A Nun’s Story Pt. 04

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Arriving at Mother Mary’s office, poor Sister Claire had assumed that she was in trouble. Weeks had passed since the sex party with Father Filippo, Mr Watson and the head of her holy order. She was sure she must have done something wrong. Even Father John, who she’d seen as a friend as well as a member of the secret group, had seemed to be avoiding her. Claire was still new to the secret society within the Order of the Mount so she didn’t understand how carefully they had planned her recruitment and initiation.

Mother Mary smiled softly at the younger nun. Barely past thirty, attractive and clearly desirable to both men and women, Claire had easily fallen in to sexual debauchery. The chance to have illicit sex had stirred deep needs and she seemed to have a large appetite. She’d shown as much at the sex party, taking loads of cum and then being butt fucked. The older woman was confident that Claire was a valuable addition to the secret society that orchestrated the workings of the Order.

“I’m sorry its taken so long to have this talk,” said Mary gently. “That was a wonderful party. You performed exceptionally as a new member.”

Claire wanted to smile. But she was still too nervous.

“Now that you have seen how we get things done,” the boss continued, “you have some very important decisions to make.”

Mary paused. She waited until Claire nodded. The younger woman did not doubt that something serious was afoot. Her fear was that she was about to be punished.

“As you have been told, and as you have experienced, sex is a gift from God. And the Order of the Mount makes use of that gift to ensure we can continue our important work. By using sex as we have done for centuries, we gain protection and we gain financial support that allows us to support the poor and needy.”

Claire nodded. She understood all that. Sister Teresa had explained the history of the Order. She had seen for herself how important and wealthy people gave direct assistance to the Order in exchange for sex.

“I wanted to have this talk to make sure you understand everything about the inner circle of our Order. If you are to remain with us, you must never forget these rules.”

Mary paused, sizing up the younger nun. She needed to know that Claire could adhere to the code of the secret society.

“Absolute secrecy is first,” said Mary solemnly. “Only a few, such as myself, know all the nuns who have joined our circle. You must make no mention of this to anyone for now. As time progresses, you will meet others. But do not approach any other nun – or priest – or do anything to reveal our secrets.”

Claire nodded silently. Like any new recruit, she felt tremendous loyalty to Mary and the other members of the inner circle. And she understood fully the risks they all had taken by allowing themselves to have uninhibited sex.

“The second is about your duty. You are an ordained member of the Order of the Mount. We have vital work to do. The Order must always be first in your thoughts.” Mary smiled. “Its natural that you will have friends or special bonds with some individuals. But sex is a gift given to us by God. Your priority is the work of God and not your emotions.”

Claire was a little confused. She tried to assure the Mother that she was fully committed to the Order. But that was not the point Mary wished to make.

“Do not fall in love with Father John,” came the instruction from her boss. “I know you and Father John have become close. And I imagine you are somewhat regular lovers. But our Order, and our secret ways, leave no room for love – for man or woman. Sex is the gift we share but love belongs only to the Order and to God.”

Claire wondered if that was the reason Father John had been avoiding her. It was certain that Mother Mary knew that Father John had been “helping” Claire to adjust to her new role.

“Should I stop seeing Father John?” she asked quietly.

“Fucking John is a good and healthy thing. Sex is a wonderful joy and our secret society exists for that reason. But I am warning you to check your emotions. The Order cannot allow you to be distracted by earthly notions of love.”

“I have been a little confused,” admitted Claire. “Father John has been good to me. And Sister Teresa. But I don’t know who can ask me for sex.”

“All in good time, my dear,” said Mother Mary. “Our rules allow you to have sex with any other member of the secret group. Whenever you wish. There is no reason to deny ourselves that wonderful gift of sexual pleasure. But we never permit our desires to get in the way of our work. That is very important.”

“But what about other people? What are the rules about people outside, like Mr Watson? Should I be ready to have sex at any time?”

“You are protected by our Order,” said Mary firmly. “You can say no. No-one can force you to have sex without your consent. You will always be safe.”

There was more to it than that, of course. Like her predecessors, Mother Mary knew how to use sex a transactional arrangement. The Order needed protection and assistance. Powerful people, men and women, still needed to be rewarded Escort Bayan for that help.

