A Replacement for Susan Ch. 06

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I spent the next morning swapping texts with Diane Anne and Simon. I was glad to see Simon wasn’t still in a funk over Wendy. I told Diane I was seeing her mom later at my place at the suggestion of my mother. She told me my mother planned to be there when I was with her mom. I had to hand it to her, that did connect all the dots.

Sure enough my mother came home at half one. She hid her car in the garage and was looking very pleased with herself as she picked up the sandwich I’d only just made for myself! As she ate she told me to blindfold Mary as soon as she came in after which she’d slip into the lounge and watch me at play. I did notice at no time did she say, ‘If you don’t mind’ so almost straight away I made up my mind to give her something to watch!

Mary pulled onto our drive at two. I let her in and told her to kneel in the centre of the lounge. I carefully wound the scarf mom had given me around her eyes. I sat back on a couch and watched my mother come silently into the room, after which I told Mary to stand and undress. She had on a blouse and a skirt as she removed it I saw she had suspenders on. After she’d taken her bra and panties off I told her to leave her stocking. I got up once she was more or less naked to fondle her tits and run my hands up and down as well as between her legs.

With my mother watching I quickly removed all my clothes. Not sure if she was expecting to see me naked with a rock hard erection but there you go. I told Mary to kneel and then go onto all fours. I pushed my dick into her and fucked her a few times before pulling out and easing myself into her arse. I have to say it was a lot tighter than I’d been expecting but it did feel extremely smooth as well as extremely perverse.

All of which didn’t allow me to last anywhere near as long as I’d like! But man was it intense, between the tightness and my mother watching, what chance did I have. As I sat on the couch after and caught my breath I looked towards my mother and nodded towards the door, when she’d gone I took the blind fold off Mary, told her to dress and leave. After her car had reversed off our drive mom came back into the lounge and watched me stepping into my shorts.

‘I think I cramped your style there, sorry.’ She said.

‘You İçerenköy Escort didn’t cramp my style, it was what you might call a surreal experience. It took me by surprise.’

‘ I’ve got to say, I don’t think Anne and Diane have anything to complain about. You know you’re at least two inches longer than your father, fatter too.’

‘Is that because dad’s small or am I big?’ I really had no idea.

‘Oh sweetie it’s because you’re big.’ She answered with a touch of pride in her voice.

Just then my phone bleeped. It was Mary. ‘Maybe next time whoever was watching might like to join in’ I relayed it to my mother who smiled like a Cheshire cat! I text back, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

Diane text me to ask if my mother had watched and told me she was at home, wearing only a very short dressing gown and had some soft rope for me to play with. I gave my phone to my mother as I picked up my clothes. As she handed it back she asked if I was going to see her. I smiled and let her see the tent my dick was already making in my shorts.

After a quick shower I headed off to spend the rest of the afternoon with Diane. She’d had me on about the short dressing gown as she was actually nude when she opened the door. After kissing her I used the rope to tie her wrists behind her back before following her to her room. Diane has a bum which could captivate anyone.

I had her lie face down on her bed with a pillow under her hips, pulled her hands onto of her bum and got her to pull the cheeks apart.

I was studying her exquisite posterior as I told her what had happened earlier. She started to ask a question and I slapped her bum and said to be quiet. I was telling her where I’d fucked her mom and she again started to speak. This time I slapped her bum even harder. As I’d been speaking I had been teasing her anus with my finger. Each time I touched it her whole body would shiver.

‘You realise.’ I said, ‘I might use your arse too, now that would really be something to tell my kids.’

Diane groaned into her duvet but otherwise didn’t speak. I pushed my finger into her which again made her groan. Standing up I quickly removed the few things I was wearing and sipped into her vagina which was already nicely Escort İçrenköy lubricated! As I made love to her I told her how her mother had moaned as I’d pushed myself into her tight arse and how good it had felt. About how doing it without asking her had turned me on so much. I came as Diane did. I’d already decided to leave her arse for now. I had serious doubts I’d be able to get my dick into her anyway as it had been a struggle to get even my index finger past her sphincter.

Afterwards I untied her wrists and we lay together on her bed talking about her mother and what might happen next time when my mother joined in. Diane couldn’t believe she had watched me and commented on my apparently magnificent appendage! (Here words honest). She told me how she’d felt being at my mercy. It was totally different to making love, in the normal way she said. Knowing she was powerless made her feel so… she struggled to find the word. Helpless vulnerable, defenceless but when I had slipped into her, she had felt only happiness.

Anne messaged me while I was still with Diane and asked how the meeting with Mary went. I gave her the edited highlights and she asked if I was free tomorrow, Diane said she’d like to see me too, so we arranged to all meet up at Anne’s the next afternoon. Later I text Anne and asked her to have some rope or something ready for me.

I went around to Simon’s about five, I didn’t want to be at Diane’s when her mom got in. He’d been to Wendy’s and was looking pleased with himself. I told him what had happened at my place and that I’d been with Diane. I’m sure sometimes he thought I was having him on, but honestly I don’t think you could make shit like that up!

I got home in time to eat with mom and dad. He asked what I’d been up to and I saw mom smile at the question. I told him I’d been keeping busy, doing my best to keep out of trouble. He said a lad my age should be out there enjoying himself maybe getting into a bit of trouble. Mom almost spat out what she was eating.

Later when dad was in the lounge watching the TV. Mom came in the kitchen while I was getting myself a snack. She stood behind me and rested her hands on my hips, I could feel her tits touching my back.

Keeping her voice low she almost İçerenköy Escort Bayan whispered into my ear how much she had enjoyed seeing me using Mary. She said she knew it was wrong but seeing me without my clothes and aroused had made her realise, she was missing out on life. She then said something even more unexpected, she asked if I could forgive her for being so, snotty about Susan.

I had to own up and say Susan and I had actually stopped seeing each other about the same time she had started fixing me up on hot dates and I pointed out, what it had led to. She laughed a little, genuinely happy when I told her this. Then she asked if I planned to tell Mary to come here again. I said she could bet on it. She nodded at this but didn’t speak for a few seconds.

‘You want to watch again, or join in like Mary suggested?’ Mom flinched almost at what I said. And asked what I meant by, join in.

‘Well, you could slap her face yourself for starters.’

‘Yes, that would be fun. You said for starters?’

By now with our conversation focusing on how we were going to abuse Mary, I had started to get a little turned on. ‘Maybe after slapping her you could return the favour while I’m fucking her.’ Mom wasn’t sure what I meant. ‘You’ve seen me without my clothes so I think it only fair I get to see you, with out yours.’ Mom playfully punched my arm and returned to the lounge, but, I realised she hadn’t slapped my face!

The rest of the evening and the next morning I devoted to prep work for college. At two I pulled onto Anne’s drive who let me in wearing nothing but a smile. Diane was running late so we started without her. I used the rope Anne gave me to tie her securely to a chair with her bum overhanging the front edge.

I was massaging her breasts and kissing her when Diane arrived. I let her in and with no preamble told her to strip. Once she was naked I had her kneel in front of Anne and told her to use her mouth on her. To her credit Diane never blinked. As she went to work with a will on Anne’s already dripping pussy I knelt behind Diane and used my hand on her pussy, I slipped a finger into her arse again for good measure. Just before Anne came I stood behind her to fondle and pinch her tits and nipples. I sat on the couch and had Diane sit on my lap and ride me while the bound but content Anne watched.

Once I’d uploaded my first dollop of sperm of the day we untied Anne and all made out on the couch. Man I remember thinking, I could seriously get used to this!

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