A Real Teacher Ch. 04

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Author’s note: Many thanks to Literotica’s own LadyCibelle for her editing expertise in making my stories more readable.

In the spring, I was walking home thinking about school … and nothing in general … when I heard a gruff voice shout “Hey, you!” I looked around and spotted a woman built like an army sergeant standing on the porch of a house I was nearly past. It was the house where Monica Schowinski lived, although I had never been in it.

“Are you speaking to me?” I asked.

“Yes, you. Come here” she replied authoritatively. I retraced my steps and turned up her walk, wondering why she would be calling me.

When I stopped at the base of her stoop, she beckoned me up and asked “Are you Kevin Carter?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I know what you’ve been doing” she said. “I know you’ve been screwing Monica. And she tells me that you’ve been having your way with a lot of girls at school. Is that right?”

“Um … well, I’m friends with a lot of people.”

“Ah, hell, don’t give me that shit. You aren’t friends. You’re lovers. I know you been knocking off all kinds of pussy, haven’t you?” She grinned lasciviously.

I just shrugged my shoulders, not willing to admit anything. With a lunge, the woman cupped my balls in her right hand through my jeans. I felt a moment of quick pain. She whispered loudly in my ear “Back into the door. We’re going inside and I’m going to do a little investigative work.”

Her hand steered me backward through the front door and down a hall where we turned left into a bedroom. She kicked the door so that it slammed shut. She let go of my balls but before I could react, she stuck the same hand down inside my jeans and again found my scrotum. However along the way she also fingered my already growing cock. Once she was holding my balls, she yanked at my belt and stripped the button and zipper of my jeans and I was quickly naked from the waist down.

She let out a shrill whistle as she stared at my sword. “Wow, honey! You got a hum-dinger! I can see why the girls want to nail you.”

I decided it was time to go on the offensive. With both hands I grabbed her blouse and yanked, sending buttons flying everywhere. In a single quick motion, I hoisted her stretchy bra over mammoth sized hooters. She seemed startled but quickly laughed “Oh, so you want to see mine too, huh? Okay, here it is” and she pushed her stretch pants and panties down in one motion, revealing a bushy pussy under a spare tire. She was not the sexiest woman I knew but … damn if my cock didn’t grow harder. Before she could again take the offensive, I pressed close to her and pushed my cock into her bush as I hugged her, flattening her tits against my chest. With a few quick motions of my bottom, my cock found its way into her slit and homed in on her opening and I soon had six inches of cock inside her pussy. Before she could protest, I stroked it back and forth until everything I could get was inside.

“Wow!” she said. “I’ve never had one big enough to do that before. I guess I asked for it. You might as well go ahead and do it.”

I pushed her back on the bed, lifted her legs and pushed the last few inches into her now-wet twat. Over the next thirty-five minutes, I worked her legs around in all kinds of positions, making our copulating feel different every few minutes. I rubbed the spot on the sole of her feet several times so that she had cum six times when my balls started spewing hot love lava.

She was so spent that she couldn’t move a muscle. I pulled my cock out of her and went around the bed. Then tugging and pulling and pushing, I got her further onto the bed and turned and propped on her back. Then I dove in beside her and began to devour her titties. While my mouth sucked on one, my fingers manipulated the other nipple. After several minutes her fingers began stroking my hair and my cock started to inflate again. When it was fully erect, I got her to turn and put her butt in the air and I slipped my cock into her doggy style. While fucking her for another forty-four minutes, I massaged her back, kneaded her tits, rubbed the soles of her feet, fondled her buttocks, and teased her clitty. She came nine times although after the fifth one she became so limp I had to hold her up until I finished pouring my load into her.

While laying facing each other and holding her tightly, she said “Now I know why all those girls want you to fuck them. You sure know how to make a girl feel good, honey.” That was the first of several times I fucked Ms. Schowinski that year.

About three weeks after my next birthday in April, Jessica Stephens asked me to study with her on Saturday evening for a chemistry test coming up the next week. When I arrived, she tugged me into the family room to meet her family. There was Mr. Stephens, a rather stern and foreboding looking man in his late forties, Mrs. Stephens, who looked much too young at 41 to be the wife of someone like Mr. Stephens, and Jamilla, usually referred to as Jamie who sakarya escort was Jessica’s sister about to finish her first year at the local community college school of nursing. Jamie looked like a more mature Jess while Mrs. Stephens was well-rounded in the places a man likes a woman rounded and tanned and muscular like a woman who spent lots of time on the tennis court, as she did.

