A Private Showing

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Holding this plump white ass by the hips I was watching my hard thick cock go easily into a wet juicy pussy. I was fucking her doggie style and we were both enjoying it. I could tell by the way she was moaning and wiggling her wide plump ass. She was so surprised when I told her I had already fucked her pussy doggie style and she had not known it was I. Now that sounds weird but it is in fact was the truth. Especially when you consider I was holding my mother by the hips and fucking her doggie style. That’s right I was fucking my own mother and I had fucked her before but she had not known it was I.

It all started while I was away at college and Mom was getting over the death of my dad. I found out much later that there had been a slow decline of feeling between Mom and Dad over the last few years. So when Dad died in an accident on the job Mom recovered very quickly. Even though she did not have to work, as there was plenty of money after the accident she went to work at a local real-estate office. From what she told me after a few months a lady she worked with asked Mom to join her and another girl for a night out. The three went out and after a few drinks mom got a little lose.

She admitted she had not had sex since before my Dad had died and also that she was feeling a little needy. The other two ladies told mom of a group they belonged to that had a special place they all would go to and that if any of the ladies wanted to have sex they could. No one would be the wiser because the men never saw the ladies and the ladies never saw the men. Drunk or not Mom had to know how this was possible. So she was swore to secrecy and taken to the groups special place. There were several of the other members already there. Mom was given more to drink and then shown to a room where she or any of the ladies that wanted sex would simply undress from the waist down and get on there knees with their head and shoulders down to their waist through a opening is a white sheet type material.

Then the hole would be pulled tight around their waist and only their bare behinds were on the other side of this cloth wall. At this time a man would come into the room behind then and screw them doggie style until she and the man had reached a climax. He would depart with out being seen and she would be freed from the cloth wall at which time she could go to a bathroom and clean up. Mom was just drunk enough to want to try this out. So she pulled up her skirt and removed her panties. She fitted though the opening and waited. A few minutes later she felt a pair of strong hands grasp her by the hips and after some feeling and touching she felt a long hard cock slide deep into her and give her a warm welcome fucking. She got so hot she screamed as she climaxed at the same time she felt a hot injection of sperm fill her cunt.

The next day Patty; her friend from the office came by the house to see how Mom was. She was sober but with a hang over. Mom remembered it all and was more than willing to agree to go again to this wonderful house of sin and degradation.

The feeling of shame was not enough to deter Mom from wanting to be a regular part of the ladies group.

Now this is where I come it. The summer vacation was near and I was coming home for two whole months. Mom was happy for me to be home and we shared the yard work and I even got a job to help pay my share. Mom said she had more money than she could ever spend but I said, it was hers and I would work since I was a big boy now. Mom still fixed me breakfast every morning as she had my entire life. She still fussed over me as if I were a child. But I let her do it because it was what mom’s do. I had taken a job at a car wash since they don’t seem to care if you say around very long or not. illegal bahis

My old school buddy Ben said, he worked there simply because it was a great place to meet girls and some time he even made out with older ladies. He told me about one lady that he got real friendly with and after spending the night with her at her cottage out by the lake she told him of a group of ladies that hired boys (men) like him to perform special services at a special house. He told me all he had to do was wait in a room and when a little red light came on he would go into another room and there he would fine a lady’s bare rump waiting for him to screw. All he had to do was get up behind the little ass and fuck it doggie style and when he was done leave. He would get an envelope on the way out with a hundred dollar bill in it. He asked me to join him on the next outing. I agree and so when he called me the next Friday night I was ready when he came by the house. Mom had already gone out with her ladies friends and said she would not be home till late. I told her I also was going out with a buddy of mine and would be later too.

He drove to a large house out in the country. We had to park some distance away and wait till we were escorted up to the house. Just like he said, we were put into a clean white room where we were told to undress and wait. I felt sure we were being looked at via some way I was not sure how. When my red light came on I open the door and sure enough there in front of me was a pretty plump rump. I could only see the hips and legs. But that was enough for me. I was horny and ready in a second. I took my cock in hand rubbing it up and down along the wet crack of a fine fat little pussy. It was very wet and I worked my cock head up and down it several times. I let the cock head rub up across a tight little puckered ass hole. I thought I felt her push back just a moment as I touched her ass hole.

