A Replacement for Susan Ch. 09

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The next morning I woke thinking about Mary and decided on something which had been bugging me since my meeting with Anne’s mother. My mother was dressed for work when I went down to the kitchen. She gave me a cheery good morning and kissed my cheek as she said she had to dash and left. I text Mary and told her I wanted to see her either at her place or here as soon as she could arrange it. She text back saying she could be at my place in ten mins and I told her that was fine.

When Mary arrived I led her to the lounge and sat her down. Taking a deep breath I told her this charade had to end. Her face wore a blank poker mask but she didn’t speak. I said we both knew she hadn’t been putting out to protect Diane. In future if. she wanted me to carry on doing what we’d been doing she had to come clean about what she wanted.

‘Paul. You know your father has been out with Diane’s father a couple of times lately?’

I nodded and said I knew.

‘You don’t know where they go do you?’

‘Diane said something about a fraternity.’

Mary sniggered. ‘I guess in a way you could call it that. When you find out you’ll know why I come to you. But to answer your question, I enjoy sex. No one has ever treated me like you and I assume your mother have treated me. You’ll not believe me I’m sure but when your mother was slapping me and you almost brutally buggered me, I felt more alive than I have in longer than I care to think about.’

‘You’re telling me you enjoyed what happened the other day.’

‘Enjoyed is an odd choice of word. But yes what happened left me feeling… content, you could say.’

I was at a loss for words! When I didn’t speak for a few moments Mary told me she’d told her office she’d be going in an hour or so late. I still didn’t speak. When Mary spoke next a tone of desperation had crept into the voice.

‘Please Paul. Do you want me to beg?’ The way she’d said ‘Beg.’ Hit all my buttons.

‘Yes naked and on your knees.’

Mary was on her feet in a second and quickly removed everything she was wearing, including her rings. She knelt as close as she could to me and said in an almost plaintive voice.

‘Paul, please will you use me. I want you to push your magnificent cock into me where ever and when ever you want. I want you or your mother or whom ever you choose to treat me like I’m worthless. I’ll do anything you ask but please don’t send me away.’


I undid my jeans and pushed them down along with my shorts and told her to suck me. Mary neither smiled or spoke she just shuffled a little closer and almost greedily began to suck on my already hard dick. It didn’t take her long to make me cum. Mary I realised was one hell of a cock sucker!

I told her to kneel where she had to other day and to pull on her bum cheeks with her hands. I was still hard enough to have penetrate her arse but chose instead to use her vagina. Mary got real value for money with that screw as I must have lasted five minutes or more. Mary I’m sure came twice, on each occasion I had slapped her bum and tits with my hands.

Almost as soon as I pulled out of her, I told her to dress. Before sending her away I had her clean my softening dick with her mouth. The door had hardly closed when I got a text off Diane asking if I wanted to meet up for lunch. Before I had chance to reply Anne messaged me asking if I wanted lunch with her, she added almost redundantly she was in need of a diversion!

A delicious thought struck me as I was typing out a message to Diane, I told her I’d pick her up at twelve and we’d eat out. I let Anne know I’d be there at ten past twelve. I put in a couple of solid hours of prep work showered and was kissing Diane as well as giving her body a really good feel at twelve on the dot.

Diane wanted to know were we were eating and Kuşadası Escort as I pulled up at Anne’s I said my text had sent before I’d finished it… I was going to say we were eating out Anne.

It was possibly the thing I found most attractive in Diane, she really did seem to be up for anything. She was out of my car before me. Must be hungry I thought to myself.

Anne let us in wearing only a bathrobe and was very pleased to see I’d brought reinforcements. After greeting her more or less in the same way I’d greeted Diane. We went through to her kitchen. I lifted Anne onto their table, placed her feet on chairs, looked at Diane and pointed to her lunch. Not needing to be told twice she eagerly went to work on Anne’s pussy.

To amuse myself I lifted Diane’s dress all the way to her shoulders, I already knew she wasn’t wearing anything else. Anne watched me with a hungry look in her eyes as I effortlessly slipped into Diane. Each time I pushed into her Anne would moan a little louder. Before long Diane was moaning in harmony. It really was a tune I enjoyed listening to.

Anne finished just as Diane did and I had to make do with third place but I didn’t think either of them were going to give me grief over it. Anne hopped off the table like a spring chicken as soon as Diane had backed away and had dropped onto a chair. She began making up a third sandwich for Diane.

