A Restorative Weekend Ch. 02

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It was the knocking that woke him up, rather than the voice. “Michael. Michael? Is that you in there?” He realised where he was, came back to life from a half dream, felt the freezing air, the fire long-since dead. Light was streaming in through the doors, the storm clearly passed. He shuddered, then came to, realising he was still on the sofa, still under the blanket, still naked from the waist down.

“Is that you, Carla? Hi. I must have fallen asleep on the sofa. Give me a minute and I’ll come and say hello” he called out.

“I saw your car so thought it must be you. I’ve brought you round some breakfast – thought you might like it after arriving so late” she replied, opening the door briskly. He panicked, trying to work out how to escape from the sofa, and sat up, pulling the blanket around him as he did so. For several awkward minutes, they chatted politely about the weather, her time at university, his kids. She seemed oblivious to the situation Michael had found himself in, or at least, she was doing a good job of pretending. He, however, was not. His brain was not yet in gear, and his heart was racing, terrified of being exposed, especially after last night.

Eventually, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast, giving him an opportunity to stand up. He hobbled towards the stairs, blanket wrapped skirt-like around his waist, holding his boxers to his side to hide the spoils of last night’s excitement. Upstairs, he changed quickly into jogging bottoms and a new teeshirt, and made his way downstairs.

“You weren’t wearing anything under that blanket were you?” She laughed, her dark eyes sparkling as she made eye contact with him for the first time. He felt a pulse of her energy through him as she smiled warmly at him.

“Erm…” he replied, cover blown.

“Don’t be such a prude. I sleep naked most nights. Especially here – there’s something about the cosiness of the fire that I love against my skin. It’s nothing to be bashful about. Anyway, you could have just told me – I would have looked away. Do you want eggs?”

“Yes please. I guess I’ve just learned to keep things like that private over the years” he replied, feeling both strangely open and very square.

They ate together on the bench at the top of the sea-wall. The tide was very low, and mud glistened as far as the eye could see. They chatted as oystercatchers wheeled and wherried, and drank coffee as she told him tales of her time in Leeds. It all felt very easy somehow. Two relative strangers with nothing much to do, getting to know one another. For him a welcome distraction from the dilemmas of the real world, for her a chance to get to know someone she had always admired from afar. In time, they drifted through conversation – her career plans, the work that needed doing to the cottage.

He gazed at her as she talked. She really was extraordinarily pretty. She had high cheekbones and her skin was like porcelain – fine and pale. She wore a grey flannel sort of jumpsuit which wrapped around her body, emphasising the dip between her breasts as well as her slim waist. She was more gentle than he remembered in her manner, and yet more confident too. She put him at ease – a feeling that had grown unfamiliar in recent months. It felt as though they could talk all day. He would have talked all day, but she had work to do, an article she was writing for a journal – something to do with behaviour. So they parted company, he for a long walk, she for her laptop, and promised to meet for a glass of wine that evening.

There was an energy in them both that had grown that morning. As they bid each other farewell, they both had a spring in their steps. Fulfilling conversation, the promise of another. He walked fast. She eryaman anal yapan escort worked fast. They both got lots done in those hours, and yet they both longed for the time to go quicker. He couldn’t think of the reason he had come here – only about Carla – the conversation, the embarrassment of the morning, seeing her last night. He kept replaying in his mind her comment about sleeping naked, about his reaction.

That evening was calm and still. It was November, but it was not cold. They sat watching the rising tide, a cold glass of wine in hand, and talked about the day.

“I felt really silly about this morning” Michael said, slightly out of the blue.

“What do you mean?” Replied Carla, knowing really, but hoping he would open up further.

“I’m at a strange place at the moment, to be honest Carla. I’ve got to a point where I’ve realised my needs just aren’t being met in my relationship, that it’s damaging my ability to be open, to be intimate with people. I’ve come here to think about what to do about it as we’re at a complete impasse.”