But that would have to wait till later. I was in need of a good fuck. I held the plump wide hips and let the head of my cock touch just the opening of her wet pussy. There was a tingle that made my balls jerk up under my cock. I am no super stud but I have never had any serious complains. My cock is thick and the head is large with a long pointed tip. Many girls have said, that the head made all the difference in how it felt in them. So I worked it in slow and with draw it slowly. I could feel her quiver as she felt the head work in deeper on every stroke. I could hear her moan and grunt as I started to ram in home deeper and harder.

Then I felt her let out a soft scream as I felt my cock awash with a hot steady stream of thick cum. I had only ever seen one other girl cum like that before and it was a rare experience to see a lady cum so much and it ran out like a thick hot stream of piss. I was so fucking horny and I did not try to last any longer I let my own load fly and join her as we jerked and worked together to make this the best we could for the both of us. She was still wiggling her fine fat little ass when I pulled free and returned to my room. There was a washbasin full of hot water so I cleaned up and stepped out side to with for buddy Ben. He joined me minutes later and again we were escorted to our car. We each were handed an envelope. As we turned onto the highway I opened my envelope and sure enough there was a crisp new one hundred dollar bill.

Ben stopped at the truck stop so we could talk and have a cup of well-needed coffee. I told him I had a plump fat little ass and it was great. I even noticed a small scar on the right hip. Ben said, he had also fucked that one and she was very good. When she cam she really cum all over the place I said she had done just that. Ben told me this time he had a new one; one illegal bahis siteleri he had not had before. This was had long legs and a narrow tight pussy. He said she was really tight so tight in fact he thought for a minute he had it in her ass. I asked Ben if he had ever been asked to fuck one in the ass. He said, he had and in fact it was the fat wide plump one. He told me that if they wanted to get fucked in the ass there would be a note plus a tub of K-Y jelly in the room before he got there and also there would be an extra fifty bucks in it for him.

The next morning I came down to breakfast and as usually Mom was fixing me eggs and toast. I poured myself a cup of coffee and I noticed Mom was moving kind slow and easy. I asked her about it. She said she was just getting old. I laughed because I knew she was only forty-eight. I am twenty-four and she was twenty-four when she had me. I playfully swatted her on the rump and said she was not old at all. She seemed to wince and tighten up. I did not say anything but I thought maybe she had piles and her ass was sore. I let the subject drop. I looked at Mom as she moved around the kitchen. She was only a little over five feet and a sweet plump little lady. She had large round breasts that filled out the front of her terry cloth rob. She had a small waist, which had her fat little hips seem even larger than they were. I smiled at my self as I thought she looked a lot like the plump little lady I had fucked last night.

It was not till later that day when I saw Mom come out into the back yard dressed in shorts and halter-top. She came down the back stairs slowly and something made me think that if she had been fucked hard and long like I had fucked the lady last night I bet she would walk around the same way. Mom went to her flowers and was kneeling down on a pad her plump ass toward me as I worked across the yard. My God her ass looked a lot like the one I had fucked. Could it be that I had fucked my own mother. Hell she was out last night. She had not come home till after I had.

Ben had dropped me off and it was a good hour before Mom came in. I had not seen her but I guessed from the sounds she made coming up stairs she might have been a little drunk. I was not thinking about any thing else except that I may have fucked my own mom. Incest was not part of my life style and I had never thought of it before. I mean Mom is a really lovely lady and very pretty but I had never ascertain the thought of screwing her before. I knew that a lot of guys as they grow up get the idea that fucking their Mom’ s would be some thing special. But I had never thought of it, before now that is. I was looking at my mother bending over and watching her wide hips move as she fussed with her flowers. I felt my cock grow hard. I wanted to feel my cock in her and I wanted to know if she was the one I fucked last night. I went over to mom and sat on the grass next to her. I said, ” So how was your night? I had a great time with my buddy Ben.”