When Jess introduced me, Mr. Stephens stood and stuck out his hand. “We’ve heard a lot about you, Kevin. Good to finally meet you.”

“Thank you, sir” was all I could think of to reply. What had he heard?

“Sit, Kevin. Let’s talk a little. First let me say that our family is very open with each other. For instance we know that you and Jessica have been having sex. Eight times already, if I remember correctly. Tonight will be the ninth time. Am I right?”

What could I say? I looked at the women and all three were wearing non-committal smiles. I said “Uh … I don’t really know.”
“That’s okay. It’s not really relevant. What you need to know is that we know about it. So … I’m sure you can appreciate that we need to keep that information among ourselves since even a minor male having sex with a minor female is statutory rape in our state, right?”

My eyes popped open wider. It was the first time I had thought about any of what I did as being rape. Everyone had consented to have sex and I hadn’t even had to ask. “Uh…I thought we were all of legal age.”

“Don’t worry about it, Kevin” Mr. Stephens continued. “You see, we believe sex is a personal choice and if any person chooses to do it with someone else who also consents, then that act is nobody else’s business. Would you agree?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Because some people might not see what we do in the same light. You see, the four of us all have sex together whenever we want to. Do you see a problem with that?”

I looked around at the women, all of whose smiles had grown larger. “No, sir. Does that mean that you and …?”

“Yes, I have had sex with both of my daughters. Some people wouldn’t like that but my daughters both like it and I like it and my wife likes it. Why should I worry about other people?”


“Neither did we have a problem with Jessica having sex with you. You see, she always tells us all about it when she has sex with anyone. And this year she has done it with you more than any other boy. She has explained that you have … uh, well, that you have the biggest equipment she’s ever seen and she likes it. I assume that you have enjoyed having sex with Jessica.”

“Yes, sir!” I said enthusiastically. “She’s very good, very sexy, very … well, she’s fun.”

“Uh, huh. I know, remember.”

I just smiled. He continued “We’ve been talking for some time about changing our family sex routine. I’m not as young as I once was and we’d like to have another male in the group. Jessica was emphatic that you would be the ideal person to invite and we’ve all agreed that we’d like to invite you to join our family fuck session. Would you be interested?”

“You mean … ” and I looked around at the women’s faces.

“Yes, it means that you would get to fuck my wife and Jamie as well as Jessica. And it would give us the opportunity to experiment with some new techniques, if you wanted to.”

“Mr. Stephens, I would be honored.”

“Good. Call me Ted. Call my wife Amy. Come on, let’s do it.”

I was stunned. Was I really this lucky or was I being setup somehow? I didn’t know but I looked around and the four of them were already up and taking off their clothes. Amy said “We’ll just leave our clothes in here and we won’t have to hunt for them later, okay?” So I followed suit, then followed Amy and Jamie’s beautiful butts as they led me to the master bedroom. Jessica and Ted followed.

“Since you’ve screwed Jess a few times already” Amy said “we thought you should start with me and Jamie. Okay?”

“S … sure” I managed to stutter. Amy and Jamie both made a to-do about the length of my cock, which was a good six inches longer than Ted’s although they were comparable thickness. Amy said “You’re going to get some strange tonight” and looked at me with a devilish grin. When I gave her a puzzled look, she said “Pussy. Strange pussy. This thing will be exploring some territory tonight where no penis has ever been. I’ve never had one this big and I’m sure Jamie hasn’t either.”

I laughed and she turned and crawled into bed. She laid crosswise closer to one end than the other, pulled her legs out to the sides and with both hands waved me into her saddle. I climbed on but pushed her legs up and buried my face in her hot muff. I knew when Jessica lay down beside her mother but turned in the opposite direction and then Ted climbed up behind her and, holding her legs, pushed his cock into Jess’s pussy. However he just knelt there without moving while they watched me eating Amy’s cunt. Jamie lay down on the other side of her mother and samsun escort closed her mouth over her mother’s left tittie and began sucking.

