A Productive Day at the Library

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I had a huge crush on this really cute Librarian. He’s only the guy who stamps the books out and does the shelving, but I adored him and his little quirks. He’s really shy and awkward (I find that endearing) and always kind when he serves me. He smiles ever-so sweetly, wishes me a nice day, comments on the book I’m taking out if it’s something that he’s read before. He’s got short black hair, deep green eyes and he usually turns up for work in jeans and regular band T-shirts; Megadeth or Metallica.

He’s a little bit nerdy, but that’s OK because I like nerds. Nerds can be quiet, genuine, honest and sweet guys. Also, I’m a bit of a nerd and an all round klutz myself, so I figured that we’d have something of a rapport. I was pretty sure that he was into me, at least a little bit. Sometimes I’d catch his eye and he’d look away quickly, or I’d spot him eyeing me up when he thought I wasn’t looking – occasionally, when I’m feeling brave, I would put on low cut revealing tops precisely so he’d get a good look at my C cups as I bent over the desk – and then he’d go red, stammer and drop his stamp pad onto the floor. If only he’d known that I really wanted him to look me over, I wanted him to fancy me, to lust over my body, to have wild animal sex with me. I wanted him to take me down into the stacks and to take me down there, to feel his hot, thick cock entering me down there in the dark, penetrating my eager wet young pussy, slamming and pounding my body hard against the books and the journals. I wanted my cute librarian, like I’d never wanted anything else before.

Like I said, I’m a bit of a nerdy klutz and I don’t have that many friends. I’m at University to get my degree, not to go out to parties and get drunk every night, so I’m either spending all of my time in the lecture hall or studying at the Library. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have needs and desires too. I’m not too terrible looking, I’ve got a cute face with a button nose and long mousy hair, with a tiny slim body and firm perky tits, and I think I would probably get more attention if I dressed to attract, but that’s not generally me. Jeans, jumper, scarves and sometimes woolly hats just make me feel more comfortable and less exposed. I’m also secretly bisexual but I’ve only ever fucked guys up until now, I guess I’m too nervous to take it further, I think I’d have to be feeling so turned on and crazy to even think about approaching a girl.

That term I was studying Shakespeare and his contemporaries, so my daily routine was to go to the Library, grab my copy of The Riverside Shakespeare and settle myself in the main reading hall for an all day study session. Just to set the scene for you, the University Library is situated in a very large, very old domed building giving it has that classic library feel, with its many rows of shelves with musty books, long dark corridors, tiny back staircases and intimate little offshoot rooms. Personally I prefer to spend my time in the main reading hall where most people gather, presumably for the company, as studying can be a dreary lonely, business. It’s a grandiose room, large and circular with tall bookshelves all the way around that reach right up to a lofty 20 feet high ceiling and study benches lined in long straight rows down the middle. For the most part I go in each day, settle myself at the same desk towards the back on the left (so I can see everything that’s going on if I want to) get my head down and read or work on my essay.

Anyone who has ever worked all day in a Library though will know that it’s impossible to concentrate on your work for more than twenty minutes You can cut the sexual tension with a knife. Everyone in there feels it. Everyone feels alone, bored and restless. Everyone always spends most of the day looking at everyone else, I know I’ve watched people watching all day sometimes. I swear to God that I tried so hard not to, with important exams coming up soon, but with King Lear raving on and on about his daughters and Hamlet continually whining about his mum and Ophelia I just can’t be relied upon to always keep my mind focused where it ought to be. That day in particular I just couldn’t stop the sexual thoughts entering my head and my eyes kept roving around the room seeking out something a little bit interesting:-

