A Personal Question Ch. 02

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I want to thank everyone who read and commented on “A Personal Question”. I have heard your requests for a sequel, and hope that this story delivers everything you wanted.

For those who haven’t read the first part, I recommend it so there won’t be any confusion.

As always, your comments are always appreciated.


“So… how often do you masturbate?” Kayla asked with a sexy grin as she twisted back and forth in the swivel chair in Matthew’s bedroom.

Lying flat on his back in the center of his bed, Matthew was tossing a tennis ball up in the air and catching it over and over. He caught the ball and gave his friend a bemused look. “What business is it of yours?” he asked, remembering how just last week a personal question from Kayla had led to them both losing their virginity.

“Matt, I’ve had your cock in my mouth and my pussy. There are no secrets among us anymore. Just answer the question.”

Sighing out loud, Matthew tossed the ball again and said, “I don’t know, maybe three or four times a week I guess.”

“Do you stroke it in your bed, or in this chair?”

Matt’s eyes darted to the chair while the ball was in the air and it bounced off his chest and onto the floor where it rolled until it hit his door. He sat up and swung his legs off the edge. “I’ve done it in bed and in that chair,” he answered.

“Anywhere else?” Kayla asked. She turned herself so that she was facing him and spread her legs wide, laying her hands on her inner thighs in a provocative pose. Her pink shorts had ridden up giving Matt a full view of her cameltoe.

A grin appeared on Matthew’s face as he stared at his sexy friend and felt his cock begin to thicken in his own shorts. Ever since that day on the trail when he had taken Kayla’s virginity, he hadn’t been able to get her out of his head. The memory of sucking the Benson twins cocks had taken a back seat to the memory of that day. Although he wanted to feel their two cocks throbbing and shooting in his mouth again someday, he was really interested in having another outing with Kayla.

“I’ve stroked myself in every room in the house,” he said, staring directly into her eyes as he said it.

“Even in your parents bedroom?” Kayla hissed, her eyes opening up wide in shock.

Matthew nodded. “Yup,” he said.

“On their bed?”

“Yup.” He liked shocking her since normally she was the one who shocked him.

“That’s so weird, and kinky… but I like it,” Kayla said, a wicked grin lighting up her face.

Just at that moment the door opened and Matthew’s mother stuck her head in. “Matty,” she said, then noticed Kayla, who had quickly snapped her legs shut and sat up straight. “Oh hi Kayla, I didn’t realize you was here.”

“Hey Mrs. M,” Kayla replied with an innocent smile.

“Are you two busy? I was getting ready to head out to the grocery story and I was going to ask Matthew if he wanted to go check out the latest gaming system at the mall. What is it called, the X-Station?”

“No mom, I’m all set. I can’t afford it now anyway,” Matthew said. “It’s like four hundred bucks and that’s the one with the smallest hard drive and no game included. I’m going to wait a few months so I can save up.”

“Are you sure? Maybe Kayla would like to go shopping. You could ask her to come along, and you don’t have to hang with me when we get there you know. I realize that hanging with you mom cramps your style.”

“Thanks, but I’m all set Mrs. M,” Kayla said. “I’m just as broke as your son right now.”

“Well, if you’re sure.”

“We’re sure mom. Thanks for asking though.”

“No problem. You two have fun today. Are you going to go swimming at the waterhole later? It’s supposed to warm up and be a scorcher.”

Matthew and Kayla exchanged knowing looks and nearly cracked up. “Uhm, I’m not sure mom, we haven’t discussed it yet.”

“Okay. Well, I’ll see you later then. Don’t forget that I’m making casserole for supper tonight. Kayla, you’re welcome to join us if you’d like. There will be more than enough.”

“I’ll think about it Mrs. M. Thanks for the invite,” Kayla said.

Mary Marks finally stepped back and pulled the door shut behind her. Matthew and Kayla both looked at each other for a second, then they both began to laugh. Covering their mouths with their hands to muffle the sound, they waited until Mary’s car was backing out of the driveway before they both broke out in hysterical laughter.

When they started to settle down but were still chuckling, Kayla said, “Oh my Gawd, your mother is so awesome.”

Matthew shook his head back and forth. “No, she is so not awesome,” he disagreed.

“Hey, do you think she heard our conversation before she opened the door?”

