A Quiet Evening At Home

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A quick piece of smut for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.

I’d like to thank the lovely young lady who inspired this piece.

Don’t forget to vote and comment. I do love the feedback.


“Time for a drink,” I think. Pushing my chair back from my desk I stand and head down the hall to the kitchen. “I need a beer.”

As I pass the spare bedroom where my lady has her computer set up I hear a soft gasp. Intrigued, I look in. What I see brings a smile to my face.

Her back is to the door as her computer desk is set so she can look out the window. My lady is tall and wide shouldered so I can see much of her above the top of the office chair she sits in. She has that favourite black T-shirt of hers on. Her chocolate brown, smooth skin shows above the collar. She keeps her tightly kinked hair short and those lovely ears of hers are visible.

I recognise her slightly hunched over posture. She’s doing one of her favourite acts, teasing the responsive nipples of her full breasts against the edge of her desk. Keeping a chuckle in I walk up behind her. I lean over her shoulder a little and look down.

She rocks back and forth, I can see the corner of the desk scrape over the thin fabric of her shirt. Her nipples make little bumps that appear and disappear as she moves.

Looking at the computer screen I notice what’s on it, a story of mine. It was her first reading of it that set us on our path together. She still loves it after all this time.

I lean down, give her left shoulder a gentle kiss. My right hand strokes her cheek.

She purrs and shivers at the touch of me. Her head rotates to face me, her lips envelop mine and she takes my mouth hard. Her tongue pushes in and she twirls it around.

My hand presses against her head and I pull her close. I devour her, I love the taste of her.

We break apart, her dark eyes glittering at me. She smiles, that smile that tells me so much.

“Still reading that work, eh?” I ask.

“Mm hm,” she replies.

“And still reacting the same way, I see.”

“Yeah.” Her smile gains a little heat.

“So do what you did next. You love it. And I love watching it.”

Her eyes slit and she shivers again. Hands going down to the hem of her shirt, she pulls it out of her khaki shorts, draws it up and off her torso.

“Oh yum,” I remark. Underneath she has on that red satin bra she likes so much. Her breasts fill it to capacity, her smooth brown skin pushes above it forming full hills of succulent flesh.

She leans forward, pushes her keyboard up to the monitor, making a clear space right in front of her. Laying her tits in this area, her hands come up and grip them. She starts to knead them, roll them gently like dough. Her mouth opens a little and she moans at the sensation this action creates.

My cock grows hard in my shorts. I do adore watching her play. She’s such a passionate woman, her fire so easily started and so difficult to sate. I adjust myself, quivering at the expectation of what is to come.

I bring my mouth to her ear, run the tip of my tongue through the whorls. Without lifting my lips from her I run over her cheek and down her neck. The taste and feel of her makes me heat up, stokes the fire she creates in me.

The lovely lady I’m playing with gasps then groans. At the bottom of my vision I see her thighs clench as she squeezes them together. A tremor quakes through her.

“Allow me,” I whisper. My hands reach over her shoulders, nudge her hands aside and I mimic her actions. I press down, pressing her full breasts against the desk top, roll and knead.

“Oh God!” she hisses. “I love your touch. Just how I like it. It makes me hot.”

“You make me hot,” I nuzzle in her ear. “I love touching you. So soft, so firm, so sexy.” I speed up my motions a little.

“Sss,” comes in a wavering sibilance from her. “Jesus,” is her next declaration, spit out by the heat I’m eliciting in her. Another, longer tremble quivers her body.

Her hands go behind her back, unhook her undergarment. Working her arms, she pulls it off and drops it on the keyboard. “All of me, play with all of me,” she requests, her lust making her words shimmer. “I want your hands on my skin.”

I’m not one to deny a lady when she makes such a firm request. My hands grip her breasts, my palms covering her nipples. Again I knead, squeeze. Pulling her against me, the soft flesh pushes out above the Y of my thumb and fingers. My tongue runs out again and I lick her neck.

This time her response is a guttering moan. Her right hand covers mine and she helps me play. The other comes behind my head, she pulls me to her, loving what I do, wanting more.

My hands change position, My forefingers diddle the rubbery nubbins at her peaks. They flick and swirl, tickle her dark nipples.

My lovely woman’s mouth drops. “Oh God,” she groans. Swiveling her head towards me she takes my mouth and kisses me hard. It’s as if she wants to drink in gaziantep escort my soul, join us together.

I would let her if I could.

