A Quiet Place Ch. 02

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Big Tits

All present in sexual scenarios are over the age of 18 years old.

Thank you for your compliments and encouragement. It’s been really fun to role play what Brandon and Kira will do next! \m/


Brandon quickly left the room before he could blow it; literally and metaphorically. Did I just fondle the babysitter into an orgasm?! He asked himself.

He cock was so hard it hurt. He wanted to go back and finish what he’d started, but he was afraid he’d blow his load before he even got inside her juicy pussy. Instead, he walked down the hall to one of the en suite bathrooms and threw water onto his face.

Time to snap out of it buddy! Brandon coached himself. Maybe if he got down to work, he could get his mind off of Kira.


Stunned, Kira stood immobile in the empty room; her shorts lay crumpled on one of the beds where Brandon had thrown them; her heart raced.

Did I just squirt?! Did I let my boss put his fingers inside me? His tongue?! Oh my god, he’s married! What about Holly?! These thoughts shouted at her in alarm, but the orgasm Brandon had given her left her feeling languid and unconcerned.

It had felt SO good! His lips on her skin had tingled down to her core as if he knew what she needed most.

After a moment, she shook herself loose from her daze and reached for her shorts, looking around for her panties. They weren’t with her shorts; or under the bed; or on top of the bunk. They weren’t on, in, or under the other bunk bed either. Kira practically tore apart and remade all of the beds before giving up.

Brandon had taken her panties when he left. She was going to have to face him eventually, but now she would have to do it knowing that he had her panties. How was she going to look him in the eyes?


[Two Hours Later]

Sweat streamed down his neck and chest as Brandon pushed through the back door to get a drink of water. Still accessorized with work gloves and earbuds, he’d spent the last two hours fighting with the bushes out front. With pruning shears and a boatload of patience, he’d cleared the front walk and some of the largest of the vines from the porch. The house wouldn’t make Architectural Digest, but they wouldn’t get eaten by the undergrowth when they tried to enjoy the sunset later either.

Entering the mudroom first, Brandon heard voices in the kitchen beyond and smiled. Ah, Kira! He thought as he nudged the bulge her panties made in his pocket next to his iPhone.

“Holly, wasn’t the point of this adventure to take a vacation? Why am I doing hard labor here?” He asked as he pushed through a swinging door with a good-old-boy grin.

Holly rolled her eyes and let out an exasperated huff. She was long past thinking that his jokes were funny.

Kira, on the other hand, looked like she wanted to bolt. She was sitting next to Holly at the long kitchen counter, a barely touched sandwich in front of her.

“Seriously though,” Brandon persisted, “why are we doing so much work on this house if we are paying to rent it? Shouldn’t general yard work be included in the cost? Or is it BYO mower?” Hooray for dad jokes.

“I already told you,” Holly started, as she rose from the counter, clearing her empty lunch plate into the kitchen sink. “I rented this house from Jocelyn at work. Her family used to come here all of the time before her dad died. Now that he’s gone, no one’s comes here. She gave me a deal on the rental if we promised to pick up after ourselves and help take care of the more urgent repairs.”

“Well, even my tongue is tired from all this hard work,” he goaded, watching Kira blush out of the corner of his eye.

“Whatever,” Holly huffed again. “You can work on fixing the front step after you have some lunch.”

“Of course, honey,” Brandon replied, casually surveying the counters. “There are so many good things to eat in here,” he commented, barely catching eyes with Kira, enjoying her discomfort.

“Kira made me the most amazing panini!” Gushed Holly. “Maybe if you are good to her, she’ll make you one too.”

Thanks for the set-up, babe! He thought to himself. Aloud he said, “I can be so good to Kira!”

Holly rolled her eyes and walked out. “I’ll be sorting through the games and sports equipment in the sunroom.”

Brandon and Kira both followed her with their eyes. Brandon’s snapping onto Kira with a smoldering intensity as soon as Holly was through the door. Kira’s eyes snapped to her sandwich, trying to pretend like he wasn’t there.

It wasn’t that she was embarrassed about earlier—she just didn’t know how to act around him now. She wasn’t sure what he wanted from her. Or worse, what she wanted from him.

“So what do you say, Kira?” He asked. “Will you be good to me?”

She froze, unsure of how to respond, surprised at how soon he pushed her. He looked expectantly at her with a big, amiable smile.

His grin started to fall, “You’re going to make me Konya Escort a yummy sandwich, right?”

