A Replacement for Susan Ch. 15

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It was the morning after the big meal I’d come into the kitchen to see the three mothers sat at the table.

‘We’ve been talking.’ Mom had said, ‘Lin has decided she isn’t prepared to live with Gordon any longer. Mary is so pissed at Collin wanting her to sell their house she can’t think straight and me, well I’m pissed at your father too but also find I enjoy all their company and that of Anne and Diane’s of course.’

I looked at her knowing there was more to come. It was Lin who continued.

‘We’re still working on the details but we’ve been talking about what it’d be like to all live together.’

‘Where?’ I asked now fully awake.

‘We were just talking about that. As I see it, half the value of our three houses is more than enough to get something really flash and large enough for us all to be comfortable in.’

‘When my parents died I came into a lot of money.’ Mary added ‘At the moment it’s sat in an savings account earning pennies. I’m willing to add it to the pot along with whatever I get out of our house.’

‘I’m sure you know doctors are on an obscene wage these days, I’m more than happy to take on an the lions share of an extra loan if we need to…’

Now maths is something I am very good at and I quickly worked out we could easily afford almost any house in the neighbourhood with the kind of money they were talking about. I told them this and then Lin mentioned a house she’d seen being built on the edge of the town which looked massive, easily five or six bedrooms, secluded too which was something she had liked as much as it’s size. Mom picked up her tablet and quickly found where it was for sale, she showed it to the others. By the time it had been passed to me I think they had already decided they wanted to buy it.

Once Diane and Anne had surfaced everyone went back to their homes. Mom was practically hyper and didn’t calm down until after we’d had sex in the shower and again on her bed. I picked Diane up later and headed into town for lunch and a chat. She’d had chance to digest what our mother’s had cooked up between them and had decided she loved the idea. Anne met us for lunch and apparently felt the same way as Diane.

I initially didn’t know what to think of our mother’s plan but after talking it over with Diane and then Anne I quickly saw it was a complete no brainer. The house was close to completion and had only just been put up for sale, the offer we made was excepted and straight away all our houses went on the market.

The autumn was a busy one for us all. My course wasn’t as intense as I’d feared so I still found the time and the energy to see at least one of my girls each day. With Collin and my dad now living in their apartment I stayed at Diane and Mary’s as often as I stayed at mine. Lin on most evening’s would stay at Mary’s or Mom’s regardless of where I was staying. We all missed Anne who was at a uni in London but as Escort Bayan it was only an hour on the train either she came up or a couple of us would go to see her each weekend.

The legal wrangling between the three couples was unpleasant at times but par for the course as these things go. The sales of the houses wasn’t too traumatic and went ahead with only a few hiccups.

My mother Mary and Lin all ended up with between sixty to seventy percent of the residual value of their homes which meant with Mary’s nest egg they never actually needed a mortgage although Lin later took one out to build an extension for an indoor swimming pool and gym, something she’d promised herself she’d have one day.

My dad’s new life didn’t run as smoothly as our’s. He seemed attracted to men about my age and one after another each one stung him. One walked away with a car, another wanted an expensive holiday a third ‘needed’ some cosmetic surgery, Etc.

To add insult to injury he took voluntary redundancy forgetting mom was entitled to half of his pay out. He found another job but nothing like as well paid as he’d been used to.

Collin didn’t fair any better. He gravitated towards violent men. It wasn’t unusual to see him with a black eye or a split lip. At about the same time as my dad took his redundancy, Collin lost his position, I heard rumours of expense fraud but nothing conclusive. With in a year they had lost their flash apartment and moved into quite a seedy flat. It annoyed me immensely how they had both pissed away all their capital, in under a year! I never afforded of my dad any great respect after that.

Gordon, Anne’s father initially faired a little better. He sank his money into quite a nice little house but the attractive receptionist he took up with, stayed with him only as long as it took her to get pregnant! His assets subdivided a second time along with quite a chunk of his earnings in child support. He didn’t end up in a seedy flat but it still was a big come down for him.

Anyway back to our house and my girls. We moved in a week before Christmas all full of excitement for the start of our new life. As a house warming present Lin brought us what’s known as an Eastern King size bed which was six foot six square. It didn’t look out of place in the grand master suit and was big enough for us all to lie on together, just! The other five bed rooms each had a brand new king size bed. Mom and me shared one room while each of the others had their own room although this was quite a loose arrangement, leaving the master suite as a communal room as it were.

About that time Simon got himself a girl his own age. Between Fiona and me we had managed to build his confidence up no end. Although I’d not had sex with Fiona since the morning when I’d taken her anal cherry, we were in regular contact and she had met all of my girls at one time or another.