After I had helped Amy to her first orgasm, I crawled on up into her saddle and all four of them seemed to watch, mesmerized, as my sword began to pierce Amy. Maybe they were waiting to see if she really could take it but she had no problem with that and I was soon crushing her buttocks with my pubis. Jamie kept sucking her tittie and her left hand found my scrotum and massaged my balls. Finally Ted began stroking Jess’s pussy with his own cock and I found myself watching another man fuck a woman while I plowed one of my own. What a weird sensation that was! Erotic beyond belief.

Ten minutes of gentle stroking made Amy cum. After the shakes stopped, I resumed stroking but bent down and sucked on her other tit, so that both of them were occupied. It took less than eight minutes to get her off again and only about seven to make her cum a third time. Ted had long ago cum in Jessica’s pussy and Jess had turned around and was sucking him to get him hard again. I felt my balls contract and gave three more long hard thrusts into Amy’s cunt, grabbed her hips to hold us tightly together and emptied my nuts into her hot body.

I eased back until my cock was out of her and sat back on my haunches. Jamie left her mother’s tit and sucked my cock, licking it clean and massaging my balls until I was hard again. In the meantime, Amy turned around and took Jessica’s place in front of Ted with her ass in the air ready for to be fucked doggy style. When I was ready, Jamie scrambled around and lay on her back with her legs up in a wide V and watched as my cock approached and pushed inside her twat. As my pubis mashed against her buttocks, she filled her lungs with air and then let out a giant sigh. I bent over her and whispered directly into her ear “I’d rather start this by eating your beautiful pussy but you’ll have to promise to let me do that later.”

She said “Damn, sweetie, you can eat me any time you fucking well please. Now screw me, huh?”

I started stroking slowly, rocking on her mound with every completed cycle. For a while I bowed my body enough to suck on her tits, swapping every few minutes until I had made the rounds twice. Then I stood on my knees and started massaging her legs while I stroked. The first time my thumb pad circled her clitoris, she climaxed with a stifled scream.

I had forgotten about Jessica until I felt a leg lay over my calves and looked over to see that she had squirmed under her mother and spread her legs. Jess was sucking her father’s balls while her mother ate her pussy. Ted seemed to be in total ecstasy, his eyes closed, a satisfied smile on his face, but he was still stroking his wife’s pussy. I searched Jamie’s soles for the trigger spot and found it, making her scream again as the waves of pleasure overtook her body. I kneaded her titties for a bit before going back to her feet. Five times she screamed through climaxes before I shot a load of cum into her and left her panting on the bed.

I sat back and watched Amy eating Jessica’s pussy and Ted plowing Amy’s cunt and my cock grew stiff again. Since Jessica was my next partner, I wondered if I could get my cock into her while her mother still worked on her clitty. I moved over between Jess’s legs and aimed my new erection to the spot just below where Amy was licking and easily pierced her hot spot. Amy started to pull back so I held her in place until I had ten inches inside Jessica. I felt Amy’s tongue touch my shaft but mostly she was working Jess’s clit. Ted held up a hand for a high five and I smacked it and we went back to work on the women.

Amy already had Jess cumming so I don’t know how many climaxes she had … at least three after I stuck my cock in her, although her mother’s tongue may have been primarily responsible for that. I knew when Ted rammed into Amy’s ass and held on, knowing from first hand experience that he was filling her with cum. I got a couple of handfuls of Amy’s big tits and held on for dear life as I fucked Jess hard. A few more minutes and I spent another load of love lava in Jessica’s tunnel of love. Jess looked back at me and said “You’re a mother-fucker, you know?”

“What?” I exclaimed.

“Sure” she said, grinning. “You’ve fucked me and you’ve fucked my mother. That makes you a mother-fucker.” Amy and Jamie were laughing. It wasn’t the usual definition of mother-fucker but it was a good one.

We all needed to take some time to recover after that. Amy and Jessica had both been screwed twice but Jamie only once so Ted got under her and ate her pussy while his balls recovered. I remember thinking “I’d never suck another guy’s cum out of a cunt” … but little did I know what would be in store for me down the road.

Amy said she was going to get some sodas for everyone while we rested and I got up and padded after her to help, watching the magic swinging of her urfa escort booty with every step. When she stopped at the kitchen sink, I snuggled up behind her and captured both titties in my hand. With my mouth near her ear, I said “You are so sexy, so beautiful. I really love these big titties and your magnificent ass. Just a glance at you makes me rock hard. Thank you for letting me sample your fabulous delights.”