Relieved, Kira slid off her stool. “Of course,” she squeaked, heading for the stove.

He smiled warmly and genuinely back at her. “I’ll start putting away supplies and groceries while you work,” he offered.

They worked silently together; her pulling together the fixings for his sandwich; him unpacking boxes, opening, and closing cupboards and drawers. Brandon had just taken the bulk package of paper towels out to mud room and stopped short when he reentered the kitchen.

Kira stood on tip-toe, on a step-stool next to the range. Her nose in the cupboard, she didn’t notice how transfixed he was by her short shorts. She didn’t see the gleam in his eye when he suddenly remembered that she wasn’t wearing panties; she didn’t see his nostrils flare in appreciation when he caught the shadowed outline of her pussy lips under the rolled cuffs of her cut-offs.

Hands in his pockets, Brandon crept up behind her until he stood at the base of the stool.

“What are you looking for up there?” He asked quietly. It might as well have been a bullhorn for how Kira reacted. She jumped and squealed. Clapping her hand to her mouth as soon as she’d done it; he couldn’t hide his smile, pleased that she was following his orders to stay quiet.

“Oh, I…” she stammered whirling around to face him. “I could have sworn I put the Pam back up here after I made Holly’s sandwich, but now I don’t see it.”

She remembered what happened the last time Brandon had this vantage point and tried to edge around him off of the stool. Inside, every cell in her body was begging for his touch—it was also true that she was frightened. Frightened about being caught; frightened about being in over her head; frightened about how easily he controlled the situation upstairs and how little she seemed to care—then or now.

She began to climb down the stool, but he didn’t take the hint. He stood his ground and looked up at her. He held up his right hand to her as if to help her down. Kira looked searchingly into his eyes. She shakily put her hand in his. Brandon shifted back slightly. She stepped down to the next step.

Instead of handing her down to the ground, Brandon stepped back in, wrapped his left hand around the small of her back, and pulled their bodies together. Kira gasped as they connected, groin-to-groin, chest-to-chest, lips-to-lips.

Brandon smirked. As if she couldn’t see this coming from a mile away! He chuckled to himself.

He ground his hips into hers and reached his right hand up to stroke her jaw.

“But…” she started.

“Shhh,” he said and covered her mouth with his, kissing her until she forgot what she was going to say anyway. With hands on either side of her face, Brandon held her in place while he kissed her lips, easing them apart, stroking his tongue along hers.

Kira melted, wrapping her arms around him, rocking her hips toward him, trying to increase the friction.

“That’s right, Kira,” he purred, brushing the hair out of her face, fingers resting seductively on her collarbone. “If you stay quiet, I can be very good to you on this vacation.”

Kira looked into his eyes, trying to make a decision even though there was only one thing on her mind; hot sex with Brandon. She would regret it later, but there was nothing in her mind other than the way he made her feel. She wanted more.

Brandon must have seen the decision on her face because he kissed her again. This time it was long, slow, and simmering. He stroked her jaw with his thumbs, adjusting her head for better angles.

Fuck! I really could eat her alive! Brandon thought to himself. Wrapping his arms around her body, he lifted her into the air without breaking their kiss. Kira wrapped her thin legs around his waist. She undulated in his arms, climbing him to get to his lips, rocking her pussy down onto his rock hard cock.

He spun them around until he’d backed her up to the kitchen island. He set her down, pulling her buttocks as close to the edge as possible. Grabbing the hair at the back of Kira’s skull, Brandon pressed her forehead to his; holding her in place; forcing her to look into his eyes.

While he held her gaze, he slipped a couple of fingers up into her shorts and right into her soaking pussy. Kira’s eyes widened in pleasured surprise, her breath hitching in her throat.

“Shhh,” Brandon whispered. His breath on her lips as he commanded her with his eyes.

He plunged his fingers into her over and over again. Unblinking, he controlled her with his molten hot gaze. Without words, he told her what he wanted. With a narrowing of his eyes, he showed her that he was in charge. His ruthless gaze told her that she needed to obey; that she should be prepared to pay the price if she didn’t cooperate.

She answered him back. Nodding in response; her pleasure built each time she said yes with Konya Escort Bayan her eyes and body. Each promise bound her to him.

She came apart wordlessly and soundlessly in his arms, soaking the already damp denim of her shorts. Brandon still held the back of her head, showering her face and closed eyelids with kisses.