The Escort reason I mention her is because in the new year the company she worked for as a catering manager folded and she was in a bit of a mess financially. We’d not been in the house long when it became abundantly clear to us, we needed a house keeper/cook and secretary. It was Mary who suggested asking Fiona if she was interested in giving it a try and as we were talking it over it occurred to us she could even live with us with out too much upheaval on our part.

Not wanting to discuss it over the phone, I went to see her the same evening with Diane for company. I let her know we were coming and she was very pleased to see us when we arrived. We chatted about things before I told her about our need for a housekeeper and then I asked if she was interested in giving it a go. Fiona was over the moon and would have started packing there and then. Diane put up her hand at this point and said there was a proviso. Which was news to me, I like Fiona was all ears.

‘You know I’m sure, we all live together as one… unit. Paul as you know likes his oats and we make sure he never goes with out. The thing is there are times when you and he will be alone in the house. We, that is everyone else need to know you’re not going to be freaked out if Paul makes advances to you.’

‘Hey, you’re making me out to be some kind of sex craved deviant here.’ I exclaimed.

Fiona almost burst out laughing. ‘Diane, rest assured when Paul tries it on I’m sure I’ll not freak out.’

‘That’s good, but try not to break him. ok.’

‘Ha! From what I’ve heard that’s close to impossible.’

‘I think you may be right. All five of us like our oats as much as Paul but I don’t think he’s ever failed to deliver.’

That was a Friday evening Fiona came to see us the next morning and we never looked back. In less than a week she’d moved into Anne’s room and emptied her flat. She quickly became the king pin of our home the one we all co-ordinated our lives through.

Being given carte blanche by everyone regarding sex with her allowed us to indulge our selves a little on the times I was studying at home. I quickly discovered the more outrageous and unpredictable I was the better she seemed to like it. As the weather improved, I liked to keep her nude as much as I could, from early April through to October Fiona hardly ever wore a stitch of clothing in the house. Her slightly rounded figure was very easy on the eye and I think everyone thought the same. There was something about Fiona which made us all want to touch her when we were close or even just passing her. If only to pat her behind or run your hand over her back. It wasn’t uncommon to see her with her head between someone’s legs. Diane mostly but I did see Lin making use of her oral skills a few times.

With Mary I became very dominant. Of all of my girls she was the only Bayan Escort one I used in anything like the same off hand way I did Fiona. I’d often like Fiona, not allow her to wear anything in the house and while she was nude all the others reacted to her in the same way I did. I mean we all used her and at times we all exposed our darker sides.

Lin shared my love of bondage. We liked working as a team usually on Mary who never complained, actually she never showed any emotion as we restrained her and used her. Sometimes we’d ambush my mother who unlike Mary, always put up a valiant struggle which I can tell you was fantastic fun! And she didn’t just struggle it looked and sounded as though she was being abducted and raped. Once she was securely bound we used her any way we wished.

Keeping things fresh was never difficult for us as we all maintained our friends and contacts. It was agreed from the outset, we never went with anyone out side of the group. The one exception was Anne and the slight Chinese girl she whom she shared a room with in London. Actually we all enjoyed her company and not just socially.

We always stayed in the same hotel when we visited London and it wasn’t uncommon for J-ling to stay with us. She often came back with Anne to our house and I could never quite figure out what she thought of our lifestyle. One thing I do know, she had the tightest vagina I have ever used, at only four foot six she was also the shortest women I ever had sex with.

In the main bedroom as well as the bed there were two large couches, ideal for turning our activities into a spectator sport. J-ling was extremely nervous the first time she and Anne took a star turn but after the first time she lost all her shyness. Anne was quite controlling with her and often followed my example and forbad her from wearing clothes the whole time of her visit. As with Mary, when she was nude, we all felt free to use her.

During the Easter break we all went out together for a meal in one of the swankier restaurants. We all loved eating out and always dressed to impress. From the beginning in honour of our first meal together, we never wore any form of underwear on these occasions.

Anyway we were sat at a round table, me, Diane Lin Mary Anne J-Ling and my mother. We were still reading the menu when a waitress approached and asking if we’d like to order any drinks.

What followed was one of those surreal events which must happen to everyone not just me. Diane greeted our waitress like an old friend as she said, ‘Hi, I’ve not seen you for ages, how are you?’

Anne looked up and said more or less the same thing followed by Lin my mother and eventually Mary. At that point I turned to look at the waitress myself and got the shock of my life. It was Susan who I’d not laid eyes on her since the party where she’d met up with her ex. I got to my feet had gave her a quick kiss and a hug. As I stepped back I saw the biggest grin spread across her face and a second later she almost doubled up in a fit of laughter.

I frowned and looked at everyone at the table. Diane gasped out loud as she exclaimed.

‘Oh my God. You’re that Susan!!’

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