As I tucked into mine, Anne asked why I’d not said anything about her mom having a chat with me a few days ago. I swallowed what was in my mouth before asking, what her mother had told her. I know I must have sounded as guilty as hell but I needed to know what I was admitting to!

She told me her mother had said she’d invited me over while she’d been out for a chat. She didn’t make any mention of her phone so I gave her an edited account of the chat saying she had heard about Diane and also her mother and wanted to hear my side before deciding if I could continue to see you.

Anne was not overly impressed by her mothers audacity in thinking she could say who she did or didn’t see but luckily didn’t ask how her mother had known about Diane and her mother. Anne wasn’t too upset to wonder if I was up for a repeat performance, with Diane on the table and her doing the hovering and me of course doing all the work! Today was turning out to be a lot more tiring than I’d anticipated but the day was for from over.

We left Anne’s about half one and headed to the shops for a walk around and a coffee. Around four I got a call from an unknown number. Diane said I should answer it, as I’d been about to reject the call. It was Anne’s mother thanking me for my discretion with regards to Anne’s phone. Not knowing what the correct reply was I did my best to say nothing! She went on to mention our conversation and was about to say something but stopped, then asked if I could meet her later. Again not knowing what to say I just said, ‘sure.’ She was quite for a few seconds, then said she’d get back to me with a time and place. It had to be said she had sounded a little unsure of herself…

I told Diane it was Anne’s mother. Anne had been onto her about her meeting me and she was apologising for, dropping me in it. I didn’t mention anything about her wanting to meet me later. Diane asked how her mother had known about her and her mother… you’ll have figured out something about me by now, I hate lying so told her how Anne’s mother had checked Anne’s phone messages. I also told her Anne didn’t know this which is why her mom was thanking me for my discretion.

I dropped Diane off at her house a little later and headed for home. Mom hadn’t long got in. She seemed very pleased to see me, to the extent of wanting another of our, not exactly mother son kisses. When we came up for air, mom looked a little Kuşadası Escort Bayan flustered but very content. She asked what I’d been up to and like the dutiful son I was, I gave her a blow by blow account of it all including the call of Anne’s mother and her wanting to see me later.

She was pleased I’d had the chat with Mary and didn’t seemed fazed about Mary guessing it was her administering the slaps. She liked what had happened at Anne’s and like me wondered what Anne’s mother wanted to talk about. It’s often the way with these things but Anne’s mother called at that precise moment to see if seven was ok at her surgery.

My mother like me was well and truly intrigued by then. We chatted in the kitchen a little longer and then I went up stairs for a shower. Mom passed me on the landing as I walked naked from my room and hardly batted an eye lid. As I came out of the bathroom my mother emerged naked from her room. It made her smile when my dick instantly began to stiffen. We kissed each others lips briefly as we passed.

On the way to see Lin, Anne’s mother’s, surgery, I of course wondered what she wanted to say which she’d been reluctant to talk about on the phone. Lin, was Chinese I always assumed and had the thin almost tomboy figure a lot of Chinese women seem able to keep all their life. But unlike most Chinese women Lin had a very impressive rack, easily a D cup, I’d often wondered if they must be plastic.

Lin had asked me to use the side door as the surgery would be locked up. She let me in wearing a lab coat and by the time she’d led me to a consulting room come lounge it had occurred to me, the coat was all she was wearing!

She sat across from me taking extra care to keep her legs together, before saying I was probably wondering why she’d asked to meet me there.

‘The thing is.’ She started to say, ‘After our chat the other day several things became abundantly clear to me. Whatever you’re doing to Anne has had a remarkable effect upon her levels of concentration as well as her well being. Then there was the off the cuff remark I made about your exploits making anyone feel like they were missing out on some excitement in their life.’

‘Paul, for longer than I care to remember I’ve felt like I’ve been phoning my life in. Several times I’ve come close to hitting the self destruct button and only avoided doing so with the help of… medicines. If you’re willing I would like you to do for me exactly what you’ve done for Anne.’

That was a lot to process, When I didn’t react Lin began to looked worried.

‘Mrs Green,’ I started to say

‘Call me Lin.’ She invited.

‘Lin. Are you sure this is what you want? What about Anne’s father, what about Anne?’