“But always remember your loyalty to the Order,” the boss went on. “It will always be in our interests to share the gift of sexual pleasure with special people. The Monsignor is one. Mr Watson is another who is important to us. And I am sure you would agree that Doctor Gary needs to be thanked for his services.”

Claire smiled and nodded. Doctor Gary had already demonstrated that he was part of the secret inner group. And Claire knew that Gary enjoyed sharing the gift with young nuns.

“Yes, Mother,” she grinned. “I understand how good it feels to share what God has given us.”

Claire wondered if perhaps Mother Mary expected to be given sexual pleasure right then. But Mary had no need. She’d already organized a threesome for that night with two of the more experienced lesbian members of the Order.


Claire felt enormous relief after her meeting with Mother Mary. Even better was that Father John finally got in touch. Two nights later she was sitting beside the priest in his apartment. She was happy to be with him again, thinking of his body and the way his cock felt inside her.

“I still feel confused,” she was explaining to John. “You have been so good to me. You helped me to really understand that sex is a gift from God. But I felt like I was doing something wrong because I wanted to have sex with you.”

“It will become clearer in time,” replied John. “Its only right that Mother Mary should be concerned. She is absolutely right about love, by the way.” Then he took Claire’s face in his hands. Her freckles only made her more pretty. “And I happen to know that Mary is considering you for a very important job. In which case, it simply won’t do for you to have those feelings about me.”

Claire was eager to know more. But she understood it was wrong to press for details. There was something else on her mind, however.

“What about the Monsignor? I have to meet him, too. And he likes to fuck the new nuns in their bum.”

John smiled. He’d only met the older man a few times. The Monsignor seemed like a conservative cleric until one knew about his role in supporting the Order of the Mount.

“We cannot fall in love. But we can be friends. And we can be lovers. Would you like to have a little practice with this gift?”

Claire’s heart leapt on hearing that. She turned to the priest and slipped one hand to his crotch. His cock was already growing hard. Father John meant to have anal sex with her and Claire was ready to oblige.

“Father, is it wrong to want the gift so often?”

But John had already started pulling at her dress, intent on stripping her naked. Claire understood and quickly removed every stitch of her clothing. She stood proudly before John, her sexy body and her firm B-cup breasts looking perfect in his eyes. Claire sank to her knees as John undid his trousers and revealed his stiff cock. Without another word, she began gobbling the beautiful shaft of the holy man. Immediately she took half his length into her mouth. She stroked his base while her other hand cupped his balls.

“That’s wonderful, sister,” the priest breathed as he watched her head bob up and down on his thick cock. It was a bonus that Claire had experienced sex before taking her vows.

Soon they were in his bedroom, both naked and John groping the tits of the horny nun. Claire showed her usual submissive side, doing anything the wicked priest wanted. But she was still new to anal pleasures and the experienced priest wanted her overcome with lust. When he moved down the bed, she easily parted her legs. Then she moaned loudly as John ate her cunt, making sure to lick at her tight backdoor every now and again.

He climbed on top of her, piercing Claire’s steaming cunt with his sceptre. He gave her a good fucking – and Claire needed one. He gently bit her tits as he rammed into her and Claire again thanked God – and the holy Order of the Mount – for such a wonderful gift.

“Do you want to practice anal?” he asked her gently.

Claire was still a little afraid of taking something so big in her rear end. But she knew it could feel good – thanks to Doctor Gary and to Father John. The eager nun knew that she’d never deny John access to that place. Her feelings for him were strong. And her somewhat submissive nature made it easy to surrender to the randy priest.

“Oh, yes Father. Please teach me,” she blurted out.

Claire moved to flip onto hands and knees for John. But he kept her on her back as he readied to plumb her rectum in the missionary position. He could see that her nipples were hard and pointy. Her cunt lips were engorged with blood. The sight of her would make the arse fuck even more enjoyable.

“You can watch me,” he told her.

He slipped a pillow under the nun’s hips. Then he lifted her ankles high, bending the nun almost in half as he forced her knees to her chest. Claire knew her holes were exposed and available to the wonderful priest. Her passage would be at the best angle. Escort That made her excited and it fired her lust even further. She held her knees and opened her body for him as the naughty priest rubbed his saliva over his cock.