She listened as he talked, offered empathy, but no pity to him and his situation, reassured, teased, maintained eye contact even when it made him uncomfortable. Before they knew it, they had finished the bottle and had started another. She told him of her recent breakup, his cheating on her, how hurt she felt. It was a confessional that neither had expected, an honesty that surprised them both. They had exposed so much to each other despite the age-gap, despite their having not really known each other until this morning. It was quite a thing. As the sun dipped beneath the low clouds on the horizon, a pink sky grew around them. They watched as they talked, watched each other as well as the sunset, softening into the evening.

They carried the empties back to her cottage when the light began to fade, both realising the drink had affected them as they walked unsteadily down the rickety steps. In the kitchen he made tea for them both and she lit the fire. She sat on the sofa and he on a battered old armchair. He couldn’t help but think of her stretched out under her blanket last night, especially now he knew she was most likely naked, and he imagined her once more. The fire began to roar and a warm glow filled the room once more. They both felt a tension build, and both wondered who would move – an unspoken sense of longing filled them both it seemed.

It was she who broke the silence of that moment. She asked him once more about feeling he couldn’t be intimate. Could he be more specific? He told her things he had not told anyone – of how he had not been valued, how he had hidden himself from view. She told him how confidence comes from within, not from other people – her wisdom beyond her age. She told him that nobody could make him feel anything, that he needed to make himself feel better. She told him how she had learned to love herself even when it felt like nobody loved her – both her mind and her body.

“What do you think about when you touch yourself?” Carla asked, throwing Michael’s head into a complete spin.

“What sort of a question is that?”

“Just answer the question.” Carla replied, a smile on her face.

“To be honest, I don’t think about much most of the time.”

Carla pressed and pressed until Michael could take it no more, and he explained that, since his relationship had started to waiver, he had started to watch more porn, and had found it hard to think about real people. She told him that she never used porn, that she fantasised about real people, or sometimes just enjoyed the sensuality of touch without any thought at all.

And then he told her. He didn’t know what made him do it, but he ankara escort told her about seeing her last night, told her that he knew she was touching herself. She asked him if he liked what he saw, with not a whiff of embarrassment. He explained that he hadn’t really seen very much, but that he thought she was beautiful, was excited by what he imagined. He had no idea where this newfound boldness came from, but it was like an outflowing of energy. The more open he became, the more she opened up in turn.

“Do you want to watch me again?” She asked quietly.

It was the first time that he had heard any trepidation in Carla’s voice, but in his reply, Carla heard none in his. She lay on the sofa, her head on the armrest, with him still on the chair. He watched in amazement as her hand moved to her breast, cupping it and running her index finger across its top. She gazed at him as she did so, her hand now moving under the grey flannel of her body suit to caress her bare breast. Michael gazed back, unable to move, and wondered what on earth he should be doing.

Carla talked softly as she fondled herself, first one breast and then the other. She explained how she liked to roll her nipples between her fingers, but that they get too sensitive after a while, so she also rubs her flat palm over them.

“Do you want to see my tits Michael?”

Michael mumbled some response as she unwrapped the top of her bodysuit, revealing her perfect breasts to him for the first time. Her nipples were tiny and dark – almost purple, and her areolae were small and perfectly round. The light of the fire accentuated the curvature of her chest, her firm breasts perfectly formed.

He felt as his arousal began to grow. He sat, transfixed, as her left hand reached down her belly, over the top of her bodysuit, and down to her crotch. She moaned ever so gently as her fingers reached down, and he watched as she revealed the shape of her vulva to him through her touch alone. She rested her fingers on herself for some time, rocking them slightly from side to side, and gathering her legs up a little as she did so.

“So” she said. “What do you think? Do you think you could learn to love yourself an lose some of that inhibition, in time?”

“I’d like to” came the rather hesitant reply “I’d love to”

“Well now’s a good time to start. Show me yourself, and I’ll get naked for you now.”

He thought for a moment. This was everything he hated, and yet it was everything he wanted at the same time. A beautiful young woman, someone who was showing him real attention and intimacy, someone he felt he could trust. And so he took a risk.