My fingers and thumb place themselves on her nipples, pinch them softly, roll them gently.

Her heads snaps back and her eyes goggle at me. Her mouth drops and a gasping gurgle emerges from it. A fevered ague shakes her, her body trembles as waves of passion sweep out from the sensitive flesh I’m playing with.

We hold that tableaux for several minutes. The only change of state is the sweat that breaks out on our skin. The heat I’m feeding into her opens her pores. My warmth grows in empathy.

With a sudden motion she takes my hands away. “Enough,” she gasps. Standing, she pushes her chair back and I step away from it. She turns and moves to my left, facing me. Her hands go to the button on her shorts. She undoes it, her garment falls to the floor and she steps from it. A moment later her panties join them.

God, she’s gorgeous. Wide shouldered and hipped, tall and full breasted, she’s overwhelming in her elegance and sensuality. Her shaven pussy shines with her want. Her dark skin glistens and her eyes spark at me. My spirit fills with joy and gratitude that she allows me such intimacy.

“Sit,” she directs, a wavering edge to her voice, “I want you in my mouth.”

I shiver at that. My lady is a skilled and enthusiastic fellatrix. One of my great pleasures is her practicing that proficiency on me.

My hands draw my T-shirt off my body. I undo my own shorts, pull them and my jockeys down my legs. A moment later, I’m seated in her chair, my hips at the edge.

She takes a step towards me, nudges my legs apart with a knee. I have to slouch a little to do so. Falling to her knees, her head comes down and she kisses my right thigh. Her hands stroke both of them. She works slowly upwards, alternating back and forth, teasing me.

I groan and growl at the feel of the rich pleasure she ladles into me. It isn’t just the physical touch of her that’s so intoxicating, it’s the emotion that drives her. She wants my joy and I want hers. That the other is more important than ourselves makes our boundaries and joys wider and more full.

Her head is at my crotch now. One hand wraps itself around my manhood, the other cradles my sack. She pumps me delicately, fondles me gently. Her tongue runs out and licks my scrotum. A moment later, she suctions one of my balls in, runs her tongue around it.

My head snaps back and my mouth opens to release a hissing growl. The feeling of her loving slams into me and my whole body jerks. My member pulses and a drop of seminal fluid leaks out.

The hand on my prick stops pumping. It opens and she places the palm on my crown. She pets, spreading the slick fluid around my head. Her mouth lets go of her treat and she pulls the other one in, repeating her sexy treatment.

My thighs snap together, pressing against her hot skin. I squeeze hard and tremble. Another throb pushes more liquid out and she layers it on top of what’s already there. Bringing my head forward I look at her and huff, “No one does that, better than you!”

Her eyes come up to meet mine and they smile. Freeing her mouth she tells me, “I love how hard you get, how you react. It makes me so hot!”

Letting go of my hardness and sticking out her tongue once more she runs it up my length, wetting it with her saliva. Her hands place themselves on my upper thighs and knead me. Arriving at my crown she swipes around it, sopping up the taste of my lust. Her eyes slit and her fingers dig into my flesh showing her pleasure. She cocks her head, runs her lips down one side, placing soft kisses, gentle licks along my heated skin. Little nips with her teeth are interspersed. Moving to the front she repeats her playing upwards. Then downwards on the opposite side she started with. Every inch of my cock glistens with her spit.

My breath becomes short pants. Liquid runs steadily from me and drips into my pubic hair. My hips jerk at each wave of bliss that washes through me. I don’t think I’ll ever be bored with this passionate woman.

One of her hands leaves my leg and she grips my cock. For several moments she pumps gently. Then a look of wicked lust shapes her features. Her head moves forward, her mouth opens and she takes in my crown. Her hot, wet tongue swirls around it.

My head falls back at the touch of her and I groan. My balls jerk once as a wave of ecstasy sparkles through me. Lord, I love the way she plays, draws out the animal in me.

She runs my steely length deeper into her mouth, sucks gently at me. Her head starts to bob, going up and down. Each down stroke moves me a bit further inside. One hand fondles my balls and the other strokes the part of my dick not in her mouth.

My head lolls to one side and my eyes roll up. The feel of her around me drives me to the brink of insanity. It’s such a glorious feeling, her tongue playing over me, giresun escort the suction that reaches to my gonads and draws my spending out of me. My hips pump, answering her call.

Her hand lets go of my prick and she moves her head, taking the full length of me into her. Rocking her head, she pulls back, swirls her tongue around my crown and pushes back down again until her lips are at my hair.