Matthew thought about what they were talking about and his eyes grew large when he remembered that he had just confessed to Kayla that he had masturbated on his parents bed before. “Oh shit, I hope not,” he said. That brought another round of maniacal laughter from Kayla and Bostancı Escort a nervous chuckle from Matthew as he contemplated what his mother would say to him if she had been listening. “It’s not funny.”

“Yes it is,” Kayla said, wiping tears from her eyes.

They finally calmed down and Kayla got up from the chair and went to the door.

“Where are you going?” Matthew asked as she pulled the door open.

“Follow me,” Kayla answered with a sly wink before disappearing around the corner.

Matt stood up, then grabbed the tennis ball which had gotten knocked back over by his bed when his mother opened the door. He tossed it on his bed, then headed to the door. As he stepped out into the hallway, he saw where Kayla was heading – into his parents bedroom. “What are you doing?” he shouted as she pushed open the door and walked in. “Wait!”

Kayla was smiling as she walked into Matt’s parents bedroom. She hadn’t figured him to be the type who was into the kinky stuff, but that was before he admitted to masturbating on their bed. The room itself was unspectacular, but the bed was something else. It was king sized with four solid wood posts on each corner. It was obvious that Matt’s mother took pride in her bed, because it looked like a display model in a department store. Four pillows, two on each side, with a small throw pillow placed between and a fancy quilt perfectly placed with laser like precision made it look like a picture on a magazine cover.

“Oooh wow!” Kayla exclaimed, and hopped up on the edge of the bed.

“What the hell are you doing Kayla?” Matthew said as he burst into the room. “We can’t be in here.”

“Oh relax, it’s not like you haven’t been in here before. You know…” She trailed off as she made the universal hand motions for jerking off.

“But… that was just… I was just messing around with you. I didn’t really jerk off on their bed. I just wanted to get a reaction.”

Kayla stared at Matt for a moment, then shook her head and said, “Bullshit, I can read you like a book Matthew. You’re lying now just to get me out of here, but it won’t work.”

“Come on Kayla. What if they find out we were in here?”

“I’m not going to tell,” she said and laid back on the bed. “Your mom has really good taste you know. I mean she’s kind of OCD with how friggin neat she keeps this huge bed, but it is really sweet. I mean look at this shit.”

“I know Kayla. Can we leave now, please.”

Kayla sat back up but stayed on the bed. “You want me to leave? You’ve got to convince me first.”

Sighing loudly, Matt asked, “How can I convince you?”

“Simple.” She stood up and with one quick yank, pulled off her shorts and underwear. “Eat my pussy,” she said, hopping back up onto the bed and spreading her legs wide open.

“I can’t do that on my parent’s bed. It’s- it’s wrong.”

“You didn’t have a problem pumping your piston on this bed,” Kayla said.

“Well ya but… wait… pumping my piston?” Matthew said, “Where the hell did you hear that one?”

Kayla shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, what’s your point?”

Matthew shook his head in exasperation. “Look, if you want me to eat your pussy, I’ll gladly do it in my room. Let’s just get out of here before we screw something up.”

“I want to do it here, and I’m not moving until you eat this pussy.” She humped her ass up and down a few times for emphasis. “Besides, your room smells like boy funk.”

Deciding to take a stand, Matthew stood his ground even though his mouth was watering to taste her pussy again and his cock was throbbing. “I’m not going to do it here,” he said, feeling proud of himself for not caving in to her demands.

For a moment Kayla considered this, then she nodded and scooted up on the bed until she was leaning up against the pillows.

“What are you doing?” Matthew asked, the displeasure showing in his tone.

“Same thing you did. I’m jerking off on your parents bed.” Her hand slipped down between her legs and started rubbing her slick pussy.

“You can’t do that! You’ll mess the blanket.”

“Probably,” Kayla agreed, “But since you won’t eat me, I’ve got to take care of myself.” She breathed in deeply and her eyelids sank down as the pleasurable sensation increased.

Matthew was beside himself. He wanted to join Kayla, but his worries were preventing him from going for it.

“This feels so nice,” Kayla said. She pulled her fingers up to her nose and inhaled. “Mmm, I love that smell.” Then she held her hand up towards Matthew and said, “Come smell me.”

Although he desperately wanted to smell her exotic odor again, Matthew knew that if he did, he wouldn’t be able to hold back from diving into her pussy. Summoning up all his strength, he shook his head and bit his lip.

“No?” Kayla said. “Suit yourself.” She put the wet fingers in her mouth and sucked off her juices. By now, Matthew’s legs were trembling. Suddenly Kayla rolled over onto her side and reached for the nightstand beside the Escort Bostancı bed.