‘Lin’s father is more interested in his receptionist than me, it’s over a year since he’s made love to me. As for Anne, would it make you feel better if she knew because I will tell her if you want me to.’

The inflections in her voice reminded me of the way Mary had spoken to me earlier in the day and had the same effect on my libido! I told her I would do what ever I could to help her but only if Anne agreed.

Lin broke eye contact with me as long as it took to pick up her phone and press two buttons.

‘Anne, Paul has said he needs your permission.’ She handed me her phone.

‘Paul, mom told me what she was going to ask you. I’m so pleased you made her ask me first. Mom seriously needs unwinding, take control of her, the way you do with me. Oh I’ve wanted to say this for a week or so, I love you.’ Anne ended the call. I looked at the phone unable to believe what I’d just heard.

I handed the phone back to Lin. As she took it from me I told her to stand and remove her coat. When I saw her boobs I still wasn’t sure if they were real of fake! Escort Kuşadası Which is my way of saying they looked fantastic!

‘Ok before we go any further.’ I said while Lin silently watched me. ‘I never ask Anne’s permission before I do anything with her.’

‘I know.’

‘I like it that you were naked under your coat, did Anne suggest it?’

‘She said you often tell her to be nude or virtually so when you visit.’

‘What else has she told you?’

‘She said today you had Diane with you when you came to see her.’


‘You made Diane use her mouth on her while you had sex with Diane.’

I looked at Lin as I decided what to do with her. I had to admit I was surprised, Anne had told her about Diane but I guess Lin wasn’t exactly going to blab to anyone else about it.

‘Did she also say I made her eat Diane while I had sex with her?’

‘She actually didn’t mention that.’

‘We can add it to the list of possibles can’t we. On occasions I’ll not be alone when we meet.’

‘At the moment I’d prefer not to meet you with another man.’

‘Prefer is a lovely word. I’m glad you didn’t tell me to never meet you with another man, for what it’s worth it will never happen. But I gather you except my other proposals?’

Lin nodded and almost seemed to steel herself for what was to come.

I couldn’t resist giving her boobs a feel and still could not decide so had to ask her. They were real she assured me. Once I’d got to know them both really well… the fourth pair of the day! I had her lie on her couch for some heavy duty kissing before I slid into her and had my fourth screw of the day, fifth if you count the blow job Mary gave me.

I don’t know if it was because Lin was barely five foot tall but having sex with her missionary style felt really weird. She was as tight as Mary’s ass though which felt really good.

Once my work there was done I dressed and left Lin looking very pleased with herself, I headed for Simon’s. Just as I arrived he got a text from Wendy telling her she was free for an couple of hours. Simon text back he was sorry but he was spending some time with me. She then told him her friend was there and maybe his friend would like to play with her while Simon was with her.

Rather predictably we headed over to Wendy’s. Her friend seemed far from gay and actually had quite a decent figure. Her boobs were the fifth set of the day I got to grope and her pussy was the fifth I ejaculated into. By then I was well and truly shagged out, I’d never really appreciated the word for what it meant before.

We headed back to Simon’s once Wendy had finished with him. I didn’t hang around long at his and was home for about ten. Mom and dad were in the lounge watching the end of a film, as it finished dad headed for bed. When we heard him start the shower, mom asked me what Lin had wanted. I told her how she had let me in wearing just a doctors overalls and how she had said she wanted whatever Anne was getting! Mom knew me well enough by then to know what the outcome of the meeting was but still asked!

They’d left the film channel on and the next film was one I liked so I settled down to watch it. Mom said she was off to get ready for bed but came down again less than five minutes later in her dressing gown. We watched the film together for an hour or so. At eleven during a commercial mom went upstairs. When she came back she smiled and told me dad was dead to the world and snuggled up beside me. I put my arm over her shoulder and fondled the sixth boob of the day, mom purred like a kitten as I gently tweaked her nipple.

If you’d have asked me when I was working my way home, I’d have said nothing good get me hard again that day. Well fondling my mothers boob did and it didn’t take her long to notice.

‘How many times have you had sex, cum I mean today?’


‘Six?’ She asked knowing there was one she’d missed.

‘A friend of Simon’s MILF.’

‘Jesus H Christ!’ She exclaimed. ‘Five different women in one day!’

As I held her boob in my hand I said, ‘So far.’

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