A Plump Fiction

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One night last summer I was awakened by the sound of what I first thought to be a wounded animal. I listened for a few more minutes then realized it wasn’t a wounded animal, but it was the moans of a climaxing woman!

Almost immediately I felt my pussy flex as some of my juice oozed into my panties. I never really paid any attention to the sounds of lovemaking. However this caught my attention. I put on some slippers and my nightshirt and opened up my cabin door to try to determine which direction the moans were coming from. I walked slowly towards the incredible sound of this woman who was obviously being more than just satisfied. In fact it sounded like she was getting the fucking of a lifetime.

I could see a fire pit blazing away just ahead so I bent down and crawled over behind some shrubs and found a great peeking spot. My pussy was probably hotter than the fire especially once I got focused on what was going on. Lying there on a sleeping bag next to the fire was the prettiest sight I had seen. Now I normally have never found myself fantasizing about women, more specifically a full-figured woman but this woman was absolutely gorgeous! She looked to be in her late 30’s, she had soft copper-brown hair that went half way down her back. It was straight. She was about 5’3″ and looked to be about 200 pounds give or take.

Now this woman was thick, but she wore her weight well. She was full, yet firm. Her legs were short in length, but the muscles in those tree stumps were very pronounced. I’m guessing she was about a 40D and had the tightest looking ass. This point just looking at her in the glow of the fire had my pussy burning. I waited a few seconds to see if her lover who was giving her the mega-fuck would reappear. She just lay there rubbing her full breasts and caressing her round tummy. I noticed she had a bottle of liquor next to her on one side and a tote bag of some sort on the other.

After almost 5 minutes, still no sign of anyone else, when she turned over onto her side and lifted one leg up in the air and began rubbing her asshole with two fingers. I was getting so turned on I caught myself rubbing my own tits, and felt my cunny juice running down my panty seam onto my thigh. I watched in amazement as this woman started masturbating with purpose.

She was working one finger in her ass, while her other hand reached into the tote bag and revealed a slim style vibrator. She turned it on, and I could hear its hum over the crackling of the fire. She first started on the side of her face with it, then worked it around her neck, from side to side in a very seductive manner. She brought it around and down into her valley of cleavage. She took her time with it in between her monster tits. I reached down and stuck my hand in my panties (which were about 95% soaked) and felt my clit standing at attention, needing attention. I let out a soft moan, but I guess it wasn’t soft enough.

My sexy masturbator suddenly stopped and looked around. I noticed she made no attempt to cover herself, or even shut the vibrator off, but looked around as if she wanted to find the culprit and include them. I was motionless with one finger buried up in my pussy while trying to keep from moaning again when suddenly it happened. I was so nervous that I started to pee uncontrollably! I was dead in the water now. She looked right in my direction when she heard my piss streaming out of me. She called out that whoever was out there, to show themselves at once.

I was scared, but I think I was more excited at everything to this point. I stood up in the clearing and she simply smiled and asked if I was alone and I nodded to her that I was. She beckoned me to approach and I did. My nipples stood out like little bullets in my clingy nightshirt. I am normally a shy, self-conscious woman when it comes to my body, but I felt natural around this mysterious woman. Let me describe myself to give better perspectives on the matter.

I am very short, 4’10”, and I, too am a little on the plump side at 175 pounds. I have small breasts for my build though. I am only a 36B. I started to say something as I got closer to her, but she placed a finger to her lips and made a shushing sound. She was even more attractive up close than from a distance. She had modest makeup on, and I noticed her hair was more amber red, with copper highlights. She smelled incredible. Between the scent of her sex, and her body perfume, I was almost drunk from inhaling her aromas.

Her skin was flawless to look at. No sagging areas, no stretch marks or anything other than a cute little tattoo of a horseshoe with a pair of cherries above her pussy. It was so cute. I wondered what it represented, but this was not the best time to be overly concerned with a tattoo’s significance. She reached out and rubbed my face softly with her Bostancı Escort hand. I felt so at ease, but I still couldn’t believe what I was doing, and with another woman! Her touch was unlike any touch I had felt before.