“Try to relax,” he said softly. “I’ll get the head in. Then you can rub your clit for me.”

Claire tried to focus as she received John’s thick cock. It was wrong to love Father John but there was no harm in wanting to give him her rear passage. She practically willed him to force his shaft into her bum hole. She felt the dull sensation of his cock pushing into her anus. She remembered how good it had felt the first time. The feeling as his head pushed through her opening brought a soft moan – how could that hole enjoy a cock so much?

When he took hold of her ankles, spreading her legs high and wide, she obeyed his wishes and reached down for her clit.

“You are a very special woman,” he groaned as the first inches of his cock thrust into her tight arse.

“Fuck me,” she begged him.

“Play with your cunt,” he replied as he forced his shaft deeper.

Her chute was so tight but John knew he’d soon have it stretched out nicely.

“Show me God’s gift,” he urged the dirty nun.

Claire still could hardly believe that her bottom could take something so large. It felt so good to touch her clit as the older priest worked his entire length into her arsehole. She had no idea that her anus was tighter than most. She felt her rectum filling as she took more and more of his seven inches. Father John forced her legs wider, higher. His cock was beautifully thick and it stretched her in strange ways. Claire thanked God, knowing the priest had almost his entire shaft inside her bottom. And she felt a strange warmth flow through her body as she fingered her hot button, knowing that John was watching her masturbate.

“It feels so good, Father,” she moaned as he began to ream her arse.

“I love your tight butt,” he replied with a groan. “Make yourself cum while I fill you up.”

It seemed dirty to masturbate like that but Claire wanted to do all that the priest asked. She strummed her clit, aware that he was watching but quickly distracted by the wonderful sensation. How strange it felt to be stretched back there while her orgasm rose inside her. She wanted the fucking to be good for Father John but soon she forgot all that as a new feeling took over her body.

Claire had no idea what to expect. She’d never experienced an anal orgasm. But her body was quickly getting there. Her clit was swollen and hard and her strumming felt perfect. But there was something else, somewhere hidden deep in her body. The stroking of the priest’s cock in her anus was suddenly so pleasurable. She didn’t know why but his cock in her bum was turning her on in a new and incredible way. Claire sensed she was on the verge of a strange, powerful orgasm. Without her realising it, her sphincters relaxed and now the priest had full access.

“Show me God’s gift,” the dirty priest urged her. “While I ram into your tight arse.”

With that, Father John increased the power of his thrusting. He was really screwing the arse of the pretty, young nun. And Claire allowed the strange sensations to overwhelm her. She was cumming, loud and hard in the most amazing and strange way. Her cries filled the bedroom but Claire had lost all thought of how might here or even what was being done to her.

After a few minutes, Claire realised that she had finished cumming. It was almost as if she had blacked out, losing all sense of where she was or what was being done to her. But somehow she knew she’d just experienced the most incredible orgasm. Her body felt so perfect and warm. And Father John was still in her bum, his cock buried to the hilt.

“You’re back,” he said with a smile. “Your first anal orgasm.”

“Oh my, Father”, she panted. “What was that?”

“The gift we enjoy from God,” was his explanation. “A reward for giving yourself so completely.”

“And you, Father,” she muttered. “Don’t you want to cum? In my bottom.”

“I have another idea,” said John as he withdrew from the nun’s backdoor and lowered her legs gently. “I think I should cum on your face.”

“Oh, please Father. Yes,” she said brightly and sank to her knees beside the bed.

Claire was only too happy to submit to this wonderful man. She knew she belonged in the inner circle of the Order. She would always be expected to share the wonderful gift with others. Even acts she once thought dirty or sinful could be performed in the service of her Order. After all, she’d just let the priest sodomise her. Claire was convinced that Father John deserved the gift more than anyone else.

“Cum on my face, Father,” she said proudly as she watched the priest wank his thick cock.

John pointed his cock directly at her freckles. How heavenly that this one had revealed herself to him. He knew that Sister Claire felt a special kind of devotion to wards him. That made it even more satisfying to unload on her sweet face. His cock was only inches from her when he exploded.