“Jesus!” I gasp. My hands grab the arms of the chair and I grip them tight. I don’t want to come too quickly. I concentrate on other things, try to hold my moment back.

It does little good. My dark lady works hard, with an expert’s style. She touches me in sensitive spots, cuddles my sack, strokes my perineum. Sucking harder, her tongue moves more rapidly, slamming sweet bliss past all my defenses. She purrs, telling me how much she likes the feel and taste of me. Taking my full length once more, she chuckles, vibrating her throat around my crown.

It’s too much for me. With an inarticulate gurgle I release myself into her. My body jerks and my manhood pulses, spraying my seed into her greedy mouth. My perception fades into bright delight, the feelings of wonderful orgasm.

She makes an avaricious sound and takes all I give her. Swallowing it down, she sucks harder, drawing everything she can from me. Her head still bobs. Her hands roll my sack. She won’t stop until I can’t provide any more of her favoured treat to her.

My body relaxes and awareness returns. Small tremors run out from my member. My balls lurch, sending my last drops to coat her craving tongue. I grunt quietly at each one.

I collapse into the chair, spent, limp. For the moment, I’m done. Slumping, my chest heaves and my body sweats. There’s a enervated grin pasted on my face. Lord, how this woman affects me.

My lovely lady lets my now soft member loose. She licks her lips, sets her chin on my stomach and purses her mouth in a kiss. “I love doing that,” she remarks. “I love when you come so hard.”

My grin goes wider and I stroke her face. Words are still beyond me and not necessary anyway. She knows how I feel. We hold there, luxuriating in the moment. Then comes the change I expect. Her eyes grow wide in a question. “Of course,” is my answer.

She stands, I follow and we change positions. Seating herself she spreads her legs wide. A touch of pink shows between her dusky lips. Reaching down she opens her sweet pussy to my gaze, displaying her hot, wet interior. Her face quirks a salacious invitation.

I shiver and growl at that sight. Damn, but this woman is sexy. She knows exactly how to reach me. I can’t ignore her. I kneel, press myself against her, kiss her hard. My member starts to harden again. It presses against her wet lips, spreads them, teases over her stiff clit.

She wraps me with all her limbs, pulls me tight. A burbling groan rattles in her chest as her whole body tremors. Her pelvis jerks, pumps, helping me tease that so sensitive centre of hers. The motion spreads her wetness over me, prepares me for the moment I enter her.

My hands come up and grasp her breasts. I squeeze them, knead them with a tight grip. I know how much she likes that. Her tits are so responsive to my touch.

A rumble sounds in her throat. My beautiful lady pulls at my tongue, nips it gently. Another tremor shakes her. Her hips pump rapidly now, her mons presses hard against my prick. This action speaks of how her passion is changing from wanting to demanding.

I pull my mouth from hers and lean down. Taking one of her dark brown nipples in my lips, I suck at it hard. My tongue lashes the fleshy kernel, bats it back and forth rapidly. My fingers pinch the other one.

“Ah!” she gasps. “So good. You play, so nice.” Her head rolls back as she snarls with lust. “Jesus! I feel it! Jesus!” Her hands grab my head to pull me tight. They shake with the fever that fills her.

Her head leans back and she looks at me. Her eyes shine with a desperate gleam. “Inside! Now! I need you in me!”

I give her my wicked grin. I adore when she wants this badly. And I can’t ignore her request, never will, can’t. I wriggle my hips, find her entrance and slide myself into the hot, slick haven of her pussy.

My lady’s eyes goggle and she grits her teeth. “Yes,” comes out in a sibilant hiss. Her walls pulse around me, squeeze me with an intense want. Her heat transfers to me, runs down my cock, up my spine and explodes in the animal part of my brain.

That primeval part of me takes over and my hips start to work. I pound at her, slamming in and out, filling and emptying her. My hands grip the arms of the chair to keep it in place. I’m in no mood to chase her around the room.

“Ah!” she bellows. She meets my every thrust. The squelching slap of our flesh fills the air. My lady works hard, her passion controlling her as much as mine controls me. Her fingers dig into my back. Her legs, wrapped around my ass, pull me deep into her.

One of gümüşhane escort the first things I learned about my lady is how utterly orgasmic she is. In less than a minute her first bursts in her.

A strangled sound seeps from her, her pussy snaps tight around my cock. Her legs grip me, barely allowing me the freedom to move. She quakes all over as her passion explodes in her.