“Good job, Little One,” he purred into her hair, kissing her forehead. “Let’s get you out of these shorts.”

She nodded—her complicity sealed. She leaned back on her elbows, laying on the granite countertop. He reached out and began to unbutton her shorts. Brandon looked up into Kira’s face. She bit her bottom lip, watching his progress.

“Bend your knees, Baby,” Brandon commanded. He placed her feet next to her butt on the counter and lifted her bottom so that he could pull the moist fabric down her legs. After dropping her shorts to the ground, he grasped an ankle in either hand and replaced her feet on counter’s edge on either side of her hips.

Leaning back like this, Kira practically offering up her pussy to Brandon. Her feet still clad in tennis shoes, framing her smooth, sopping cunt.

“You are so fucking sexy, Baby,” he growled. Kira blushed and lowered her lashes shyly. Brandon used his thumbs to spread her folds, opening her up like pages in a book.

He dove in; tasting her sweet pussy; kissing and sucking wherever his lips touched. He locked onto her clit, sealing his lips and flicking it with his tongue. Kira writhed off of the counter, both of her hands clapped over her mouth to stay quiet.

Brandon chuckled with satisfaction—he liked knowing that he was rocking her world. Fucking Holly was, well, it was different. He didn’t even want to be thinking about her at that moment, especially since she was within shouting distance while he violated the nanny.

That gave him an idea. Holly was turning out to be an excellent wingman.

“You know,” he began, slowing his pace he lazily lapping at her lips. “We are supposed to be working. Holly wants the food put away. Do you think we can help her with that?”

At that moment, Kira felt something smooth and hard part her lips. Not at all like the warmth of Brandon’s mouth or hands.

Kira propped herself back up on her elbows and gazed down between her splayed thighs at Brandon. His face was a mask of pure concentration and lust, his focus on his hands. One hand spread Kira’s plump lips apart. The other held a cucumber up to her entrance, not quite penetrating, just resting on the rim of her opening.

Brandon glanced up at Kira’s eyes. His were are aflame with desire, his lips curled into a devilish smile. There was a voice that was telling her to be afraid of that smile; ominous plans lurked in the molten depths. Kira’s body didn’t care. She wanted this—she wanted Brandon. Fuck everything else.

Unaware of her internal struggle, Brandon placed his left hand on her lower stomach, massaging her belly. He extended his thumb and reached down to stroke her clit, effectively pinning her in place.

His left hand still held the cucumber, gently putting pressure on her tight, young pussy. She was hypnotized watching his hands work her over.

“Look at me, Sweetie,” he murmured. As their eyes connected, a feeling like lightning hit Kira deep in her tummy. Brandon began to twist the cucumber, dipping it into her a little and pulling out so that her lips clung to the dark green vegetable.

She begged him with her gaze, Please.

It was clear from his sneer that he heard her wordless plea and had no intention of taking mercy on her.

Kira waited for the moment to come, but each twist of the cucumber was only as deep as the one before it. Brandon’s grin deepened as he settled into a rhythm, feeding Kira’s pussy the cucumber no more than an inch at a time.

Kira’s pleasure grew and grew, but just wouldn’t boil over. That bastard! She thought. Brandon’s pace was designed to whip her into a frenzy, and still keep her from going over the edge. Now his smirk made a lot more sense. Kira narrowed her eyes at him and he had the gall to laugh at her.

“What’s wrong, kitten?” He whispered with feigned concern.

“I want…” she stopped, too embarrassed to say it out loud.

He waited patiently, never ceasing his ministrations. She squirmed on the hard stone counter and tried to force the cucumber deeper. He withdrew further, thwarting her plan.

“What is it that you want, cupcake?” He whispered.

“Please?” Kira tried again, hoping to get out of saying it aloud.

“Please is certainly the magic word, Kira,” Brandon teased. “I’ll give you whatever you want, Baby, but you have to tell me what that is. What is it that you want?”

Kira bit down on her bottom lip; clenching her eyes closed; spilling tears onto her soft cheeks.

“I want…” she squirmed again in vain.

“I-want-that-cucumber,” she blurted out—barely pausing—ashamed to say the Escort Konya words out loud.

“On a salad?” Brandon asked innocently. Kira’s eyes flew open, staring at him in shock. “How do you want this cucumber?”

Looking directly into his eyes, Kira gritted out, “F-fuck me with that cucumber.”

Brandon didn’t let on that he’d heard.

“Please?!” She wailed.