She looked up at me smiling ” Gus, your mom got just a little bit tipsy last night. I hope you will not think ill of me.” She was smiling and she knew full well I was not going to think any thing of the kind.

I was looking into her eyes as I said, “I only had coffee myself but I did make a little money last night.”

Just for a second there was a hint of some thing in her eyes fear maybe. She said, ” Oh, how was that were you gambling or some thing.”

Well yes, Ben and I went bowling and I won some money from him. There was a sign of relief flicker across her face as she turned back to her flowers. I thought enough for today, I only hoped there would be a next time and I would be able to fine out for sure If I had fucking my own mother. canlı bahis siteleri As I returned to my job across the yard I reanalyzed that I wanted to screw my mom, I wanted her to know it was me that had his cock in her. I wanted Mom and I to become lovers. I wanted her to want me as much as I wanted her. This thought got me so hard my cock was throbbing and my cut off jeans protruded well out in front. I reached up above my head and as I did so I noticed Mom looking at me. I did not think she could see my eyes but I could see she was looking at my jeans. I took longer than I needed to put the cutter away on the to shelf just so she could see I had a hard on. I brought down my arms and took my hard on in my hand as if to adjust it inside my jeans. I did not look at Mom so she was not conscious I had seen her looking at me.

In my room later I got to thinking I bet she did not believe my little lie about winning the money blowing. Then I thought of an idea. After dinner tonight I would hand her the new crisp one hundred dollar bill. I will tell her it was to help pay my way around the house. If she knew how the boys are paid then she will know I was the one that screwed her. Or at least I was there with Ben.

After dinner Mom was in the Den reading while enjoying the last rays of sun. The sky was getting dark on the east side of the house but here on the west side looking down into the valley there were still a few lasting flickers of light in the evening sky.

The setting was just right. I was sure this was the moment to get it all out in the open and see if mom would feel the same way I do. Would I have a lover or a mother that would want to disown me? I had to fine out and now was the time. I had the new bill in my hand as I approached the den. Were I was only a few feet away from getting my answer when the phone rang. I was shocked back into the really of what I was about to do. I felt so stupid. I answered the phone. It was Ben. He asked if I was up to a repeat of last night I said, I was. Hiding the bill I told mother I was going out again with Ben and I was not sure when I would get home. She said, ” You go Gus, dear have a good time. I think I may go out myself later.” For a moment I thought god let her be the one and let me be the one. I had to know I had to find out one-way or the other.

As before we parked and were escorted to the rear of the house. I was told to wait there for a few minutes. I guess all the rooms were already full or maybe I was being held for one special guest. As it turned out I was asked for and put into a room. When the light came on I saw it was the same plump ass as last night. Again I played with her pussy by running my cock head up and down it. Then I pulled back bending down I licked the wet juicy cunt. She gave a shiver of delight and wiggled her ass to show approval of what I as doing. I licked her to a small climax after which I quickly fed my cock into this hot wet pussy. Her cum was so thick I withdraw my cock and applied pressure to her ass hole. Again she pushed back to show she liked it. I took my time and very slowly slipped the head of my cock into her ass. I was so fucking excited and she was too that we both cam and when it was over I had my cock in her plump ass all the way up to my balls. I let my cock slip from her ass. I had taken a pen into the room with me. I wrote on her ass, ” Mom I love you.”

Well that was three weeks ago. We have not been back to the house since. Now we are doing all the fucking and sucking we can at home. Mom is a wonderful lover. I fond she can give as good oral sex as she gets. We are free to move about the house naked if we want. I have fucked her on the den floor, standing in the shower and in the kitchen. Last night after dinner we showed together. When we returned to her bedroom there on the nightstand was a tub of K-Y jelly. So you see all good things do come to those that wait. I will go back to college next week. Mom has agreed to move up to live close till next summer vacation…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32