Claire Bayan Escort couldn’t help smiling as the blasts of cock juice splashed on her face. She was happiest of all to share the gift with the handsome priest. Receiving his warm, sticky semen was wonderfully intimate. It was even better since the rest of the Church had declared it a “sin” to waste his seed in such fashion. Claire enjoyed her new role as Sister of the Mount. Her new mission was to give sexual pleasure to those who merited that gift. She was sure that Father John was at the top of that list.

The nun was still grinning as Father John finished stroking his cock and squirting the last drops of his cum into her open mouth. Her face was wet and sticky and she knew some of his seed had shot on her hair. To her mind, her new way of thinking, this was no waste at all. How wonderful is this gift from God, Claire thought to herself.


“I think she is ready. And she is perfect for this job.”

Father John was sitting in Mary’s office a few days later. An important job needed to be done. Father Filippo needed help and it was only natural that the Order of the Mount would provide it.

“You like her because you’ve fucked her,” Mother Mary replied.

As the head of the Order, the final decision was hers. But she’d seen for herself how well young Sister Claire had performed at her first orgy. In addition, Sister Teresa had given a positive report on Claire’s tendency to be obedient, even submissive. It seemed that Claire showed real promise in lesbian sex.

“Filippo had her, too,” John pointed out. “You know that’s why he suggested Claire for this role.”

“I know. But its not Filippo that we need to take care of. It’s the Mayor’s brother, the police chief, that’s the problem.”

“Claire is very attractive. Still young. She is in good shape and her breasts are still firm.”

John was ticking off the reasons in favour of Claire. It wasn’t that he wanted her to be sent away. The deviant priest still had so many wicked pleasures to teach Claire. But Mother Mary was right – better to intervene before the younger nun’s emotions got out of control. And she’d be a delight for Father Filippo as he tried to win over the new villagers.

“The best thing is that she is still fresh,” he went on. “She was not a virgin when she took her vows. But she has not had a lot of experience. And she is eager to ‘share the gift’ as you call it.”

John knew that because he’d talked long into the night with Claire after delivering her facial. For the first time, Claire had really opened up about her sexual history. Only a few boyfriends before becoming a nun. Mostly conventional sex – she had enjoyed giving oral but had only let a boy cum in her mouth a few times.

And never on her face. She’d been shocked to have experienced that as a nun. But by then she’d been convinced that God intended her to give sexual pleasure to others. Knowing she was helping the Order of the Mount do its important work had made it a pleasure to have Mr Watson shoot on her face. The thrill had been all the greater with Father John.

“She is open-minded and willing to please,” he continued. “And enjoys being fucked in her arse.”

“Don’t take all the credit,” Mary reminded him. “Doctor Gary helped, as usual.”

“Well, that is my opinion,” retorted John with a grin.

He was looking at Mary with his own wicked thoughts. Mary preferred women, he knew that. But she had a very nice figure and he’d not had the chance to enjoy it at the recent orgy. John thought that was a pity.

“I’ve made an appointment for her with the doctor for two weeks’ time,” said Mary. “And she has to get the OK from Monsignor Davis. If you are going to continue ‘mentoring’ my newest recruit, please make sure you leave her nice and horny.”

The two exchanged a wicked grin. They understood one another. Mother Mary had a few weeks to decide how to deliver the news to Claire.


Claire was pleased to see Doctor Gary again. He was older and not especially good looking. His body had the softness of middle age. Claire knew that the GP had a dirty desire for nuns. And she knew that his activities could cost Gary his career. But she was one of the members of a secret group inside the Order of the Mount. She was not only free to have sexual relations but she was encouraged to do so. The GP’s improper advances were a good fit with her own “sinful” acts. The doctor provided special services to the nuns. Claire understood that she should repay him in a special way. The fact he wanted her so badly had a strange effect on the nun.

Plus she was incredibly horny. It seemed like that was always the case since she’d been introduced to the inner circle. It didn’t help that Father John seemed to be serious about the warning from Mary, her boss. He was still keeping some distance and Claire assumed it was because he, too was worried about her emotions. All it had really done was make Claire wish for another sex party. She was sure other members of the secret society were busily fucking and sucking. In two weeks since that meeting with Mary, she’d been fucked only once by the priest and had to make do with a lovely fingering in his office. Though twice she’d gone to her knees readily and sucked his wonderful cock and swallowed his load.

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