A Quiet Christmas Eve at Home

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I had no intention of writing a sequel to A Quiet Evening At Home, but yesterday inspiration struck and, seeing as it’s almost Christmas, it seemed only fitting. Who knows, maybe there’s more in the tank for this story after all.



They sat there together by the fire, both tired from a long day of holiday pageantry.

From the last-minute shopping- on his part of course, to the dropping off and picking up of gifts in preparation for the next day, to even a little caroling with the neighbors just after dark, theirs had indeed been a rather busy but enjoyable day.

But now they were home, and it was time for them to have a little fun themselves.

In the soft, warm glow of the fireplace, and beneath the colored lights of the Christmas tree, she looked even more beautiful than usual, which was saying something. Her long, dark chestnut hair hung softly over her shoulders, her red lips pursed together in a smirk, and her mischievous eyes look back at him as he stared at her.

Too bad the mistletoe was hanging by the front door. They’d have to make do with something else then.

She’d been preparing for this all day, and though he’d had his suspicions when she hadn’t removed her boots once they’d got home, he dared not question her. After all, deep inside he knew there was only one reason she would do so, and he shivered in anticipation of whether his theory was true or not.

Gently, she slipped off one of the faded brown leather ankle boots she’d worn all day, her damp stocking glistening in the dim light. She could feel his eyes moving along with it as she lifted the boot and smiled seductively. Then she placed it over his nose and mouth, and with a smile of his own, he had his answer.

She had no need to check her list twice. She knew he’d been a good boy this year.

There aksaray seks hikayeleri had yet to be a day where he hadn’t done as she had asked these past few months. In fact, it had reached a point where she no longer needed to ask. He simply did it all instinctively- the dishes were always washed and dried after meals, the house always cleaned. Every chore she lacked the time to do most weeks he made sure was done by the time she got home.

It was rather adorable. And proof her conditioning was working wonders.

As with countless nights that had come before, she watched his eyes shut and his chest rise and fall with those first few breaths, the scent of her sweat-filled boot slinking into his waiting nostrils.

His face reminded her of a sleeping child, happily waiting for Christmas morning to arrive so as to see what Santa brought him.

While once he had tried to fight against her control, that was all in the past. Now, he could scarcely get by without it, was deeply addicted to it and to her. He was truly hers, and she loved him dearly for it.

After a few minutes, his hand joined hers, their fingers entwined as they forced the boot tightly against his face so as to be sure he did not miss a single solitary sniff.

Her free arm wrapped around him and she cuddled up close, the tree to her right and the fire in front of them. As cozy a Christmas scene as ever there was. He could feel her body pressed against his, smell her perfume mixed with the scent of her boot, practically taste the sweat buried deep inside. Had his eyes not been closed, she’d have invaded nearly all his senses.

Time to take one more.

Though he knew her mantra by heart, and no longer truly needed it to fully under her spell, she so loved saying it and he enjoyed hearing her say those devilish words. The three little words which bound him to her as strongly as Marley’s chains to his cashboxes:

“In, and out.”

“In, and out.”

“In, and out.”

The magic words slipped out from her pretty lips over and over, ringing out in his mind like sleigh bells while his soft, pliable mind did as it was commanded. Each inhale of her sweat-filled boot crawling deeper into his lungs and reinforcing her control of him.

His mind danced- not with sugarplums, but with her tantalizing scent, and both their hands held the boot closer, making sure he didn’t pass out then and there. She knew he wanted nothing more than to drink it all in, dive into it, and swim in her scent forever.

Just seeing him like this was making her wet. Especially when she noticed the bulge in his pants grow with each and every breath.

Slowly, his free hand slid down and unzipped his fly, then, as she had taught him, pulled out his rock-hard erection. It had been weeks since she’d let him finish, and she loved the sight of his strong fingers wrapping around his cock because SHE wanted him to.

He did not move another muscle, and she drank in the sight of his total submission to her. He needed her to give the order, was practically incapable of doing that which he was aching to do without her permission. It was incredible.

With a smile, she brought her lips up to his ear and whispered that which he was dying to hear.

“Up, and down.”

“In, and out.”

“Up, and down.”

“In, and out.”

Almost immediately. His hand began to move up and down as he breathed in and out. The scent of her boots, the sweat that had accumulated in them from her feet and her stockings throughout their busy day, weaved its way through his body as he stroked over and over. The more he took in, the more he wanted to. Even though each breath was another strand in the web he was trapped in, he no longer cared. He was bound to her, now and always.

She knew this and loved it. Loved knowing how much control she held over him. The more he stroked his cock, the wetter she got. It was intoxicating.

Precum began to dribble out, his hand coating his member in it with each pass. His hand moved faster and faster, sped up by this addition as his breathes grew shallower. He was in the thick of it now, and though a part of her wanted to stop him once again… It was Christmas after all.

Naughty as she was, good boys like him deserved a present after all she’d put him through.

Without a word, she kicked off her other boot and, sliding her fingers free from his- the one on his face not going anywhere, after all, she picked its twin up and brought its lip right to the head of his cock.

“Cum for me sweetie,” she whispered as she slid his tip into the top of her boot. “Cum like you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Spill your seed into my boot like a good boy. Cum for me now!”

He groaned, taking one last long, deep breath, then held tightly as his cock shot out weeks’ worth of edged cum into her waiting boot. She watched as he practically exploded with a seemingly endless stream of thick, white sticky cum, loving every second of it just as much as he was.

When he finally finished, she moved her boot to the side, then returned her hand to the one n his face. His breathing was heavier now, and he took in even more of her scent as his body recovered from her unexpected gift.

After a few moments, she removed it from his bright red face and smiled as his eyes opened. Staring into hers he smiled, and without a word, she leaned in and kissed him deeply.

“Merry Christmas sweetie,” she whispered as she broke the embrace.

“Merry Christmas Mistress,” he replied happily. This was the best gift he could’ve asked for.

He couldn’t wait to see what she had planned for him tomorrow.

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