A Night Story…

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Restless, I lay upon my bed. I picked up my cell phone to check for any messages. Zero. My screen highlights the sadness on my face.

Lying down, I close my eyes to except slumber into my bed…Then gently I feel a tingling running up my legs. I open my eyes to see you there, Naked and wonderful perched between my legs.

“How…” I started to say, but then you place a finger on your lips to silence me. Seizing the moment. I raise up and bring you close to me. My arms wrapping around your nude body, feeling your nipples harden against my chest.

I lock eyes with you. You smirk and turn away. I run a finger gently down your cheek and under your chin. I turn your face up to look at mine. I marvel at your beauty for mere seconds before I attack your lips.

Hard I press you against me. Our tongues find one another in darkness and we playfully fence back and forth.

I reached up and behind you and grab a handful of that thick hair and pull down. Exposing your soft, subtle neck. I snarl quietly as I press my fangs into your neck. You stiffen at first, then relaxing as you succumb to my strength. Helpless, I ease you down and your back against the bed…Exploring your neck and shoulders with my mouth and tongue.

I trace a route with my fingers down your neck, across your chest and between your breast. circling my fingers around your nipple. Teasing it. I cover your breast with my mouth. Hot and wet you feel me suck on your nipples, nipping seductively at them.

You try to bring your hands down around me, but I snatch your hands by the wrist and produce a set of steel cold hand cuffs. Moonlight from the window illuminates the metal as it’s light penetrates the darkness.

The look you give me now excites me.

I cuff your hands to the frame of Escort Bayan my metal bed. Two soft clicks and you’re bound.

Now I can do anything I want to you. That body is mine to explore, please and conquer.

I began at your wrist. Kissing gently. Following the path down to the shoulder. Suddenly I bite hard against you. You squeal in pleasure.

My big hands cover your breasts, massaging and firmly squeezing them. Cupping them and running my tongue from underneath to nipple. Sucking and nipping.

By now, my cock lays thick and heavy atop your stomach. Throbbing, begging to be touched. I straddle over you and let my cock hover right above your face. Playfully you stick your tongue out, ready for a taste. I lay it across your lips as you eagerly take me into your mouth and suck hard. You lips widen as you engulf the head.

I pull out and a whimper escapes you…You weren’t done with it, but you’ll have your fun with it later…

I move now down between your breast, further down your stomach make a small stop at your navel. Kissing it, once…twice.

As I get closer to between your legs I inhale your scent and it fills my lungs greatly and makes my cock throb even more.

I strike out with my tongue. Testing and tasting that clit. I rub circles around it bringing it to swell.

Now that I have your attention, I move on and run my tongue between your wet folds. Gently moving them back and forth. You begin to rock your hips, I can read your signals.

I plunge my tongue into your sweet pussy. Rotating in a circle while using the edge of my upper lip to cover your exposed clit. You’re surprised that I can work both pleasure spots simultaneously. Rocking your hips against my face I continue to pick up speed.

Your face Escort is turned against your arm. Eyes clamped shut and your face is scrunched up…You’re going to cum soon. I slow my speed. I want you to savoir this.

I cover your clit with my mouth and suck, clasped between my lips is that swollen clit and I rub my tongue against it.

You gasp! muscles go tight. Ahhhh! You Scream in ecstasy as I continue to gently lick your clit. Waves of pleasure run through body. All of your pent up energy has been washed away in this blissful moment… Your chest rises and falls heavy with breadth. Your breast are firm and alert. You murmur little sounds of pleasure. I kiss your clit one last time as you pull in your legs and giggle.

I remove the cuffs and you feverishly go for my cock.

Your hands try to contain it fruitlessly. You bring it into your mouth and run your tongue around my swollen head. Down the shaft you run your tongue and mouth.

“I want too fuck you so bad…” I say and grab you and turn you around, I press your face against the pillow and pull your big sexy ass up.

Wet, I stare and that pussy…and I plunge forth, just the tip as first. The air leaves your lungs as you gasp. After your orgasm this is almost too much for your bare.

Slow and easy I slide that cock in. More and more of it with each thrust. Moans of pleasure escape your mouth. I wrap my hands around your hips and pull you into me with each thrust.

You’re unable to contain your vocals. Moaning and squealing with pleasure. You move your body in rhythm with my thrusts. Eagerly accepting each entry.

Suddenly I grab your ponytail and pull hard. Pulling your head back. I’m fucking you harder now. Increasing my speed and force. Pounding into you with abandonment. Bayan Escort Holding nothing back. Harder and harder. You grab handfuls of the sheets as if that will help to brace yourself.

My cock fills your pussy to the limit with each thrust, but you can’t make me stop, wouldn’t want to make me stop at this point. “More, More…fuck me with that big cock, ooohhhh.” you breathlessly whispered with each hard thrust.

I turn you over and I’m on top of you, covering your body with mine. I snake my big hands down around your ass, grabbing and squeezing. Holding you close to me.

Our mouths come together in a clash. Hot and heavy we battle with our mouths. I slip inside your welcoming warmth and I fuck you harder and harder.

I raise up still fucking you. You see my face, eyes closed and twisted in pleasure. You know I’m going to cum soon.

“Cum for me. Jerk that fucking cock all over me!” You shout, “Come on motherfucker, cum for me. Yes, I want that cock!”

It’s too much, My climax comes on me suddenly. I pull my cock out as trails of you come with it.

You seize my cock with your hands, pumping furiously at it.

I spray hot cum all over your body. Sprinkling your stomach, breast, neck and face.

“Arragghhh!” I cry out as my balls empty their contents onto you.

I look at you, out of breath and tingling with pleasure.

There are small droplets of cum on your cheek and lip. You notice I see them and you dart your tongue out to taste them.

I collapsed onto you. Enjoying your warm naked body against my own. We lay there caressing each others bodies and drinking in each others company…

I must have fallen asleep at some time.

I awake to the “BUZZ, BUZZ!” of my alarm.

I come to with my cell phone still in my hand and sunbeams splashed across my face. You’re not there…the bed lays vacant except for me. I groggily turn off my alarm and notice I have one single message on my phone.

It’s from you and simply reads…”…I am the night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32