“Shhh Baby,” he said chuckling. “Be quiet, like a good girl, and I’ll fuck you real good.”

Good as his word, he started twisting the cucumber into her, exerting more pressure, inserting the cucumber deeper and deeper. Stopping periodically, he pulled apart her lips to help ease it in. He watched as her pussy swallowed 3 inches, then 4, and then 5. Her juices coated the vegetable and started running down his hand and wrist.

“That’s it, Baby Girl,” he coaxed. “Take that cucumber. How’s it feel?”

“So. Good. Brandon.” Kira panted, getting used to the feeling inside her.

“Yeah. Feels good stretching out that pretty pussy, doesn’t it?” He coaxed.

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned through clenched lips.

“You’re doing so well, Baby,” he soothed, then he pressed his palm harder into her womb, putting even more pressure on the tip of the cucumber inside her.

“Ungh!” She gurgled out in surprise, sticking her fist in her mouth to stifle her outburst.

“Shhhh, Baby,” Brandon whispered, brushing the hair away from her face with gentle fingertips.

“If you can’t be quiet, we’ll have to stop. You don’t want that, do you?” Kira shook her head.

“Open up that pretty mouth for me,” Brandon coaxed. She obeyed as he pulled her purple lace panties out of his pocket. “Good girl. This will help muffle your cries, don’t you think?” He asked with an arched eyebrow.

Kira’s eyes were wide as Brandon placed the delicate fabric in her mouth.

Brandon returned to his task. He picked up the cucumber and placed it at her entrance again, laying his other hand on the soft skin between her jutting hip bones.

“You look so beautiful, Baby,” he declared and slowly, achingly slid the cucumber up into her waiting pussy. This time it was him that let out a moan when he reached her end and felt resistance.

Kira looked up at him—almost gratefully; it felt so good. Her legs and pussy stretched open for him. The feeling of being under his control was overwhelming, but she didn’t want it to stop.

They shared the intimate moment until he ruthlessly pressed down into her womb the next time he thrust the cucumber up into her. The panties in her mouth muffled her screams as he pushed her to a lightning-fast, ripping orgasm. Her sugar walls clenched around the cucumber, trying to hold it inside and push it out at the same time.

He kept it seated inside her, twisting it for good measure as her pleasure began to subside.

“I hope you aren’t full yet, Sweetie,” Brandon whispered, withdrawing the cucumber from Kira’s twat. “You need to put away some meat before you finish here.”

Brandon hooked a hand under her bent knees and swiveled Kira around counter-clockwise so that her head was now at the edge of the counter. Brandon lifted Kira’s shirt off and dropped it onto the basket holding the bananas. He looked down at her with dark eyes and stroked the side of her face.

“I’ve been dying to stick my cock down your throat for the longest time,” he said almost reverently as he looked down into her shocked eyes.

He began to unbuckle the belt holding up his khaki cargo shorts, dropping them to the floor. Grabbing the collar of his grey t-shirt, he pulled it over his head and dropped it next to his shorts on the floor. Never breaking eye contact, Brandon hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his boxer briefs and shifted them just below his swollen balls.

Kira squirmed under his gaze. Her body heated and tingling; she was suddenly hungry for his dick. She let her head fall back against the counter so she could catch a glimpse of him.

Brandon’s dick was thick and curved. It was so hard that the soft skin was stretched, shining, over his plump dick head. A bead of semen clung to the tip as if pure pressure was pushing it forth.

Brandon reached fingertips out to Kira’s face, tracing her cheekbone to her delicate ears; into her hair, curving around the back of her skull. With the other hand, he grasped the shaft of his dick and leaned forward, bringing his cock up to Kira’s soft mouth. Slowly, he rubbed his leaking slit over Kira’s pouting lips—around and around, up the curves and in the crevices, as if putting on lipstick for her.

“Mmmm-ahhhh!” Kira’s lips parted. She loved how kinky it all felt. Her whole body was on fire and she had a feeling that she would do whatever this man asked of her.

Brandon took the opportunity and pushed his way past her lips. “That’s it, Baby. Pucker up on that dick.” She obliged without thinking. Kira pursed her lips around his smooth, soft head, kissing the crown. She brought the tip of her tongue to the tip of his slit and pushing firmly.

“Mmmm,” they both moaned quietly together.

“Oh fuck, Kira!” Brandon emitted a strained whisper. “Do you like the way I taste?” Kira bobbed her head, lightly humming.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32