A Rainy Afternoon

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Heavy rain was falling this August afternoon in southwest Florida. Two inches had fallen in an hour and it will continue raining until late this afternoon. There was nothing much to do so feeling really horny I called my friend Tom. He too was horny saying he’d had a hard-on all morning. Tom was willing to venture out in the rain and come over to my luxurious second floor condominium.

I’m older but very much into sex. Gay sex. After my wife lost interest and I lost my female fuck buddy when we moved to Florida. I thought I was out of luck. After considerable internet searching I found Tom. At five foot seven and one hundred fourty-eight pounds, I’m a smaller guy. I do have a Florida tan and because I tan nude I have no tan lines. My fit body has good pecs, abs, arms and legs but nothing like Tom. Tom is ten years younger than me. Tom is five feet ten inches and one hundred-seventy pounds of solid muscle. Handsome face, powerful pecs and chest very muscular abs, arms and legs.

For a smaller guy I’m blessed with a fairly big cock, not so much over six inches long but at six inches around Amazon prime izle it is a decent size. Tom’s cock is also about six inches, perhaps four and a half inches around. Tom’s cock is a perfect match for my mouth and throat.

When Tom and I are together the host decides on how we will gay play together. Feeling adventurous I had a plan for this afternoon’s romp. We quickly undressed in my very large master bedroom. The bedroom has a view of the golf course behind my building. The bedroom is painted light gray, with off-white furniture. the California king bed makes for a large playground. The twenty-two inch mattress make the bed higher than average.

Today I would give Tom both pleasure and pain. Climbing between Tom’s legs I apply nipple clamps to his muscular pecs. Sliding down I look into his pale blue eyes as I apply four clothes pins to his ball sack. I can see the pain and pleasure on his face. I take his very hard cock in my mouth, up and down sucking then licking his balls. Tom began squirming with pleasure. When he’s ready to cum we stopped blutv izle and rested. I didn’t want to rush his orgasm. Now Tom’s skin was red as fire, tightening the nipple clamps he cried out with pleasure.

Now I reclined on my back. Tom licked and sucked my cock, named Rocky. Tom took every inch of me as he moved up and down. I wanted to cum and orgasm but kept fighting the desire as long as possible. Then I could take no more, being fully down his throat I blasted cum time after time into his willing mouth. Tom swallowed and liked his lips to get every single drop. I had a mind blowing orgasm.

Now we are both red hot, breathing heavy but resting before our final sexual act. I removed the clothes pins and nipple clamps. I put a little raspberry scented lube on my hands. I applied the lube all over Tom’s upper muscular body. On my back I massaged every inch of him that I could reach, Tom was excited by my touch. Tom was getting ready to fuck by applying considerable lube on Rocky and his glorious hole. Sitting at the edge of the bed the smells of sweat and precum blended beIN CONNECT izle with the raspberry lube. It smelled wonderful.

I was rock hard as Tom facing me and helped me slip Rocky slowly into him. Rocky’s head hit Tom’s prostate. Tom smiled as he slid up and down on my cock. We were now sweating like wild animals. Pumping away on my cock I reached up and touched every inch of his muscular body. Up and down Tom rode my cock. He took everything I had as I began pumping in rhythm with him. Harder faster he went at me. After several intense minutes Tom withdrew himself from me placing his cock on my well tanned lower abdomen. Cum came shooting out of him as he reached orgasmic ecstasy. Watching this I too had an orgasm it blew my mind. As a final act Tom fed me his semen and sperm with his fingers as we rested.

Play time was over for today. We got into my large shower we soaped each other up, rinsed off and dried off. We shared a towel because we enjoy drying off each other. We put on our clothes and walked to the front door. As Tom left we man-hugged and agreed that this was a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Now in a rush I opened the bedroom window. I put the bed sheets and towel and put them in the washer. After washing and drying I remade the bed and hug the towel. I certainly didn’t want my wife to know what went on while she was away…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32