That guy who just walked in with brown hair, three quarter length black coat and short beard. He’s quite dishy, I thought to myself. I’d like to watch him naked, in the shower, slowly soaping over his whole body, lingering on his cock, touching himself until he’s hard, excited and jerking Kayseri Escort it off. Or that slim, tanned boy over in the Biology section, I bet he’s studying to be a doctor, that’s hot. I have such fantasies about doctors, inviting me into their office, suggesting that “just to be sure” they’d better give me a full body checkover. I would strip nude for him, coyly, and lie down exposed and helpless while he roughly handled my body with his big hands, pretending not to notice that he was paying far too much attention to my breasts or that his finger shouldn’t slip up into my pussy like that. There’s a really sexy blonde guy with his cute brunette girlfriend over in Sociology right now. They’ve stopped looking at the books and they’ve started to touch and kiss one another. They’re really starting to get into it and they’re beginning to do things you shouldn’t in public. I bet when they get home they’re going to be stripping each other naked before they even get through the door, their hot, tight bodies pressed together, her breast swelling, her cunt dripping wet in anticipation of his cock ramming hard into her…. focus. Shakespeare. Oh My God that girl has the hottest tits I think I ever saw, I wouldn’t mind getting better acquainted with those. Shakespeare Hmmm, I bet that boy in those tight jeans has a huge full 9 inches worth of bulging cock. I think I can make out its hardness through them. I wouldn’t mind that slamming back and forth into my pussy, back and forth, hard and fast. Shakespeare Back to my book. “nothing will come of nothing” I read in my Shakespeare. Thanks for the advice King Lear, for reminding me that I have nothing while that brunette has her hands all over her blonde guy. Now I’m wondering if maybe they’d perhaps be up for a threesome. I could get in the middle of their lovemaking, touching and caressing the two of them all over whilst they pounded each other. That would be all kinds of hot.

On that particular day things had started to get a little ridiculous. I closed up my Shakespeare and headed off to the English section, knowing that if I didn’t get on with my work I’d be ashamed ashamed of myself later. As I walked through the doors I bumped into the cute issue desk guy. Our bodies briefly touched and a bolt of electricity went right up my spine. “Oops, silly me,” I said, sounding completely like a retarded klutz. He smiled at me and then walked on, apparently too busy with his shelving to notice me. I considered it a huge wasted opportunity and wondered, as I walked down the long corridor towards the haphazard, higgledy-piggledy English section, if he’s the kind of guy in bed who’d take you roughly from behind or kiss you gently and softly on the breast. I hoped for the former. I got to the English section, grabbed a copy of Rochester’s poems and stood there reading “A Ramble In St.James Park”. Nice. I then made a beeline for D H Lawrence found Lady Chatterley, flipped through it and tucked it under my arm. I started to head back but on consideration I decided that I needed a copy of Anias Nin’s Delta of Venus and grabbed that from the shelf too. This day was becoming less and less productive. I sat back down with my books, opened up the Nin at a random page and started to read. The cute couple had gone but now I could see a really sexy blonde girl, svelte figure, firm bust, very chic designer clothing with a short skirt that showed off the glory of her long sexy legs. I gulped hard as she actually came over towards me and sat down in the next seat. I wanted her, and if she’d have asked me to go back home with her right then, I would most definitely have done so. She opened her mouth to speak and my whole body shook.

“You dropped this on the way in. I thought that you might need it.” She handed me the copy of Lady Chatterley’s lover. I stammered out a thank you, clearly embarrassed. She noticed that I was reading Anais Nin and raised an eyebrow. “Long day huh? Well, catch you later.” She got up and walked away, her perfect ass in full view. I blushed red and for a long moment I desperately wanted to hide. I sat there wondering if I’d asked that hot girl for a coffee whether she’d actually be interested in a nerd like me, with my greasy hair, cheap glasses and floaty dresses that hide my not quite as svelte figure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m Ok, some boys think I’m hot and I got called cute a lot at school, but you don’t just walk up to probably-heterosexual girls of that calibre and expect results. Now well and truly focused on all things sex, my eyes wandered over to another few cute sports guys – who I Kayseri Escort Bayan imagined doing obscene things to each other in the after match showers – and then finally landed on the cute issue desk guy who had now wandered over to the door and was leaving the reading room. “This is a bad idea,” I said to myself as I got up, Nin in hand, and followed him. I still felt red from the previous encounter, but my hormones were well and truly in control and I simply couldn’t stop myself. I walked after him down a corridor, pursued him up a flight of spiral steps and on towards the back end of the library, past Librarianship, Geography and Economics and on further into a tiny room at the far corner. Icelandic and Dutch studies. I didn’t even know this existed. Neither did anyone else apparently.

