A Rush of Ecstasy

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Amy Saunders was getting herself ready for the race at the Texas Motor Speedway. She was in her hot pink, black, and white Victoria’s Secret racing uniform. Her shoulder-length, coffee-colored hair was in two pigtails. She felt an adrenaline rush whenever she goes to a race. Her 4 car was all ready for her. Amy and her pit crew were ready while her friends and family enter the speedway. Racing fans from all over the country were came to cheer on their fave drivers.

Once the national anthem was sung and the T-Birds flew over the Texas Motor Speedway, all the drivers including Amy got in to their cars and were ready to race. Her friends and family were cheering Amy on. The green flag flew and the race began. She was speeding past Jeff Gordon and the others. Her car was then bumped by Tony Stewart but she managed to get back in the race and in the lead. After 100 laps, the Amy was still in the lead. There had been some cautions including a 6-car pile up which involved Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Dale Jarett, Carl Edwards, and Kurt Busch.

When the white flag waved for the final lap, Amy got herself a need for speed and past all the other drivers, making her cross the finish line and winning the race with Carl Edwards finishing Tandoğan Escort second and Kyle Busch in third.

Amy and her pit crew celebrated over at Victory Lane. She celebrated by doing a cartwheel like her male counterpart Carl Edwards does a backflip when he wins a race. Her family, friends, and her pit crew came down to Victory Lane to celebrate with her. They were so proud of her. Even more proud of her was her boyfriend, rising professional soccer star Talan Carver. He came with white roses in hand and gave her a hug and a kiss. He had just came from a soccer game where his team won the semifinals and are on their way to the championship.

After the celebration and all, Amy and her family went out to dinner at a seafood restaraunt. They had a toast to celebrate her win. Talan couldn’t keep his brown eyes off Amy and probably couldn’t to take his hands off her either. After dinner, Talan and Amy went to her place, a luxury loft in downtown Dallas. Amy went into her bathroom while Talan was getting ready for Amy’s surprise seduction. He walked up behind her with a silk-lined blindfold in his hands. He slowly slid the blindfold over her head, taking in the contrast of the pink with black lace against her skin as he Tunalı Escort led her to the bedroom.

He whispered to her, “Amy, you look so beautiful and perfect.”

Being the gracious lover that he is, Talan made sure Amy didn’t trip on anything. Once they were in her bedroom, he carefully unzipped her black lace dress. He then kneeled as he slowly took off her stockings. As he stood up, Amy was in her black satin and lace bra and panties. He sensually kissed her before he guided her to the bed. Talan was taking his time kissing her neck, breasts, and lips. He slowly unhooked her bra to feel her soft breasts. His mouth softly suckled them as his hands fondled them. He loved hearing the sound of Amy being pleasured. It wasn’t long before Talan began taking off his clothes.

Once the clothes came off, Talan revealed his amazing bod which was cut and ripped in all the right places. Even though Amy was blindfolded, she felt his body as he felt hers. She quivered at the feel of his touch. Talan began kissing every square inch of her hourglass-shaped body. He laid himself on the bed as Amy got on top of him. Amy then slid the boxers off of Talan and gently licked him.Talan ran his hands through her slik-like hair as he was being orally Türbanlı Escort pleasured. He loudly moaned and groaned, enjoying the sensation.

“Amy, let me taste you.” He loudly moaned.

Amy took his cock out of her mouth and got on top of his body. Talan slid the panties off of her hips as she positioned her perfect, hairless pussy on to his mouth. His hands held on to her hips as licked and suckled her clit and pussy. She rocked her hips against his mouth as she moaned and groaned in pure bliss. Her hands played with dark blonde hair while her juices leaked on to his lips. Talan’s hands roamed all over her body as he licked her. She came in his mouth.

She was ready to take Talan on a ride. She got herself on top of him and rode on his cock with her back facing him. Her body bounced up and down while his hands caressed her body. She was still blindfolded when she rode him. She felt a rush as she was getting into climax. Talan feverishly called her name as he urged her to come. Once she spent her orgasm, Talan’s thick man milk spilled inside her love triangle. Amy laid back with his cock still inside her. Talan wrapped his arms around her waist as he kissed her lips.

He took the blindfold from Amy’s sapphire blue eyes, looked into them, and said “Amy, you amaze me. I love you, baby.”

“I love you too, Talan” She replied while in a blissful post-coital state.

Amy had two rushes that day: an andrealine rush from the race and an ecstatic rush from having sex with her boyfriend Talan.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32