It’s not that it was anymore delicate than other touches, but because it was from a woman it felt so soothing. Now me being a 40-something divorce’ who was raised in a very strict church environment, was blown away at how erotic, and I guess for lack of a better term; perfect this felt. She continued to massage my face, and neck with one hand and she leaned closer forward and gently kissed my ear. A bolt of electricity shot through me and I felt my pussy dripping again. I placed a hand on her cheek and felt how healthy and fresh her skin was. It was obvious this woman took great care of her skin. I don’t think a flower’s petals could ever be this soft.

Her hair was like woven silk to the touch, so light, and wispy. I ran my fingers through her hair and pulled her to me and without hesitation I opened my mouth to take her tongue to dance with mine. We kissed passionately with one another while we explored each other’s bodies. I felt the heavy firmness of her breasts. Her nipples were enormous in size, equivalent to a thimble. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and simultaneously she licked the underside of mine. I was getting somewhat weakened by all of this all at once. She sensed this and we worked our way down to our knees. I took her plump body in my arms while we continued our kissing. She felt so strong and fulfilling to hold. As she rubbed my back her hands worked down to my backside. She took a handful of my rear and squeezed it aggressively. I let out a soft moan and it was then that we broke our kiss. It was only briefly though.

Her eyes were very alluring. They were a deep blue color, and I could see the reflection of the fire in them. She pulled from me long enough to scoot around behind me and she took me in her arms and cradled me while softly kissing down my neck, and shoulders. She played with my breasts and nipples while still kissing on me. She reached down and grabbed the hem of my nightshirt, and pulled it over my head exposing my body for the entire world to see. Her bare flesh next to mine was so comforting and I could feel her heat against my back. This woman was the most sensual individual I had ever encountered. I could remember the times my ex-husband and I would make love, and he never took the time to hold or caress me.

He never invested his imagination into what we were doing. He was always concerned with the same thing getting his, getting cleaned off, and going to bed. Her fingers danced around my waist as she laid me down onto my back. She knelt above me staring into my eyes. I took my hand and placed it between her thighs and ran my fingers along her moistened slit. Her lips were slick, but very puffy and pronounced. I brushed across her clit with my thumb in an almost accidental fashion and her body’s reaction told me she liked it.

While I was investigating her pussy with my fingers, she leaned over and took my nipple in her mouth and began giving it the attention it needed. She sucked and flicked at it with her tongue like an expert. My body and mind were going in all sorts of different directions. I was amazed at how wonderful the feeling of a woman doing this to me would actually feel. I felt her hand move its way down to my soggy panties and slide inside them. She took her thumb and rubbed around my vaginal perimeter, not touching me yet. I was going mad! I arched my hips forward to her touch, but she avoided making contact with my pussy.

What a tease this woman was…and I loved it! I inserted two of my fingers inside her hot cunny and she moaned out loud. Her sucking on my nipples increased to an almost hurtful sensation, but it felt so damned good! I took one of her nipples in my mouth and repaid the favor of a good suck job. I bit down on her and she squealed in delight. She said that she liked being bit and to bite her harder. I did. After a few more minutes of nipple games she took my panties and pulled them to the side and got in a sixty-nine position on top of me and buried her face in my snatch.

I breathed in her aroma, and it overwhelmed me to see just how fucking big her lips and clit were! I mean this plump goddess was big everywhere! I was just staring at her pussy when she flexed her muscles and I watched as some of her juice seeped from its channel. I stuck my tongue out and lapped at her wet thighs, and worked towards her cunt folds. I could feel her fingers spreading my labia open and almost the instant her tongue shot across my clit could I feel the first bombshell of a climax hit me. I bucked and thrashed about as she sucked and tongue-fucked me through one orgasm, into another. Ümraniye Escort

I completely lost control of myself and I felt a strange sensation coming from my body. I felt like I was once again pissing but then I realized it was my crème from my pussy squirting out! She hungrily slurped at it like it was her last meal. I was in extreme bliss. I grabbed her ass and pulled her down onto my slicked up face and began my own muff-munching on her bald little pussy. I took her lips into my mouth and bit on them a little. I slipped a finger into her asshole and began pumping it in and out of her. She caught my rhythm and began riding my tongue and finger like a pro.

