized by the whole scene when I felt a pair of strong arms encircle me, and give me a squeeze pulling me back into what I could feel was an erect penis.

“Maggie,” he purred, “I’m glad you could come. I didn’t think you would have the courage, but I hoped…..”

He pulled me to him and kissed me, thrusting his long tongue deep into my mouth. The sensation took my breath away and all of my senses. I knew I should protest, but I loved the feel of him and I opened my mouth further to give him more access to me.

He Kütahya Escort looked into my eyes and smiled . “Oh Maggie, you will be mine, tonight, but first we must get you into the proper attire. “

I didn’t even protest as he started to slowly unbutton my blouse. I could feel the heat of his fingers as he moved closer to exposing my breasts to him. I didn’t even try to stop him when he had finished with the last button and cupped my breasts in his hands and squeezed them tight before he reached behind me and unhooked my bra.

“You’re even better than I thought you would be.” He smiled. His fingers moved to my nipples and grasped them between his thumb and forefinger. He gradually increased the pressure until the pain was nearly unbearable. When he saw me wince, he merely kissed me again and whispered into my ear,

“More” he commanded and he squeezed them even tighter. I felt an unexpected explosion of pleasure flood through my body, making me weak.

He had a knowing smile on his face, as he let me go and continued undressing me.

My skirt fell to the floor and he slipped the robe on my arms, leaving it unfastened at the front. He surveyed me for a second and then grabbed hold of my panties and ripped them off, leaving me wet with anticipation.

“Explore!” he whispered. “I will find you later when the time is right. As quickly as he had appeared he vanished into the crowd.

I had a feeling before I came that the party might be a little wild, but I never thought it would be anything like I was seeing. Yet, something held me there. I had led a sheltered life, long enough. I wanted to experience, something dangerous.

” Suck my cock, bitch!”

The voice belonged to a man of about 40. He wasn’t at all my type, but when he grabbed hold of my hair and pushed me to my knees, I felt myself responding with a desire to please him.

I took his already hard manhood in one hand and began licking it all over to get it wet, while I used my other hand to massage his balls. I couldn’t get enough of sucking him and I felt myself moaning with desire as I ran my tongue around and around his shaft, wetting it so that he could push it farther into my mouth.

He began to move his hips forward in an increasingly powerful rhythm, pushing himself deeper and deeper into my mouth. The harder he pushed into me, the more he made my jaws ache, the more excited I became. I wanted him deeper, had to have him deeper and I reached behind him and grabbed hold of his ass checks Kütahya Escort Bayan to pull him even farther inside of me.

“Oh yea, baby, suck me, suck me whore. I’m going to cream in your mouth and you will lick off every drop. “

He moved his hands to my ears and grabbed hold of them, mindlessly pumping into me with no regard for my comfort. I could feel the tip of him pounding deep into my throat. My own cum was running out of my pussy as he shot his load in me and held me there while I licked him clean.

The man I had just sucked off began to move away from me, and towards two women who were performing 69 on each other and burying their fingers deep into each other’s slits. He knelt down beside them and began fingering the anus of the girl on top, thrusting his fat finger into her as she continued to make her girlfriend cum.

“I knew I was right about you, Maggie.” Professor Cox praised. Come with me. I want you near me for the main part of the evening.

We joined the others who were gathering in a circle around the altar, which was now bathed with red spot lights. The only other lights in the room were candles in lanterns, which had been set around as the electric lights were turned off.

As the lights were turned down a man in a long black robe stepped up to the altar and began to speak.

“Welcome to what we hope will become an annual Halloween tradition. It was known well by the ancients, that giving way to your passions was a way of raising power, and tonight we will raise the roof off this place. “

At this time the same two brutes appeared, but this time they were escorting what appeared to be a very young girls dressed in a white silk robe. She appeared to be scared to death as they lifted her up on the altar and exposed her delicate backside. We were all so mesmerized by her beauty that we didn’t see the lash until it fell across her tender ass cheeks. Again and again the lash stroked her, leaving long red welts across her lily- white ass.

At a signal from the leader, the men turned her over and moved her bottom to the edge of the altar. The leader knelt on a silken pillow and buried his face in her cunt. The sounds of licking and slurping could be heard throughout the room and as I glanced at the others I could see that many were masturbating themselves and each other, but all eyes were on the young girl.

At first she continued to cry, especially because the leader kept squeezing her ass cheeks as fucked her with his tongue, but gradually Escort Kütahya her cries became moans and then demanding cries as she approached her orgasm.

Professor Cox had his hands on my breasts and was squeezing them as tight as he could. I wanted to turn and have him fuck me, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the girl on the altar. The pace of her breathing had quickened and her moans and cries were raw desire now. I was as wet as she was and I wanted something jammed in my pussy, more than I have ever wanted anything. The excruciating agony was making me ready to beg for it.

“Has anyone ever fucked you up the ass?” he whispered in my ear as the young girl squirmed beneath the leaders touch. Even with desire raging inside of me I paused a moment. The answer to his question was no, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to happen then either. I was afraid it might hurt.

He read my hesitation correctly and told me that, he thought as much. His hands which were roaming all over every part of my body, were driving me crazy and the young girl on the table was in an absolute frenzy of desire.

I watched the leader stand up and push his swollen member deep into the young girls cunt. At the same time, without warning, the professor shoved his dick up my ass, until I could feel his balls hitting my ass cheeks. I screamed out as the pain ripped through me, the young girl cried out as well, and so did many of the others. My cries only seemed to increase his desire and as he continued to push himself in and out of me, I began to like what he was doing.

Both men were wild by now. The professor was moaning with pleasure as he increased the assault on my anus to keep time with leaders frenzied ramming into the young girl.

I thought he would kill me, but I didn’t want him to stop. The burning pain that I felt, made me feel alive and I thrilled as I felt him increasing his movements into an even stronger tempo.

My last resistance evaporated and I gave in to his punishing thrusts. I was his, and he knew it. He could do whatever he wanted to me, and I would love it. I felt him shoot a hot load deep in my bowel as wave after wave of orgasm went through me.

The leader pulled the white robe from the girl and held it up high, large patches of virgin blood had soaked the white silk. “May Satan bless, all those who have bled tonight.”

I lay there exhausted as Professor Cox brought his fingers around to show me. They were bloody too. He held them for me to lick, which I did.

“You are my pet, Maggie. You are my toy. I have raped your virgin ass tonight and I will use you in the future whenever it pleases me.”

All my feminist instincts were put aside and his words sent a thrill of contentment through me. This was one Halloween party that I would never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32