He began straightening the books on the shelves. I sat down at the one desk in the room and pretended that I was reading a book, while all the time studying his movements intently and thinking how desperate I was to get into his pants and do dirty things to him. From time to time he would look around at me a little nervously, seemingly as aware as I was of how alone we were in this tiny room. After some time exchanging little glances with one another I realised that he was unlikely to make a move on me any time soon so I, crazily, decided to try and open up conversation myself. I got up and walked over towards a section of particularly dull looking Icelandic sagas.

“Could you reach that book down for me, it’s a little too high?” I said in the best cute girly voice I could muster. I stood up on tiptoes and stretched my arms up high above me in a way designed to show my curves off to him.

“Sure,” he smiled. He smiled a lot. I really wanted to get past the smiling now. While he had his back turned I moved in closer behind him.

“I’m really into these Icelandic Sagas, what’s this one, Njal’s Saga, Erik’s Saga? Have you read these?” Why on earth would he have read these? I felt like such a klutz for asking.

“No, I just do the shelving in here, I never really got into those.”

“Oh,” I couldn’t think of a good follow up. “I’m reading D.H.Lawrence, right now, have you…?”

“Here’s your book.” He handed it to me. I promptly dropped it, along with Anais Nin and D.H.Lawrence on the floor.

“Oh, oops,” I giggled. He finally twigged that I was attempting to flirt with him.

“I’ve, errr, seen Henry & June,” he muttered as he picked them up and handed them to me. “Uma Thurman is … nice!” I hadn’t seen it. Damn.

“Yeah, she’s pretty hot, I liked her in Dangerous Liaisons.”

“Yeah, wasn’t Sarah Michelle Gellar in that too, that lesbian kiss scene?”

“No that was Cruel intentions. Really great kiss though. Ve-ry hot”. I lingered on the last word. This was getting me nowhere. Caution flying to the wind I tossed Nin, Lawrence and Uma Thurman to one side and threw myself onto him, locking his lips onto mine and pulling his firm body close and tight so that it pressed against my chest which I thrust onto his. Finally; it felt amazingly good and so right. I was sure it was good for him too as he reciprocated the motion, and I could feel the heat of his body now touching mine. I wanted to fuck him so badly, right then and there and damn everything else, including the fact that this was a public area anyone might enter at any moment. My hands were instantly all over his body, exploring every part of him while my tongue darted wildly down the back of his throat. I slid my hand underneath his t-shirt to caress his manly chest and his arching back, then dived lower to grab his tight, sexy ass. It felt every bit as exciting as I’d hoped it would and I could feel my body shaking and my levels of arousal mounting. I knew that he wanted me just as badly, since he responded by clumsily grabbing and playing with my breasts, overeager but filled with lust. I helped him, guiding his hand underneath my thick jumper, under and up my blouse, onto the soft flesh beneath. As he flicked my now erect nipples I began to feel something firm pressing against my leg; his cock had really started to stiffen inside of his jeans. Knowing that I was having the desired effect on him excited me yet more and I was desperate to see just how much of a monster he had hidden down there. I placed my hand between his legs, cupping his now throbbing penis and quickly began to unzip the flies on his jeans. He let out a quick sigh as I slid my hand inside and gave his toy a quick hard squeeze before ripping down his jeans and underpants and Escort Kayseri pushing him backwards into a shelving unit. I then swiftly dropped my head downwards so that I might get a good feel of that glorious prick in my mouth. The cock sprung loose and leapt forwards with a mind of its own, an absolute giant, pulsing and heaving and desperately craving the touch of a beautiful woman. My touch.