She cocked her head and mimicked kissing me. “Thank you, honey. But it is me that should be telling you about … your cock is so … wonderful. It makes me feel so full. And the way you fuck … Ted makes me cum but not as much as you did. I loved every second your dick was inside me.”

“Good. I hope it will continue to be that good. We are going to try it some more, aren’t we?”

She laughed. “Sure. How long can you go? I think Ted is winding down.”

“I can go all night, I think.”

We took the sodas back and everybody relaxed for a while. After ten minutes though, Amy said “Ted, I think its time.”

Ted asked “Kevin, have you ever fucked a woman’s ass?”

I responded “Yes, sir.”

“You like doing that?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Amy wants you to fuck her ass.”

“Okay!” I replied enthusiastically.

“There’s only one thing” Ted said. “I’m going to be fucking her pussy. Have you had a double-penetration fuck?”

“No, sir.”

“Well, it’s a little different but I think a guy with your assets would love it. Let’s try.”

Ted lay in the middle of the bed. Amy crawled over and straddled him, easing back so that his cock slid into her still slippery cunt. They both spread their legs as Jamie brought a gob of lubricant and slathered on my cock. I could see what they were planning. On my knees, I walked up between them toward Amy’s upstanding ass. Jessica held my cock and guided it toward her mother’s anus. At the last instant, I saw her ass hole begin to open as Amy concentrated on relaxing her sphincter. My cock experienced little resistance as it pushed the ring of muscle aside and disappeared into the dark chamber.

It was fairly like the other times I had pierced a female’s ass hole except that I could definitely feel the hard tube of Ted’s cock inside Amy’s cunt as my shaft slid in atop it. Between Jamie and Jessica, one was fondling my balls and the other stuck a finger into my ass hole and massaged my prostate gland. I was in a new world of sensations, one that soon had me feeling out of control as I banged Amy’s ass. At first I was a little put off each time my scrotum slapped against Ted’s hairy balls but then I thought about the sweet little woman between us and could see that, from the way she was jerking her head and the constant stream of words begging and pleading with us to keep fucking her harder and harder, Amy was getting as much or more pleasure than me out of it. I squeezed her titties unmercifully hard and rammed her ass over and over and over, hearing her declare four times that she was cumming again. I even felt the pulses of cum as Ted shot his load into his wife’s pussy. And then I unloaded my own balls in what felt like the biggest climax I had ever had.

The three of us collapsed into a tangle of exhausted but well-satisfied flesh. Jamie brought a washcloth and carefully washed my cock and balls and I finally moved, all too aware of contact with parts of Ted’s hairy body. Jessica brought two other washcloths fresh from a stream of hot water and applied them to our scrotums, she manipulating Ted’s while Jamie gently worked mine around my balls in an effort to help us recover quicker. It helped and in twenty minutes Ted grinned and asked me if I was ready to do it again.

This time it was Jamie’s turn and I got the bottom position in Jamie’s pussy with her hovering over me while Ted eased into her anus from behind. Jamie began cumming quickly and nearly went wild while Ted screwed her ass for thirty-seven minutes before he came again. After he rolled off to the side for Amy to tend, I pushed and pulled Jamie up and down my body for another twelve minutes while Jamie came twice more and I spilled my seed into her cunt.

It was nearly forty-five minutes later that both of us were hard again and we used the same positions to fuck Jessica. We plied her twin holes for nineteen minutes to make her cum the first time. After that Ted blew his last wad of the night three minutes later and Jamie came continuously for the next nine minutes while I jacked her up and down my lance until I shot off another load.

Amy immediately massaged my balls with a hot cloth. The girls seemed to be tired and ready to call it a night and Ted fell asleep in a chair while Amy was tending to me but I asked her if I could fuck her one more time before we quit and she laughingly agreed. This time it was just her and me on the bed. I knelt between her legs and slipped my cock back into her still hot pussy and then snuggled down on her chest as she bear hugged me to her. We kissed long and hard and swapped spit while I rocked my pubis on her mound. Thirty-eight minutes we fucked, nine times she came, and then I filled her with my cum. When she could speak again, she told me that I would always be welcome in her bed … and in her pussy.

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