I could tell she was about ready to cum when she raised up on my face and let out a howl of joy. She slammed her cunt and ass on my face while she held onto my tits for balance. I put a second finger in her ass and really started fucking her good. She cried out for me to suck her clit. I took it in my mouth the way I used to suck my ex-husband’s cock. I pulled, and nibbled at it. I flicked my tongue all around it like a snake. I worked her clit feverishly. I spread her ass cheeks apart and slid my tongue up along her puckered asshole and darted it inside. She giggled a little and called me a nasty little tramp. I couldn’t help but giggle as well, and said it was her fault. At that moment we stopped and bellowed out in laughter.

We sat there in each other’s arms wrapped in a flannel shirt by the fire. She introduced herself as Olivia, and I introduced myself to her. She grabbed the liquor bottle, took a pull on it and asked if I wanted some. I said sure, why not? We talked for a bit drank for a bit, she lit a cigarette and I told her I would be right back, I had to get something from my cabin. I ran quickly to my cabin to grab a cigar and when I got back to the fire she was sprawled out on the sleeping bag fingering her pussy again. She had her eyes closed and she was whimpering like a puppy.

She must have been real close again to cumming because her legs started to tense up, and I could see her chest rising and falling rapidly. Then all of a sudden she cried out that she was cumming so hard she needed to be fucked. I sat in awe of this spectacle, and when she regained herself, she looked up to see me smoking my cigar and masturbating. She asked me if I was interested in fucking her tight pussy with a strap on cock. I told her I have never done anything like any of this, but hell yeah I would love to fuck her like a man. I bit on my cigar while she put the strap on around my waist and harnessed the 10″ phallus. I didn’t realize it had a plug that inserted inside me to provide equal pleasures, (which is why I was biting down on my cigar).

She knelt in front of me and slowly started a cock-teasing lick job on the dildo. It was so erotic to watch her give this rubber dick a blowjob. The only thing that bummed me out was not being able to feel it. It looked so good, I imagined I could feel it as she tickled my asshole with a finger. Her hefty breasts were brushing against my knees as she bobbed up and down on my temporary cock. After she lubed it enough, she told me to get behind her. I slid the dildo in her slowly at first and then she looked over her shoulder at me and said she wanted to hardest, deepest fuck I could give her. With that I went berserk.

I slowly built my momentum up and then before long I was pounding her fat pussy for all I was worth. I could see, hear and feel her weight shifting with every violent thrust. Our skin made loud slapping sounds and she reached between her legs and started jacking her clit. Every time I stabbed her cunt with the dildo I could feel the nub jabbing inside me. I grabbed her wide ass and pulled her even harder into me as I drove the cock in her. I let my rhythm ease a bit as the sweat was running down my puffy tits. I slurped on a finger and shoved it straight in her ass. I told her that now she was about to have a reason to scream, because I was going to bust her fat ass in two with this missile sized dildo.

She begged me not to until she could at least fuck my fat pussy first with it. How interesting I thought so I agreed to it. I removed the strap on and assisted her with it, taking a minute to lap her well-fucked pussy. She quivered as I did this. After she had placed the harness around her waist I snuck an opportunity to pull her hair and head back to plant a hellacious kiss on her. I force-fed her my tongue and I could taste my own cunt on her, and it was the first time I had ever tasted my own pussy. I liked it. I finally let her breathe long enough to finish prepping the “wonder-dick” as I learned to call it. (It does make you “wonder” how in the hell it isn’t splitting you in two).

