A Quiet Coupling after Bedtime

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The night was unbearably still. At just 24 they were still not accustomed to sharing a bed. He let his hand brush against her arm wondering if she was awake. Half-afraid she’d be bugged and roll over, he was surprised when she moved her arm—almost imperceptibly—but didn’t turn. He got bold and let his hand fall down to hers to see if he could get her fingers to play with his. At first they didn’t and he was starting to wrap his head around falling asleep. Then her ring finger ever so gently seemed to caress his, just enough to stir something in him. He felt his short boxer-briefs get shorter as he grew to half-mass.

She felt his hand, with achingly slow caution, cross her stomach breaching the elastic band of her black cotton thong a few times but never more than an half an inch. He played with one of the tiny pink bows on the corner of it. Slices of light from the window showed her young breasts and he could see the little bumps on her aureolas. She was overwhelmingly beautiful.

He began to trace the hem down to the inside of her thigh. Convinced she was awake and encouraged by her slightly shifting and separating her legs , he followed the hem to the base of the triangle where it disappeared in between her butt cheeks. He stopped.

Soft little breaths hinted at her permission. He traced it a a few millimeters further and paused again. They sat silent for a few full seconds and then she shifted a little more begging him on. He extended his finger a little more, emboldened by the dark quiet room which seemed to have a set of rules of its own.

His middle finger, which she could feel had traced its way astonishingly low, hooked under the string of her thong. She felt the top of his knuckle brush an area she wasn’t sure he’d touched before as he pulled firmly at the panties. Planting her heels in the mattress, she lifted her back allowing her undies to come off in a way she wasn’t sure they’d come off before. She felt a freedom in the darkness. As long as nobody spoke this wasn’t real—just a sort of shared fantasy. As if both their eyes were still closed Escort Bayan and they were just thinking these things.

With nonverbal cues and strong hands he arranged her on all fours on the bed, presented for the dark room without a scrap of clothing to cover her. The thrill of the compromising position coursed through her and, made brave by the darkness, she reached her hand between her legs and began to masturbate unprompted. It wouldn’t have been a particularly arousing or comfortable position alone in the broad light of her bedroom but there was something about being presented like that, stared at, her hind quarters illuminated only by wisps of moonlight coming through the blinds. Her whole body feel electric. She began to fervently rub. The sensation of getting herself off in front of someone in such an immodest way tingled.

Before the glowing pressure could build into a crescendo she felt a warm mouth encroach on the stubbly peach-like lips of her sex and a tongue explore the lubricated folds between them. Her eyes widened for a second and she bit her lip. She felt her fingers strike the whiskery spot between his lower lip and chin and apologized in a breathy incoherent word. Warm breaths from his nostrils tickled her as he exhaled into the crack of her ass—a notion that might have usually embarrassed her.

Breathing in her scent, he felt his eyes roll to the back of his head, something about her aroma spurred him. Pressing his lips to her entrance, he felt the mix of bristly short hairs and longer soft hairs on her tidy but recently unshaven pussy lips, he breathed in heavy through his nose and let it out again.

He hooked the elastic waistband of his boxers with his thumb and took out the entirety of his cock with the other hand. He firmed his grip and began to pull the shaft up and down. He was obvious about it, he wanted her to know she was being jerked off too. Reaching forward, he covered her mouth with his hand. She took the cue and spit a small handful of lubrication into his fingers which he applied along the ridge of the head Escort of his cock.

There had been a pause in the rhythm as she rearranged her hips for the extended French-kiss she was now experiencing through the back of her legs. It had interrupted her eminent orgasm but that familiar pressure had re-mounted as she focused hard on cumming. She was nearly there again and he sensed it with her quick stops and goes as she adjusted for sensitivity.

This is why—to her great frustration—she let out a sigh when the wet kiss she’d been receiving, which had gotten quite bold, suddenly ceased and a hand grabbed her wrist stopping it mid-motion. As she let out the perturbed sigh, she was once again interrupted. This time by the surprising feeling of a cock sliding right into her. She’d never been entered so smoothly. The shock of going from nothing to completely filled with his hardness satisfied her deeply. She squeezed to feel him better.

His thighs burned and he thanked God the lights were off cause he’d had to position himself in a frog-like stance, perching her on the edge of the bed to get the angle right. He pounded hard, like each thrust was a terse punctuation on a thickish six-inch sentence. He gripped her thighs as if it was all he could hold onto in the world. Something felt animalistic about letting gravity take the weight of his full grown body, pulling the head of his cock almost out of her warm box, then using every muscle in his thighs to drive it back into her.

She held herself up, barely, with one hand and let the other return to strumming herself. Every once in a while her small determined hand would brush his balls and she’d hear him take a sharp uneven breath.

Finally to the relief of her left arm and his legs, the couple reached a slower pace and began to kiss, her craning her neck backwards and him leaning forward. Without words she flattened out onto her stomach and he climbed onto the bed, a knee on each side of her perfect ass, cock still pulsing in her pussy. He began a slower, gentler, but still firm fuck of her in Bayan Escort this position. She could feel his dick like a plow tilling her.

She moaned when he took his cock out. Audible moans were unusual for her and it made his cock twitch. He pushed the shaft between her butt cheeks which had been made slippery with a concoction of her lubrication, his pre-cum, and a ten-minute oral session. He humped steadily, slowing down and letting his swollen head take careful passes against her tightly clinched rosebud. He shifted his hips against hers and pushed gently against the resistance of the untouched spot. The room was silent except for her ragged breaths.

After a minute he felt his cock slide against her slick underside back between the lips of her pussy and sink into her bristly mound. He fucked her some more. She was masturbating with an awkward rhythm but it was hard to move her hand as his weight kept pushing her into the mattress. Nevertheless, amidst the animal fucking and nonverbal experimentation, she was still fairly successfully working herself towards a strong orgasm.

Then with little ceremony he pulled out and rolled her over by the ankle. She arched her back, her ankles flailing wildly in the air before resting on his shoulders. Her hand finally free, she rubbed with reckless abandon. She felt slutty and hot on her back with her legs so high in the air. She came so hard she could hear her wetness as her fingers flew across her clit. She let out a quiet moan, for his benefit more than anything else.

She wanted him to explode uncontrollably to the notion of her. Her hips bucked in quick convulsions at the thought as the orgasm swallowed her whole. He exploded thick ropes of hot pearly white cum onto her furiously working hand and all over the messy twat that was cumming in tandem with him. A couple ropes stretched across her stomach and onto the other which had been pressing down on it during the orgasm. A few drops even landed on her boob, across one of light pink aureolas, and under her chin. She breathed out like a fifty pound weight had been lifted off her. He collapsed heavily and through tired eyes said, “I love you.”

She wiped their shared cum and spit from her with a towel and then dabbed his cock dry. “You too, goodnight,” she smiled and they drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32