“What are you-” Matthew began as his best friend slid open the drawer and peered inside. “Kayla, stop.” Now his legs were moving in her direction.

“Oh my Gawd!” Kayla gasped and reached inside. Out came her hand holding a purple jelly cock shaped dildo. “I knew your mom was awesome. Look at this beast, it’s fucking huge! It must be at least eight inches long and it’s nearly as thick as my wrist.”

“Put it back.” Matthew reached for it but Kayla was too quick. She held it over the center of the bed so if he wanted to get it, he was going to have to climb on the bed.

“Come get it,” Kayla said with that sly sexy look on her face.

“Please Kayla. You have to put it back.”

“I will put it back, I promise…Right after I see what it feels like inside me.”

“No, you can’t do that.”

“Then you fuck me.” She reached for his cock and tried to feel him up through the front of his pants.

“Come to my room and I’ll fuck you all afternoon.” He leaned down and put his mouth near her ear. “I’ll make sure you cum so many times,” he whispered just before sucking her earlobe into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue.

“Unnhh,” Kayla gasped out loud and leaned into him. No one had ever sucked on her earlobe before and she was learning for the first time that it was a highly erogenous zone. It felt so wonderful in fact, that she almost didn’t notice Matthew reaching toward the dildo in her hand. At the last instant, she felt the shift of weight on the bed and realized what he was doing. With a sudden flurry, she wrapped her other arm around him and rolled. Catching him totally by surprise and off balance, she was able to roll him over the top of her and onto his back before winding up straddling him in the middle of the bed. “Ohhh tricky,” she said as she caught his wrists and pulled them up over his head. “You nearly had me there.”

“What are you going to do, rape me?” Matthew asked as if he was daring her. He had known Kayla for a long time and was well aware that she was above average in the looks department. You wouldn’t have thought that when she was in middle school and the first two years of high school. Back then she had been a gawky bean pole with crooked teeth and glasses. It wasn’t until the summer between her sophomore and junior years that her body began to fill out and become the wonderfully curved, womanly figure that she sported today. But it wasn’t just the fact that she filled out in all the right places. She also had invisible braces installed to correct her teeth, and made the switch from glasses to contact lenses. By the time she walked on stage to accept her diploma at the end of her high school career, she had blossomed into one of the prettiest girls in the school.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” Kayla said before bending down and kissing him on the lips. The kiss was unhurried and soft, and while she kissed him, her hips began to grind on the lump in his shorts. “Now,” she began after ending the intense kiss, “I’m going to fuck this incredible cock until I cum my brains out, and you are going to sit back and enjoy.”

Unable to resist the temptation anymore, Matthew gave in. “Okay, you win. You can use my incredible cock to help you cum your brains out.”

But Kayla just smiled and shook her head. “Oh no, it’s too late for you. I was talking about this incredible cock.” She held up the purple dildo by the base and waved it back and forth.

“You can’t be serious?” Matthew said. “It’s my mother’s. Who knows where it’s been.”

Kayla held it up to her nose and sniffed it from the head down to the base. “Mmm, smells like hot mom cunt,” she said with a wink.

“Oh stop, that is such a boner killer.”

“And yet here you are still as hard as a rock.” Kayla ground her hips again on his lump.

“You can’t talk about my mom like that just before we’re going to have sex.”

“Well since we’re not about to have sex, I can talk about her all I want.”

“You’re serious?”

“As a heart attack,” Kayla answered. She rolled to the side and onto her back, then spread her legs wide open and began to rub the dildo up and down her slit. “Well, now we know how your mother takes care of her needs while your dad is away on his long hauls.”

Matthew scowled at the thought. “That’s just… that’s so wrong Kayla,” he said. He rolled onto his side and saw what she was doing with the dildo. “How can you use my mother’s dildo? It’s gross.”

“Your mother is the neatest, cleanest person I know. Do you think she would ever put this thing away without scrubbing it clean? Knowing your mother, I would eat off this thing and not even blink.”

“Bullshit,” Matthew said.

Taking it as a challenge, Kayla pulled it from between her legs and brought it to her lips.

“You wouldn’t.”

And just like that, Kayla slid the head of the purple cock into her mouth as far as she could stand it without gagging. She wrapped her lips Bostancı Escort Bayan tightly around it and slurped it loudly, moaning deep in her throat and rubbing her pussy with her free hand.