That exquisite moment recedes and her body relaxes. But she doesn’t stop working. She shoves her hips at me, licks my neck, whispers “Don’t stop” in my ear.

I don’t. I pound away, never ceasing my pumping. In and out I go, filling her up and emptying her again. The smooth feel of her hot walls scrapes over me, drives a bright light into my soul. I can feel sweat drip off my skin, her mons slamming into my pelvis, my balls bouncing off her ass. Another climax is approaching and I can’t wait.

Neither can she. Her hips abruptly take a frantic rhythm. She gurgles into my neck and clasps my member again. Her orgasm ripples through her body and smothers her mind with erotic madness.

I push down on my lust, hold it back. I want her to come many times before I let go. She loves coming often and hard.

My lady’s orgasm pulls back and she pants as she can breathe again. And still she doesn’t stop. Her head comes back and she gives me a mischievous smile. As I bottom out in her she squeezes me hard. At each pulse, her eyes go out of focus and she gasps.

Each clasp of hers drives a wave of bliss into me. It makes my body twitch and my prick takes strange trajectories as it travels inside her. This increases my lust, pulls my moment closer. Closer, closer. And I howl, release myself into her.

I pump madly, each thrust ending with me spitting my sperm into her depths. My senses fade, only the mad feelings of my climax are perceived.

Still, I’m aware this pushes her over the edge once more. My lady lets loose a passionate ululation, unable to hold back her sounds of passion. Her cunt squeezes me hard and ripples madly. Her body quakes again at exactly the same frequency as mine. We’re now a single organism joined by the lust we share.

I snap back to awareness. I feel her pressed against me, her lovely tits squashed between us. She pants as I do. Little quivers run through us both. Her inner muscles clasp me at random moments and my nerves shock me at each one. Her hips still pump, she still wants.

My lady whines as I grow soft. “Please,” she hisses in my ear. “Not done yet.”

With an effort I raise my head. I smile at her. “Of course,” I tell her, “but I need to clean you up first.”

Her eyes light up and she grins.

My head comes down and I lick over one sweat slick mound. Sweeping up to her nipple I inhale it, tickle it with my tongue. My hand grips the other, squeezes, rolls the dark point of it between fingers.

Her back tautens, forcing her breasts closer to me. She gurgles, jerks as my playing twitches along her nerves. Her vulva presses against me and spreads wetness over my stomach with its motions.

I leave her tits, move down her torso. My tongue sops up the salt moisture covering her. I can feel her muscles tremble. Downwards, over her stomach, playing with her navel, teasing the skin just above her pussy, lashing the joints of her hips. The narcotic musk of her fills my nose. It’s an odour I love. The smell drifts into my brain, fires my soul. I begin to harden once more.

“Oh God! Hurry!” she moans.

I can’t deny her. My mouth moves a little lower and I lick her clit. Very gently for I know how sensitive she is after several orgasms.

“Gah!” my lady bellows as she falls into the abyss again. She quakes, pushes herself against my mouth. Her spending runs into my beard, soaking it. Once more her body jerks, twitches. All her control passes to her climax.

I move down further and push my tongue inside her. The taste of her and me is wonderful. I suck in our spendings, swallow it down. The flavour is ambrosia to me.

Her orgasm ratchets up a notch. Her inner walls clamp on me and her firm thighs press against my head, quiver with her delight. She pulls in shuddering breaths, lets them out with guttural moans. Her upper body tautens and relaxes at a crazy rhythm as her joy consumes her.

The madness in her fades. “God,” she groans. “Came so hard.” Her chest heaves as her body tries to meet its need for air. Her eyes glitter at me, a grin is pasted on her face. I recognise the hunger underlying her expression. She still wants.

And so I answer it. I pull my tongue out of her, tease it around her lips, across her clit. My hand comes up. I stroke around her entrance and then push two fingers inside. My dark lady’s so wet I slide in easily despite the way she clamps on me.

Her eyes roll back, her lips pull back in a grimace of pleasure. “Geez,” she grits out in a long stammering moan. Her hands grab my hair and she yanks my head tight to her. She lets go as her lust makes her body twitch. Her hands grip her tits and she squeezes them hard. Another gurgle seeps from her mouth.

I move my head downwards, tongue always working. Over her perineum and then I rim her asshole. Her fluids have run here giving an extra sweet taste to the little ring of muscle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32