Carla watched as Michael unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them down his legs, followed by his boxers. She watched as his semi-erect penis was released, and she felt a surge of excitement, her own arousal growing as she did so. As promised, she untied the waistband of her bodysuit and unwrapped it before lifting her bottom and pulling it off. She wore grey cotton pants, quite plain, and Michael could easily make out the bulge of her vulva as she slightly opened her legs to him.

“Touch yourself” she instructed.

He obliged, placing his trembling hand on his hardening cock. He felt it grow, felt her eyes on him as he began to stroke himself, heard her moan quietly again as she began to stroke herself through the cotton of her underwear. Emboldened, he told her to remove her pants, and she lifted her bottom once more, her slit revealed to him. He removed his teeshirt, incredulous at what was happening.

As she lay back down, he watched her gently massage herself. The tips of her fingers wound slow circles over her clitoral hood, and he saw her dark pubic hair, neatly etimesgut escort trimmed, for the first time. He was now fully erect, and had one hand cupping his balls as he stroked with the other.

“This feels so good. I can’t believe we’re doing this though” he laughed. “I can’t believe how beautiful your body is.”

“Your cock is really turning me on” she sighed in reply. Do you want us to touch each other? She didn’t wait for a reply, as he moved over to her, snuggling up to her on the sofa, their naked bodies touching for the first time. She moved away, turning around so that she was facing him from the other side of the sofa. Their legs intertwined, their eyes feasting on each other closer than before. She reached across the gap between their groins and felt his balls with her long, soft fingers. Her tickling touch was excruciating and beautiful to him, and it was all he could do to stop himself from going over the edge there and then. He felt as she explored his body – his balls, his perineum, his pubic area, the base of his penis, and eventually she took him in her hands, caressing him firmly, confidently.

Michael looked intently at Carla and how she was touching herself. He could make out the soft curves of her labia, her wet hole just suggested as she parted her lips. He stroked her legs, which were bent up at the knees, following her tender skin downwards until he reached her hips. His hands felt up her sides, cupping her breasts and feeling her nipples, still hard, before returning down her flat belly to her pubis. He felt his fingers drawing through her pubic hair, felt the softer texture of her mound, and then the heat surrounding her vulva. As his fingers explored, she guided him, both with her words and with her hands.

He felt the intimate folds of skin, felt her hood, her clitoris retreating as she became more and more hot, and eventually, his fingers, slick with her wetness, found their way inside her body. He felt her vagina around him, imagined his erection inside her, her body above his as they made love. His fingers found a steady rhythm on her clitoris as she showed him, as his thumb entered her gently and steadily. Michael felt as she raised her self up to meet his touch, felt his own heartbeat quicken. They moved together, their heartbeats as one, and they both felt as mutual satisfaction built, each as emboldened and excited as the other in their lustful enjoyment of the moment. She felt as her body began to tense, her ground becoming more guttural as his hands quickened, and he felt his erection growing yet harder as her skilful hands stimulated every millimetre of him.

“I’m going to cum Michael. Make me cum now.” She gasped finally.

At this, Michael felt his own orgasm building. Carla’s pelvic movements quickened, his movements deepened, and he felt as Carla’s body tensed and contracted, her legs wrapping around his as she shouted out in ecstasy. He felt as her hands tightened around him, felt as his penis began to explode. Rope after rope of his cum sprayed out, landing on her leg as well as his own belly, his groans surprising him, and adding to his sense of fulfilment in that moment. Carla’s body slowly relaxed, her muscles pushing Michael’s fingers out of her body as the tension eased and they both settled on the sofa.

“That was amazing” Michael whispered after some minutes. “I can’t believe we just did that.”

“It was amazing for me too” Carla replied, her honesty clear and the warmth in her tone beautiful and comforting to Michael. “I’m here tomorrow too – if you’re still around? I’d love to explore you some more…” For the first time, they kissed each other deeply, Carla’s hot tongue exploring Michael’s mouth. Whilst it probably only lasted a few seconds, the kiss was heart-stopping for them both.

Michael was all out of words suddenly. His hands gently stroked the inside of Carla’s thighs as they both drifted slowly towards sleep, and, unexpectedly, they both spent a second night on the sofa.

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