“That is wrong on so many levels,” Matthew said in disgust. “Don’t ask me to kiss you ever again. Bleech.”

Kayla giggled as she pulled it out with a slurp. “Oh stop being such a bitch,” she said and leaned toward him with puckered lips.

“No!” Matthew blurted, rolling away from her.

“I bet you wouldn’t care if I kissed your cock though,” Kayla said.

Rolling back onto his back Matthew shuddered. “It’s just, it’s my mom’s…”

“Hey, your mom is super hot, in a tight assed, conservative, librarian sort of way. I would totally let her be my first lesbian lover.”

“Uuughh, it’s like everytime you open your mouth something more despicable comes out.”

“I guess you’re not one of those guys then,” Kayla said. She had the purple dildo back between her thighs and was now lining it up with her opening.

“What guys?”

Kayla pushed the dildo until the head slipped inside. “Ahhh,” she gasped feeling the thickness penetrate her. “You know, guys who secretly want to fuck their mother.”

“Oh gross! Where do you get this shit from?”

Gritting her teeth and holding her breath, Kayla sank the cock deeper into her tight pussy. It was only the second thing she had inside her ever, the first being Matthew’s cock which wasn’t nearly as thick and shorter by two nearly inches. “It’s called the Oedipus complex. Look it up sometimes.”

“I don’t think I want to look it up. Besides, you must be forgetting that I’m gay.”

“And yet you still want to fuck me…again,” Kayla said. She had buried more than half the eight inch dildo inside her pussy when it started to drag as the moisture dried up, so she pulled it back until just the head was inside.

Matthew didn’t have a response to that, so he just decided to focus on the amazing sight of his best friend fucking herself with a long purple dildo. Besides, he could see the concentration in Kayla’s face as she began to push it back in a second time. He got up on his elbow and rested his face on his fist so he could see from a slightly better angle.

Even though Kayla was in full concentration mode, she noticed that Matthew had become very curious with what was going on “down there”. With a knowing smile, she scooted herself backwards until she was sitting up with the pillows behind her back. This brought her center up very close to Matthew so he had a much better view.

Now that he had given up worrying about doing this on his parents bed, Matthew couldn’t ignore his throbbing erection any longer so he slid his hand into the waistband of his shorts and grasped his throbbing cock.

“Take it out. I want to see it again,” Kayla said, her voice all breathy from stuffing her pussy to what felt like the breaking point.

It took all of five seconds for Matthew to shed his shorts and underwear. Now both of them were naked from the waist down.

“So this is the second time jerking off in mom and dad’s bed,” Kayla said. “What were you thinking about the first time you did it?”

With his hand slowly moving up and down on his swollen cock, Matthew shrugged. “I don’t remember thinking about much of anything except getting off,” he said.

“So why do it in here?”

Again he shrugged. “Don’t know. I guess it was just the thrill of doing it where I could get in trouble if I got caught. But I would have been mortified if I had gotten caught. I probably would have died from acute humiliation or something.”

Kayla nodded and continued to fuck herself with the dildo and rub her clitoris with her free hand. “I once flashed my tits to my uncle Rodney during a fourth of July cookout at my gram’s house. I was wearing my one piece bathing suit because they have a swimming pool, and I kept catching him gawking at me. After awhile I looked right at him and made a kissy face and winked. His face turned about three shades of red and he nearly choked on his beer. Later on we were leaving so I went into my grandmother’s bedroom to change into my clothes while the men carried stuff in the house. He was carrying some folding chairs in and I heard him ask my gram where to put them. She said, “Those go in my room,”. I had just pulled off my top and was standing there with damp tits and erect nipples and in walks Rodney. I swear his eyes nearly exploded from his head like a cartoon character. I just smiled at him and jiggled ’em back and forth while he made a hasty retreat.”

“He probably ran to the bathroom and rubbed one out,” Matthew said.

“Probably. His wife is a brutal bitch with a weight problem and some skin condition called rosacea, so my teenage tits probably gave him heart palpitations and a raging erection. Hell, I might have followed him into the bathroom and helped him jerk off if I thought I could get away with it. Back then I was just so curious about cocks.”

“That’s messed up,” Matthew said.

“Gawd this thing is so thick it feels like it’s stretching me out.”

“So take it out and let me fuck you,” Matthew said, wishing that he hadn’t been so wishy washy earlier.

“Sorry, but after this, my pussy might be ruined for you,” Kayla said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32