“No,” he muttered in futile protest. “What if someone comes in, I could lose my job?”

“Just shut up,” I said. “No-one will come in. No-one ever comes up here.” I didn’t believe that for a second and I knew that what we were doing was wrong. For a second as he said this I thought I glimpsed a figure at the door and I began to feel nervous, but it only served to fuel my excitement and I realised that if somebody did catch us, I didn’t really care. He moaned and moaned again as I grabbed his shaft and thrust it into my mouth. He was so desperate for it, losing balance and slipping further backwards into the shelves, knocking most of the Icelandic Sagas onto the floor. It felt good, not just the physicality of the thick cock sliding up and down in-between my wet lips, but the sense of power, the arousal, the lust. This stranger I’d wanted for so long was helpless with the desire and pleasure of my oral caresses. As I hungrily licked and sucked his rigid shaft, stroking and tickling his balls with my hand, I could gradually feel his body tightening and his breathing becoming heavier and faster. His cock began to jerk involuntarily in my mouth and his whole self made tiny spasms and little thrusts towards me, and I knew that I wanted to make him cum and for him to shoot his load here and now in this forbidden place. After work, I figured, he could come back to my room for some more and then we’d do it slowly.

“Oh fuck, yes,” he let out a grunt as his body went completely rigid and he grabbed my head firmly. I took the base of his shaft into my grip and pushed the rest deep into my mouth as far back as I could. As I took it out again slowly I could feel his shudder and a whelp of intense pleasure as an amazing amount of sperm shot out of him and into my mouth, over my chin and down my front. It tasted of sex and was sticky and sweet. His body continued to shake and quiver from the intensity of the orgasm. As I withdrew myself from him I noticed a figure, again out of the corner of my eye and realised, this time, that it was real and it was a girl. I turned to look and noticed that she stood right next to us, looking on open mouthed. My cute guy wrenched himself away from me, pulled up his trousers and ran out as fast as he could, leaving me on the floor, dishevelled and half covered in his cum. Njal’s Saga came in handy as I ripped it to shreds and wiped my mouth and chin with the paper before turning towards the girl — extremely embarrassed — noticing that it was the beautiful svelte blonde from earlier. This was undoubtedly the most awkward moment of my life. We both stared at each other in silence, and as I did so it slowly dawned on me that her tights were around her ankles and her skirt had been shifted out of place. After perhaps a full minute the girl eventually plucked up the courage to speak.

“Well, now I’m jealous.”

I blinked at her, not understanding. I probably should have turned and ran too but my high state of arousal had somehow turned me to stone.

“I don’t know what you — errr — mean. I think I’d better get back to my work now,” I bleated.

“It’s just I’ve been watching you, every day for the last few weeks and, you know, well, there are signals. I thought there were signals and I thought you were … I thought you liked girls. Well, I must have made a mistake.” She was starting to stammer, quite hysterically. “God, I’m such a klutz.”

“I. I. Errr.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have watched, that was terrible, terrible of me, but….” all of a sudden she looked down and noticed her tights. “Oh my God,” she screamed, “‘this isn’t what it looks like, I didn’t…” her voice trailed off since she couldn’t think of a decent story to explain her undressed state.

She had been touching herself whilst watching us, and I realised that I didn’t mind. In fact the thought of it really turned me on. I looked her up and down, moved towards her and kissed her. She was warm, nervous and aroused. I was still unsatisfied.

“Shall we go and get some coffee?” I asked.

“I’d like that,” she said, pulling up her tights.

“Then maybe head back to my place?”

“Definitely.” Her lip trembled with excitement.

The sexual atmosphere in libraries is electric. It affects everyone; in all sorts of ways. Today had been a very productive day. I still flirted with my cute Librarian guy whenever I saw him, but my coffee with Sophie, the svelte blonde, led to even better things.

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