Once she had it in place she demanded I get down and suck Anadolu Yakası Escort her dick! Something about her, and her aggressive tendencies turned me on more so than any other thing about her. I opened my mouth trying to figure out how in the hell I was supposed to handle this monster! I was married for 19 years to a man who was about as big as a 5-year-old was, and that was if he was hard. I worked the head and some of the shaft for a little bit. I listened to Olivia as she instructed me on sucking her toy cock.

As I was giving her head, I found my drenched snatch and began slapping my clit frantically. She cooed at me as she noticed my masturbating was picking up its pace. Olivia grabbed me by my hair and raised me to my knees long enough to kiss me, then told me to roll over and mount her so she could beat my pussy to death with wonder-dick. I shivered in joy as I felt the huge head enter my slippery love hole. I have never had anything so big inside me ever before, not to mention to had been almost 8 years since I had anything but my fingers inside me.

So needless to say I was tight, and ready to get the hell fucked out of me! She shoved that monster up in my hot cunt and I instantly erupted into a “hurt-so-good” orgasm” that shook like a fucking earthquake. I almost passed out from the hot sensations of this horse-like cock that was being shoved into my fat snatch. Olivia was shouting at me to take it deeper, to spread my plump ass cheeks and allow for the cock to really fill my box. I couldn’t help but throw my head back and scream as another eruption overcame me.

I could feel Olivia pinching my nipples while bouncing me on her thick thighs. I don’t think, in fact I know I have never been fucked this hard, by something this big, and never have I had as many climaxes combined in a week let alone in one night! I rolled off of her and got on my hands and knees and told her I was a virgin in the ass, but tonight I wanted to give my ass to her on one condition. I told her if she wanted to bust my anal cherry, she would have to get me good and lubed up, preferably via her tongue up my ass. This was of course not a problem for her as she got in behind me and began working her magic on my sphincter. It felt marvelous to feel that tongue shoved inside my tight ass. I could feel a finger going in, and another finger going in my cunt. I had come to the realization that this woman would be forever my cunt-lapping lover as far as I was concerned.

Who needed a man when I could love like this? But then reality set in. I would still probably want a dick every now and again, but at this point it wasn’t an issue. I could feel myself getting closer, and so could Olivia, and that’s when she flipped me onto my back and told me to relax as she reached in her totebag and pulled out a micro-bullet speed vibrator and told me to work my pussy up but not come. As I got into the rhythm I could feel the monstrous “wonder-dick” press my asshole open.

I tried to relax as the vibrator hummed my swollen clit, and once she got it in my ass, I screamed as I began cumming instantaneously all over the vibrator. As I was squirting again I was shooting it all over her strap-on dildo and all down in my ass. I looked up at Olivia who was in a daze from watching me spew my fuck juice all over her. After I finished howling at the moon, she removed the beast of a dildo from my tight pucker. It made a loud slurpy sound and we both began giggling again.

I told her to gather up all of her things, put the fire out and come into the cabin. I told her we could take a shower, and then if she wanted since the sun was about an hour from rising that I would fix her some breakfast. She smiled and said she would love to have something to eat since she worked up one hell of an appetite. During breakfast I asked her about herself, and she told me she had to get away from her boyfriend who was constantly getting on her nerves about anything and everything lately.

Olivia said she noticed me a couple of days ago at the local market and watched me as I walked out here towards my cabin. She admitted that she found me incredibly sexy, which caused me to blush somewhat. I told her a little bit about myself. The shocker came when she told me that I was wrong thinking she was in her 30’s. Olivia is actually older than I am! I am 43, and she is 47.

After our shower, and a good home-cooked breakfast, we went for a walk around the lake and talked a lot more. It was around lunchtime when she told me she had to go back home for a little bit, but if I didn’t mind she would come back. Of course I wanted her to, and then I took a chance. I asked her if she wanted she could come to the cabin and stay as long as she wanted to. She smiled, thanked me, and said she would think it over and let me know when she got back that night.

To this day we still get together on weekends, and vacations. Lately we’ve added some excitement to our get-togethers. I met a guy, as did Olivia, and we swap off quite often. The guys love it, but I don’t think they have any idea of how much Olivia and I love it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32